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DYM Chapter 740

Although Ye Mo was eager to return to the Ice Lake, but when he flew up into the air, he remembered that he had no idea which direction the Ice Lake was in.

Just when Ye Mo wanted to find a place with people to ask for directions, his divine sense swept up to a mountain peak with two huge rocks towering above it, could this be the ‘Double Rock Cliff’?

Immediately, Ye Mo dropped down and indeed found that there were words written on these two huge rocks, one of them had ‘Double Stone Cliff’ written on it and the other one had ‘Qing Shui Sect’ written on it. Ye Mo’s divine sense swept through the area and it was obvious that there were no signs of people here, and certainly no sects could exist. Then, thinking that this was where Lok Hustle had jumped, Ye Mo felt a little sad in his heart.

“Brother Ye, thank you, for letting me fulfill my dream, although it was only for one night, but I am already satisfied.”

“It’s okay, because I happen to be able to do it, because you happen to be willing to believe in me.”

“…… I just didn’t want Brother Ye to be disappointed once more. Or maybe I didn’t think that much at the time ……”

The words once spoken by Lok Hustle seemed to be still in her ears, but she was gone.

Ye Mo’s heart was a little sad, he didn’t want to think about those things anymore and jumped straight into the ‘Double Stone Cliff’. Lu Yue said that if he could go and look for Lu Hustle, it was he himself who wanted to find Lu Hustle. But Ye Mo didn’t know how long ago this was, and he didn’t know if he could find Lok Hustle.

The bottom of the ‘Double Stone Cliff’ was littered with messy gra*s and broken leaves, and all sorts of insects and snakes could be seen everywhere. Ye Mo’s heart sank, if he had landed in this place, there might not even be any bones left, let alone save a life.

Ye Mo unfolded his divine sense and searched the bottom of the cliff for nearly two hours, but he found nothing. Not to mention the fallen clamour, he did not even see a scrap of clothing.

Ye Mo knew he could not delay any longer. With his divine sense sweeping around at the bottom of the cliff, even a small rabbit would have been found, let alone a person. The only possibility was that Lok Hustle was now a corpse, but of course there was another possibility, that she had escaped, but Ye Mo thought the latter possibility was very slim.

Even if they were not, it would be very difficult for her to escape from here. However, Ye Mo still hoped that Lu Hustle had not been killed, and he had a vague hope that Lu Hustle had advanced to the Earth level with the help of his ‘Qi cultivation pills’. With Lok Hustle’s qualifications, it was not impossible to advance to the Earth level.

Ye Mo returned to the top of the pressure and carved a line on one of the boulders with his flying sword, “Ye Mo is looking for Lok Hustle here and is missing, and is despondent.” What he meant was to give him a message in case Lok Hustle was not in distress and returned here.

After leaving the ‘Double Stone Cliff’, Ye Mo didn’t spend much time before he arrived at a city. Ye Mo had been in the small world for quite some time, and he found that this city was the biggest one that he had ever seen.

He had been to Hang Shui City and to Wu Yun City, but neither in terms of size or prosperity of appearance was it as lively as this place.

But to the current Ye Mo, the bustle was for others, and his first priority was to know where the Ice Lake was located.

Ye Mo landed his flying sword and stood at the entrance of the city, the two big letters ‘Sandalwood City’ let Ye Mo know the name of the city. Ye Mo hung his flying sword on his back and was ready to enter the city.

“That woman is really beautiful, it’s a pity that she got away in the end. A daoist nun of such beauty, ah, hey ……”

“I’ve seen a woman prettier than her in Hang Shui City a few years ago, I originally said that I’d make a move when the Hidden Sect Conference was over I didn’t expect her to actually get away ……”

“That Daoist nun should have turned out to be injured, otherwise we would not have been a match for her at all ……”


Although the person who spoke was still relatively far away from Ye Mo, Ye Mo’s ears had long heard it and he immediately turned his head, he was sure that these few people were talking about Lu Yue.

“Ah, it’s Senior Brother Mo of the Taiyi Sect ……”

“Hello senior brother Mo ……”

Several people saw Ye Mo at the same time and immediately all ran over with pleasing faces.

Senior Brother Mo? Ye Mo frowned and immediately remembered the guy named Mo Youshen, it was likely that these people took him for Mo Youshen.

“You’re Ma sh*t ……” Ye Mo noticed that there was another one among this group of people that he knew, Ma Shilong. I didn’t expect him to come to the Hidden Sect as well, I just didn’t know which sect he had joined.

Ma Shilong froze for a moment, he carefully looked at Ye Mo again and again, and suddenly opened his mouth wide and pointed at Ye Mo, “You, you are not senior brother Mo, you are, you are ……”

Ye Mo sneered, he knew that Ma Shilong recognized him, he just didn’t know what his name was.

“It’s really not Senior Brother Mo, his clothes are weird, they’re not right at all ……” A few other people also came back to their senses.

Ma Shilong only froze for a moment before immediately rejoicing, “Good, kid, I didn’t think you could still regain your appearance. Where is that chick by your side? If you are willing to send the original chick over to big master today, big master might even spare your little life.”

Ye Mo didn’t even bother to talk nonsense, he raised his hand and sent four wind blades over, Ma Shilong’s hands and legs were immediately cut off, he was like a round ball on the ground struggling in terror, hissing loudly, surprisingly unable to die for a while.

The other three who had not yet reacted were completely dumbfounded, what was this? With a few casual strokes, they had chopped off Ma Shilong’s limbs?

“You dare to kill someone in Sandalwood City, you seek death ……” One of Ma Shilong’s followers reacted, he didn’t seem to have thought that Ye Mo could kill him, his first reaction was actually to point at Ye Mo and roar.

Ye Mo sneered, not even bothering to reply, raising his hand and pa*sing a wind blade, a bloody scar appeared in the middle of the yelling follower’s neck, and then a powerful stream of hot blood, rushing his head out as high as it could go. His hand had not even been lowered before he collapsed on top of the still tumbling Ma Shilong.

The remaining two were obviously of a higher cultivation level than Ma Shilong and his followers, but when they saw Ye Mo’s murderous methods like this, they were even more trembling. Not only was this man killing people in Sandalwood City, but he was doing it so carelessly.

Ye Mo turned his head, looked at the two men who were still trembling, and asked in a cold voice, “Did you guys injure that Daoist nun? When was it that you injured her?”

“Yes, yes, two days ago, we just came back from collecting medicinal herbs and met on the way, …… I am a disciple of ‘Shangqing Mountain’, you can’t …… “One of the men may have been subdued by Ye Mo’s decisive and bloody killing, his tone of voice was a bit stumbling, he only answered half of Ye Mo’s question and suddenly thought of asking for forgiveness.

Ye Mo was holding back in his heart, and now that he had met the person who had caused Lu Yue’s death, he didn’t even want to ask even half a word more. The two men who were still trembling were cut into sieves by Ye Mo’s countless wind blades.

In just a few moments, only Ma Shilong, the four men who were still talking and laughing just now, was still twitching on the ground, but the frequency of his twitching was getting lower and lower, obviously dying.

The bloody aura spread out and the people around them moved out of the way, a killing god was killing people at the gates of Sandalwood and no one dared to come forward to have anything to do with him.

“What kind of person dares to kill in Sandalwood City ……” As the voice fell, two late Earth Grade martial artists rushed out of Sandalwood City.

Even though they were earth level martial artists, but seeing the bloody scene on the ground, they couldn’t help but feel a little sick to their stomachs. After he saw that the people who had been killed were all from Shangqing Mountain, his face immediately changed.

Although Shangqing Mountain was a second-cla*s sect, but they had the Kun Qian Sect behind them as their backstage.

“Huh, it’s you, Mo Gongzi of the Taiyi Sect ……” One of the earth level martial artists recognized Ye Mo at the same time, or rather misidentified Ye Mo at the same time.

Ye Mo’s heart moved, so that Mo Youshen hadn’t died yet and had even joined the Taiyi Sect.

At this moment a carriage came out of Sandalwood City, seeing this carriage, Ye Mo suddenly had a strong desire in his eyes to meet Mu Xiaoyun. This carriage Ye Mo had also seen when he first arrived in Hang Shui, it was the carriage that the Purple Flower Fairy was in, and he did not expect to see it again today.

The difference was that back then he was with Mu Xiaoyun and this carriage entered Hang Shui City, while today this carriage was just coming out of Sandalwood City.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept into the carriage and found that it was indeed the Purple Flower Fairy, Yun Ziyi, sitting inside, only that she seemed to be injured. The carriage pa*sed by Ye Mo’s side without any intention of stopping, and immediately had to pa*s by. It seemed that even the bloody corpses on the ground did not affect the carriage in the slightest.

Instead, Ye Mo suddenly said, “Purple Flower Fairy, please wait for a moment, I have something to ask you.”

The carriage stopped and an icy voice came from inside, “Sir Mo, Violet has some important business to attend to, if there is nothing special, then I will leave.”

If it was a few years ago, even if Mo Youshen was an inner disciple of the Taiyi Sect, or even a core disciple as it was now, she, Yun Ziyi, wouldn’t care. However, the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ was now far inferior to the Taiyi Sect, and she was afraid that Mo Youshen would find an excuse.

Yun Ziyi was Ye Mo’s acquaintance, so it was certainly better to ask her about anything. Moreover, she also knew Xiao Yun back then, and besides, with her ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ divine ability, she would certainly know where the ice lake was.

“Duke Mo ……” When the two earth level martial artists saw that Ye Mo was ignoring them, although they were uncomfortable in their hearts, they did not dare to get angry. Mo Youshen was a core disciple of the Taiyi Sect, his status was not below the elders of the Taiyi Sect, they were just a city guard, even if they were given a few more guts, they would not dare to go against the core disciples of the Taiyi Sect.

Ye Mo turned around and said with a cold smile, “You don’t need to think of me as Mo Youshen, I’m not him. Is that Mo Youshen a disciple of the Taiyi Sect? Very well, it just so happens that I’m going to kill someone at the Taiyi Sect, so I better not come crashing into my hands.”

“What, you dare to impersonate a core disciple of the Taiyi Sect? Who the hell are you? You’re looking for death ……” One of the earth level martial artists was instantly furious, saying to himself that no wonder it didn’t feel right, he had heard that the disciples of the Taiyi Sect, Mo Youshen, were courteous and virtuous, how could they be as rude as this person in front of him.

When the two earth level martial artists heard that Ye Mo was not a disciple of the Taiyi Sect, the machetes in their hands came directly at Ye Mo’s head almost without thinking.

Ye Mo’s hand reached out and the flying sword behind him had already fallen into his hand, while a sword aura flew up and two heads shot up into the sky with the inertia of the two men, and blood sprinkled down like a rain of blood in the sky.

“My name is Ye Mo.” Ye Mo’s hand beckoned, and his flying sword once again hung behind him.