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DYM Chapter 743

Mu Xiaoyun did not resist, and with Yuan Chong’s blade already coming down, everyone who followed the match knew that Mu Xiaoyun’s fate had been sealed by this slash. .

Some people couldn’t bear to look any further and closed their eyes.

When Yuan Chong’s blade was about to strike Mu Xiaoyun, he was shocked to find that his opponent had no intention of dodging. He didn’t want to kill Mu Xiaoyun at all, but at this point it was too late to withdraw his move, and he could only secretly sigh at his bad luck. It was so easy to meet a woman that he had fallen in love with, but he had killed her with his own hands.

But before he could finish his thoughts, he once again heard a ‘ding’ sound, and he seemed to feel a lightness in his hand. He subconsciously looked at the knife in his hand, only to find that he was merely grasping a knife handle in his hand.

“Ye Lang, Xiang Gong, is that you?” Mu Xiaoyun’s eyes got misty, after she cultivated the ‘Hongmeng Creation Dictate’, her divine sense was equally amazing, although she was only at the third level of Qi cultivation, her divine sense was already close to over a thousand metres. Although she did not deliberately use her divine sense to sweep, she sensed the aura of Ye Mo’s arrival.

The man she had been longing for day and night had come, and she had completely forgotten that she was still above the ring and that her opponent’s sword had come down, her mind was already fully focused on this swiftly coming man.

As soon as her words fell, a familiar figure that had appeared countless times in her dreams appeared in front of her, while a strong arm had already embraced her in its arms.

Mu Xiaoyun trembled as she tightly wrapped her arms around Ye Mo, not remembering at all what had just happened when she almost died.

“Ye Lang, am I dreaming?” Mu Xiaoyun’s voice trembled. Not caring about the many people watching her, she was afraid that if she let go, the Ye Lang in her arms would disappear.

Ye Mo stroked Mu Xiaoyun’s hair and said lovingly, “Xiaoyun, you’re not dreaming, I’m sorry I’m late.”

“Ye Lang. Really not a dream?” Mu Xiaoyun suddenly lifted her head, as if to confirm her thoughts.

She looked at Ye Mo, who had returned to his normal appearance, without the slightest surprise. She didn’t even need to look at the appearance. As long as she snuggled into Ye Mo’s arms and felt that scent, as long as she looked into her husband’s eyes, she would know that the person in front of her was her husband. She wouldn’t be at all mistaken with others in general.

“I have my phase back.” Ye Mo comforted Mu Xiaoyun.

“Mm.” Mu Xiaoyun just mumbled. No longer did she want to move.

Ye Mo patted Mu Xiaoyun’s shoulder and then said, “Xiaoyun, you get up first, I want to clean up this guy, who dared to kill you.”

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, Mu Xiaoyun got up from his arms, but still stood behind Ye Mo, she was still afraid that if she was not careful her husband would disappear again.

Yuan Chong’s gaze woke up from the hilt of the blade he was holding, his blade was a fine magic weapon that came out of the ‘Forge Weapon Hall’ and could be said to have a hard texture. It was incomparably sharp. But now it was broken, and only one hilt existed, which made him almost unable to believe it.

It was as if he had just seen a flash of white light and the knife in his own hand had broken.

But after this period of time, he had already reacted. He looked up and stared at Ye Mo and asked coldly, “Who are you again? How dare you disrupt the challenge in the ring?”

Ye Mo flicked the flying sword in his hand and said indifferently, “Are your ears deaf? I didn’t hear Little Rhyme call me Sangha.”

Mu Xiaoyun was Yuan Chong’s internal decision, and now she suddenly appeared as a Sangha, causing Yuan Chong’s anger to immediately surge, daring to steal a woman from him, he was impatient to live.

“You’re f*cking looking for death. Dare to snatch a woman from Laozi, today Laozi won’t let you regret coming into this world ……”

Yuan Chong’s words didn’t continue, he had already received several slaps in a row. A mouth full of blood and teeth were splattered out from the blows.

Ye Mo suddenly stopped his hand, he saw a shield shaped jade pendant Yuan Chong was carrying on his waist and immediately grabbed that jade pendant in his hand.

Ye Mo picked up the jade pendant and looked at it, and on it were the words ‘Taiyi’.

“So it’s you.” Ye Mo’s voice suddenly became incomparably cold.

In a short period of time, so many things had happened, and by the time the two ring guarding elders found Ye Mo, he already had Yuan Chong’s jade pendant in his hand.

“Stop.” With two shouts, the two half-step Xiantian martial artists had landed on top of the ring at the same time.

Ye Mo acted as if he hadn’t heard them, still looking at Yuan Chong icily as he asked, “A few years ago, did you go outside and then beat up a girl at a place called Ninghai?”

“How do you know?” Yuan Chong stared at Ye Mo in shock and asked subconsciously.

“Haha …… really did get it right.” Ye Mo suddenly laughed out loud, Light Snow had been beaten and lost her memory, if he hadn’t given her a necklace, he probably would have lost all his fragrance. And today this trash was going to kill Xiao Yun again, where would Ye Mo spare Yuan Chong.

Although he laughed loudly, but where was there half a smile, his face was a murderous one.

“Ignorant madman, looking for death ……” When the two Xiantian martial artists saw that Ye Mo had beaten Yuan Chong to the ground and was still laughing up at the top of the ring, how could they still hold back.

The two fist shadows, sandwiched by the whistling fist wind, smashed directly at Ye Mo.

Ye Mo didn’t even look at them, he casually punched out two fists. Ye Mo threw two punches at the same time and clashed with the inner qi fist winds of these two half-step Xiantian martial artists.

The fist winds that were whistling in the ring a moment ago had disappeared, and after Ye Mo’s fist winds shattered the fist winds of the two Half-step Xiantian martial artists, they struck the chests of the two Half-step Xiantian experts without the slightest delay. These two men immediately withdrew several steps back, spurted out a mouthful of blood at the same time, and then flew backwards and fell into the ring.

Only after they landed in the ring did they cover their chests with their hands and stared at Ye Mo on the stage with a shocked expression. This man had obviously not used his full strength just now, if he had used his full strength, the two of them might have died long ago. They were certain that even a Xiantian expert could not injure them so easily, but this young man in front of them had managed to do it.

No matter how he did it, his cultivation level was definitely not lower than that of an Innate Expert.

Vice Sect Master Qi, who was sitting in the chair of the Taiyi Sect, snorted coldly once again, then looked at Elder Jin on the side and said, “You go and bring Yuan Chong back.”

“Yes.” This Elder Jin promised and immediately flew in. Although he had just seen that Ye Mo was powerful, but with his middle Xiantian cultivation, he would not be able to deal with such a young man handily.

Ye Mo didn’t wait for this Elder Jin to come in front of him before he reached out and plucked up a several feet long banner next to the ring, then looked at Yuan Chong and said in a cold voice, “I am the husband of the girl you beat up back then, and today you are going to strike at Little Yun again, so I will let you die all together.”

“What?” Although Yuan Chong’s face was beaten beyond recognition, he was still frozen in shock after hearing Ye Mo’s words. Just now, he had told his master that that matter had pa*sed a few years ago, but in the blink of an eye, people were coming to his door.

However, he quickly reacted, this was the biggest competition venue of the Hidden Sect, his own master was watching right in front of him, there was no way his master would let him suffer, so he then laughed loudly, “You are still talking nonsense at the end of your life, if you are sensible, send your woman up, and I might even beg master to spare your dog’s life… …”

“Is that so?” Ye Mo looked coldly at Elder Jin, who was already about to cross the ring, and suddenly kicked Yuan Chong in the forehead.

Yuan Chong, who was still laughing out loud with his mouth, suddenly felt like he flew up. To be precise he was kicked by the young man in front of him and flew up.

Twenty metres outside the ring was a bell tower, which was in fact a huge rock several feet high, on top of which was a large Lü bell. This bell was for the competition, and every time the competition started it was the ringing of this big bell.

Instead, at this moment, Ye Mo kicked Yuan Chong directly towards the bell tower, while the flagpole in his hand had turned into five pieces, and the five pieces of flagpole followed Yuan Chong with five wind sounds.

“Buzz, buzz, buzz ……” Almost all the people present could hear the vibrating ringing of the big bell on top of the clock tower.

And with the ringing sound, all the people looked dumbfounded at the rock below the clock tower. On the rock at this moment, there was a man nailed to it, Yuan Chong, who had just been kicked out by the young man in the ring.

Only at this moment, Yuan Chong presented a ‘big’ figure and was nailed to the top of the rock of the clock tower. The several feet long flagpole was broken into five sections by Ye Mo, of which the short four sections nailed Yuan Chong’s arms and legs, while the longest one nailed his throat.

The section nailed to his throat was more than a ten feet long and was still shaking after being nailed to the stone wall. Anyone could see that this Yuan Chong was already dead.

At that moment, Elder Jin had just arrived at the top of the ring.

The scene fell silent, it had all happened so quickly, so quickly that hardly anyone could react in the shortest possible time. From the time Mu Xiaoyun struck her blade, to the time Yuan Chong of the Taiyi Sect blocked it and then returned it, but Mu Xiaoyun of the Ice Lake had foolishly forgotten to resist.

At that exact moment, Yuan Chong’s blade was cut off by a white light with a flush handle, and a young man appeared in the ring, even with that stunning woman in his arms.

In comparison, the two half-step Xiantian martial artists were knocked back by the young man’s fist, and that was a much shorter time.

The reason why the scene was silent was because all the people knew that something big had happened. Yuan Chong of the Taiyi Sect had actually been killed, and he had been nailed in front of Qi, the Vice Sect Master of the Taiyi Sect, in a show of force. If the Taiyi Sect could have let this matter go, then the sun would not have come out of the mountain.

Those who knew the inside story understood that although the Yuan Chong who had just been killed was the disciple of Qi, the Vice Sect Master of the Taiyi Sect, he was actually one of his illegitimate sons in the secular world. In addition, Yuan Chong had outstanding qualifications, so his position in the Taiyi Sect could be said to be beneath several people and above countless others.

With such a person being nailed in such a humiliating manner, how could the Taiyi Sect possibly rest?

“It’s over ……” The obese Elder Jin looked at Yuan Chong who had been nailed down, his hands and feet were cold, he had taken a big responsibility.

“You seek death ……” An incomparably angry voice rang out as a lean old daoist flew from the Taiyi Sect’s podium towards the ring as if he were a large bird.