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DYM Chapter 738

“I was blessed with three golden pages of creation, but I was born with the ‘Three Life Technique’ within the pages, and with my natural talent, I was unable to cultivate it. This technique can only be practised by those with full spiritual roots. There is no one who knows that those with full spiritual roots are useless. How can such a natural dao technique be trampled on by a person with useless spiritual roots? ……

I was forced to cultivate the ‘Three Life Technique’, thinking that man was destined to win, but my body was crippled. I used all the energy of my remaining body to write the ‘Dao of the Creation of the Golden Pages’ and left my mark on it. I thought that the ‘Dictate of Creation’ was the true number one dictate in the world, so what about the ‘Three Life Secrets’? But I could not practice it.

These three golden pages are really the same thing as the heaven and earth. Those who are fortunate enough to receive these three golden pages can practise the ‘Divine Creation Dictate’ according to my seal. After practising my ‘Dictate of Creation and Transformation’, you must not practise the ‘Three Lives Technique’. However, you can give the ‘Three Lives Technique’ to a person with full spiritual roots and let them practise it.

After a few years, you can seek him out for a battle ……”

Ye Mo threw the jade slip as far as he could and said disdainfully, “Old man fart, I am the one with full spiritual roots, do I wait until I learn the ‘Three Life Technique’ and then go look for Little Yun to fight a duel. Then let Little Yun defeat me, so as to prove that your ‘Honmong Creation Duel’ is more powerful than the ‘Three Life Technique’? Don’t dream, old man. Not to mention that Little Yun is my wife, or even if she is not my wife, I don’t believe that your ‘Divine Creation Duel’ is more powerful than the Heaven and Earth Self-Birth Technique.”

But this old fellow was quite high-minded, and that kind of defiant attitude was worth learning from himself. But to ask himself to duel with his wife. He should dream about it. I got the three golden pages by sheer chance. It had nothing to do with that Meng Burin, so he didn’t owe him anything.

How could there be a self-generating dharma of heaven and earth? How powerful should such a dharma be? But where is the ‘Three Life Technique’? How come one didn’t see it.

If it was really like the old man said, the ‘Three Life Technique’ was suitable for full spirit roots to cultivate, then wouldn’t he happen to be suitable for cultivating the ‘Three Life Technique’?

Ye Mo looked around for a while, and apart from the stone tablet on the ground, there was nothing left. After thinking about it, Ye Mo placed his hand on top of the stone tablet.

With a “buzzing” sound, some information then flooded inside Ye Mo’s mind.

“Chaos begets one, one begets two, two begets three, three begets everything ……” The information was like a sea of clouds, slowly etched into Ye Mo’s consciousness. No wonder these three golden pages were hidden inside the Tao Te Ching. The three golden pages were hidden inside the Tao Te Ching.

I don’t know how long it took. Only then did Ye Mo come to his senses. So it was like this, the ‘Three Life Technique’ was actually three lives, or the ‘Ten Thousand Things Decision’. Moreover, Ye Mo also learned from the information inside that he only needed to cultivate the ‘Three Life Technique’ to enter the late stage of Qi cultivation and then he could go out with ease. But it would be very difficult to come back in. He had to build his foundation before he could come in again.

In other words, only after he had built his foundation could he enter and leave this place at any time. The only thing that made Ye Mo a little dissatisfied was that the ‘Three Life Technique’ only had the front part of the technique, but not the back.

And at this time, Ye Mo understood that although he could not know the exact origin of these three golden pages yet, they were definitely unusual. When his cultivation level was higher in the future, he might be able to find out.

In any case, after having a way to get out, Ye Mo also put his heart down. Although with Ye Mo’s original thought he did not want to cultivate the new Dharma, he had to do so now.

Ye Mo began to cultivate the ‘Three Life Technique’. After reading Old Man Meng’s words, he didn’t even think about cultivating any more ‘Hongmeng Creation Dao’, this old man had given him a counter-intuitive name for the technique he had written out, so he probably just couldn’t eat the grapes and said that they were sour.

When he started to cultivate, Ye Mo discovered that he could indeed cultivate the ‘Three Life Technique’ without any hindrance. At the beginning, he was worried that he would not be like that old man Meng in general, but now it seemed that these worries were superfluous at the time.

With the ‘Three Life Technique’, all things could be transformed. Ye Mo had already cultivated to the sixth level of Qi cultivation, and when he cultivated, he surprisingly found that he could completely transform the true qi of the sixth level of Qi cultivation into cultivation resources, and directly cultivated the ‘Three Life Technique’ to the fourth level of Qi cultivation.

This made Ye Mo overjoyed, he didn’t expect that he hadn’t even cultivated much. He was already in the middle stage of Qi cultivation. But at the same time, Ye Mo also knew that the spiritual qi inside seemed to be similar to that outside. So Ye Mo wanted to speed up his advancement. He could only rely on pills.

Luckily, now Ye Mo had as many medicinal herbs in his hand as a cow’s hair, although those top grade medicinal herbs, he just took a look at them and got nothing, but the ordinary medicinal herbs outside, he had several piles inside his ring.

Ye Mo took out all the medicinal herbs inside his ring and then began to refine the pills. Now he had a lot of medicinal herbs, what with the Peiyuan Dan, Huangming Dan, Spring Return Dan, Qi Gathering Dan, etc. As the medicinal herbs continued to decrease, the pills slowly became more and more abundant.

It was only when a furnace full of pills, ‘Huang Ming Dan’, was refined by Ye Mo that Ye Mo suddenly woke up, when could he refine full pills, and the pills he refined were still top quality pills? Only then did Ye Mo suddenly realise that his steps and techniques for refining pills were already completely different from what he had learnt back then, to the extent that he had involuntarily come up with a new set of refining techniques on his own.

Ye Mo stopped in shock, he knew how difficult it was to learn how to refine pills, he had studied for several years in Luo Yue and was only an ordinary apprentice alchemist. And now his alchemy technique was so sophisticated that it was not even an apprentice level, it could be said that it was not even an exaggeration to say that it was a master level. How could an apprentice refine a top grade full pellet?

What was this?

Ye Mo refined a ‘Qi cultivation pellet’ again and finally understood that he did have a new pellet refining system that was completely different from the original pellet refining method. It could be said that the new alchemy method was not through the characteristics of a particular herb, but through the characteristics of a particular herb.

When he gets the herb, the quality and colour of the herb automatically emerges within his consciousness, and then how he should extract it and how he should take it when he alchemises it, a completely instinctive manifestation.

Even if the same herb is used to make the same potion, there will be different variations in it.

“‘Three Life Technique’?” Ye Mo murmured out, he already understood what the ‘Three Life Technique’ was at this point.

The Three Life Technique was not only reflected in the fact that some spells could be automatically derived from cultivation. And doing other things could also be derived from it, refining pills could be derived from refining techniques, and a new set of pills refining spells could be achieved. This shows that if he studies formations, he can likewise derive a whole set of formation insights.

“Haha ……” Ye Mo laughed loudly, that Meng burin really wasn’t modest, if he knew that the ‘Three Life Technique’ was so heaven defying, he probably wouldn’t have said anything The ‘Hongmeng Creation Dictate’ is the number one Dharma Dictate under the heavens. Nor would he have consumed his life’s energy to write the ‘Divine Creation Dictate’.

The ignorant are fearless, ah, Ye Mo secretly sighed, he was sure that this Meng Burin was a very remarkable person. But it was such an amazing person like him who dared to speak out to challenge the status of the ‘Three Life Secrets’ because of his own ignorance. If he had known that the ‘Three Life Secrets’ was so heaven defying, I believe he would not have been able to do such a brain-dead thing.

At the same time, Ye Mo also knew why the ‘Three Life Secrets’ he had obtained only had the front part of the technique, it was because the back part was not needed at all, as long as he comprehended it himself, or derived it automatically.

Only those who have practised the ‘Three Life Technique’ know that a hundred people practising the ‘Three Life Technique’ can practise a hundred different kinds of techniques. The ‘Three Life Technique’ is not at all something that has rules and regulations laid down, but a gong method that plays out automatically according to each person’s ability to understand and comprehend.

Knowing the inverse of the ‘Three Life Secrets’, Ye Mo’s spirits were even higher. Although the ‘Three Life Technique’ required more resources to refine than the ‘Hongmeng Creation Dictate’, Ye Mo was confident that he could cultivate it to a higher level, and even ascension was not impossible.

Moreover, there was a spiritual medicine garden in the Five Embodied Mountains, although he didn’t get it now, he would definitely still have to go there in the future. After he had built his foundation, he would go to that spiritual medicine garden. Ye Mo believed that after building his foundation, he could go in and out of the Golden Page World at will, and in the Spiritual Medicine Garden, even if he encountered that spatial formation again, he would not be at a disadvantage.

With his heart surging, Ye Mo kept refining and cultivating every day, refining again and cultivating again.

He didn’t even know how long it had been, all the food inside the ring was finished, and he could only refine the ‘grain-removing pills’ to fill his hunger. Then he would cultivate and refine pills again.

Although Ye Mo had collected a lot of herbs, in the end, with his constant refining, he still finished refining them all, and in the end it was a dozen or so ‘Great Peel Pill’ pills that Ye Mo also finished refining.

Now he had a lot of pills, but there were very few pills that could be useful to him, except for the ‘Peiyuan Dan’ that he had initially refined from the ‘Earth Spirit Fruit’, only the ‘Great Peiyuan Dan’ was It is still useful.

The ‘Peiyuan Dan’ made from the rest of the herbs had no effect at all after Ye Mo recovered to the sixth level of Qi training.

Ye Mo couldn’t help but secretly sigh that the ‘Three Life Technique’ was really a pill-eating technique, which was a bit too powerful to eat.

But fortunately, after he wasted 80% of the pills, he finally advanced to the sixth level of Qi training again.

While at this time, Ye Mo was very anxious in his heart, he didn’t need to think about it to know how long he had been inside the Golden Page World, what he was most worried about was Mu Xiaoyun going out to look for him. He was equally worried about Luo Ying and Ning Qing Xue being anxious for him, he had only entered the small world to collect medicinal herbs, again he did not expect it to take so long once he entered.

At this moment, Ye Mo had two ‘Peiyuan Pills’ refined from the ‘Earth Spirit Fruit’ in front of him, and five ‘Great Peiyuan Pills’ that he had refined inside the Golden Page World.

Ye Mo now had only one goal, to advance to the late Qi cultivation stage as fast as possible, then leave this Golden Page World and return to the Ice Lake immediately.