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DYM Chapter 752

When Ye Mo woke up again, he had already recovered his true essence and his divine sense had also been completely restored, not only that but he had also gone further.

After a few dust removal decisions with his hands, the blood on Ye Mo’s body had dissipated and his whole body became fresh.

“Brother Ye, the ice lake has arrived.” Yun Ziyi’s voice came at just the right time, Ye Mo had not made a single sound since he entered the carriage, although a day and a night had pa*sed in the blink of an eye, but Yun Ziyi did not dare to wake Ye Mo up in the slightest. Only now that they had reached the ice lake did she dare to make a sound to remind them.

“Okay.” Ye Mo just replied and immediately rushed into the mountain gate of the ice lake like a wind, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Yun Ziyi looked dumbly at Ye Mo who disappeared, her heart could not calm down at all, she already understood that Ye Mo should have been injured after experiencing the divine Continent Mountain battle Chapter 752 – Xiao Yun Disappears, I am afraid he was on top of the carriage just to heal his injuries.

“What man, stand still.” Ye Mo had just reached the entrance of the Ice Lake Core Hall when someone immediately stopped Ye Mo.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept out and his face had already changed a little, he surprisingly didn’t see Mu Xiaoyun. Not only did he not see Mu Xiaoyun, but he did not see Feng Lou either.

Three fast figures soon arrived in front of Ye Mo, these three Ye Mo knew two of them, the other one, although he didn’t know him, seemed to have met him back in the Ice Lake, seemed to be one of the elders of the Ice Lake.

“Mo …… Mr. Ye ……” After Miao Lan saw Ye Mo, she had a complicated expression, and didn’t know what she should call Ye Mo, and in the end she could only call him sir.

Ye Mo nodded not caring about Miao Lan’s address, but asked directly, “Where is Xiao Yun? She came with Feng Lou. Why can’t I see anyone?”

Miao Lan hurriedly said, “Lou Lou hasn’t returned yet, and none of the four disciples who were with her have returned.”

Ye Mo frowned and said in a somewhat icy tone, “I had arrived later, how could it be possible that Feng Lou Lou hadn’t come back yet when she left first?”

Before Miao Lan’s could reply, the elder behind her snorted coldly, “What kind of thing are you Chapter 752 – Xiao Yun’s disappearance? You need to report to you when Feng Lou returns?”

Ye Mo said indifferently, “I just want to ask where my wife Xiao Yun is. I won’t bother with others.”

“Mu Xiaoyun? It’s just a disciple of my Ice Lake district, even if you are someone of hers. And what qualifications do you have to come here and ask questions? Get lost, this is not a place for you to come.” This elder seemed to be very uncomfortable with Ye Mo, and with a wave of his hand, he was about to have a fit.

Miao Lan was in a great hurry. She knew that this elder had just arrived and did not know about the divine Continent Mountain yet. Since Ye Mo had come here, it meant that he had won the Divine Continent Mountain battle. She hastily pulled this elder back. Calling out, “Elder Hu, speak slowly ……”

Ye Mo’s voice became somewhat icy, “I’ll ask one more thing, where is Mu Xiaoyun? And where is Feng Lou?”

The middle-aged woman whom Miao Lan called Elder Hu snorted even more coldly after hearing Ye Mo’s words, “Is Feng Lou’s whereabouts something you can know? It’s just a mere mole. That Mu Xiaoyun has long been disliked by the old body, taking up a lot of the sect’s resources and all she does is stand on top of the ice lake all day long and make a scene. Are you the little beast that made her sulk? Since you’re so arrogant, I’ll ……”

Only her words came to an abrupt end, under a casual wave of Ye Mo’s hand. An additional bloodstain had already appeared on her neck.

“You ……” The elder pointed at Ye Mo with horror on her face, just saying one word before she could no longer say it, she could not have imagined that this young man was so terrifyingly skilled, killing her with a casual stroke. She didn’t even know how the other party had struck.

“Ah ……” Miao Lan and the house steward on one side looked at the scene in front of them dumbfounded. They froze for a long time without uttering a single word. An earth level martial artist was killed by Ye Mo just like that without even having a chance to resist.

Ye Mo’s heart was burning at this moment, and this woman was still insulting Mu Xiaoyun continuously, so he couldn’t bear it there. He also knew at this time. The hunch he had at that time on Divine Continent Mountain was not wrong. Feng Lou must have had something in mind, but at that time he could only deliver Xiao Yun to Feng Lou, staying by his side was a dead end.

Moreover, he had made some precautions before he left, and an ‘Antidote Pill’ that he hadn’t used up at the ‘Five Embodied Mountains’ was given to Feng Lou as a ‘Clear Intent Pill’. Moreover, he had also used another elixir, ‘Spring Return Pill’, added to the ingredients to help Mu Xiaoyun refine a bracelet.

Once Mu Xiaoyun’s defensive bracelet was broken, the mist inside the ‘Spring Return Pill’ would overflow, and it would be fine for ordinary people to smell this mist, but for those who had taken the ‘Antidote Pill’, after smelling this mist for thirty-six hours, one of the medicinal herbs inside the mist will be neutralised with one of the herbs inside the ‘Antidote Pill’.

The ‘Antidote Pill’ was originally not poisonous, but after one of the herbs was neutralized, it turned into a highly poisonous pill that corroded the meridians.

Moreover, Ye Mo believed that if Feng Lou made a move against Mu Xiaoyun, or if the rest of the people in the Ice Lake made a move against Mu Xiaoyun, Feng Lou would be struck. As long as Feng Lou was hit, he wouldn’t dare to move Mu Xiaoyun, because he had to be the one to cure the poison, and once he moved Mu Xiaoyun, the poison wouldn’t be cured.

But at this time, after Ye Mo arrived at the ice lake, not only could his divine sense not sweep Mu Xiaoyun, there was no trace of the divine sense mark he had made on top of Mu Xiaoyun’s bracelet. This made Ye Mo greatly alarmed, although he knew that Miao Lan’s claim that Feng Lou had not returned was true, he still wanted Miao Lan to be able to tell him where Feng Lou had gone.

“Mr. Ye …… Feng Lou has indeed not returned, our carriage is behind her carriage, but we have been back for more than a day and we just don’t see Feng Lou coming back. We really don’t know where Feng Lou has gone either.” At this moment, the House Butler took the initiative to say, he knew that with the kind of killing nature Ye Mo had, it would be easy to kill all of Ice Lake.

Ye Mo’s heart sank, what he feared most was hearing these words. He couldn’t imagine that Feng Lou would not return to the Ice Lake, which left him completely without direction.

No, he had to go look for Feng Lou first before he could. Ye Mo thought about this and did not want to waste time at the Ice Lake. He immediately turned around and left, only after taking a few steps, he turned back and said in a cold voice, “All the people of Ice Lake leave this place from now on, and before Xiao Yun is found, no one is allowed to approach Ice Lake one step. Otherwise, kill without amnesty.”

Miao Lan and the House Butler subconsciously winced, they could clearly feel the murderous intent in Ye Mo’s tone, if they didn’t leave, he was really likely to go on a killing spree.

Looking at Ye Mo’s back as he left, the House Butler shook his head and sighed, only after a long time did he say to Miao Lan, “Let’s disband the disciples of Ice Lake, it’s good to go around for training.”

“Housekeeper, you ……” Miao Lan looked at the Housekeeper in confusion, the Housekeeper was the most powerful person in Ice Lake apart from Feng Lou, if he said disband, then it was really going to be disbanded.

The government steward sighed again, he vaguely knew the reason for Feng Lou’s disappearance. But he didn’t dare to say anything, he was afraid that if he said it and angered this god of killing in front of him, the Ice Lake would not need to be disbanded at all, but completely killed off.

Moreover, in the view of the House Steward, since Feng Lou had made such a step of choice, it was tantamount to abandoning all the rest of the people of Ice Lake. At this time, it was likely that Mu Xiaoyun had already been killed by Feng Lou, and the reason why Feng Lou took away four disciples should be that she just wanted the remaining two to a*sist Ji Yilan. And the fact that Ye Mo didn’t go on a killing spree at the Ice Lake was already the best possible ending for them.

Although the government steward guessed 90 percent of Feng Lou’s thoughts correctly, he did not expect that after Feng Lou learned that Mu Xiaoyun had a storage ring, she would even abandon Ji Yilan as well.


Ye Mo landed on the edge of the ice lake like a shooting star, he saw that Yun Ziyi was still waiting for him and immediately nodded and said, “You tell me the path from the ice lake to Divine Continent Mountain, I’ll go find Xiao Yun. By the way, if you know the directions of sects like the Taiyi Sect and the Kun Qian Sect, tell me that too.”

Once Yun Ziyi took a look at Ye Mo’s expression, she immediately knew that he had not found Mu Xiaoyun, and her heart tightened even more. She seemed to be able to see the status of Mu Xiaoyun in Ye Mo’s heart, and now that Ye Mo couldn’t find Mu Xiaoyun, she didn’t know what kind of result would happen.

However, Yun Ziyi did not ask any more questions, but took out a map and handed it to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo took the map and found that the detailed addresses of the major sects on it, as well as the major mountain ranges were clearly marked, and the route from Divine Continent Mountain to the Ice Lake was also clearly marked.

“Thanks. I have to go now, wait for me in Sandalwood City, after I finish my business, I will come to Sandalwood City to find you and do something for you.” After saying that Ye Mo turned around and was about to leave.

“Wait, big brother Ye.” Yun Ziyi suddenly called out to Ye Mo.

Seeing Ye Mo looking back at her, Yun Ziyi hurriedly said, “Big Brother Ye, in the few years you’ve been gone, Little Sister Yun has been standing on top of this boulder every day waiting for you ……”

As soon as Yun Ziyi’s words fell, Ye Mo was already standing on top of the boulder at the edge of the ice lake. There were still two faint footprints on top of the boulder, and at a glance it was clear that they were worn out from standing here for a long time.

Stroking the two faint footprints on the boulder, Ye Mo’s heart was filled with thoughts of Mu Xiaoyun. No matter what, he had to find Mu Xiaoyun. He and Mu Xiaoyun had been husband and wife, and there was a nebulous feeling in his heart that Mu Xiaoyun was still alive.

The next moment, Ye Mo had stepped from the boulder onto his flying sword and crossed the icy lake, disappearing into the air.

The distance from the ice lake to the Divine Continent Mountain was very far for ordinary people, but for Ye Mo it was only a matter of ten minutes, but he had searched for countless times, but there was not the slightest trace. The divine sense markings he had left behind did not have the slightest sense.

The sun was already setting, and Ye Mo’s heart was getting more and more disappointed, a whole day had pa*sed and he had found nothing.

“Taiyi Sect, Kun Qian Sect ……” After Ye Mo said these six words word by word, the flying sword under his feet brought up a bright light, and instead of doing this useless work again, he flew directly to Taiyi Sect…