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DYM Chapter 742

“What a beautiful woman ……”

“Yeah, just a disciple of a third-ranked sect going to challenge the special hidden sect Taiyi, that’s just looking for death.”

“Che, don’t talk nonsense if you don’t understand, this woman is not looking for death, she won both of her matches representing Ice Lake. It is said that she is an inner disciple of the Taiyi Sect, after she participates in the Ice Lake competition, she will marry into the Taiyi Sect, and then she will be a disciple of the Taiyi Sect, do you think the Taiyi Sect will kill her?”

“Right, I saw the competition yesterday, she is a peak Xuan level expert, not yet thirty years old at the peak of Xuan level ah. That person with the number one qualification that appeared in Hang Shui City back then was her, I think her name was Mu Xiao Yun ……”

“No wonder she wanted to challenge the Taiyi Sect, I guess she wanted to leave some kind of impression on the Taiyi Sect? I’d say so.”


Once Mu Xiaoyun got on stage, the chatter on the stage rose up, but none of them thought that Mu Xiaoyun was really there to challenge the Taiyi Sect.

This was because it was impossible for these Extraordinary Hidden Sects to succeed in their challenge unless they were very talented disciples. This was because when the Extraordinary Hidden Sects faced challenges, the ones who came out were at the lowest level of Earth-level cultivation, and there were even half-step Xiantian experts. One hundred years ago, the reason why the Taiyi Sect and the Kun Qian Sect could succeed in their challenges was a special case, because something happened at that time, but not every time would someone succeed in their challenges.

Ji Yilan was so anxious that she knew it would be useless to go to her grandma, but she went to her grandma anyway. Everyone knew that once a challenger got into the ring and issued a statement of challenge, the challenge was in effect and was not allowed to come down.

Mu Xiaoyun’s challenge was so public. Everyone on the scene knew about it, and it was impossible for the Taiyi Sect not to know about it. Not only the Taiyi Sect, but also the rest of the three great Extraordinary Hidden Sects, as well as the twelve Great First Cla*s Hidden Sects all stared at Mu Xiaoyun in the ring with concern.

“Humph!” A cold snort rang out from the Taiyi Sect’s podium, and a lean old daoist’s eyes showed his dissatisfaction. He swept the rest of the elders sitting next to him before staring at an obese man with thinning hair and a shiny brain not far to the side.

For a long moment. Only then did he say, “Elder Jin, this female child is the Ice Lake disciple with top-notch qualifications that you mentioned?”

“Yes, Vice Sect Master Qi ……” This fat-headed Elder Jin was very imposing in front of others though. But in front of Vice Sect Master Qi, he still lowered his brows and ears, not daring to have the slightest retort.

However, Vice Sect Master Qi said in a cold tone, “The first element of joining a sect is loyalty to the sect. This wench clearly hates my Taiyi Sect with a pa*sion, and you want such a person to join my Taiyi Sect?”

“Uh ……” Elder Jin was a bit speechless, but after a moment, he reacted and hurriedly said, “She is a marriage that my disciple’s was betrothed to when he was in the mortal world, originally my disciple had no intention to go back and marry her, just that he didn’t expect She is surprisingly first cla*s qualified, plus after meeting her again, my junior apprentice also has thoughts about her, so ……”

Seeing that the Vice Sect Master did not deny it. Elder Jin added again, “If the Sect Master feels that she is not suitable to be a disciple of my Taiyi Sect, just let her come to my Taiyi Sect to serve my junior apprentice, and not let her grow up in the Ice Lake.”

“Hmm ……” This Vice Sect Master Qi nodded his head after hearing Elder Jin’s words. He thought that Elder Jin was right, even if a talented disciple like Mu Xiaoyun could not be accepted as a disciple of the Taiyi Sect. But she should not be allowed to feather her nest and enhance the power for the Ice Lake either.

“Master, this Mu Xiaoyun disciple has taken a fancy to her, I want to go up to the stage to meet her, she reminds me of the girl I saw outside back then…” said a man in his thirties at that moment, suddenly standing up and saluting.

Hearing this man’s words. This Qi Vice Sect Master frowned and then said, “Yuan Chong, you are too flamboyant, you only advanced from the peak of the Xuan level to the early Earth level over the years because you are delayed in female lust ……”

Upon hearing this, the man immediately said with a*surance, “Master, I am serious this time, if I have this woman, I promise that I will not go on a fling with another woman. The reason why disciple’s cultivation has not progressed much is because the death of that girl a few years ago has left disciple unable to let go of his feelings.”

Vice Sect Master Qi sighed for a moment before saying, “Yuan Chong, you should not mention what happened a few years ago, I always feel a little uneasy.”

“Master, you are overly concerned, my Taiyi Sect is one of the three special Inner Hidden Sects, what kind of person would dare to come over our heads and spill the beans? Besides, it’s not like nothing has happened at all after so many years of this matter. Moreover, I guarantee that after getting that woman this time, my disciple will definitely work hard to cultivate and strive to get closer to Du Du Tian back then …..” The man called Yuan Chong even said with a*surance.

This Qi vice sect master obviously doted on Yuan Chong very much, although Yuan Chong’s words were a bit unreliable, but he still sighed and said, “It’s always good to be careful, it’s just that this woman ……”

When Elder Jin saw Vice Sect Master Qi looking over, he immediately knew what was going on, and he fell a little hard to do. However, without waiting for him to say anything, a young man had already walked out behind him.

This young man walked up to the front and said with a fist clasp to Vice Sect Master Qi, “Sect Master Qi, that Mu Xiao Yun was originally given to my disciple as a maid of honour by my master, if Senior Brother Yuan can look at her, it is her good fortune. I am willing to give up this maid of honor to Senior Brother Yuan as some token of my disciple’s appreciation.”

“Good, you are very good, what is your name?” After Yuan Chong heard the young man’s words, he immediately patted him on the shoulder with a joyful smile.

The young man immediately cupped his fist and bent down very respectfully and said, “Mo Youshen has met Senior Brother Yuan, my disciple has just been promoted to Core Taiyi Sect Core Disciple.”

“So you’re Mo Youshen, you’re not bad.” Yuan Chong once again praised Mo Youshen.

Mo Youshen’s statement not only made Elder Jin relieved, but also Vice Sect Master Qi nodded, this Mo Youshen still had eyesight and knew what could belong to him and what was not for him to get his hands on.

With an appreciative glance at Mo Youshen, Vice Sect Master Qi said to Yuan Chong, “You go ahead, but you need to collect your heart after this.”

“Yes, Master.” Immediately after receiving his master’s advice, Yuan Chong was overjoyed, and without even thinking, he cast his Tengkuang Steps and landed on top of the ring before long.

Yuan Chong’s weightlifting figure immediately drew a full house of applause. Applause rang out.

“See, that should be Senior Brother Yuan Chong, disciple of Vice Sect Master Qi of the Taiyi Sect. Only in his early thirties, he’s already an earth level cultivator, that’s a true genius ……”

“No wonder the light body kung fu is so good, so it’s Senior Brother Yuan of the Taiyi Sect ……”


The applause and chatter on the stage, Yuan Chong certainly heard, he proudly clasped his fist on all sides, and then surveyed the opposite Mu Xiao Yun, who was more delicate than a flower, the more he looked at her, the more he liked her in his heart.

“Little Sister Yun, my name is Yuan Chong, I am a core disciple of the Taiyi Sect, and my master is Qi Tan, the Vice Sect Master of the Taiyi Sect. Just now my master has promised you to me, you don’t have to worry about Mo Youshen, he has agreed to it himself. I fell in love with you at first sight, don’t worry, I will treat you well in the future ……”

Mu Xiaoyun acted as if she had not heard Yuan Chong’s words, and without hesitation, she raised the scimitar in her hand and just slashed out.


With Ye Mo’s speed, it was only a short time before he had reached the Divine Continent Mountain, but he felt the air ban once again thirty miles outside the Divine Continent Mountain. Just like Mount Wuyun, there was no way to fly in this vicinity.

Ye Mo secretly sighed in his heart, his strength was still too low, if one day his strength was high enough, he could completely ignore the air ban in front of him. And now he had to come down and then walk to the inside of the Divine Continent Mountain.

But Ye Mo also determined at the same time that a long time ago, in the Divine Continent, it was indeed a cultivation resort. It was only with the pa*sage of time that the spiritual energy here gradually dissipated, which allowed the cultivation to slowly degrade and eventually evolve into the more suitable ancient martial arts.

Although the more abundant the spiritual energy is, the faster the ancient martial arts can be cultivated, they can still be cultivated without it. Ancient martial arts are far less dependent on spiritual qi than cultivation is on spiritual qi, so with the resources of medicinal materials in the small world, cultivating ancient martial arts is the most suitable instead.

These places with air ban restrictions might have been a large sect or a large city a long time ago.

Even if Ye Mo did not fly and ran to Divine Continent Mountain, his speed would still be incomparably fast. This place was different from Mount Wuyun, which not only had an air ban, but also had obstacles to running on the ground. But here, there was only an air ban, but no obstruction on the ground.

It didn’t take Ye Mo long to arrive at all. When he was at the bottom of the mountain, his divine sense had already swept up Mu Xiaoyun who was slashing at the man opposite him, while Mu Xiaoyun was only at the third level of Qi training, the man was already at the early stage of the Earth level.

To Ye Mo, even when he was at the third level of Qi training, it was not that easy to deal with a person at the Earth level cultivation. And Mu Xiaoyun had almost zero experience in fighting, how could she be a match for the other man?

Thinking of this, Ye Mo’s feet exerted himself and his whole body scraped up to the top of Divine Continent Mountain like a whirlwind. He almost stepped on the shoulders of countless people and rushed into the ring.

“Ding dang,” Yuan Chong stopped the scimitar in Mu Xiaoyun’s hand, and the sparks splattered in all directions let Yuan Chong know that Mu Xiaoyun had laid down a killer.

Such a beautiful woman was so ruthless, which made Yuan Chong want to conquer this woman who looked gentle but was actually like a pepper.

“Look at my slash.” Yuan Chong knew that his slash, which Mu Xiaoyun could definitely block, so he used 80% of his internal energy to slash down. He didn’t make a very fancy slash, but wanted to fight back and forth with Mu Xiaoyun for a while, the simpler the better.

But when this slash came down, not only was he frozen, but the rest of the people under the ring were also frozen. As if begging for death, Mu Xiaoyun actually completely forgot to block the slash in front of him, and instead looked out of the ring in surprise.