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DYM Chapter 753

Although the Taiyi Sect, among the Hidden Sects, belonged to the same special cla*s as the Kunqian Sect and the Cixihang Jingzhai, the strength of the Taiyi Sect was obviously too much higher than that of the Kunqian Sect. Even if its heritage is not as strong as that of the Cihang Jingzhai, it definitely does not lose much to the Cihang Jingzhai.

The gate of the Taiyi Sect is majestic and tall, with a majestic aura overflowing from a distance. But the few words on top of the gate tower looked a bit shabby, although the three words ‘Taiyi Sect’ were also big and seemed to be very majestic. However, once Ye Mo took a look, he knew that these few words had no way to match this huge mountain gate.

Ye Mo sacrificed his flying sword and slashed down with his sword, and the three words ‘Taiyi Sect’ on top of the gatehouse immediately became shattered. However, the huge gatehouse was not affected at all. Ye Mo sacrificed his flying sword again and slashed several times in a row, but there was no reaction.

After several swords failed to respond, Ye Mo did not try again, he knew that this gatehouse and these words were definitely not built at the same time. Moreover, this gatehouse was not built by the people of the Taiyi Sect either, it was just that the people of the Taiyi Sect later turned this place into their quarters.

Just like the Divine Continent Mountain in general, the air ban on the Divine Continent Mountain was also left behind a long time ago, and if the current strength of the Hidden Sect was anything to go by, there was definitely no way to set up a huge air ban.

“What kind of person dares to come to my Taiyi Sect to spill the beans ……” Two Xuan level martial artists dressed in Taiyi Sect’s Daoist uniform rushed out as soon as Ye Mo chopped down the three words ‘Taiyi Sect’.

Only halfway through their sentence, these two were torn in half by Ye Mo’s wind blade, staining the stone steps with blood. The several people who followed behind came to a subconscious stop.

Ye Mo snorted coldly, today he was here to kill. If it wasn’t for the Taiyi Sect, where would Xiao Yun be? If it wasn’t for the Taiyi Sect, how could Light Snow have been seriously injured and almost died back then? If it wasn’t for the Taiyi Sect, he would have already gone to pick medicine with Xiao Yun and then prepared to meet Luo Yue.

However, because of the Taiyi Sect, he had not found Xiao Yun until now. At this moment, he would not listen to any explanation from the people of the Taiyi Sect unless Xiao Yun suddenly appeared.

If Mu Xiao Yun hadn’t disappeared after the Great Battle on Shenzhou Mountain. He might have just killed Yuan Chong and Qi Kai, and that would have been all. But now that his heart was raging with anger, it was not a Taiyi Sect that was unlucky.

Since all the people in the Hidden Sect liked to talk with their fists, let’s talk with our fists today.

“He’s Ye Mo, the Ye Mo in Divine Continent Mountain, he killed all the earth level and above experts in Divine Continent Mountain, as well as our Taiyi Leng Elder and Elder Ling of the Kun Qian Sect ……” A terrified voice rang out, and more people recognized this unbelievably crazy young man It was the Divine Continent Mountain, Ye Mo who had killed almost everyone.

That day at the Divine Continent Mountain. So many Ascended Masters. There were also several peak Xiantian, and even more half-step Xiantian and Earth-level martial artists were countless. So many powerful people surrounded Ye Mo alone, but in the end, it was said that not a single person escaped. All of them were killed by Ye Mo.

This was something completely unprecedented in the history of the Divine Continent, not to mention the fact that there had never been so many powerful people surrounding one person in the history of the Divine Continent, even if there had been. That person would have been killed even if he was powerful. But the fact of the matter now was that the only person who came out of the Divine Continent Mountain in the end was one Ye Mo, and none of the rest were left.

Only Ye Mo knew that there was at least one more Ling Wushui who had escaped.

“I, Ye Mo, will exterminate the Taiyi Sect today, and all those who remain in the Taiyi Sect are those I, Ye Mo, will kill. Those who want to save their lives, take off their Taiyi Sect daoist clothes, throw them on the ground, spit three times and step on them, and they can go down the mountain.” Ye Mo’s voice spread throughout the entire Taiyi Sect.

Although Ye Mo was determined to destroy the Taiyi Sect. But the Taiyi Sect had nearly a thousand disciples. To Ye Mo, he didn’t want to kill them all. But if he gave the way of escape but didn’t take it, don’t blame him for not being polite.

“Run away ……” Several disciples of the Taiyi Sect still took Ye Mo’s words to heart, in their minds, Ye Mo was now the demon king of killing. It was only true that they should run away quickly, and as for defending the Taiyi Sect, that was a joke.

But the six or seven disciples of the Taiyi Sect. Before they could escape three steps, a sword light wrapped around their necks, dropping several good heads.

The remaining ones who wanted to follow and continue to flee immediately sucked in a breath of cold air and stopped in their tracks. A few smart disciples seemed to remember what Ye Mo had just said. Immediately, they took off the clothes they were wearing and threw them on the ground with a few mouthfuls of spit and stomped on them a few more times. Only then did they carefully flee down the mountain.

Soon these people found that anyone who threw their Taiyi Sect Daoist clothes on the ground and stomped on them a few times and spat on them did not get killed, but escaped instead.

With an example, the Taiyi Sect disciples behind them were even quicker to learn, one by one they all took off their clothes and threw them on the ground, some of them even called out the words ‘Taiyi Sect trash’ and even peed on them in order to please Ye Mo. Many of the female disciples no longer cared about the male disciples’ actions, they all took off their Daoist clothes, spat a few times, turned around and fled.

A few disciples who wanted to fish in the water were only able to escape a few steps before they were lorded over by Ye Mo’s flying sword.

As Ye Mo killed the resisters, his flying swords wreaked havoc everywhere along the way, some buildings were swept down by the flying swords, and the whole Taiyi Sect immediately became a flurry of chickens and dogs.

Several Earth-level martial artists and half-step Xiantian martial artists hurriedly came out to stop Ye Mo, but they didn’t even last a single round before Ye Mo cut them down.

Ye Mo kept hitting fireballs behind him, and a building that he had destroyed turned into thick smoke inside the fireballs. The main force of the Taiyi Sect had been almost killed by Ye Mo at the Divine Continent Mountain in the first place, and now, apart from one or two Xiantian experts, the rest were all below the Earth level. They could not withstand Ye Mo’s killing there, as long as they did not want to escape, they were all killed by Ye Mo.

“Stop, fellow Daoist, you are going too far. One should know how to stop when appropriate, since you have already killed so many disciples of the Taiyi Sect, and also killed Leng Huan and Qi Kai. And since the Taiyi Sect is now equivalent to having been destroyed by you, I think you should stop now. This main hall is not the property of the Taiyi Sect, it was inherited from the ancient times, do you really want to destroy and exterminate it?” As Ye Mo’s flying sword kept bringing up blood and burning to the main hall building, a red-faced old man stood in front of Ye Mo as if he was a ghost.

Seeing this old man, Ye Mo’s eyes contracted for a moment, this guy was perhaps the most powerful one in the Taiyi Sect. Ye Mo felt the strength of a foundation builder from him, but Ye Mo knew that this old man was not a cultivator. His aura had surpa*sed Leng Huan and Ling Wushui, was this above the Innate?

This was the first time Ye Mo had seen a martial artist above the Ascendant. The aura on this old man was the same as that of an early Foundation Establishment, giving Ye Mo a powerful sense of oppression.

But Ye Mo was not afraid of this old man in the slightest, he cultivated the ‘Three Life Technique’ not only had a strong divine sense, but also had a thick true essence, even if he was up against an Ascendant, he did not have the slightest fear.

It was just strange to Ye Mo that this old man was obviously not afraid of him either, so why did he wait until he almost completely wiped out the Taiyi Sect before coming out? Even if he hadn’t wanted to burn down the main hall, this old man wouldn’t have come out.

“With a buzzing sound, Ye Mo reached out and flicked his hand on top of the flying sword as a powerful battle intent rose from his body. Even if he was above the Ascendant, he would still kill him with his sword.

Seemingly sensing the powerful battle intent permeating Ye Mo’s body, the old man snorted coldly, as if his own majesty had been provoked, and said in a cold voice, “Is it possible that you still want to fight me?”

“Haha.” Ye Mo laughed and said in a cold voice, “Old Daoist, today I, Ye Mo, am here to kill and set fire to people, so what about you? Since you are in my way, I am going to kill today.”

“Good, good, originally I did not intend to make a move, since you are so confident, I will see if you are really capable, or if you have an overwhelming killing heart.” When this old man saw that Ye Mo not only did not back off, but also wanted to make a move, his face suddenly showed anger.

“Pretending ……” Ye Mo spat out two words, no longer wanting to talk nonsense, the flying sword in his hand had turned into a white rainbow and directly cut through.

“Huh ……” The old man gave a soft eek and raised his hand in the air with a palm.

Immediately after his palm strike, Ye Mo’s divine sense found that an invisible ripple suddenly appeared in front of his flying sword, as if it was an impenetrable film, and as if it was a heavenly rift.

What a strong internal qi, Ye Mo secretly sighed in his heart, it was the first time he saw someone cultivate their internal qi to a point where it was even thicker than true essence, it was directly comparable to a cultivator at the Foundation Establishment stage.

No, this was not internal qi, but something as strong as true essence, using this thick true essence to form a wall of qi in front of his flying sword. Ye Mo understood this in front of him and immediately stopped caring about his flying sword and instead struck out with a fist.

He was only at the seventh level of Qi cultivation at this time, and had no magic treasures, no special cultivation killing techniques, and no unique means of a*sisting in killing the enemy. The only thing he could rely on was his flying sword. Once the flying sword could not help the opponent, there was no need to try the fireball and wind blade, which would definitely not be able to help the opponent.

So Ye Mo chose to use his fists to teach his opponent a lesson, although this old man’s internal qi was thick and had almost condensed liquid, but Ye Mo believed that his true essence was no less than his. This was because after cultivating the ‘Three Life Technique’ duel, the true qi that originally could only be converted into true essence at the foundation building stage had already been converted ahead of time. Therefore, he had the capital and the courage to fight with his opponent.

However, Ye Mo also knew that his means of fighting the enemy was too little, this was not the cultivation world, if he was in the cultivation world, his means of killing and destroying would really not work.

“Boom,” Ye Mo’s fist hit the airborne wall of Qi that the old man had held up with one palm right in front of him, erupting into a kind of violent muffled boom sound.

The wall of Qi controlled by the old man was like a paper mache, and was directly broken by Ye Mo. The bound flying sword spun around as if it was a bird that had escaped from its cage and stood in the air.

“What a profound true qi ……,” this old man appreciated, and suddenly stepped forward and once again transformed his palm into a fist and struck out with another punch.

In just an instant, it was as if Ye Mo was caught in a cage, he saw one, and it was as if dozens of fists were hitting him head on, and at the same time it was as if these fists were not coming head on, but from all directions.

“Very good ……” After Ye Mo said a very good sentence, he struck out with another punch.