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DYM Chapter 745

When Ye Mo saw the person who flew onto the stage, his eyes immediately went cold, it could be said that the person he wanted to kill the most in the small world, apart from the Daoist priest who had harmed Light Snow back then, was the person in front of him.

“So it’s Kaing Hu you old plague woman, old me was looking for you too, very well. But I remember the two big, white balls on your chest, why did you need to bind them up with something, did some old Daoist do that?” Ye Mo hated this old witch to the bone because all huffed and puffed and killed Lok Yue, forcing Lok Hustle to jump off the Double Rock Cliff. His words became vicious and he did not show any mercy.

“Little beast you seek death ……” The most indignant thing in Jing Hu’s life was when Ye Mo grabbed her chest clothes, that not only exposed her chest, but also made her lose her most precious thing. To Jing Hu, the most precious thing was certainly not chastity, but that page of gold paper.

Immediately after she finished speaking, she was about to bring up her duster and rush forward, but she seemed to remember something just as she moved her foot and surprisingly stopped. There were so many people around, all just surrounding Ye Mo and not stepping forward, if she was the first to go forward, she might end up doing it for others.

Ye Mo secretly cried out in pity, if Jing Hu had come up, he would have killed him first, but this old plague woman was surprisingly shrewd, as shrewd as Qi Kai of the Taiyi Sect, and figured out the key issue in just an instant.

When Ye Mo’s words were spoken, almost all the people fixed their eyes on Jing Hu. Jing Hu’s cultivation level was very high, and looking at the aura on her body now, it was obvious that she had already advanced to the Innate level. In the small world, those who had advanced to Xiantian were already considered to be at the peak of their cultivation.

However, she has a fetish, that is, she hates men most in her life, and she does not pretend to be a man, so she has a nickname in Cihang Jingzhai, ‘Emotionless Daoist Nun’. So now everyone present, after hearing the words of the young man called Ye Mo, looked at Jing Hu strangely. Given Jing Hu’s reaction, there was a good chance that this matter was true.

Many people were even thinking about it, this guy called Ye Mo could even look at that part of Jing Hu, did they have something to do with each other?

Daoist Nun Jing Hu was furious, but still didn’t go up there, she knew Ye Mo’s skills and was more powerful than her. And those three pages of golden paper were just too important to her, she had to muddle through and definitely not let anyone else be the yellow bird again.

As Ye Mo looked at so many experts around him, he was also calculating in his heart, if these people came individually, he wouldn’t be afraid of any of them. But if they came together like this, although he was not afraid, he was worried about Mu Xiaoyun. With so many experts, it would be really difficult to protect Mu Xiaoyun who was only at the peak of Xuan level. This was the reason why he had been hesitant to make a move.

“Little Rhyme, when I make my move later, let’s fight while retreating outwards, as long as we exit thirty miles, I can take you flying away.” Ye Mo whispered and set a strategy in Mu Xiaoyun’s ear.

Just as Ye Mo was about to make his move, another cold voice rang out, “Senior sister Jing Hu, you’ve been out for so long, why didn’t you return to the sect when you came in? And Fay Lok is missing outside, what is going on?”

Ye Mo immediately looked at the person who spoke, it was another Daoist nun from Cihang Jingzhai, his heart moved, this Cihang Jingzhai had an expert he couldn’t see through, there were also four Xiantian martial artists and several half-step Xiantian experts, if he could get Cihang Jingzhai to quit, he would be under a lot less pressure.

Jing Hu said in a cold voice, “Senior Sister Jing Xian, I have already advanced to Xiantian, so of course there are some things I need to do to stay outside, as for the sect I will definitely go back, but only after I finish my business. Also, senior sister, you may not know that the three ……”

When Ye Mo heard the words that followed, he immediately knew that Jing Hu wanted to tell the truth about the three scrolls of the “Our Scripture”. To Kaing Hu the Sutra of Luo was no longer relevant, what she wanted was the three golden pages inside this sutra, so once Kaing Hu revealed the Sutra of Luo, these people would definitely attack themselves frantically. If they were to attack, it would be their own initiative to attack, the initiative could not be let go.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo bellowed and said, “Jing Hu, you vicious old plague woman, you don’t even spare your own sect’s disciples. You killed Lu Yue and then forced Lu Fei to jump off the cliff, you beastly thing, they just knew about some shameful deeds you did, and you killed them all.”

“Jing Hu, you killed my disciples, Lu Yue and Lu Hustle?” When a middle-aged Daoist nun with a pretty face inside the Cichang Jingzhai heard this, she immediately became enraged, and after she finished asking, she had already drawn her precious sword and stabbed at Gai Hu. It was evident that her temper had absolutely nothing to do with her looks.

When Jing Hu’s words were interrupted by Ye Mo, she was immediately indignant, she picked up her duster to block the stabbing long sword and pointed at Ye Mo and said in a hateful voice: “You killed Qi Yulin of the Kun Qian Sect, didn’t you, can you still deny it? The three scrolls of our Luo Sutra are also in your possession, do you want to deny it too?”

Seemingly knowing that she was being watched by so many experts and because of her own misfortune, Ye Mo had no part of her, which made Jing Hu annoyed and angry. So much so that she broke the jar, maybe she could even fish in the water in the end.

Ye Mo didn’t wait for Jing Hu to finish his words, he had already wrapped his arm around Mu Xiao Yun and retreated to the edge of the ring. At the same time, the flying sword in his hand had already brought up countless sword arrows, turning into a sword curtain around him and Mu Xiaoyun. He was ready to break out, he wanted to take Mu Xiaoyun and leave the Divine Continent Mountain before anyone else could react.

Ye Mo was not going to make a move, but if he did, he would strike with all his might, without the slightest bit of mercy. After his sword curtain swept out, a dozen of fireballs flew out at the same time.

The ones who came up to the ring to stop Ye Mo and Mu Xiaoyun were at least earth level martial artists, and these earth level martial artists had not been given the order to suddenly attack before they were caught off guard by Ye Mo.

Ye Mo’s true qi, which had already started to transform into true essence, was mixed with countless sword maces and fireballs, wreaking havoc among these Earth Grade martial artists. A shower of blood and the smell of burning fireballs came from the circle that had densely surrounded Ye Mo just a moment ago, and was suddenly killed by Ye Mo.

It all happened so fast, just now Ye Mo was still fighting mouth, but in the blink of an eye he started to make his move, and by the time the crowd reacted, Ye Mo had already leapt out of the ring with Mu Xiaoyun in tow.

It was just that Ye Mo had just landed in the ring, and before he could take a few steps out, two extremely strong fist winds blocked his way as if they were substantial.

If Ye Mo was alone, he might have been able to dodge and wait for an opportunity to counterattack, but now he had Mu Xiaoyun with him. Two people would never be able to dodge these two fist winds for a short time.

What a powerful punching wind, Ye Mo knew that these two punching winds were not the power of his opponent’s full strength. The one who struck these two fist winds was Ling Wushui, and the other was a Daoist of the Taiyi Sect who had just arrived, and his cultivation level seemed to be above Ling Wushui.

The flying sword in Ye Mo’s hand brought up two streams of true essence and directly met them.

“Boom, boom ……” two loud sounds squeezed the few rocks in the middle directly into rubble and split in all directions.

Ye Mo with Mu Xiaoyun did not move at all, while the two peak Xiantian martial artists who intercepted Ye Mo retreated half a step back.

So powerful, Ye Mo secretly sighed in his heart, these two guys’ skills were definitely no less than peak Qi cultivation. If he didn’t cultivate the ‘Three Life Technique’, it would be a fool’s errand to block two peak Qi cultivators with his seventh Qi cultivation level. But even so, he had absolutely no way of gaining the upper hand, while the other side had more people pouring over besides these two peak innate practitioners, while he was only one person, with a Mu Xiaoyun in tow.

It looked like he had done the right thing by not taking the initiative to seek trouble when he first arrived in the small world, if he had gone to the Taiyi Sect with his strength at that time it would have been like seeking death. Not too many people, just one such peak Innate would have taken care of him.

There was such a big difference between the early Xiantian and the peak Xiantian, this was something Ye Mo really did not expect.

Ye Mo, however, did not know that he was surprised, Ling Wushui and that old Taoist of the Taiyi Sect were even more surprised, they had never thought that someone could block both of their fists by themselves and still have a slight upper hand. And not only did this young man still have a man with him, he even struck afterwards. Although their punch was not a manifestation of their full strength either, it was still an exercise of seventy percent of their strength.

These two looked at each other, then nodded to each other. Ye Mo could already see the killing intent in their eyes, and there was even a joy in both of their eyes. Ye Mo knew that what these two peak Xiantian experts were interested in should be what they were cultivating, not because they had offended some divine continent mountain.

It was this moment of time that the surrounding Innate experts and dozens of half-step Innates surrounded them again.

At this moment Daoist Nun Jing Xian of the Cichang Jingzhai suddenly said loudly, “All the disciples of the Cichang Jingzhai listen to the order, come back immediately, our main matter now is to bring all the hu back.”

“Senior sister Jing Xian, this is the time when you are needed in Cihang Jingzhai, our three hidden sects are united, how can you ……” the old Daoist at the peak of Xiantian from the Taiyi Sect said in a startled voice immediately after hearing Jing Xian’s words.

Jing Xian said indifferently, “There is a traitor in my sect, of course we have to settle down internally first before we talk about anything else.”

The old dao of the Taiyi Sect was at a loss for words, it didn’t seem quite right to let others do all they could to help when the internal turmoil of another sect had not been resolved.

“My nephew Yulin was actually killed by you, little beast you die for me ……” An early Xiantian martial artist suddenly leaped up from behind at this moment, his whole person and his long sword turned into a white thread of awning, with a harsh and cold killing intent towards Ye Mo as if lightning The stabbing came down.

Although there was a sound in front of him, the sound came only after his sword mane arrived, and it would not be too much to say that it was a sneak attack. So many people didn’t even react, the sword mane had already arrived above Ye Mo’s head.

Ye Mo snorted coldly, he would never be lenient in making a move at this time, and he would strike with all his might every time. Against this sword mane, Ye Mo didn’t have any intention to dodge at all, the flying sword in his hand immediately turned into a several meters long white rainbow under the stirring of his true essence, this white rainbow slashed directly on top of the sword mane that stabbed down.

“An unpleasant sound of grinding teeth rang out, making people feel extremely uncomfortable, but the sound was extremely short-lived, and almost at the same time, a splendid red colour erupted in the air.

“With a pop, a corpse that had been split in half fell to the ground before the blood began to fall as if it was raining.

Ling Wushui’s face was blue, it all happened too briefly, he couldn’t even come to the rescue, another Xiantian under his own discipline was killed like this.