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DYM Chapter 744

Looking at Qi’s Vice Sect Master who flew towards the ring, almost all the people got excited. . Flight, it really was flight. It was surprising that such a long distance was flown over in one go, so it was clear that Vice Sect Master Qi’s cultivation level was already extremely high. At the back of ancient martial arts cultivation, every step forward was extremely difficult. And flying, to be precise, gliding through the air, was something that could only be done at the late Xiantian stage.

If such an expert struck out in anger, almost all the people could predict the end of Ye Mo and Mu Xiaoyun on the stage.

Only Ye Mo smiled coldly, he knew that this was not a flight at all. There was already a no-air ban here, even he had no way to fly. And that Qi Vice Sect Master that people were talking about on the stage was at best just gliding through the air, he went from high to low, although the distance was a bit far, but with his inner qi cultivation it was not that difficult to glide over.

To Ye Mo, this aerial glide of his was not as good as the Royal Wind Technique.

Qi Kai was incomparably angry, he hated himself for not striking first and causing Yuan Chong to be killed. The moment Yuan Chong was killed, his anger had reached its peak.

However, after this gliding down in the air, he immediately calmed down after standing in the ring. Qi Kai knew that the person in front of him could instantly defeat two half-step Xiantian, and could also easily kill Yuan Chong, who was already at the early stage of the Earth Grade, in seconds, so he was obviously also someone who was not simple, or somewhat terrifying. Without having to fight, Qi Kai knew that his opponent’s cultivation level would not be inferior to his own.

Yuan Chong could no longer be saved, now it was how to kill this terrifying young man in front of him.

Ye Mo didn’t even look at Qi Kai, although Qi Kai’s cultivation level was good. But Ye Mo knew that he wasn’t even the most powerful guy here. He wasn’t even as good as the three people he met in Hang Shui a few years ago who couldn’t tell their cultivation, so that said Qi Kai wasn’t yet in Ye Mo’s eyes.

What was on his mind now was that since he had made his move, he was bound to experience some killing later, and even face a siege from many experts. Against the siege of these Xiantian experts, right now Ye Mo was not afraid, but what he was worried about was Mu Xiaoyun.

Once the fight started later. If there was no Mu Xiaoyun, he could kill at will with impunity, but with Mu Xiaoyun. Not only would he have to be distracted from taking care of her, but it would also affect his full strength against the enemy.

Ye Mo didn’t know why Mu Xiaoyun was still at the third level of Qi training after four years, according to him, with her qualifications. Even if her resources were not enough, she would be at least at the fifth or sixth level of Qi training by now. Ye Mo wanted to send Mu Xiaoyun away now, but he knew that there were several hidden strengths lurking in the shadows that would probably stop him as soon as he moved, and his divine sense had already swept one of them to be the one who had appeared in Hang Shui City in the first place.

When Elder Jin saw that Qi Kai had personally arrived at the ring, he immediately stood to the side, he was worried that Ye Mo would suddenly escape. Although he knew that there was no way for the two people on the stage to escape immediately, it was not like it would kill anyone to make a show out of it. He did not know that Ye Mo’s concern was not him and Qi Kai at all, but someone else.

After Qi Kai stood on the ring. He had completely calmed down. He didn’t make a move as soon as he came up, but stared at Ye Mo for a long time, and although Ye Mo didn’t look at him at all, he was no longer angry, or at least didn’t seem to be angry on the surface.

“Even if Mu Xiaoyun is your woman. Just take her away, why did you have to kill my Taiyi Sect’s core disciples?” Qi Kai’s voice was icy cold and his speech was normal.

Ye Mo was surprised to hear Qi Kai’s words but he raised his head, he thought that this Qi Vice Sect Master would definitely come up and kill him, but he didn’t expect him to calm down instead after he got into the ring.

However, Ye Mo had originally come to Taiyi Sect to take revenge. Of course he would not talk to this Qi Kai properly. Although he didn’t want to talk to this Qi Kai properly, he still had to say something about the purpose of killing.

He raised the shield-shaped jade pendant in his hand and with a sudden force, the jade pendant in his hand turned into powder.

Qi Kai’s face turned iron blue, this jade pendant was given to him when his son went up to Taiyi Mountain, he did not expect that now that his son was dead, his jade pendant was also shattered. As the Vice Sect Master of the Taiyi Sect, Qi Kai was very tolerant, the more he had to kill a person, the more he could endure. If he didn’t do it, even if he did, once he did, he would make the other party die without a burial place. And he would love to let this person in front of him die slowly, instead of being killed all at once.

Seeing that Qi Kai was still looking at himself icily, Ye Mo did feel that this Qi Vice Sect Master had a bit of a belly. He pulled Mu Xiaoyun behind him and looked at Qi Kai and said in a cold voice, “Several years ago, Yuan Chong and another person went outside, and in Ninghai Pedestrian Street, he almost killed a woman while causing that woman to lose her memory for a year.”

Speaking here Ye Mo saw Qi Kai’s face suddenly change, as if he had remembered something.

But Ye Mo still said coldly, “And that woman happened to be my wife, I swore then that whoever almost killed my wife, I would destroy him as long as I live.”

Qi Kai’s face changed sharply, and only after a long time did he ask in a deep voice, “You made the necklace on that woman in the first place? She didn’t die?”

Ye Mo said with a cold smile, “Hearing you say that I know that the other person who went to Ninghai in the first place was you, so it seems that I saved a lot of effort. In order to let you die with understanding, let me tell you, that necklace is a magic artifact that I refined, back then, if I hadn’t helped Light Snow to refine a necklace, perhaps she would have left long ago.”

Qi Kai sucked in a breath of cold air, if the original Ye Mo was powerful though he wasn’t afraid. But the person who could refine that kind of defensive necklace, he already knew that he had really kicked the iron plate. All along, he had been worried that the person who refined that necklace had come to take revenge, and today he had really come over.

For someone who had cultivated to Qi Kai’s level of cultivation, plus he was the vice master of a great sect, he certainly knew a lot more than the average person. He vaguely knew that there was another kind of martial art that was countless times more powerful than ancient martial arts, but no one was able to practise it now. This young man in front of him was so young, and his body was so powerful, this was definitely not something that could be achieved by simply practising ancient martial arts, he was most likely the one who practised that mysterious gong method.

Once this kind of person was to make a move, he had to be made to never turn back, and once he was allowed to escape, the Taiyi Sect would be completely finished in the future. Now it was not a matter of his revenge, it was a matter of worrying about the survival of the Taiyi Sect. Since people had come to the door. They would definitely not stop.

Qi Kai knew that he would probably not be able to keep Ye Mo alone, and although he was not afraid of what Ye Mo could do to him in a short time, he was afraid that the other party would escape. If all the experts from the Taiyi Sect came, or if they united with the people from several sects, then they would be sure.

This Qi Vice Sect Master’s face kept changing, but he did not make a move, Ye Mo knew that he had scruples. But Ye Mo had the same scruples, there were too many experts here. Just at the time when Qi Kai was talking, several Xiantian experts once again came at the side of this ring. Together with the experts lurking on the side. Ye Mo was not absolutely sure.

All Ye Mo wanted to do now was to find a safe place, send Mu Xiaoyun away, and then go on a killing spree.

“Xiao Yun. Let’s go first.” Even if he wasn’t absolutely sure, Ye Mo didn’t want to remain on top of the ring and pulled Mu Xiaoyun to jump out of the ring.

“Hahahaha ……” The place of my Hidden Sect’s Grand Competition is going to come and go, you are too underestimating my Hidden Sect’s Holy Land.

As soon as the words left his mouth, another lean old man landed on top of the ring.

“It’s Elder Ling Wushui of Kun Qian who has come ……,” as soon as this old man came on top of the ring, someone immediately whispered out.

Ye Mo saw this old man and immediately knew that his cultivation level was much deeper than Qi Kai’s, and that this old man was the guy who had lurked to one side just now. He had swept his divine sense across this man back in Hang Shui City, and at that time there was no way to tell his cultivation level. But now he could tell that this old man’s cultivation had reached the peak of Innate.

“I know. The person who killed ‘Weapon Forging Hall’ Wei Wu and ‘Twin Sword Sect’ Elder Min Zhifeng in Hang Shui City at the beginning must have been him. It was a man and a woman at first, and they happened to be very young.” At this moment, the fat elder of the Taiyi Sect, Elder Jin, suddenly spoke out loud.

Ling Wushui listened to Elder Jin’s words, looked at Ye Mo and Mu Xiaoyun, then nodded and said, “It seems there is no mistake. It should be him who did it, only that he disguised himself as a bearded man in the first place. And he even framed the ‘Forging Hall’ afterwards, so he really is a character with a lot of guts.”

As Ling Wu Shui came up, there were already more and more experts at the edge of the ring, and the experts from the ‘Weapon Forging Hall’ and the ‘Twin Sons Sword Sect’ had all come up.

Period Youxin of the ‘Twin Twin Sword Sect’ even stared at Ye Mo viciously. He wanted to swallow Ye Mo in one bite. His son had been killed and the murderer had not been found until today.

Ye Mo said to Mu Xiaoyun who was beside him, “Xiaoyun, I’m about to go on a killing spree, lean behind me and don’t leave too far away.”

“Well ……” Mu Xiaoyun certainly knew the critical situation in front of her, although she hadn’t seen him for four years, she didn’t know in the slightest how Ye Mo’s cultivation level was.

Ye Mo seemed to know Mu Xiaoyun’s worry as he squeezed Mu Xiaoyun’s hand and said, “Xiaoyun, you don’t need to worry about me, I’m trapped in a place. After I woke up and found no way to get out, I cultivated in that place for four whole years, so you don’t need to worry.”

Mu Xiaoyun knew that she was now a burden to her Sangha, but she equally knew that the best way to help Ye Lang was to protect herself. Once what happened to her, Ye Lang would definitely be in a big mess.

After Ye Mo and Mu Xiao Yun finished speaking, he suddenly said loudly, “I, Ye Mo, have a great grudge against the Taiyi Sect, and today I have come to take revenge. All of you who have no grudge against me, Ye Mo, please move aside, when I make my move, all those who don’t move aside are my enemies, I will visit your sects one by one afterwards.”

Many people who had gathered around because of the might of the Taiyi Sect and the Kun Qian Sect had the intention to retreat, not that they thought Ye Mo would win, because this matter had nothing to do with them at all, there was no need to trip into this muddy water.

Just as soon as Ye Mo’s words left his mouth Ling Wushui laughed out loud a few times, then said in a cold voice: “I would like to see how you can visit one by one, I am Ling Wushui, the supreme elder of the Kun Qian Sect, don’t forget when you visit after your death. By the way, not only is there my Kun Qian Sect here, there are also many innate experts from Taiyi Sect and Cihang Jingzhai.”

Ling Wushui’s words immediately caused a burst of laughter from below the ring; to try to escape under the siege of so many experts was a fool’s errand.

Before the laughter from all sides had completely stopped, another shrill laugh came, “Ye Mo, it really is you. It’s true that there’s a way out of heaven for you, and today you’ve finally been caught by me.”