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DYM Chapter 749

The breeze blew, and the smell of blood filled the Divine Continent Mountain, which had been bustling with activity not long ago, everywhere. And none of these dead martial artists were weak, even the worst of them were of late Xuan level cultivation. They had been the strongest in the world an hour ago, an existence that everyone respected, but an hour later, they had turned into cold corpses.

The previously incomparably noisy Divine Continent Mountain was now silent, and there was even a smell of death in the air.

Ye Mo turned around and slowly looked at the four Xiantian martial artists still left on the opposite side, his expression was cold. There was still blood dripping down his body, not sure if it was his own or someone else’s, it looked somewhat tragic.

Ling Wushui’s words Ye Mo didn’t even answer a word, at this point all of them knew what the young man in front of them was thinking, he was indeed going to kill them all, no one at the scene was left to speak. The fate of the few people who escaped was clear to everyone, so no one dared to escape again. The ruthlessness of the young man in front of them had been made clear to them.

“Originally, I only wanted to kill that Yuan Chong and that Qi Kai, but since you guys want my life, then let’s pay with your lives.” After Ye Mo finished speaking, the flying sword in his hand once again transformed into a sword mane and headed straight for Leng Hao, this time he was determined to kill him.

But the next scene, not only did Ye Mo not expect it, neither Leng Huan nor Ling Wushui expected the other side to use the same approach.

Leng Xie and Ling Wushui grabbed the Xiantian martial artists around them and threw them at Ye Mo almost at the same time, then quickly retreated. They actually tried to run away, and in the same way.

The other two Xiantian martial artists didn’t even think that a high ranking person like Leng Huan and Ling Wushui would do such a thing. Almost without resistance, they were grabbed up and then took the initiative to meet Ye Mo’s flying sword.

Under the splashes of blood, the two Xiantian martial artists only blocked Ye Mo for a moment before the flying sword cut them off.

Ye Mo did not bother with Ling Wushui, but directly controlled the flying sword to stop Leng Hao.

Leng Huan secretly hated Ye Mo for stopping him first, but in the face of the flying sword, he could only watch Ling Wushui leave. Instead, he himself had to stay behind to help him block the enemy.

Ye Mo himself knew what happened to him, his injuries were not fatal, but they were not light either. The main thing wasn’t even the injury. Rather, his true essence had dried up, and although he had the ‘Essence Elemental Pill’, he had consumed too much after the battle just now. Even if he didn’t want Ling Wushui to leave. He was still unable to do so. Moreover, if Ling Wushui stayed and this old dao from the Taiyi Sect came together to fight against him, the consequences would be really hard to predict.

“Little beast, I’ll fight you.” When Leng Hao saw Ye Mo stop him, evil was born. Gathering his whole body’s internal qi, he swung his axe and slashed at Ye Mo.

This axe gathered almost all of his internal qi, and when he chopped down in anger, even the air around him was brought east with a whimpering sound, as if it had substance to be chopped apart.

Ye Mo smiled coldly, this old daoist was probably also from a halfway house, not only did he use a strange weapon. He also called himself Laozi at every turn.

Ye Mo’s flying sword similarly gathered up true essence and clashed with the axe again, but it didn’t leave any marks on the axe.

With a “bang” sound, Ye Mo was knocked backwards several meters by the huge force from the axe, spitting out his first mouthful of blood since the battle started.

Leng Hao looked at Ye Mo blankly, so many people had just attacked him. He didn’t even vomit blood, but he only used ten percent of his strength to fight him and his opponent vomited blood.

Leng Huan just had a quick turn of thought and understood the reasoning, although the opponent was powerful. But now he was also at the end of his strength.

“Haha ……” Leng Hao laughed madly, he wasn’t laughing at the fact that he was sure he could take down Ye Mo, in fact even though Ye Mo was injured, he wasn’t sure he could take down Ye Mo. What he was laughing at was that in the end if the six of them had not centrifuged and chosen to attack Ye Mo frantically, Ye Mo would have been killed long ago.

It was funny that they only cared about escaping on their own and ended up taking advantage of each other. Not to mention that when there were still six of them, just he and Ling Wushui were left, if they brought out their full strength to deal with Ye Mo, they might not be unable to deal with him. But now it was too late to say anything, Ling Wushui had escaped, and he was the only one who could not really deal with him.

Ye Mo swallowed a ‘Lotus Life Pill’ and faced Leng Hao, who was lunging again, without any intention of retreating. He saw the crazy Leng Xie and knew what was in his mind, but if the other party really fought for their lives with six people, he wouldn’t sit around and wait to be killed.

The flying sword clashed with the giant axe again, stirring up the sand and dirt on the ground in all directions. Ye Mo once again took a few steps back, knowing that he was definitely at a disadvantage when comparing internal qi with his opponent now.

So Ye Mo didn’t wait for Leng Hao’s continuous attacks, his hand had already raised countless wind blades, while he spurted out another mouthful of essence blood and struck dozens of fireballs, he needed a quick battle.

Whether it was because he was worried about Mu Xiaoyun or his own condition, he had to solve Leng Hao in the shortest possible time.

“Boom boom ……” sounds rang out continuously as Leng Huan’s giant axe was like a windmill, each time bringing up a powerful vortex of inner qi, smashing Ye Mo’s wind blades and fireballs into pieces.

Ye Mo swallowed the last ‘Essence Pill’ and the wind blades and fireballs in his hand became even more dense.

Leng Xie was so angry at Ye Mo’s helpless method of fighting that he vomited blood, but there was no way for him to escape from the circle of wind blades and fireballs.

In his heart, Leng Xie knew very well that if he continued like this, he would definitely die.

Ruthlessness appeared in his eyes as his qi sea swelled open and the inner qi windmills surrounding him suddenly became as if they were gale force winds. The stirring fireballs and wind blades of Ye Mo had no way to get close at all before they were completely swept away.

Ye Mo didn’t expect that so many of his fireballs and wind blades still failed to kill this Leng Hao, so he couldn’t help but secretly be glad that Ling Wushui had fled and that his original strategy was correct.

His original strategy had completely avoided Leng Huan and Ling Wushui, which caused these two people to lose their nerve, and eventually lost their fighting spirit and fled. If these two people really did not flee and stayed behind to fight with him, he would really be in danger.

Leng Xie and Ling Wushui lost their fighting spirit not because they could not beat Ye Mo together, but because most of the fights they usually experienced were just one-sided. Thinking about the fact that they came from the three special hidden sects, which one of them would dare to fight with them if they didn’t have eyes? When they advanced to the Xiantian level, there would be even fewer people who dared to fight with them.

Leng Hao stirred away Ye Mo’s dense wind blades and fireballs, and without waiting for Ye Mo’s flying sword to take the initiative to attack, he immediately leapt up several meters high and slashed at Ye Mo with his axe on the head. He knew that if Ye Mo’s internal qi was already close to withering, while he was already truly at the end of his rope, if he were to escape, it would only speed up his death. Instead of being chased, it would be better to fight to the death.

Ye Mo’s heart was aghast, he could not have imagined that at this time Leng Hao still had this kind of aura and pressure, instead he rushed out of his wind blade net to strike back at him. However, Ye Mo could also see from the wounds all over his body that it was not without a price for him to rush out of his wind blade net.

The thought only flashed through his mind, and Ye Mo once again used his flying sword to block the huge axe that was coming down on his head, while gathering his whole body’s true energy to punch out at Leng Hao who was pressing down in the air.

In Ye Mo’s opinion, if Leng Xuan gave way to this punch, he would use the wind blade to hurt him again, and then the flying sword would retrieve it to kill him.

However, Ye Mo obviously overestimated Leng Xie, who was already exhausted of his internal qi in the air, even when he saw Ye Mo’s punch coming, he did not have the slightest way to dodge. Even if he could glide through the air, he still needed internal qi to do so.

“Boom ……”

Before Ye Mo’s fist had hit Leng Hao, the wind of his fist had already finished hitting Leng Hao’s chest.

Above the sky, blood and flesh flew, and Leng Huan’s body turned into a spray of blood that sprinkled everywhere.


Yun Ziyi’s speed was definitely fast, but before she could reach Divine Continent Mountain, she saw countless people fleeing in all directions.

When Yun Ziyi stopped the fleeing people and asked them, she found out that several great sects were besieging Ye Mo, and the Divine Continent Mountain had already been fought in darkness. If they were not careful where they stayed, they would be affected and thus become cannon fodder.

Although Yun Ziyi knew that Ye Mo was very powerful, she equally knew what Shenzhou Mountain was and how many experts were present at the once-in-a-century Hidden Sect Conference. With so many experts and seniors, Ye Mo alone there, even if he was powerful, he wouldn’t be able to do it.

However, Yun Ziyi was not worried about Ye Mo, she knew that Ye Mo could fly and if he could not fight, he would just fly away. So when everyone else fled, she still increased her speed and rushed to the Divine Continent Mountain.

When Yun Ziyi arrived at the Divine Continent Mountain, she was stunned by the scene in front of her, there were bloody corpses everywhere and the fight seemed to be still going on.

Ye Mo hadn’t escaped? This was Yun Ziyi’s first thought, but when she walked forward a few dozen metres further, she happened to see Ye Mo punching the Taiyi Sect’s Leng Hao into a bloody mist.

Even if her own father was at the peak of Innate Heaven, he might not be able to beat Leng Hao, so it could be said that he was a top-level figure in the Divine Continent. And such a powerful person was actually punched into a bloody mist by Ye Mo, which was a bit too shocking for her.

But when she looked at the ground again, the countless bodies of innate experts left her completely shocked. Many faces she knew, even Qi Kai, Elder Jin, the Hall Master of the Weapon Forging Hall, the Patriarch of the Twin Sword Sect, and so on were all there, and those who died on the ground were either the supreme elders of a sect or the sect master of a sect.

But now she actually saw all of these people who usually made prominent statements turned into corpses, and perhaps some like Leng Hao, who didn’t even have corpses anymore.

Innate experts, ah, these people could just pull one up and flaunt their power outside. They could wipe out an ordinary city with a casual word. Yet here she saw their corpses, piles of them, one by one.