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DYM Chapter 736

Mu Xiaoyun said in a light voice, “No, my husband should not be here today, sister Ziyi, senior sister Yilan, I have to go now.”

Hearing Mu Xiaoyun’s words, Mo Youshen seemed to understand something, and he suddenly said in a stern voice, “Mu Xiaoyun, what did you just say? How dare you leave your mother-in-law alone and come out privately, and not behave like a woman, you, you ……”

Hearing Mo Youshen’s hostile words, Yun Ziyi and Ji Yilan both looked at Mu Xiaoyun in surprise, what was going on here? How come listening to the meaning of this Mo Youshen’s words, Mu Xiaoyun was still his someone?

The current Mu Xiaoyun was not the same Mu Xiaoyun of a few years ago, she already had her beloved husband Ye Mo, not to mention that Mo Youshen had nothing to do with her now.

She stared coldly at Mo Youshen and said, “Back then, your aunt saved my life, and I raised your mother for three years, feeding and clothing her until I sent her to the mountains. And what have you done? What you are, my Sangha has already told me. What have I to do with you? What right do you have to speak of me?”

“You ……” Mo Youshen’s face turned blue with anger, to him, Mu Xiaoyun, who had been trembling like a kitten, had become like this all of a sudden, which was hard for him to accept. He could no longer maintain his usual calmness and equanimity, and this kind of thing made him lose his mind.

He, Mo Youshen, could beat and scold Mu Xiaoyun, and could even tell her to go to hell at any time, but Mu Xiaoyun could not resist. But now it was like the sky had turned upside down, not only did Mu Xiaoyun resist, but she also said such things that made him feel ashamed.

Seeing Mo Youshen’s face turning blue with anger, his whole body was even trembling. Mu Xiaoyun said more and more calmly, “Saying that I am not a woman, who are you to me? What qualifications do you have to say about me? Only my husband alone can say whether or not I abide by the ways of women, you, are not qualified.”

Mo Youshen suddenly shouted, “Mu Xiaoyun, your father promised you to my Mo family, do you want to go back on your words now? Back then, the catastrophe. Who saved you? Mu Xiaoyun, do you have any shame? How dare you leave your mother-in-law at home alone and then come out alone to woo …… and say. Saying that I am not your husband, you, you. b*tch ……”

After Mo Youshen said a few words, he was once again too angry to express further. It was the first time he was so angry that he couldn’t even restrain himself.

Mu Xiaoyun’s face suddenly turned cold as she said in a light voice, “Mo Youshen, I’m promised to your Mo family? Did your Mo family place a bride price? Or am I engaged to you? Or did you and I have a wedding? Or did you and I have an intimate relationship? There is no such thing.

Who has no shame at all? There’s nothing between us, so who are you to say I’m anything to you? Yes, I’m grateful to your aunt for saving me, but it wasn’t you who did that. And where were you when I was struggling to live in Huangping for years with your mother? Where were you when I was bullied and had nowhere to hide? There was no food in the house. I starved myself and asked Auntie Yu to fetch a bowl of rice porridge for your mother to eat, and I hid inside the woodshed to starve, where else were you?

Not to mention that you were not at home, even during the time you were home. I was still the one who raised the family, did you ever go out and do a single thing? Even the thatch on the roof was replaced by me, a woman. In all those years I never let your mother go hungry and cold and let her be beaten and scolded until she died of illness. I was not destined to die, and met my husband when I was forced to do so. Only then did I know what happiness was, and I learned that a woman could be pampered. My Sang-du has told me that I don’t owe your family anything.”

Mu Xiaoyun finished with some tears in the corners of her eyes, not that she was pitying herself for the hardships she had gone through, but she missed her Sang-du. Her heart was light and clear, and she was not very good at scolding people. So what she said, apart from some of what Ye Mo said to her, were all words from her heart and she did not think of anything wrong with them. If it was an ordinary woman with some heart, she would have definitely removed the phrase skin to skin, but Mu Xiaoyun didn’t even think about removing it.

“What, my mother died of illness?” Mo Youshen suddenly shook a little, as if he couldn’t accept this fact.

Mu Xiaoyun looked at him coldly, she now felt that this Mo Youshen was so fake, if he really cared about his mother, why had he not heard of her for several years?

Mo Youshen suddenly remembered something else, he pointed at Mu Xiaoyun with red eyes and shouted fiercely, “Mu Xiaoyun, you even looked for a man privately, you, you ……”

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are doing. Mo Youshen, my Sangha told me that you can leave your own mother at home and not care about her at all, which is already unfilial and unfaithful. And your mother has to be taken care of by me, a weak woman who has nothing to do with your family, and that is already unkind. My husband said that people like you do not have to look at the word righteousness. Such an unfaithful, ungrateful, unkind and unrighteous person as you, how dare you stand here with a shameless face and talk about a person who has nothing to do with you, you don’t feel ashamed, others feel ashamed.”

Mo Youshen felt an unbearable sinister anger rise up from the bottom of his heart, and he immediately wanted to make a move to kill Mu Xiaoyun in front of him with a slap.

But just when he wanted to make a move, he heard someone behind him say, “That stunning woman is called Mu Xiao Yun, right, I heard that it was the first talented disciple when the Hidden Sect Hang Shui City recruited disciples last time, ah, only she actually chose the ice lake, now it seems that it is really the most beautiful on earth …… ”

“Cut, she earthly stunning and qualification first have what to do?”

“It would have been, I heard that some special sects are also eager to take her as a disciple ……”


After hearing this, Mo Youshen suddenly calmed down, that is, the blue veins exposed on his forehead also slowly returned to normal. Mu Xiaoyun, of course he had heard of it long ago, the first talented disciple in recent years, only to hear that it was in the ice lake. He had never thought that this Mu Xiaoyun had any connection with the Mu Xiaoyun in Huangping Village, or rather he had not even thought about it.

In his original thought, even if the Mu Xiaoyun from Huangping Village died, he would not have made a ripple. But such a rebellious woman, who dared to ignore him, was the thing that he could not bear and could not face.

It turned out that the genius disciple, Mu Xiaoyun, was the same Mu Xiaoyun he had known for a long time, and was also the one he had once prepared to be betrothed to.

When Mo Youshen calmed down and looked at Mu Xiaoyun carefully again, he realised that Mu Xiaoyun’s beauty was actually the only one he had ever seen in his life, even the Purple Flower Fairy who was beside her seemed to be inferior to her. There were many beautiful female disciples in the sect, but compared to Mu Xiaoyun, she was still a bit inferior.

Once he had calmed down, Mo Youshen’s heart began to catch fire. Previously, because of his body, he had never thought about what Mu Xiaoyun was like, and had not even bothered to look at her. But now he already knew that once his cultivation level advanced to Xiantian, it was possible for him to open up his meridians and then return to being normal.

Mo Youshen believed that Mu Xiaoyun must not know that he was physically ill, and there was another most important thing: now that he had just entered the inner sect of the Taiyi Sect, if the Taiyi Sect learnt that Mu Xiaoyun had once been the one he was betrothed to, they might look at him differently. If he could get Mu Xiaoyun to listen to him again, then it was not impossible for him to enter the core disciples.

To Mo Youshen who had calmed down, in front of his own cultivation, the rest of the things were just floating clouds.

Thinking of this, Mo Youshen immediately took a step forward, only that before he could speak, Yun Ziyi stopped in front of him.

Yun Ziyi glanced at Mo Youshen indifferently before saying, “Sir Mo, I heard the conversation between you and Xiao Yun just now. In that case, you and Xiao Yun are indeed not related, for one there is no betrothal ceremony, not a marriage, not even a bride price. And Xiao Yun said she would support your mother until she was old, which was enough to repay your aunt’s kindness. Now Xiao Yun is married and in love with her husband, so you don’t have to bother her.”

Yun Ziyi’s initial purpose of befriending Mu Xiaoyun was to get to know Ye Mo, and she certainly wouldn’t let Mu Xiaoyun and Ye Mo be separated.

What Yun Ziyi didn’t expect was that Mo Youshen sighed and then said in a very low tone, “I’m sorry, Xiao Yun, it was indeed my fault in the past, I neglected your feelings because I had to come out to make a fortune. I am also sorry to Mother, I am here to apologise to you.” After saying that Mo Youshen actually bowed to Mu Xiaoyun and apologized.

Mu Xiaoyun frowned, she felt that today’s Mo Youshen was even more impenetrable to her. In the past, Mo Youshen would never have done this, which made her very confused at the same time.

Seeing Mu Xiaoyun take a few steps back, Mo Youshen once again said in a deep voice: “Xiaoyun, you also know why your father and your grandfather agreed to the matter between you and me in the first place, because of that fortune-telling master, I don’t have to tell you, you also know. If it wasn’t for that catastrophe, we might have been betrothed. Although the elders on both sides are gone now, I think it’s not too late for us to be betrothed ……”

Mu Xiaoyun’s face turned icy cold, and if the doorway wasn’t now full of people coming in and there was no way to squeeze out, she was ready to leave immediately.

“You’re a genius disciple of Ice Lake, and I’m now an inner disciple of the Taiyi Sect. If there was anything separating us before, we now have a common purpose to strive for ……”

Mo Youshen was still just talking, but Mu Xiaoyun’s face changed drastically. The Taiyi Sect, her own Sangha had told her that the Taiyi Sect was his great enemy, and that Sangha’s first purpose in coming to the Divine Continent was to seek revenge on the Taiyi Sect, and then the search for medicinal materials.

Unexpectedly, Mo Youshen had become a member of the Taiyi Sect, meaning that the current Mo Youshen was already Sage-hung’s enemy. Sage-husband’s enemy, of course, was her enemy.

“Xiao Yun, what I owed before, I am willing to compensate you, think, if one day, we both become disciples of the Taiyi Sect ……”

Mo Youshen was still describing the blueprint, but Ji Yilan was furious, she walked up and gave a cold snort, “Mo Youshen, what do you mean? Xiao Yun is now a disciple of my Ice Lake, so be careful what you say.”