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DYM Chapter 748

“Everyone, now that he’s injured, and he’s also a senior medicine master, there’s also the secret that he can keep taking things out of him, and he can even gather internal fire to hurt people. As long as we kill him, all of this will be ours, and I, Leng Hao, swear that everyone will definitely make a copy of the Kung Fu method, and everyone will share the pills equally.” Leng Xie said loudly once again.

Sure enough after hearing Leng Hao’s words, the few Xiantian martial artists who had the intention to retreat were all once again determined to kill Ye Mo.

Ling Wushui, however, did not say anything, the fear he had developed towards Ye Mo was even more serious than Leng Huan. Others did not see it just now, but he did, and only he knew of Ye Mo’s cunning. He had used the wound under his ribs to exchange the lives of six Xiantian martial artists and nineteen half-step Xiantian martial artists.

Just now, Ye Mo used his flying sword to kill several Half-step Innate Martial Artists, and then used his flying sword and fireballs to force the rest to hide in the same direction, before he used his long sword to kill them with a single move. This kind of ending was no accident, but the combination of the opponent’s scheming and precise calculations, as well as his profound internal qi to create it, one could say that one was missing, yet he did it.

But he did it. And he did it with a series of moves that he had calculated his opponent’s actions before he did it. Not only does this require a great deal of ingenuity, but more importantly, a great deal of fighting experience.

It could be said that if the fight continued, they would definitely lose. Although Ye Mo had a lot of secrets on him, he knew that now Ye Mo’s injuries were probably far less powerful than they thought.

Ye Mo coldly looked at the remaining ten Xiantian martial artists, yet he was not the least bit afraid. But his heart was also very strange, originally he got the information that the Hidden Sect had very few Innate, but now there were so many.

Another thing that made Ye Mo strange was that. The cultivation levels of these Innate were so different that even if they were the same Early Innate, their cultivation levels were still different. There were even several Innate cultivation levels that were similar to Tan Jiao’s that he had met in Yanjing, which could be said to be only equivalent to a half-step Innate, or slightly stronger than a half-step Innate.

I remembered that Ren Pingchuan had told him back then that true Innate was the formation of the Sea of Qi, not just the opening of the Ren and Du veins. All those who had not formed the Sea of Qi. All Innate martial artists who could only store their internal qi in the Ren and Du veins were all pseudo-Ancient.

According to Ren Pingchuan, a pseudo-Ancestor only advances through a crippling method that only increases cultivation. Instead of increasing lifespan, only after truly advancing to Innate could one’s lifespan be increased by one A.

If what Ren Pingchuan said was true, then there were sixteen Ascendants here. In fact, there are only a maximum of one true Innate Master. At first, when Lok Hustle said that the Innate of Cihang Jingzhai was extremely rare, and there were even only a few, this statement Ye Mo also doubted. The actual fact is that there are only one or two of them.

But Ye Mo thought that Lok Hustle would never lie to him, there must be another reason for this.

But no matter what the reason was, the remaining ten people were the masters among the masters, even the worst one was more powerful than Ren Pingchuan who had advanced to Innate.

After some of this time, Ye Mo’s true essence had recovered quite a bit. Ye Mo knew that there were two reasons for this, one was that the other party did not know that he had this kind of heaven defying pills, and the second was that he had just made that calculation. It had emboldened the other party somewhat. It was because of this that he had a chance to catch his breath.

“I will do the first wave of attacks later, Elder Hu and Sect Master Liu will do it with me, Brother Ling will bring Hall Master Wan and Elder Zhang for the second wave of attacks, and the rest of you will do the third wave of attacks with Elder Jin. Remember. The three waves of attacks must be compact back and forth, no disconnection is allowed ……” Leng hermeneutically moved his lips and directly transmitted his voice to the rest of the people.

Ye Mo smiled coldly, his divine sense had already learned of the conversation, he did not wait for Leng Huan to make his move and once again sacrificed his flying sword.

The flying sword was sacrificed at the same time. Ye Mo first gave Leng Huan and Ling Wushui a few fireballs each, his main target was Elder Jin. Since Elder Jin had been ordered to attack in a third wave, he would definitely not make a move until Leng Huan and Ling Wushui attacked.

Moreover, they didn’t expect them to take the initiative, so it was best to make a sneak attack at this time.

Ye Mo’s flying sword rolled towards the remaining three people who were concerned about Elder Jin with a sky of sword shadows, while at the same time, two more fireballs were directed at Elder Jin.

“You seek death.” Leng Hao saw that Ye Mo actually took the initiative to kill Elder Jin as if he knew his plan, indignant beyond measure, the huge axe in his hand gathered internal qi to split Ye Mo’s fireballs while bringing his body directly towards Ye Mo head on.

Ye Mo’s body was to one side, dodging the axe that came chopping at his head, and struck out with a fist at the open space three metres to Elder Jin’s left.

Ye Mo’s fist did not seem to have any punching wind, but only he knew that the strength of his punch had completely contracted his true essence at one point.

Ling Wushui’s eyes tightened, why would Ye Mo rather risk getting hurt than take a step back, instead of striking this punch with all his might? Although he had a bad feeling, but within a short period of time, he couldn’t think about why Ye Mo struck a punch against the open ground, and brought up his sword mane as he dodged the fireball and swept towards Ye Mo.

“A thin sound ……”, Leng Hao’s heart was pleased, that was the sound of his giant axe cutting through Ye Mo’s lapel. He simultaneously saw his huge axe chopping down from Ye Mo’s chest, only because his opponent sidestepped it, this axe only cut through his clothes and injured his flesh. However, even so, he was injured again, and blood immediately spilled out, but was quickly stopped by Ye Mo’s true essence.

“Boom” almost at the same time as the huge axe slashed down from Ye Mo’s chest, a wretched figure suddenly appeared in front of Ye Mo’s fist.

Elder Jin woefully dodged the two fireballs, but he did not expect that what awaited him was a fist with a bit of internal qi bundled into it.

The miserable fist wind pa*sed through Elder Jin’s chest, bringing up some bloody flesh. Before Elder Jin had time to rejoice at having dodged the fireball, he looked down at his chest, where there seemed to be a large hole.

“What f*cking bad luck ……” Before he died, he thought it was because of bad luck that he happened to run into the wind of a flowing fist.

However, Ye Mo’s flying sword turned back at this time, because Ye Mo shot his sword first, so the flying sword still happened to block Ling Wushui’s attacking longsword when it turned back.

Ling Wushui’s heart chilled when he heard Elder Jin’s words before he died. Of course he knew that Elder Jin’s death was not because he was unlucky, but because Ye Mo had forced him to dodge with two fireballs. He did not understand why his opponent was always able to find where his longsword landed with this kind of sword art.

Ling Wushui had grown fearful of Ye Mo, he had a feeling that no matter what sword move he used, no matter how fast he was, this young man in front of him would always be able to find where his blade was the first time.

After a few “clanging ……” sounds, Ling Wushui’s hand was lighter, and he was horrified in his heart, while backing away eagerly. Only Ling Wushui knew how hard the long sword in his hand was, but even such a hard sword was cut by the other party’s imperial sword technique.

However, Ye Mo did not pay attention to Ling Wushui as he made countless strokes in his hand, and an invisible wind blade was like a sharp weapon that surrounded the three martial artists who had just been killed by the flying sword.

“Poof, poof ……”

Several more sounds of knives entering flesh and blood rang out, no one saw where the knives were, but the three innate martial artists who had just attacked with Elder Jin had their bellies opened.

“Shadowless Blade Qi ……” Ling Wushui and Leng Hao and the rest of the people who reacted looked at the three dead people in shock, their hearts fluttering with chills, how many other cards did this man have?

After another round of attacks, the ten people on their side were once again four short, and now there were only six. The other side had killed one person, and the price they paid was just a shallow wound from their own axe.

Leng Hao’s face became ugly, at this point he already understood why Ye Mo had to suffer him to take an axe. That was because the other party knew that as long as he didn’t block this move of his, he could not only save time to deal with the rest, but he could also let his moves get old and by the time he closed them, his attack would have ended in the same way. And that was exactly what happened.

Ling Wushui’s face was a little stuck white as he was counted out by this young man for the second time, just how many such fights had he experienced to have this kind of mind and rich experience? Although all the people on his side were older than the other, it gave Ling Wushui the feeling that all of their fighting experience combined was not as good as his alone.

Ye Mo swallowed a few pills again, and he looked calm. However, he knew that although the opponent was getting smaller and smaller, the balance of victory was not necessarily in his favour. Because his true essence was so depleted, he had to kill one of the two, Ling Wushui and Leng Hao, in the next wave of attacks. Otherwise, by the final wave of attacks, it would be difficult for him to hold on until he had killed all the opponents.

The wounds on his body were not the most important thing, as he was experienced, so he only suffered some flesh wounds and did not hurt the root at all. But the most important thing was that his true essence was already a bit overwhelmed.

“Ye Mo, although you and powerful, but even if you kill all of us here, you are still no match for the three great hidden sects, and my cultivation level can only rank second at most in the Kun Qian Sect. So I hope that this is the end, and we will all pretend that nothing has happened.” Ling Wu Shui could no longer remain calm when he thought that if he continued, his side might be completely wiped out.

Leng Huan stared at Ling Wushui in shock, Ling Wushui looked like a high achiever at times, he did not expect that he would be the first one to seek peace with the other side today.

Seeing that Ling Wushui had taken the initiative to seek peace, the two remaining sect’s innate martial artists could no longer hold on and turned around and quickly retreated.

Those Earth-level martial artists who had originally retreated to block Ye Mo’s way saw that only these few Innate martial artists were left and two more escaped, they even turned around and left.

Ye Mo coldly snorted and soared and leapt up, surprisingly ignoring Leng Hao and the others, instead dozens of wind blades and fireballs smashed down at the backs of those who were just fleeing. Since they were here, there was no need to leave.

This time seemed long and seemed short. In the blink of an eye, a dozen Earth-level martial artists and two Innate martial artists were once again decimated by Ye Mo, leaving behind a dozen black or disconnected corpses.

Leng Hao and the others drew a cold breath backwards, this young man was so ruthless, escaping was not even an option, he was actually planning to kill them all.