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DYM Chapter 747

Ye Mo was secretly glad that he had already sent Mu Xiaoyun away, if Xiaoyun was here, he could only choose one direction to continue escaping. And with Leng Huan and Ling Wushui intercepting him, he wouldn’t be able to escape much further at all.

But now he didn’t want to escape at all, if he wanted his life, then he would have to pay with his life.

Ye Mo’s divine sense was powerful at this time, and the flying swords were under his divine sense control, killing into the crowd like nobody’s business. While in his hand, he took out a two-meter long knife and similarly killed into the crowd.

The moment Ye Mo made his move, many people froze for a moment, they didn’t understand at all where the long knife in Ye Mo’s hand came from. They only saw that Ye Mo originally had a short sword, and his short sword seemed to be able to transform into a sword rainbow, but how did he come out with such a long and large blade?

Even though Ye Mo’s divine sense was powerful and the long blade in his hand brought up true essence that swept away almost all the weapons that were killing him, there were still one or two that hit him.

But his killing power was much greater, and Ye Mo also knew that it was absolutely impossible for his flying sword to kill experts like Leng Huan and Ling Wushui in a short time, so he only killed the rest while avoiding Ling Wushui and Leng Huan. Taking advantage of the moment when many of the opponents were dazed, Ye Mo’s flying sword and long blade swept together.

In a flash, blood splattered and sabre aura streaked across. The heads of several half-step Xiantian experts were brought up by Ye Mo’s long blade and flew out for many miles, smashing onto the ground and splashing up a puddle of brains.

Countless low-level martial artists who had not yet escaped down Divine Continent Mountain fled, a battle of this level was simply not for them to interfere.

More than thirty martial artists soon had their bodies on the ground, while Ye Mo also had several wounds added to his body.

Leng Huan and Ling Wushui immediately knew that such a melee would not benefit their side, and the two peak Xiantian experts immediately stopped Ye Mo, not allowing his long blade to continue to wreak havoc on martial artists below the Xiantian level.

The scene soon smoothed out under the control of Leng Huan and Ling Wushui, Leng Huan and Ling Wushui, along with Qi Kai, plus sixteen Xiantian experts surrounded Ye Mo. So that Ye Mo couldn’t free his hands, the rest of the half-step Xiantian tried to sneak in on the side. And those Earth-level martial artists. Just in this short period of time, almost all of them were slaughtered by Ye Mo. The remaining earth level martial artists simply had no way to intervene and simply withdrew away, blocking the retreat to prevent Ye Mo from escaping.

Ye Mo sneered, so what if that was the case, he still had his flying sword.

“Kill ……” Leng Hao shouted angrily and led a chopping axe down.

Leng Xie’s weapon was a huge axe. This kind of weapon was rarely seen by Ye Mo. Let alone an old daoist. An old daoist using a giant axe, this looked or sounded ridiculous. However, Ye Mo knew that this old dao was quite powerful, even if it was him. There was no way to kill Leng Hao in a very short period of time.

Without waiting for Ye Mo’s long sword to curl up, Ling Wushui stabbed down with his sword at just the right time. If it was said that the original sword of the Xiantian martial artist from the Kun Qian Sect who sneaked up on Ye Mo still carried a harsh sword aura, and a monstrous killing intent. Then Ling Wushui’s sword had no more life left in it. It was like a gazelle hanging from a horn, with no trajectory to follow. It seemed to stab head-on, yet it seemed to stab in countless directions.

Ye Mo secretly sighed in his heart, fortunately these two guys did not have divine sense, if they also had divine sense, then he would not be able to win today no matter what. He could be sure that apart from these two guys not having divine sense and not being able to release spells, their actual combat power was already no worse than any cultivator at the ninth level of Qi cultivation.

He had divine sense, although Ling Wushui’s longsword did not have any trajectory to follow. Yet Ye Mo still found the position of his longsword.

Ye Mo likewise knew that he would be under more pressure as his opponent went from a chaotic mess to this kind of layered attack. Although he had killed many people earlier, there was only one Xiantian, and most of the rest were earth level martial artists.

The first to grasp Leng Hao’s meaning, apart from Ling Wushui, was Qi Kai, who called out. “Sect Leader Period and Elder Jin, attack with me.”

He knew that after the first wave of attack, Ye Mo would be followed by a second wave of attack, and if someone behind him could comprehend Leng Hao’s meaning. Then there would definitely be a third wave of attack, or even a fourth wave.

Although Ye Mo was injured a lot before. But they were all flesh wounds, not great, but he knew that this time he would have to pay a price. Once dozens of people from the other side formed this kind of ladder attack, even if his true essence was strong, he probably couldn’t stand up to it.

As he thought of this, a scimitar suddenly appeared in Ye Mo’s hand, which was sent flying out with his true essence as soon as it appeared, while the long blade in his hand swept towards Ling Wushui’s long sword, which was the biggest threat to him.

There was a “clink” and sparks flew everywhere. Ye Mo’s scimitar flew out but it just happened to block Leng Hao’s axe, Leng Hao’s hand shook as he looked at Ye Mo in shock. He looked at Ye Mo in shock. The appearance of the big sword in Ye Mo’s hand just now was already surprising, but now he had another scimitar. Originally, he had calculated that even if Ye Mo could block his axe this time, he would still be stabbed by Ling Wushui. And Qi Kai was able to comprehend his meaning and organise a second wave of attacks that would definitely make it more difficult for Ye Mo to dodge. But the extra scimitar was something he hadn’t expected at all.

The moment Ye Mo’s long knife cut Ling Wushui’s long sword, his hand also felt a tremor, and he immediately knew that this Ling Wushui’s internal qi was very profound. What surprised Ye Mo even more was that although his flying out scimitar blocked the Taiyi Sect Old Dao’s huge axe, the scimitar actually shattered. He knew that he had refined these scimitars when he had nothing to do, and although they were far from his flying swords, they were still considered magic weapons, but they were actually shattered by an axe.

But Ye Mo couldn’t think much more, he knew that to kill was the time to do so, he blocked Ling Wushui’s long sword at the same time, his divine sense swept the flying swords from the backs of the many half-step Xiantian. At the same time again, he did not even use his old blocking stance before retrieving his long sword, which brought up a zhang-long blade aura, but left Ling Wu Shui behind and slashed at Qi Kai.

Ling Wushui was still secretly admiring Ye Mo’s swift reaction and his ability to respond was amazing, to find his long sword and block it in such a short time. However, he was soon shocked, after Ye Mo blocked his longsword, his stance actually withdrew his longsword without using the old one, was he looking for death?

Thinking of this Ling Wushui’s heart was instantly happy and he even stabbed out without changing his stance. Although this sword was blocked by Ye Mo, and its power was only one tenth of the original power, but if he stabbed Ye Mo, he would still be badly injured.

Of course Ye Mo was not looking for death, he retrieved his long sword and the moment he slashed Qi Kai not only rolled his flying sword, but also threw out a dozen fireballs. Although his divine sense and true essence were greatly depleted, Ye Mo no longer cared about that much.

With a “click”, the long sword in Qi Kai’s hand was directly splintered. Qi Kai’s soul went straight up and he immediately had to retreat, but the sword mane came from far and near, almost as soon as he saw it, it arrived at his brow.

“So powerful, is this his real strength ……” Qi Kai’s innermost heart churned with a burst of wariness, if he was given another choice, he would definitely not choose to take Yuan Chong out. Immediately after this last thought flashed, he was plunged into darkness.

However, Ye Mo’s slash did not stop, but turned in a circle and came straight out of Qi Kai’s abdomen, cutting off Period Youxin who was still dodging the fireball. Because he was trying to dodge the fireball, it was as if he was giving it to Ye Mo to slash, and he was cut at the waist by Ye Mo.

With a “poof” sound, Ling Wushui’s longsword pierced into Ye Mo’s ribs at the same time as Ye Mo cut off Period Youxin at the waist, bringing up a shower of blood in the same way.

And as if Ye Mo didn’t see that he was injured, the long sword in his hand still didn’t stop, instead it came off and flew out.

“Ah ……” several miserable screams came from several Xiantian martial artists and half-step Xiantian martial artists who were forced together by Ye Mo’s flying sword and fireball, and under this slash blood and flesh flew everywhere, turning into a pile of flesh in a flash. Some of the martial artists who were dodging the long blade were also killed by the flying swords and fireballs.

Ye Mo’s hand beckoned, which took his flying sword in his hand, while several pills were swallowed into his mouth. He no longer needed to use his flying sword and long sword at the same time from below, this strategy could only be used once, and it would be useless to use it again.

The remaining people stared at Ye Mo in shock, as if they still couldn’t believe what had just happened. In just a short time, only eleven of the sixteen Xiantian experts surrounding Ye Mo were left, while nearly twenty half-step Xiantian experts had all been wiped out.

This time was too short, so short that it was almost just the blink of an eye. And in this blink of an eye, Ye Mo had already killed more than twenty experts, and he only paid for a sword wound under his ribs.

“You …… you ……” One of the Xiantian experts could no longer endure the bloody killing scene in front of him, he pointed at Ye Mo and said two words you, surprisingly he turned around and ran.

Ye Mo sneered, suddenly he once again had a scimitar in his hand, the scimitar flew out with a whistling sound and directly into the back of the fleeing innate martial artist. Until now, he had not used the wind blade, which was not very effective now, but when used suddenly, it could sometimes play a crucial role.

The Xiantian martial artist fell to the ground, not dead for a moment, still writhing forward, having been scared out of his wits by the scene he had just witnessed.

A burst of fatigue came through, and Ye Mo knew that he had overused his divine sense and true essence. Luckily he still had the ‘Essence Pill’ if it wasn’t for the ‘Essence Pill’ and the ‘Return Pill’, he wouldn’t have dared to do what he just did.

Leng Hao’s face was ironic, and there was even a hint of fear in his eyes, he saw that Ye Mo was not seriously injured, so he did not make a move at the first place.

“I didn’t expect you to be so powerful, I know you don’t practice ancient martial arts.”

Of course Ye Mo understood Leng Huan’s words, Leng Huan had long known that what he cultivated was not an ancient martial art, the reason he said it now was because he was afraid that someone else would grow away from it. The purpose of this word was just to attract others’ greed by having a more powerful cultivation technique than ancient martial arts in himself.

Leng Hao was in no hurry to attack in order to boost morale, and Ye Mo was of course happy to rest, what he needed was time to recover his true essence.