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DYM Chapter 735

“Ah!” Hearing Yun Ziyi’s words, Mu Xiaoyun stood up in a tentative manner, her face immediately turning flushed.

Ji Yilan, who was standing on the side, could even feel Mu Xiaoyun’s trembling and quickly reached out to hold her, “Don’t be anxious, junior sister Xiaoyun, wait for sister Ziyi to finish.”

Yun Ziyi was equally excited, the reason she had befriended Mu Xiaoyun was to get to know Ye Mo. She befriended Ice Lake with a great deal of utilitarianism, but only later on she had more contact with Ji Yilan and Mu Xiaoyun, and had unknowingly really become friends.

After the excitement, Yun Ziyi caught her breath and also said comfortingly, “Xiao Yun, don’t be anxious, I’m not sure if that person is your husband. I was just at the entrance of the ‘Hidden Sect Martial Conference’ when I heard someone call out for Senior Brother Mo, then I subconsciously looked back and a man who looked similar to your husband entered. I just swept a glance, I didn’t see it particularly clearly, but ……”

Mu Xiaoyun excitedly grabbed Yun Ziyi’s hand and said in a trembling voice, “Sister Ziyi, but what?”

Yun Ziyi eased down before saying, “He doesn’t seem to be disfigured, so I’m not sure if it’s your husband.”

The reason why Yun Ziyi said this was that she had decided that Ye Mo was capable, and she also guessed that Ye Mo had gone to Mount Wuyun to look for the ‘Jia Lan Flower’ again. What if it was Mo Ying who had found the ‘Jia Lan Flower’ and then restored his appearance? If originally Yun Ziyi did not believe it, but then she became somewhat convinced after she suspected Ye Mo was the bearded man for the second time.

The only thing that made her a little uncertain about her suspicions was the day that several disciples of the Taiyi Sect were killed in Wu Yun City. It happened to be the day that Ye Mo left the Ice Lake. She also thought that even if Ye Mo was able to fly, there was no way he would be able to make it to Wuyun Mountain that day. However, apart from this point, the rest of the points that Yun Ziyi discovered pointed out that that Mo Ying was just a little too suspicious.

Afterwards, Yun Ziyi also called the eyewitnesses from Wuyun City and described the masked man who killed in Wuyun City, and he really resembled that Mo Ying very much.

Mu Xiaoyun trembled a little in excitement as she subconsciously said, “My Sangha has the ability to restore his appearance. I’m going to take a look, I ……”

“What?” Yun Ziyi and Ji Yilan almost shouted out in shock at the same time, Mo Ying actually had the ability to restore his own appearance. This was really unbelievable to them.

Mu Xiaoyun knew that she was overly excited and seemed to have let her mouth slip, but she didn’t care much. To be able to see her husband. Everything stepped aside.

“Senior sister Xiao Yun, big brother Mo, he, he really suspiciously regained his appearance?” Ji Yilan trembled up and grabbed Mu Xiaoyun’s hand. She didn’t doubt Mu Xiaoyun’s words, Mu Xiaoyun’s Sangha was a medicine master, which she had known for a long time. Moreover, grandma had also said that that Mo Ying was not an ordinary medicine master, it was not a strange thing for a very powerful medicine master to be able to restore his appearance.

Yun Ziyi stared at Mu Xiaoyun in the same way, she was just as excited, and she certainly wouldn’t doubt Mu Xiaoyun’s words. In case Mo Ying had found the ‘Jia Lan Flower’, then he was capable of doing so. Who knew if that Mo Ying had told Mu Xiaoyun about getting the ‘Jia Lan Flower’?

Mo Ying had asked her about the ‘Jia Lan Flower’. And she had told him too, and even gave him a picture. At that time, she had been very dismissive of Mo Ying’s words, but now that she thought about it, it was really possible that Mo Ying had entered the Five Embodied Mountains.

Moreover, what had happened at the Five Embodied Mountain last time had made Yun Ziyi equally suspicious. Almost 80% of the high-grade medicinal herbs in the Five Embodied Mountains had been collected away. It was very likely that he had done it. If that Mo Ying hadn’t collected the ‘Jia Lan Flower’, how could he have recovered his appearance? Yun Ziyi even had a feeling that that Mo Ying had a way to get in early.

So after Mu Xiaoyun’s words, she felt that her suspicions were even more correct. The only pity was that she had missed out on befriending that Mo Ying in person last time on the boat. For Yun Ziyi, she didn’t care what kind of person Ye Mo had killed. Even if she had killed someone from the Taiyi Sect she didn’t care, what she looked for was Ye Mo’s ability.

Mu Xiaoyun was so excited at this point that she wanted to immediately enter inside the ‘Hidden Sect Martial Discussion Meeting’ and go look for Ye Mo, but when Ji Yilan pulled her hand to ask her questions, she couldn’t not answer.

“Yes, Senior Sister Yilan, my Sangha can indeed.” Mu Xiaoyun had to nod and say.

“Right, your Sang-un is a senior medicine master, I should have thought of this long ago ……” Ji Yilan, in her excitement, equally forgot what to say and what not to say.

“What? Sister Yilan, you said that Xiao Yun’s husband is a senior pill master?” Yun Ziyi was completely shocked. A Senior Pill Master was so precious that it could be said to be a supreme existence in the Hidden Sect.

If her ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ could know a Senior Pill Master, then …… Yun Ziyi could barely even dare to imagine going on.

No wonder that Mo Ying liked medicinal herbs and collected them everywhere. Yun Ziyi was even more excited and trembling, if Mo Ying came back, as a senior medicine master, he only had to help a little ‘God Chamber of Commerce’, then ……

Yun Ziyi regretted, fortunately she hadn’t seen the Greatest Journey to the West, if she had, she would definitely have given herself this line, “Once there was an opportunity placed in front of me, I didn’t cherish it, if this almost came again, I would say ……”

What she would have said was certainly not I love you, but Brother Mo, please help me make a little elixir.

Almost in a moment, all three were excited, and all were too excited to be themselves.

Mu Xiaoyun was trembling with excitement because her husband had returned.

Ji Yilan was trembling with excitement because Ye Mo could restore her appearance, and her appearance might be restored once she saw Ye Mo.

Yun Ziyi was trembling with excitement because Ye Mo was a senior medicine master.

“Xiao Yun, Yilan, let’s hurry inside. Whether or not it’s Xiao Yun’s husband who has returned, won’t we know if we go in and take a look?” What Yun Ziyi wanted to do most at this moment was to see Ye Mo as soon as possible.


“Purple Flower Fairy ……”

“Immortal Cloud ……”

When Mu Xiaoyun and the three of them entered the ‘Hidden Sect Martial Discussion Meeting’, people kept coming to greet them, although no one knew Mu Xiaoyun or Ji Yilan. However, Yun Ziyi was a big name, and many people wanted to come up and show their faces.

The ‘Hidden Sect Martial Arts Conference’ was huge, with all sorts of facilities inside, including a martial arts venue, a martial arts pavilion and so on, and even a competition ring.

As the conference had only just begun, apart from some people who went to the martial arts venue to show off their skills to each other, most people were discussing in the martial arts pavilion. They were more interested in getting other people’s experience in cultivation, and every time the ‘Hidden Sect Martial Discourse’ had some senior martial artists coming to talk about their cultivation ways, which was helpful to the cultivators behind them.

Yun Ziyi attracted the attention of most people as soon as she entered, and almost all of them turned their eyes towards her. Many people then came over to greet her, and many of those who had met Yun Ziyi on one side even tried to use the greeting to show that they knew the Purple Flower Fairy as a way to set off their own status.

And Yun Ziyi’s behaviour soon made those present wonder, for of the four women who entered at the same time, Yun Ziyi and her personal servant girl followed behind instead, and walking in the middle was a woman with a veil on her face. At the front, however, was a woman with a stunningly beautiful face.

The crowd was soon attracted to the most beautiful-looking woman at the front. Her beauty seemed to carry some floating rhythm, a sense of ethereality, and gave people a feeling of wanting to fly up. It could be said that the woman at the front was even better than the Purple Flower Fairy, when did such a beauty appear?

But the woman at the front seemed to be oblivious to the fact that many people around her were looking at her, only looking around with some eagerness on her face.

As soon as Mu Xiaoyun entered, she looked around for Ye Mo’s shadow, and she was equally unaware that almost all eyes were focused on her.

Suddenly Mu Xiaoyun’s expression stopped, her face seemed to change a little and even paled for a moment. But that was only an instant before she frowned, seemingly remembering something, and her expression immediately returned to its natural state.

“Xiao Yun, why are you here?” With a surprised voice, a young man soon walked over.

Mu Xiaoyun looked at the man in front of her with some disappointment and said in a light voice, “So it’s you, Mo Youshen.”

Although Mo Youshen and Ye Mo looked very much alike, Mu Xiaoyun surprisingly recognised this man as Mo Youshen and not her husband Ye Mo just by looking at him.

The man didn’t seem to believe that Mu Xiaoyun even dared to call him by his name and immediately frowned and snorted coldly, “Xiaoyun, you still haven’t said why you are here, where is my mother?”

Mu Xiaoyun’s face completely flattened out, if she had met this Mo Youshen instead of her husband Ye Mo three years ago, would she have behaved the same as she did then? She soon shook her head, Mo Youshen and her husband were really alike, but they had an essential difference.

At this moment when she saw Mo Youshen, however, she had an indescribable feeling of gloom, a feeling of discomfort that came from the bottom of her heart. But when she faced her own husband, Ye Lang, she had no such feeling at all, only delight. Moreover, Mo Youshen’s eyes were completely different from Ye Lang’s, and that feeling was beyond words.

Suddenly Mu Xiaoyun was somewhat grateful to this Mo Youshen, if he had not gone out back then, how could she have met Ye Lang? Only when she was confronted did she realise how different this former Mo Youshen was from her husband, Ye Mo.

At this moment, Yun Ziyi had already walked over and said in Mu Xiaoyun’s ear, “The one I just saw should be him, is he your husband? I feel some resemblance, but not much, I can’t tell.”

Mu Xiaoyun said in a light voice, “No, my husband is not here today. Sister Zi Yi, Sister Yi Lan, I have to go now.”