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DYM Chapter 750

Yun Ziyi no longer dared to look on, she subconsciously winced again, and her eyes became awe-inspiring as she looked at Ye Mo. Ye Mo was holding the precious sword behind him in his hand, standing alone in the middle of the bloody corpses, not moving.

His body was covered in blood everywhere, even his hair was covered in blood, those blood dripped down along his hair, looking murderous, and Yun Ziyi didn’t know if it was his or someone else’s.

He was surprisingly so powerful, under the siege of so many Xiantian experts, he had not only killed all of them, but he himself was still intact.

Looking at Ye Mo standing in front of her, Yun Ziyi even felt that he was a god of killing, a god of war, omnipotent, while Xiao Ling, who had come up with her, was even completely dumbfounded.

Ye Mo certainly couldn’t be considered intact at this point, at least the true qi in his body had been depleted, and his divine sense had also been used to a great extent. He ended up doing it almost to the death in order to kill Leng Huan.

The reason he stood still was to recover his true essence. When Yun Ziyi came up, he saw it the first time, but he didn’t move until he had recovered some of his true essence, then he looked at Yun Ziyi who was still standing frozen and said, “Come here for a moment.”

It was because Ling Wushui and Leng Hao had not organized their siege against Ye Mo very well, and also were not as experienced in combat as Ye Mo. Although their combined combat strength was far greater than Ye Mo’s, they were still killed one by one by Ye Mo, and in the end only Ling Wushui escaped alone, while the rest of them were all wiped out at Divine Continent Mountain.

And although Ye Mo was also injured, but these injuries did not affect him much yet, his biggest loss was too much loss of true essence. And the pills were too much. It didn’t help his recovery much, instead it slowed him down even more.

“Big Brother Ye ……” When Yun Ziyi heard Ye Mo’s shout, she hurriedly walked over and called out respectfully. She had never imagined that the ordinary man who was looked down upon by her in Hang Shui City would now have to respectfully call out as Big Brother Ye when she was confronted. And it was still something she did willingly.

Life’s encounters were always unpredictable, and although she had not said so at first, she had already agreed with Xiao Ling countless times in her heart. Mu Xiaoyun was with that Mo Ying at the beginning. It was a flower stuck in cow dung.

But now Yun Ziyi realised how great Mu Xiaoyun’s vision was, that she had managed to find someone like Ye Mo who was too bullish to be a bull. Compared to Mu Xiaoyun. Yun Ziyi found that her own vision was far too poor.

“Now send me to the Ice Lake, immediately.” Ye Mo’s tone was somewhat dry, and he believed that by the time he reached the Ice Lake, his true essence would have almost recovered. The reason why he let Yun Ziyi send him was because Ye Mo thought that he could move forward while recovering inside the carriage. And there was no need to stay here to recover his true essence and waste time.

Yun Ziyi froze for a moment when she heard Ye Mo’s words, but immediately understood and was overjoyed in her heart, immediately nodding her head and saying, “Yes. Brother Ye, I will send you to the ice lake now.”

Saying that, Yun Ziyi took out the pill that Ye Mo gave her and handed it to Ye Mo and said, “Big Brother Ye, I don’t want this pill.”

Ye Mo gave Yun Ziyi a strange look and said, “Your internal injuries are not light, if you don’t eat this elixir, your internal injuries will get worse. It is also possible to end up destroying your cultivation.”

However, Yun Ziyi lowered her head and said gloomily, “At first, big brother Ye promised me that he owed me a favour, I want to ask big brother Ye to help me with one thing.”

Ye Mo waved his hand, he already understood Yun Ziyi’s thoughts. Although Yun Ziyi was equally beautiful and amazing, Ye Mo was very uncomfortable with her kind of petty calculations. She was the same kind of person as An Ning, where all the means served the end.

“You can take the pills. As long as you send me to the ice lake, I will do another thing for you. But this matter will have to wait until after I go to the Ice Lake.” Ye Mo said blandly.

“Yes, big brother Ye.” Yun Ziyi was smart enough to stop mentioning the matter of the pills.

Ye Mo picked up the giant axe that was coldly hermeneutic on the ground, he felt that this giant axe was very unusual, it was unusual that his flying sword did not nail the giant axe after he attached true essence to it.

At this moment, Ye Mo did not have the heart to look at the axe, he threw the axe into his ring and walked directly towards Yun Ziyi’s carriage at the bottom of the mountain.

When Yun Ziyi saw with her own eyes that Ye Mo had turned a giant axe into a disappearance, her heart was even more shocked, but she became more and more in awe. Even the small mind that had just called Ye big brother had become a little frightened, should he not have called his senior’s.

However, Yun Ziyi quickly put the matter aside, and when she arrived at the bottom of the mountain, she directly asked the original half-step Xiantian martial artist and Xiao Ling to wait for her in Tancheng. Instead, she herself acted as a carriage driver and drove the carriage to take Ye Mo to the Ice Lake alone.

Although Ye Mo didn’t know why Yun Ziyi was acting as a carriage driver, he didn’t care. The fewer people in the carriage, the better, and he would recover his true essence more quickly. From this point of view, Ye Mo felt that this Yun Ziyi was quite good at his job.


“Lou Lou, thank you.” Mu Xiaoyun was sitting on the carriage heading to the ice lake and was truly grateful to Old Mother Feng.

If it wasn’t for Feng Lou taking her away, she would have become a burden to her husband at this point. If she had died, she would have died, but if she had gotten her husband involved, she would not have felt at ease even if she had died. And in order to let her leave early, Feng Lou not only came out to fight against such big sects as the Taiyi Sect and the Kun Qian Sect, but also drove the carriage herself.

Feng Lou smiled faintly, “Little Yun, in my heart, you are my disciple of Ice Lake, no matter what. Although I used to say to the Taiyi Sect that I would send you forward to the Taiyi Sect after the competition, that was just to confuse them. Now that your Sangha has returned, it is also a relief to me. In my heart, as long as they are my disciples from Ice Lake, I will treat them all equally.”

Fei Zhen and Qi Shuo Ya inside the carriage all revealed excited and grateful expressions when they heard Feng Lou’s words.

Ji Yilan immediately said, “Yes, Xiao Yun, don’t worry, as long as Lou Lou is here, Ice Lake will be fine, and you will be fine too.”

Old Grandmother Feng’s carriage hurried quickly, but two hours later, Mu Xiaoyun felt that something was wrong, the direction of the carriage did not seem to be the Ice Lake.

Just when Mu Xiaoyun wanted to ask, Feng Lou had already driven the carriage into a hidden valley. The carriage turned a corner and entered the mountain stream at a faster speed.

At this moment an ordinary martial artist collecting medicinal herbs saw Ice Lake’s carriage and immediately hid to the side, and it was only when Ice Lake’s carriage fully entered the valley that he stood up and patted his chest and said, “I’d better hurry, in case I crash through the Hidden Sect’s people, I’ll die without a burial place.”

“Lou Lou, is this another of our Ice Lake quarters?” Mu Xiaoyun hadn’t asked it yet, but Ji Yilan had already asked it for her.

Old Mother Feng gave a hmph and the carriage traveled even faster.

“Aunt Miao and Elder Luo, they don’t seem to be here yet.” Fei Zhen said with an interjection.

Old Mother Feng didn’t say anything, but Ji Yilan took the initiative to explain, “Old Mother should be worried about Xiao Yun, so she brought her here first, Aunt Miao and the others should be fine. Who knows if someone will try to disadvantage Xiao Yun after we return to the Ice Lake? It wouldn’t be good if they use Little Rhyme’s senior sister to threaten Little Rhyme’s Sangha.”

After hearing Ji Yilan’s explanation, the few people on the carriage were relieved. Yes, even if they didn’t threaten Little Rhyme’s Sangha, what if the Taiyi Sect went to the Ice Lake to intercept them? The Taiyi Sect was far from a match for the Ice Lake.

Another hour later, the carriage crossed the narrow, wet mountain stream to a slightly flatter, open area.

“Grandmother, how come I’ve never heard of this place before? It’s quite hidden though.” After a few people got off, Ji Yilan looked around for a moment and was the first to say.

“Well, you’ll see later, we must have a few more quarters if our Ice Lake is to grow and develop.” When Feng Lou finished speaking, she took out five white stones and carefully looked at the directions on all sides before throwing the five stones in her hand.

The five stones seemed to have grown eyes and landed in five directions.

Mu Xiaoyun was shocked in her heart, of course she knew what kind of stone it was, it was a spirit stone. Xiang Gong said it was a spirit stone, but the people here said it was a ‘qi stone’, and Lou Lou actually had so many of them. Although she had a few inside her ring, they were all given by Sage-Gong.

“Lou Lou, what you just still have are ‘Qi Qi stones’?” Ji Yilan recognized the ‘Qi Qi Stone’ and immediately shouted out in shock. Of course she knew how precious the ‘Qi Qi Stones’ were, even if Ice Lake took out all of its financial resources, it might not be possible to purchase two of them, while Lou Lou threw out five of them at once, was Lou Lou crazy?

Before she could answer, a pa*sage suddenly opened up in the originally bland, moss-strewn mountain wall.

Ji Yilan and the others looked dumbfounded, the scene before them was too shocking. A pa*sage had suddenly appeared in the original mountain, which was bizarrely not quite right.

But Feng Lou said in a light voice, “This pa*sage will open for a very short time, everyone get on the carriage quickly, I will drive the carriage into the pa*sage.”

Although the crowd didn’t know why Lou Lou had gone to such great lengths to hide it, and they didn’t know why there was such a pa*sage here, they still got on the carriage and let Feng Lou drive the carriage into the pa*sage.

After several people entered the pa*sage, the door of the pa*sage quickly closed just as Lou Lou had said. Mu Xiaoyun and the others didn’t need to go out to look, they knew that what they saw standing outside at this moment must be a wall of mountains, which was a little too amazing.

After Feng Lou entered, she never said anything, just led the four to a stone room.

If they hadn’t come in, no one would have thought that there was such a clean and tidy stone room inside this cave. It was also a round stone room, with nothing inside except for five strange recesses against the stone wall.

There were many strange patterns on the floor of the chamber, which looked like they were alive, but on closer inspection they seemed to be just ordinary patterns.