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DYM Chapter 739

Putting aside his distracting thoughts, Ye Mo took a deep breath, then swallowed two ‘Peiyuan Pills’ without hesitation. . Powerful spiritual energy began to rush through his meridians as Ye Mo began to refine the medicinal properties, and then kept attacking the barriers of the seventh Qi cultivation layer.

Under the powerful consumption ability of the ‘Three Life Technique’, Ye Mo felt that the medicinal properties in his body would soon be dissipated, while he was still so far away from the seventh Qi cultivation level.

With a clench of his teeth, Ye Mo swallowed the five ‘Great Peiyuan Pills’ in front of him in one gulp, and a cloud of aura that was like a flame burned up in Ye Mo’s meridians and dantian.

The consuming power of the ‘Three Life Technique’ was indeed not just words, the kind of spiritual energy that burst open when the five ‘Great Peel Pills’ were swallowed together was already quite terrifying relative to a cultivator at the Qi cultivation stage. In the history of the world, the only person who dared to swallow five ‘Great Cultivation Pills’ in one breath was probably Ye Mo.

If it was a normal cultivation technique, these five pills plus the previous two would not even wait for you to refine them, and would also completely burn up one’s entire meridians. But with the perversion of the ‘Three Life Technique’, with Ye Mo’s understanding of ‘three lives’, even if it was as much aura as possible, as long as it didn’t burst the meridians and dantian in the first place, it would always turn into true qi and be refined one by one.

Ye Mo also knew that he had violated the peace of mind in cultivation and adopted a rampant approach, but he had no regrets. At this moment, stuck in the Golden Page World, he was more anxious than anyone else, he was too worried about Mu Xiaoyun.

Luckily, the ‘Three Life Technique’ did not let him down, even if there was more spiritual energy, he could still digest it. But the prerequisite was that this spiritual energy could stay inside his meridians. Ye Mo couldn’t help but think back to the last time after he met an explosion on the island. He was injured, if the meridians in his body hadn’t been completely widened on that occasion, he really wouldn’t have been able to add this kind of rampant spiritual energy.

“Ka-ching ……” Ye Mo could almost hear the sound of the walls inside his body shattering, those blocked true qi inside his meridians and dantian found a vent from the rupture almost instantly. Ye Mo felt the true qi inside him start to get stronger and stronger again.

A powerful feeling of strength ran through Ye Mo’s body, and Ye Mo’s heart was instantly pleased. He was a little eager to hit the late stage of Qi cultivation as soon as possible, but luckily, the ‘Three Life Technique’ was really powerful. In his eagerness, he had surprisingly broken through.

“Seventh level of Qi cultivation ……” After Ye Mo solidified his cultivation, he abruptly stood up.

With a stretch of his hand. An incomparably dazzling fire ball appeared in the palm of his hand, which was more than several times stronger than before. Ye Mo let out a long breath, he knew that his cultivation was now much stronger than before.

Although he was only at the seventh level of Qi cultivation and had just entered the late Qi cultivation stage, Ye Mo felt that he was not afraid even if a cultivator at the complete Qi cultivation stage came.

He thought of the three martial artists who could not see through their cultivation back in Hang Shui City, and wondered how strong they really were. He should have no problem taking on these three himself, right?

This was a situation he had to take into account, as he would have to face such experts if he wanted to go to the Taiyi Sect to take revenge. To say that the Taiyi Sect didn’t have someone like Feng Lou whose cultivation he couldn’t see through, Ye Mo would never believe it.

“Go out.” Ye Mo stood up and let out a long whistle. No longer willing to stay in this place for a second, the next moment he immediately asked to go out.

Sure enough his thoughts flashed and in the next moment he had already left the grey and cloudy world.

Finally coming out, Ye Mo had a feeling of tears streaming down his face. How long had he been locked up in this golden page world?

No good, Ye Mo suddenly remembered his ‘Jia Lan Flower’. The main reason he went to Wu Yun Mountain this time was for the Jia Lan Flower. Inside the Golden Page World, the Jia Lan Flower did not lose its medicinal properties, but it did not mean that it would not lose its medicinal properties outside.

Ye Mo reached out and took out the ‘Jia Lan Flower’, although he had packed it in a jade box, Ye Mo was sure that as long as another half a month to a month pa*sed. The medicinal properties of the ‘Jia Lan Flower’ in his hand would definitely be depleted.

However, he was only at the seventh level of Qi training, not to mention that he had not reached the time to build the foundation, and he had not gotten the rest of the several medicinal ingredients for refining the ‘Foundation Building Pill’. In this way, as long as it took a little longer, wouldn’t the ‘Jia Lan Flower’ be wasted for nothing.

Ye Mo secretly thought, he should have known that it would be better to put the ‘Jia Lan Flower’ inside the Golden Page World, although he couldn’t get it either, but it was better than losing the medicinal properties.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo tried to enter the Golden Page World again, and there was really no way to enter. He suddenly took the ‘Jia Lan Flower’ in his hand and moved his divine sense, but was surprised to find that the ‘Jia Lan Flower’ in his hand was sent into the Golden Page World.

Although he couldn’t get in himself, the medicinal herbs could get in, which made Ye Mo’s heart overjoyed. However, the only herbs he had now were the ‘Jia Lan Flower’ and a few herbs to aid the ‘Foundation Building Pill’, the rest of the herbs were all used up by him.

After sending all the remaining several medicinal herbs in his hand into the Golden Page World, Ye Mo only began to survey his surroundings.

Ye Mo found that he was now at the foot of a remote mountain, but there was a sheep’s intestine path, so it seemed that there were still people coming over to the foot of this mountain regularly, otherwise there wouldn’t be a path.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept out and was immediately amazed to find that his divine sense had increased drastically. He remembered that when he had entered the sixth level of Qi training at the Ice Lake, his divine sense had just reached about two thousand metres. Now his divine sense had surprisingly reached over seven thousand metres, which was more than several times stronger.

According to an ordinary cultivator at the seventh level of Qi training, a divine sense that could reach three thousand metres was already considered good, while his current divine sense was surprisingly already stronger than that of a great Qi practitioner. The ‘Three Life Technique’ was indeed heaven defying, Ye Mo sighed secretly and was about to find a direction to leave this place.

But the next moment, he froze, he found a young Daoist nun lying outside the woods five or six miles away, this Daoist nun he surprisingly knew, it was the eldest sister of the three sisters, Lok Yue. Wasn’t Lok Yue a member of the Cichang Jingzhai? How did she appear here and fall down with serious injuries?

The next moment, Ye Mo appeared in front of Lu Yue, and a ‘Lotus Life Pill’ in his hand had already fallen into her mouth.

But Ye Mo’s heart quickly sank, Lu Yue’s injuries were too severe, her vitality had been extinguished, even his ‘Lotus Life Pill’ would only bring her back to life for a moment. Several of the red-stained wounds on her body were fatal.

“Who are you? Your eyes are so familiar ……”

Lu Yue opened her eyes but saw Ye Mo who was staring at her, but she only said one word before she closed her eyes again and her face started to flush red. Ye Mo knew that this was just her last gathering of strength. A person whose vitality was already lax and would be extinct, not to mention Ye Mo’s current cultivation level, even if he was already at the YuanYing stage, he would not be able to save her, unless he really had that kind of heaven defying spiritual medicine.

Ye Mo thought about his appearance and immediately swallowed a ‘Face Preserving Pill’, he was already at the seventh level of Qi training and was about to find someone from the Taiyi Sect to go to, so where was the need to hide his looks.

In a short while, the scars on Ye Mo’s face disappeared as much as possible, he just did a dust removal duel and revealed his original face.

Lu Yue opened her eyes again, this time she recognized who the person in front of her was and immediately showed a surprised expression, “It’s you, Ye Mo …… am I dreaming?”

“No, Senior Sister Lu Yue, I came to the small world, tell me what is going on? I’ll help you take revenge.” Ye Mo suddenly had a sadness in his heart, Lu Yue was not very close to him, but she was the senior sister of Lu Hustle and Lu Fei. She loved and cared for both of her senior sisters, and now Lok Fay was already in Luo Yue City, while Lok Hustle herself hadn’t seen them until now.

He did not expect that the first acquaintance he saw when he came to the small world would be Lu Yue. Not knowing who was the one who had even done such a cruel thing, Ye Mo once again took out a ‘Lotus Life Pill’ and put it into Lu Yue’s mouth.

Lu Yue’s eyes gestured at Ye Mo, telling him not to waste any more pills. After a while, she said very slowly: “I know you came in …… is Master Uncle Jing Hu …… she hunted me and Senior Sister Lok Hustle …… to find your whereabouts …… Senior sister Lok Hustle didn’t want to talk about you …… She forced me to jump off the cliff …… I escaped injured and was stopped and injured again by a group of people and escaped to here ……”

Ye Mo’s eyes appeared indignant, it was this old plague woman again, hateful as hell. Last time, his own cultivation was a little bit worse and let her go, I didn’t expect to actually harm Lu Yue and Lu Hustle, Ye Mo had some regrets in his heart, he should have known that he should have found Jing Hu first, killed her, and then entered the Wu Yun Mountain.

“Ye Mo, little sister likes you very much, she jumped off at the double stone cliff …… If you can, go find her and bring her back …… little sister said that her ideal you have helped her achieve, she has no regrets ……”

When Ye Mo listened to Lu Yue’s words, he immediately remembered the little bit of time he and Lu Hustle had spent in Chun’an, where Lu Hustle had jumped down with him and he had helped Lu Hustle achieve her ideal of flying. But now such a beautiful and lovely girl like Lok Hustle had been forced to jump off the cliff by Jing Hu.

Ye Mo’s heart was filled with endless anger, while there was some regret that he had not killed Jing Hu earlier. He could not wait to rush to the front of Daoist Nun Jing Hu right now and break her into pieces, but he knew that Lu Yue could not do it either.

Lu Yue’s voice was getting lower and lower, as if from the sky, “I regret not listening to senior sister Lu Fei to stay in Luo Yue City …… I regret that up to now I still …… Ye Mo, my home is outside Handong City …… Shi Feng Village …… I was originally called Shi Jing Qin …… If you can, you take me back to see my home …… Then give me to my senior sister Fei Lu ……”

Ye Mo picked up Lu Yue, the joy of advancing to the seventh level of Qi training disappeared in a flash.

Lu Yue did not continue, Ye Mo’s ears heard her song, “Sister asked sister to go to the tea mountain, sister pushed sister Lang still sleep Yo …… next door under the yellow fruit tree, the little brother next door is silly ……”

Lok Yue’s voice is finally all but silent, Ye Mo will Lok Yue into the golden page world after a long whistle, the flying sword under his feet has clashed and up. He has to go see Xiao Yun first at the first opportunity, if something happens to Xiao Yun, even if he kills all the people of the Hidden Sect, the lost will never come back.