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DYM Chapter 746

Only then did the people around him see clearly what had happened. The ear-piercing ‘creaking’ sound just now turned out to be Ye Mo’s sword splitting the longsword that had sneaked up on him directly into two halves starting along its tip. . And after splitting the two halves, not only did Ye Mo’s sword not stop, but it once again split the Kun Qian Sect’s elder into two halves as well.

All the people sucked in a breath of cold air, what kind of skill was this? Period Youxin, who originally wanted to sneak attack Ye Mo as well, subconsciously let out a cold shiver. If he had gone up to sneak attack, would he be the one lying on the ground now? This man was too powerful. Although Elder Qi of the Kun Qian Sect was eager to take revenge just now, he was an Innate expert after all. An Innate expert had simply been killed like that.

“This person has lost his heart and gone mad, killing innocents everywhere in my Hidden Sect. I, Ling Wushui, issue the highest kill order of the Hidden Sect in the name of the Kun Qian Sect to kill Ye Mo without amnesty. All hidden sects that join this siege will be friendly sects of my Kun Qian Sect and will be gifted with an advancement to the innate spirit pill.” Although Ling Wushui was trembling with anger, he knew that with Ye Mo’s ability, he would not be able to kill him alone.

The old dao of the Taiyi Sect immediately echoed, “I, Leng Huan, agree with Brother Ling on behalf of the Taiyi Sect, our two sects still have countless experts coming, so even if this person is powerful, he will definitely die. Surrounding and killing Ye Mo is a big event for my Hidden Sect, all those who disobey orders and retreat, or those who don’t want to contribute to the survival of my Hidden Sect, will be responsible for the consequences afterwards.”

This old daoist from the Taiyi Sect even said threatening words and with the big sign of the survival of the Hidden Sect. Many people wanted to retreat after seeing Ye Mo’s decisive killing and ability, but when they were threatened by these words, they didn’t dare to retreat again.

“Haha ……” Another cold laugh came from an old woman who flew over, and with just a few ups and downs, she had arrived in the middle of the encirclement.

Ye Mo knew this person, was Feng Lou of the Ice Lake. This old crone glanced at Ye Mo. Then nodded and said, “I didn’t expect that there would be times when I, Feng Lou, would look away, you are not only a Senior Pill Master, but also an expert comparable to a peak Xiantian.”

“Feng Lou, you are also one of the sects of the Hidden Sect, this man is doing wrong in my Hidden Sect, for the sake of the survival of the Hidden Sect, I hope you can join hands with us to kill him. Afterwards I will guarantee that Ice Lake can be promoted to a second cla*s sect.”

When Leng Hao saw Feng Lou come up, a hint of joy appeared on his face. This old crone was really no less powerful than he was, although it was a little less powerful than him, but it was still limited.

Feng Lou looked at Leng Hao with disdain and said in a cold voice, “Surnamed Leng, don’t deceive the old body with those disgusting words, if you don’t feel disgusted, I still feel disgusted. The reason why my Ice Lake has fallen to a third-cla*s sect today. Don’t you say that it has nothing to do with the Taiyi Sect.”

Feng Lou said and then glanced at Ling Wushui and continued in a cold voice, “And your Kun Qian Sect, that is all a nest of goods. No one has ever counted on you for conspiracy and backstabbing. Today I, Ice Lake, am going to withdraw from the siege, so what are you going to do? Not to mention that Mu Xiaoyun is a disciple of my Ice Lake, even if she is not a disciple of Ice Lake, if I want to withdraw, I will withdraw, how can I be threatened by you.”

Hearing Feng Lou’s words Leng Hao’s angry face became more and more ugly, but Ling Wu Shui instead calmed down and just stared coldly at Feng Lou. Not saying anything.

After Old Feng finished this, he surprisingly turned to Ye Mo and said, “Ye Mo, I know that you are an expert, and an expert that even I cannot tell your strength. But no matter how powerful you are, you will have trouble keeping Mu Xiaoyun in the face of so many experts surrounding you. Mu Xiaoyun is my disciple, so if you trust me, let me take Mu Xiaoyun away. How about you focus on fighting the enemy?”

“Feng Lou, you are going too far.” Leng hermeneutically heard Feng Lou’s words. He shouted loudly and shouted.

But Feng Lou turned around without fear and said, “What? Is it still wrong for me to take my disciples from Ice Lake away? If you don’t agree. Then you can do it, don’t blame me, Feng Lou, for being merciless.”

Although he knew that Feng Lou was dropping stones, there was still nothing Leng Huan could do, he could only wait for the experts from Taiyi Sect and Kun Qian Sect to come over.

“Fine, you go. But I hope you won’t interfere with us against Ye Mo, or else, humph!” Ling Wushui suddenly jacked in at this time. He saw very clearly that even if Mu Xiaoyun was here, at most, it would only make Ye Mo somewhat apprehensive. Once Mu Xiaoyun was killed, Feng Lou would instead increase the other party’s combat power. By letting Feng Lou take Mu Xiaoyun away, they could always find him again as long as they killed Ye Mo. What they wanted to kill was Ye Mo, not Mu Xiao Yun.

Feng Lou seemed to know that this was definitely the case and was not the least bit surprised, but turned to Ye Mo once again, as if waiting for Ye Mo’s answer.

Ye Mo frowned, in fact it would be best to hand Mu Xiaoyun over to an expert like Feng Lou, so that he could let go of his hands against the enemy. However, he had a vague feeling that this old woman, Feng Lou, was not simple, and it seemed that she was saving Mu Xiaoyun not just because she was a disciple of Ice Lake. But this was only Ye Mo’s feeling, there was no reason for it.

But without handing Mu Xiaoyun over to Feng Lou, Mu Xiaoyun’s situation seemed to be even more difficult.

“Sang-jun, I’ll go with Feng Lou alright, when your side of things is done, you come to Ice Lake to find me. If Sang-jun does not come, I will go with you.” Mu Xiaoyun, however, knew that he was just a burden to stay by Ye Mo’s side, so he took the initiative to leave the place.

Ye Mo sighed and said, “Fine, Xiao Yun, you will go with Feng Lou. But don’t worry, I will definitely go to the Ice Lake to look for you. I haven’t put these people in my eyes, so you must wait for me to pa*s.”

“Ye Lang, Xiao Yun will definitely wait for you.” Mu Xiaoyun said firmly.

Ye Mo suddenly took out a pill that emitted a fragrant scent and handed it to Feng Lou and said, “Feng Lou, this pill is a top quality healing pill that I have refined using numerous precious herbs. It can definitely cure the internal injuries in your body, so in order to repay you for taking care of Little Yun, I will give it to you.”

A look of joy appeared in Feng Lou’s eyes as she immediately took the pill and put it in her mouth without even looking at it. The pill really did melt in her mouth, and Feng Lou immediately felt a tendency to recover from the injuries in her body.

She was even more joyful in her heart, he really was quite a powerful medicine master, her own internal injuries had been healed so easily.

“It really is a good elixir, it melts in your mouth and is good for my injuries.” Decades of internal injuries were about to be cured, and Feng Lou was so overjoyed that she immediately spoke up.

Ye Mo smiled slightly and said, “Feng Lou can take care of Xiao Yun, these are the little things I should do. This pill is called ‘Ming Yi Dan’, although it has a slight fishy aura, it is extremely beneficial to internal injuries. I still found this herb a few years ago on Mount Wuyun, and the pill can cure any internal injury without the need to refine it, and it can be removed in just one day and one night.”

Mu Xiaoyun, however, was slightly surprised, she knew that her Sangha had a pill for treating internal injuries called ‘Lotus Life Pill’, which would remove internal injuries very quickly after taking it, it didn’t need a day and a night at all. But no matter what elixir Ye Mo took out, she thought it was normal.

“Little Rhyme, I have some more things that I’ve put on you. You need to hurry up and cultivate from now on, you can’t stay on forever.” As Ye Mo spoke, he had already placed the jade slip of the ‘Hongmeng Creation Dictate’, as well as a lot of pills inside Mu Xiaoyun’s ring.

“Hmm.” Mu Xiaoyun was already regretting, if she hadn’t spent her time every day waiting for her Sangha, she would probably be at the fifth level of Qi cultivation by now, and she wouldn’t be dragging her Sangha down.

Ye Mo nodded, “Good to know, I will help you refine one more thing.”

After saying that Ye Mo took out several ores and even a potion from somewhere, the ores and potion turned into a bracelet in his hands in a flash.

Ye Mo put the bracelet on Mu Xiaoyun’s hand, then said softly, “This bracelet means I am by your side, don’t take it off.”

“Mm.” Mu Xiaoyun agreed very nicely, even if Ye Mo didn’t say this, she wouldn’t take off the bracelet Ye Mo gave her.

The people around saw that Ye Mo had casually made flames to refine a necklace, and their mouths opened wide in surprise. Leng Hao’s and Ling Wushui’s eyes even kept turning, flashing a stern aura from time to time.

Ye Mo watched Mu Xiaoyun and Feng Lou leave before he turned his head to Leng Huan and Ling Wushui and said coldly, “Since you are looking for death, don’t blame me for not being polite, today I, Ye Mo, am here to kill.”

After saying that, Ye Mo coldly swept the surroundings, and the killing machine on his body immediately radiated out as if it was substantial, causing many people around him to involuntarily shiver.

“Wait, my Du Tian Sect is withdrawing. All the disciples of the Du Tian Sect, withdraw, this matter has nothing to do with our Du Tian Sect ……” Another voice rang out, a crowd of disciples of the Du Tian Sect withdrew, two more Xiantian were missing from this group of experts in the blink of an eye.

“Master, Ye Mo turned out to be called Mo Ying, he is my friend, although I can’t help him, I don’t want the ‘Shu Shan Sword Sect’ to round up my friend either.” Another voice came, Ye Mo saw Liu Lei, he nodded, whether the ‘Shu Shan Sword Sect’ withdrew or not, he didn’t care, but Liu Lei, as an inner disciple, dared to say this, it showed that he still had a burden.

Many sects were worried about not having an excuse to withdraw, and now that Liu Lei said this, the elders of the ‘Shu Shan Sword Sect’ immediately announced that the ‘Shu Shan Sword Sect’ was also withdrawing from surrounding Ye Mo.

Because of Ye Mo’s strong force, which could even kill people with his sword, many sects that had no excuse also withdrew. This was because Ye Mo had originally said that if he could leave Divine Continent Mountain, he would visit each of the sects involved in besieging him today.

Looking at the increasing number of people retreating, Leng Hao was furious and immediately shouted, “Do it together and kill him.” After saying this he and Ling Wushui rushed up together.

Qi Kai likewise rushed up without hesitation, while the rest of the martial artists present, led by the Taiyi Sect, the Kun Qian Sect, the Twin Sons Sword Sect, and the Forge Hall, killed Ye Mo as if they were a swarm.

Almost in an instant, countless concealed weapons, swords, and internal qi fists all smashed at Ye Mo.