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DYM Chapter 751

“Grandmother, do you come here often?” Ji Yilan asked in surprise when she saw the clean stone room.

Grandmother Feng walked to the side of the stone room and sat down on top of a wooden chair before she shook her head and said, “No, this is only my second time coming here. It took me more than ten years to get these five Qi stones. This stone chamber contains a great secret, and originally I wanted to help you snatch the Second Grade Hidden Sect and then leave the Ice Lake to come here to study this stone chamber. But because of Little Rhyme’s appearance, I could only come here earlier. It’s a pity about my ‘Qi Qi Stone'”

Mu Xiaoyun frowned every day, she seemed to feel that there was something odd about Feng Lou’s words.

Seeing Ji Yilan’s puzzled face, Feng Lou ignored Ji Yilan and instead turned to Mu Xiaoyun and said, “Xiaoyun, Chapter 751 – Clear Intent I know that your Sangha is not an ordinary person, and he does not cultivate an ordinary martial art either. It shouldn’t be ancient martial arts, right? I believe your Sang-du should have taught you the gong methods, so I hope that you will take your gong methods out together for reference, seeing as you are also a disciple of Ice Lake and have received the benefits of Ice Lake. Don’t worry, I won’t treat you badly.”

After listening to Feng Lou’s words, Mu Xiaoyun understood in her heart that she was taking herself away because she was coveting the gong methods she carried. And not really because she was a disciple of Ice Lake, having figured this out, Mu Xiaoyun’s good feeling towards Feng Lou immediately dissipated without a trace.

“Lou Lou, you ……” Ji Yilan looked at Feng Lou with a look of disbelief, she could not imagine that her Lou Lou was actually playing with this idea.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what it means to you. According to legend, a long time ago, what was cultivated in the Divine Continent was not an ancient martial art at all, but something that could call on the wind and rain and fly to the sky and even live forever. But after countless years have pa*sed, now we are left with only the Ancient Martial Arts, and the Ancient Martial Arts cultivation has also entered a bottleneck, not even being able to surpa*s the Ascended Masters.”

Speaking here Feng Lou did not continue about Ao Ji Yilan, but said to Mu Xiaoyun Chapter 751 – Ming Yi, “Xiaoyun, I have followed you for a long time, you have been in the ice lake for four years yet the time you have cultivated does not add up to one year. And it doesn’t seem that you are cultivating the Starry Rain Technique, but your progress is so fast that even I can’t imagine it. I never understood what the reason was, until today when I saw your husband, I guessed decisively that you hadn’t cultivated Starry Rain Kung Fu at all but had simulated Starry Rain Kung Fu through another technique, hadn’t you?”

Ji Yilan once again looked at Mu Xiaoyun in shock, Senior Sister Xiaoyun had only had less than a year to cultivate to the peak of the Xuan level, this was a little too outrageous.

Mu Xiaoyun said in a somewhat cold tone, “Yes, it’s true that I haven’t cultivated the Starry Rain Technique, but the thing I cultivated was given to me by my Sangha, without his consent, that is, anyone, I wouldn’t tell him.”

Although her tone was flat but the kind of unquestionable flavor was something that anyone could hear.

Although Feng Lou heard the tone of Mu Xiaoyun’s voice, she guessed from her words that she was right, and her eyes immediately showed an expression of surprise. There was even a hint of madness among that surprise. “Indeed, I said how could a young man in his twenties be able to kill an Innate at will? So it’s really like that, Hahachuan… If Little Rhyme said it wasn’t because of what you cultivated, I wouldn’t be rude to you. Because I’m really grateful to your Sangha and to you as well. He cured me of my internal injuries, but now, that gongfu I must have.” The glow in Feng Lou’s eyes grew stronger and stronger, and she even stood up and was about to make a move against Mu Xiaoyun.

“Lou Lou, how can you do this, Chuan, Chuan Xiao Yun is also my disciple of Bing Hu, ah, she is my senior sister “Chuan” Ji Yilan seemed like she didn’t know Feng Lou, she never thought that Feng Lou, who had always treated her like a grandmother, would be so godlike.

“Yilan, get out of the way and you will know later that I am doing the right thing. No one can stop my will, no matter what, because you will never think of what that gong means.” Feng Lou’s expression turned ghastly as she reached out and pushed Ji Yilan aside.

“Louhao ……”…… Ji Yilan could never have imagined that her grandma, who was usually very strict with her but loving, had become like this because of a gongfa, was she not the original grandma Is it?

Mu Xiaoyun took a few steps back and suddenly took out six spirit stones and threw them in front of Feng Lou and said, “Feng Lou, I know you need ‘qi stones’ I have six of them here, I’ll give them all to you. I only hope that you will let me go to see my Sangha, I believe my Sangha will definitely agree to your request for my sake.

Mu Xiaoyun took out the spirit stones and gave them to Feng Lou, it was also something she had no choice but to do, she knew that once Feng Lou got her gongfu, she would definitely cut off the gra*s and would not leave her life behind.

She did not care about her own life, but she had just met her husband and lost her life, she was not willing to do so. Taking out the spirit stones would only delay things for a moment or two, and Mu Xiaoyun’s heart was a little sad.

But while Mu Xiaoyun subconsciously took out the spirit stones to stall for time, Feng Lou was stunned. She was trembling with emotion for a long time before she threw away the spirit stone in her hand, letting the ‘Qi Qi stone’, which she had thought to be precious, scatter to the ground, but looked at Mu Xiaoyun and said in a trembling voice, “You, you have a spatial ring, the legendary spatial ring, Chuan… there really is such a thing, haha, it’s actually true, Chuan …”

Mu Xiaoyun was only wearing a simple set of strong clothes, she could not fit so many stones on her body, that’s why Feng Lou thought so.

Mu Xiaoyun froze for a moment, although she delayed a little, but it made Feng Lou more and more crazy.

Looking at Feng Lou’s madness, Ji Yilan once again came up with tears and stopped in front of Feng Lou’s face “Lou Lou, Xiao Yun is our disciple of Ice Lake, if you need her cultivation technique, you can ask her husband for it, Lou Lou ……”

“Home …… “Chuan” Feng Lou was completely mad and slapped Ji Yilan out as far as she could with one palm. Only her heart knows that she is not crazy, she jīt a little trembling, and even secretly thankful for their own judgment.

With the spatial ring and the supreme cultivation technique, perhaps one day she could really become the number one person in the Divine Continent. She wanted to laugh wildly, those mongrels from the Taiyi Sect and the Kun Qian Sect would never know what she meant by taking Mu Xiaoyun, if they knew, would they not pick their way off the cliff with regret?

Fei Zhen and Qi Shuo Ya didn’t seem to have expected that Feng Lou would turn out like this, and that she would flip out with Senior Sister Yilan, which they hadn’t even thought of, and for a moment they were even more stunned.

She first wanted to knock Mu Xiao’s unconscious and take her spatial ring, perhaps her gongfu was inside her spatial ring.

But before Feng Lou’s palm could reach Mu Xiaoyun’s body, a faint, almost invisible halo of light suddenly flashed out from her wrist. With a click, Mu Xiaoyun’s bracelet unexpectedly shattered after the corona flashed. Although the green mist was very little, it danced around the small stone room in a flash.

Feng Lou was stunned for a moment, this bracelet was the one she saw Ye Mo make for Mu Xiaoyun with her own eyes, how come it still had a resisting function? What was that circle of greenish mist again?

However, Feng Lou quickly put this aside and once again tried to raise her hand to grab Mu Xiaoyun. But just as she tried to gather her internal qi, she felt a burst of tearing pain in the meridians within her body. Her internal qi could not be lifted up even a little.

Feng Lou was horrified, Mu Xiaoyun was a peak Xuan level martial artist, once she could not raise her internal qi, she would be at her mercy in front of Mu Xiaoyun.

When Mu Xiaoyun saw that Feng Lou had broken her bracelet, she felt a great pain in her heart, this was given to her by her husband when she broke up with him today. He had said that this bracelet was by her side as if he was by her side, but now the bracelet had been broken by Feng Lou, which made Mu Xiao Yun’s heart burst with anger.

Without even thinking about it, she took out the flying sword Ye Mo had given her from inside the ring and was about to kill Feng Lou. As for whether it was a match for Feng Lou, she didn’t even think about it.

Feng Mu had already understood a little by now, and when she saw a sword appear in Mu Xiaoyun’s hand, she was even more alarmed. Without even thinking, she kicked out a spirit stone under her foot, and as it flew towards Mu Xiaoyun, she immediately retreated.

There was a loud “cackle” as Feng Lou had just withdrawn from the stone room, and the spirit stone she had kicked away landed in a groove in the stone room.

When a spirit stone landed in that groove, it made a buzzing sound, and then the rest of the four grooves also made a buzzing sound at the same time. The spirit stones scattered on the floor were actually sucked up by the rest of the grooves and flew up automatically. In the blink of an eye, only one of the five spirit stones was left on the floor, while all five recesses inside the stone room already had spirit stones. At this moment, there was suddenly a layer of white light flowing inside the chamber.

The “buzzing” sound became louder and louder, and the white light flowed faster and faster inside the stone room. The four people inside the stone room were already frozen, they simply did not understand what was happening.

And once again a violent vibration emanated from the doorway of the stone chamber, which had been without a door a moment ago, suddenly closed up and that door had disappeared.

Feng Lou looked dumbfounded at the door of the stone chamber that had disappeared and froze. But before she could regain her senses, the meridians inside her 〖Body〗were once again as painful as if they were cut by a knife.

In the end she almost rolled around inside the pa*sage in pain, while she felt the internal qi in her body gradually disappearing, and in the end there was not even a bit left.

The “Ming Yi Dan” understands what I mean,…so it’s like this, what a treacherous little beast, I hate Chuan so much, Chuan” Feng Lou was lying on the ground twitching continuously, she finally understood why Ye Mo had to temporarily refine a bracelet for Mu Xiao Yun, and why he had to add an elixir.

That was simply a precaution against her own covert attack on Mu Xiaoyun, once she made her move, the medicinal mist inside the bracelet erupted and combined with the ‘Ming Yi Pill’ she had eaten, it would become something that would kill her. But even if she understood, it was still a little too late at this time.