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DYM Chapter 737

Mo Youshen’s original anger was only because he was too unable to accept Mu Xiaoyun’s change of heart and attitude. Now he had completely calmed down, so when he heard Ji Yilan’s words, he did not feel any discontent, but said with a light smile, “This senior sister, I did not say that Xiao Yun was not a disciple of Ice Lake.”

After a pause, he said again, “Xiao Yun was originally my fiancée, but she was just a little angry for the time being because of me. I think if Xiao Yun and I can resume our relationship, then Ice Lake and my Taiyi Sect are also a kindred sect.”

Mo Youshen’s words made Ji Yilan even angrier, only before she could say anything, Mu Xiaoyun said in a cold voice, “Mo Youshen, I, Mu Xiaoyun, have never had any relationship with you, I was before, I am now and I will still be. I only love my Sangha alone, if you dare to say such things in front of me in the future, don’t blame me for being merciless under the sword.”

“Haha …… so there is still such a layer of relationship between Mo Xianniephew and the genius disciple of Ice Lake ……,” an old voice suddenly sounded.

As the voice fell, an obese old man appeared in front of several people. This old man had thinning hair, his head was somewhat shiny, and his temples were high on both sides.

“Elder Jin ……” When Mo Youshen saw this old man, he immediately bent forward very respectfully and saluted.

This old man nodded with a smile on his face and said, “Not bad, you are very good.”

After saying that he turned around and sized up Mu Xiaoyun, nodded his head repeatedly and said, “Good, good, there is really no one in a million ……”

At this moment, however, Yun Ziyi came forward and saluted and said, “‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ Yun Ziyi has met Elder Jin of the Taiyi Sect ……”

This fat old man seemed to have only just seen Yun Ziyi and said somewhat unkindly, “So it’s the Purple Flower Fairy. Hello, hello, look at these eyes of mine ……”

Yun Ziyi smiled lightly without much surprise, of course she knew that this old man had seen herself as soon as she arrived, it was just that he wanted her to take the initiative to meet him.

This old man only spoke to Yun Ziyi half a sentence before turning to Mu Xiaoyun again. Very happily, he said, “You are Mu Xiaoyun? A genius disciple of Ice Lake?”

When Mu Xiaoyun knew that this old man was from the Taiyi Sect and was also an enemy of her Sangha, she immediately had no desire to answer. It was just that when this old man asked, she had nothing to say.

“Little Rhyme, this is an innate elder of our Taiyi Sect. You must not be rude.” Mo Youshen was still thinking about how to gain Mu Xiaoyun’s understanding again, so of course he would not let Mu Xiaoyun offend the Taiyi Sect’s elder.

Mu Xiaoyun snorted coldly and said in a cold voice, “Mo Youshen, watch your words, I am me and you are you, we have no relationship. I am from the Ice Lake, and also, Xiao Yun is not what you call yourself, please respect yourself.”

Mu Xiaoyun’s words were heard by everyone present. Her words made it clear that she was from Ice Lake, what this old man was, however, had nothing to do with her.

“Haha, no relation. I just like this kind of character, ah Xian Nephew Mo. I really didn’t expect you to have this kind of relationship with a genius disciple of Ice Lake. Good, good, good ……”

This obese Elder Jin, after saying several good words one after another, then said to Ji Yilan, “This is Ice Lake’s future Sect Leader Ji, right, I didn’t expect your Sect’s Mu Xiao Yun to be our Taiyi Sect’s future daughter-in-law. Good, good. Mo Xian nephew will soon become a core disciple of my Taiyi Sect, a core disciple of my Taiyi Sect and a genius disciple of Ice Lake, simply a talented man and a beautiful woman. …… When you go back and talk to Feng Lou, our Taiyi Sect will come over to propose marriage some time later, of course gifts are indispensable… …”

When Ji Yilan heard these words, her face immediately changed drastically. This fatty was simply shameless, this was simply an excuse to snatch away Mu Xiaoyun, so that Ice Lake would never have a day to shine. At this moment, Ji Yilan finally regretted that he should not bring Mu Xiaoyun out, he did not expect this kind of thing to happen.

Mo Youshen was immediately overjoyed, he hadn’t thought that his idea could really turn out to be true.

Mu Xiaoyun sneered, she didn’t want to say anything at all to her enemies, instead she said to Ji Yilan, “Senior sister Yilan, let’s go.”

After saying this, she no longer ignored Elder Jin and Mo Youshen, and surprisingly turned around and left.


He didn’t know how long had pa*sed, Ye Mo felt a burst of pain in his head, what had happened? He immediately got up in a state of shock and looked at the three ‘Jia Lan flowers’ in his hand, Ye Mo immediately remembered what had happened before.

Previously, he should have been picking pills in the Five Ages Mountain. Later, he discovered the ancient Spiritual Medicine Garden, which contained numerous medicinal herbs that made his mouth water. He arrived at the entrance of the medicinal garden and before he could collect the medicinal herbs inside the garden, or rather just dig up three ‘Jia Lan flowers’ at the entrance of the medicinal garden, he was brought up by a strong pressure and then it seemed that a suction force sucked him away.

It seemed to be a spatial force, being swept away by a spatial force? Ye Mo himself couldn’t believe it.

Spatial power? If it was a spatial force, why was he still okay? Under the pull of spatial power, not to mention him, even a YuanYing stage cultivator would not be spared, right?

After thinking about these things, Ye Mo’s face was ugly, and now he certainly knew what had originally happened. He could be sure that those poisonous fogs were there to protect the medicinal garden, and as for the suction force that pulled him away, it must have been a spatial teleportation formation. Moreover, this teleportation formation was also one-way, meaning that the person who set up the formation was killing people through this teleportation formation.

Once transported away by a one-way spatial teleportation formation, even the most powerful person would be pulled to pieces by space. This guy who set up the teleportation formation to kill people was really f*cking sinister.

Because the person who had set it up must have been of a cultivation level that was unknown to him, so he couldn’t detect it. But luckily things weren’t too bad, at least he still had his life here.

Ye Mo wanted to curse, no wonder this b*****d died early, this kind of guy died and left something behind to harm people.

No, it suddenly occurred to Ye Mo that he was a*sa*sinated by the one-way spatial teleportation array, he should be dead, why would he still be alive?

When Ye Mo thought of this, he immediately climbed up and looked around, and found that he was actually inside a grey and cloudy space.

Where is this place? Why is it so familiar? Ye Mo frowned, but he immediately remembered what this place was.

Here his divine sense had swept in, and it was the golden dot in his dantian, the thing that the three golden pages had transformed into. According to Ye Mo’s original guess, this golden dot was a separate world, and later his divine sense did determine that this was indeed a world.

Now it seemed that he had actually entered inside this world. How did this come in?

Ye Mo calmed down and he began to think carefully about this matter. It was true that he had been a*sa*sinated by the teleportation array, but it was also true that he had not died.

The reason he had entered this spatial world was because the golden dots that had been transformed into those three golden pages had recognized their owner, and before he was about to die, he had actually taken the initiative to protect his owner and brought him to the golden page world, which saved his life in the midst of the pull of space. No wonder he seemed to have been sucked in by something again before he was swept away, it turned out to be caused by the golden pages.

These three golden pages were indeed not simple things, Ye Mo was in a daze. He was secretly glad that he had obtained these three golden pages, otherwise he would have died and he would not have known how he died. These golden pages must have a spiritual world, but unfortunately there was no way for him to know the exact reason at his current cultivation level.

After Ye Mo understood what had happened, he stood up, he wanted to go out first, he still didn’t know how long he had been unconscious. In case it took longer, Xiao Yun must be very anxious.

Although he had never owned a spatial world before, Ye Mo knew that this kind of spatial world could be entered and exited with a single movement of his intention as long as he recognized it as his master.

However, Ye Mo’s intention moved countless times and finally even shouted out, “Get out, get out ……” but the truth was that his position was unmoving and he was still inside the Golden Page World.

An hour later, Ye Mo had tried everything and he was unable to get out, his cold sweat immediately came out. This was a pitfall, although the Golden Page World had saved his life, but he couldn’t be locked up in here forever, he still had too many things to do.

Ye Mo also knew that many of the very finest magic treasures had artifact spirits and the like, perhaps his own Golden Page had also produced an artifact spirit after absorbing his true qi and divine sense. It was just that after this artifact spirit pulled him in, it forgot to send him out again.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo began to call out loudly, “Is there anyone there, who got me in, come out and send me out.”

But no matter how much he screamed, there was silence all around.

Ye Mo calmed down, he knew that this would not help. After putting the three ‘Jia Lan flowers’ in his hand into his ring, Ye Mo began to search for an exit inside this grey world.

As Ye Mo looked around, he realised that this space was not very big, at best, it was only a few hundred square metres. Apart from this visible space of a few hundred square metres, the rest of the space was still a grey haze, and it was impossible to walk inside.

Apart from inside a corner where Ye Mo saw a room with only one height, there was nothing else and it could be said that it was empty. But from the outside of this room, it was clear that there could not be anything inside this room at all, as it was too small.

In the end, Ye Mo could only walk into this room, which was indeed very small, even so small that there was only one thing inside, and to be precise there was more than one thing inside.

There was a stone tablet in the middle of the room, and on top of the tablet was a jade slip.

Ye Mo picked up the jade slip and swept his divine sense in. Inside was a cultivation technique, ‘Hongmeng Creation Dictum’, which Ye Mo knew of course, when his divine sense first entered this room, he had gotten a small part of the front. Now it seemed that the complete part was really all in here, the latter part Ye Mo didn’t even bother to look at because the information in it was too vast and there was no way to watch it.

However, the jade slip, the ‘Honmong Creation Dictate’, began with a self-preface that allowed Ye Mo to understand what was going on.