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DYM Chapter 741

“Ah ……” Yun Ziyi’s hand trembled, and she was a bit overwhelmed trying to get out of the car. .

“Miss, is he, really not Mo Youshen? Could it be that he is Xiao Yun’s husband? He said his name is Ye Mo.” Xiao Ling looked at the bloody scene in front of her shocked eyes, and the man with a sword hanging on his back.

“What kind of madman dares to kill at the gates of Sandalwood City.” Another angry voice rang out as a white-haired old man arrived at the entrance of Sandalwood City as fast as he could.

“You’re from the Taiyi Sect?” Ye Mo took one look at this old man’s clothes and immediately understood that he was from the Taiyi Sect. This was actually an innate expert, and it seemed to be a bit more powerful than that Elder Min back then. But it was only an early Xiantian, and to the current Ye Mo, it was really unbeatable.

This old man coldly snorted, “You actually look a bit like Senior Nephew You Shen, but having met me, even if you look like me, you must still die.”

As soon as this old man’s words fell, he saw the flying sword behind Ye Mo automatically fly up and then cut through the air, bringing up a trail of sword mane.

“Imperial sword?” The old man uttered in shock, he actually saw the imperial sword. To know that imperial swords against enemies, even peak Innate experts were not able to do so, and legend had it that only people above Innate could do so.

“You are above the Innate ……” The old man only had time to say these few words before he hurriedly dodged, but even as fast as he was, he had one of his arms cut off by the flying sword’s sword aura. An innate martial artist’s arm was sliced away as if it was cut into tofu.

When Ye Mo saw that this guy had escaped under his flying sword and only left an arm behind, he couldn’t help but admire his agility.

“I’ll see how long you can dodge.” Ye Mo’s divine sense once again urged up, and that flying sword was more than twice as fast as it was just now. Countless sword maces streaked across the air.

The innate martial artist’s heart and soul split as he shouted out in the midst of the sword mists, “Don’t make a move, take your time …..” Only his last word could never come out, the three sword maces had already cut him into four pieces.

Yun Ziyi’s face was pale as she looked at Ye Mo standing in the middle of a pool of blood, her heart was in shock.

It was him. It was really him, he was the one who killed the innate expert Elder Min in Hang Shui City back then, cut off an arm of the ‘Weapon Forging Hall’ Hall Master Xia, bought away the ‘Earth Spirit Fruit and took out a thousand catties of gold. He was the bearded man, and at this time, his appearance had been restored, so he should have obtained the ‘Jia Lan Flower’.

He was surprisingly so powerful. Innate experts were simply unbeatable in front of him and were easily killed yet. He was even able to wield a sword against his enemies. What kind of cultivation level did he have?

It was a pity that he had missed the opportunity to meet this man, whose name was Ye Mo. Looking at this man who was like the wind, Yun Ziyi only felt that her mind was blank. He was so powerful, why didn’t he have the qualifications in the first place?

Ye Mo killed this Sandalwood City’s innate martial artist and suddenly turned to look at Yun Ziyi and asked in a light voice, “Fairy Purple Flower, I would like to know where the Ice Lake is. Please specify. Here is an elixir for you, as you have serious internal injuries. I said I owed you a favour at the beginning, so I am returning it to you.”

Saying this, Ye Mo threw Yun Ziyi a ‘Lotus Life Pill’. Ye Mo could see that the man who helped Yun Ziyi drive the carriage was a half-step Xiantian expert, and it was surprising that Yun Ziyi would be injured under the protection of such an expert.

Yun Ziyi trembled as she grabbed the pill bottle, surprisingly forgetting how she should reply.

Seeing that Ye Mo slowly began to frown, Xiao Ling hurriedly pulled Yun Ziyi and said, “Miss ……”

Yun Ziyi finally calmed down at this point and she said in a trembling voice, “Mr. Ye, are you looking for Little Sister Yun? She is not at the Ice Lake. Little Sister Rhyme is now a hundred miles away at ‘Divine Continent Mountain’. It’s the Hidden Sect ranking competition right now, so Xiao Yun has gone to participate in the competition on behalf of Ice Lake.”

Hearing that Mu Xiaoyun was fine, Ye Mo breathed a long sigh of relief, he was afraid that something would happen to Xiaoyun. Since she was still at Ice Lake, he didn’t have to worry about it.

“Where is Divine Continent Mountain? I need to go right away.” Ye Mo couldn’t wait a moment longer.

Yun Ziyi hurriedly said, “I am preparing to go to the Divine Continent Mountain, you can go with me. It’s just that after this competition, Xiao Yun is going to join the Taiyi Sect ……”

“What?” Ye Mo immediately interrupted Yun Ziyi’s words.

Yun Ziyi hurriedly said, “Because there is a person named Mo Youshen from the Taiyi Sect pestering Xiao Yun, Xiao Yun hid back at the Ice Lake. However, the Taiyi Sect was strong and chased her all the way to the Ice Lake. He forced himself to say that Mu Xiaoyun should be a member of the Taiyi Sect and that Ice Lake was weak. After several negotiations, it was finally agreed that after the Hidden Sect ranking competition. Xiao Yun joined the Taiyi Sect.”

Ye Mo’s face grew colder and colder, Xiao Yun knew that he had a grudge against the Taiyi Sect, she would never take the initiative to ask to join the Taiyi Sect, she must have been forced to do so.

Yun Ziyi looked at Ye Mo’s icy expression, the strong killing intent made her feel a coldness, she immediately said, “It’s been four years since you left, after the ‘Hidden Sect Martial Discussion Meeting’ a year ago, Little Sister Yun made her feelings clear. She wouldn’t have entered the Taiyi Sect even if she had died, you’ve come back just in time now ……”

“Where is Divine Continent Mountain?” Ye Mo asked once again, his voice carrying an icy chill.

Yun Ziyi subconsciously shivered and pointed to the west and said, “It’s a hundred miles to the west, we need to take a horse and carriage ……”

Yun Ziyi’s voice suddenly stuck as he stared blankly at the sky in front of him, she saw with her own eyes Ye Mo step onto his flying sword, bringing up a sword light and disappearing into the air in the blink of an eye.

Not only did Yun Ziyi freeze, but Xiao Ling and the half-step Xiantian expert who was driving the cart next to him also froze. Ye Mo could actually fly, and he was also flying with his sword, what kind of person was he? Could he really be a legendary immortal?

Yun Ziyi was trembling with excitement, she didn’t know how she should express what she remembered in her heart at this moment, after a long time, she suddenly came to her senses and said to the old man who was driving the cart, “Uncle Tong, quick, let’s speed up now and go to Divine Continent Mountain.”


If there was a mountain with the most medicinal herbs in the Hidden Sect, it was undoubtedly Mount Wuyun. Not only was there a large variety of medicinal herbs on Mount Wuyun, but the species was also of a high grade, and along with that, even the mountain ranges around Mount Wuyun had a lot of medicinal herbs.

However, if we were to say that the largest mountain in the Hidden Sect is the Shenzhou Mountain, it would undoubtedly be the Shenzhou Mountain.

Shenzhou Mountain is not very high, but there are nine peaks around it. It is like the stars holding the moon, and it is surrounded by nine peaks.

The reason why Divine Continent Mountain is the largest mountain in the Hidden Sect is because the summit of Divine Continent Mountain is very flat and covers an area of tens of millions of square metres.

Of course this is just talking about the area of Shenzhou Mountain, and the significance of its existence is by no means as simple as its large size.

For countless years, the Divine Continent Mountain was where the Hidden Sect ranking contest was held, and the Hidden Sect had limited resources, so the ranking was very strict. Once it was cla*sified down, then it meant a sharp drop in the cultivation resources the sect received.

This is where the biggest ranking competition in the Hidden Sects, the Extraordinary and First Cla*s Hidden Sects division competition, is held every hundred years. It is also here that the ranking competitions below the Second Cla*s Hidden Sect are held every twenty years.

Now is the most exciting time for the Hidden Sects, as not only is the 20-yearly competition to divide the ranks of the Second Cla*s and below held here, but the 100-yearly competition to divide the ranks of the Extraordinary and First Cla*s Hidden Sects will also be held here.

Every five years, the ranking competition of the Second Cla*s and below sects will coincide with the ranking competition of the First Cla*s sects.

And this competition happens to be the one that overlaps, and every time it overlaps, even unranked sects can challenge the Extra Cla*s sects. As long as you win the challenge, you are a Premier Sect. But the sect being challenged has no limit on the age of the disciples sent, which is thirty years old, as long as they are not elders. So it’s just theoretical, it’s not usually possible for someone to come out and challenge. Even if by chance someone did come out to challenge, it would at least be someone from a second-cla*s hidden sect.

If you are a second-cla*s Hidden Sect but lose too much in the tournament, you are likely to be relegated to a third-cla*s Hidden Sect. If you go on, you will end up not even being ranked as a third cla*s Hidden Sect, and will be relegated to a marginal sect.

Ice Lake was one such third-ranked hidden sect that was about to be relegated to the margins, so the competition was a must for all of us at Ice Lake.

At this time, not only were there elite disciples from special and first cla*s sects, but also elite disciples from second and third cla*s sects.

Although there were many sects participating, there were not many participants, usually only two disciples from third cla*s sects participated. The first ranked sects can have four disciples and the second ranked sects can have three disciples.

You could say that the higher the rank, the more secure the position. There was another one for this one to lose, but not for the lower ranked hidden sects, if they lost, they lost, there would be no chance of a reversal, they could only barely keep their position.

Ice Lake’s participants in the competition this time are Ji Yilan and Mu Xiaoyun. Although there are only two people from Ice Lake coming to the competition, there are not two people coming. This time it was a matter of whether or not Ice Lake could be promoted to a second cla*s hidden sect, so not only did Feng Lou personally lead the team over, but two earth level elders also came.

“Xiao Yun ……” Ji Yilan looked at Mu Xiaoyun with some worry, Mu Xiaoyun’s expression had been cold since she arrived at Shenzhou Mountain.

Mu Xiaoyun suddenly stood up, and she unexpectedly walked towards the ring. Ji Yilan hurriedly stopped Mu Xiaoyun and said, “Xiaoyun, our next match hasn’t started yet, it’s challenge time.”

The challenges that Mu Xiaoyun was talking about were all matches where unranked sects challenged third-ranked hidden sects.

“Senior Sister Yilan, I know, I’ve already helped Ice Lake win two matches, below I want to do something for my Sangha.” Mu Xiaoyun finished speaking and still walked towards the ring.

“Third-cla*s sect Ice Lake Mu Xiaoyun, challenge Taiyi Sect.” Mu Xiaoyun stood above the ring in a blue dress, the breeze carried her dress like a fairy about to fly away.

“With a boom ……”, the entire Divine Continent Mountain was stirred. There was really such a thing as challenging a high ranking hidden sect, and the one who came out to challenge was such a beautiful woman, and the one who was challenged was also a special ranking hidden sect, the Taiyi Sect.