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DYM Chapter 754

“Boom, boom, boom ……” Before the two fists could meet, the fist wind brought up a violent ‘bang, bang’ sound, splashing the dust in the middle of where the two stood, instantly creating a huge gully from the fist wind.

“Boom …… click ……” Ye Mo’s fist finally collided with the old man’s fist, a violent pain came from his fist, Ye Mo knew that his fist bone was shattered and cracked.

However, Ye Mo knew that the old man was not much better than him, although his internal qi was thick, he was not a cultivator after all, his qi and blood were somewhat weakened, and he was not as young and vigorous as him, so I was afraid that his hand would be injured even more than him. Ye Mo sneered, swallowed a ‘Lotus Life Pill’, and with his true essence gathered and knotted, he was about to throw another punch.

“Slow down ……” the old man suddenly waved his hand and said, “I can’t do it without conceding defeat when I’m old, if I keep fighting, these two hands of mine will be useless.”

Ye Mo stopped his hands and suddenly said with a faint smile, “In that case, I want to burn this hall, you have no opinion.”

The old man let out a bitter smile and said, “I have no problem with you destroying the Taiyi Sect, but this hall, I suggest you don’t burn it, it doesn’t belong to the Taiyi Sect, it is the heritage of the Divine Continent. There was once a glorious past here, it’s just that it’s a long time ago now.”

Speaking here, this old man suddenly paused and looked at Ye Mo and said, “You shouldn’t be practicing ancient martial arts, right? If I’m not wrong, you should be cultivating a cultivation technique, or perhaps your cultivation is the supreme dao, which is many times stronger than people like us who cultivate ancient martial arts.”

Ye Mo was stunned, the fact that this old man said he had no opinion on destroying the Taiyi Sect had already surprised him. And now he could even know that he was not practicing Ancient Martial Arts, and even if that was enough, he even pointed out in one breath that he was practicing Cultivation of Truth, did this old man really know something?

“You know about Cultivation of Truth?” Ye Mo subconsciously asked out.

The old man’s eyes showed surprise and he quickly said, “Indeed, you really are a cultivator and not an ancient martial artist. Good, good, it’s been nearly a hundred years. Finally, I have found a real cultivator.”

Seeing Ye Mo’s puzzled look, this old man suddenly said, “My name is Li Cheng, if you don’t mind. You can come and sit at the place where I live.”

“Okay.” Ye Mo agreed to Li Cheng’s words with hardly any consideration, he could tell that Li Cheng had no killing intent towards him, although he didn’t know why, but Ye Mo knew that his senses were always accurate, besides even if Li Cheng wanted to make a move on him, he wasn’t afraid. What’s more, he also had too many things to ask this Li Cheng.

Ye Mo did not mention the matter of burning down the Taiyi Sect’s main hall again, and Li Cheng also knew better than to mention it again. He knew that Ye Mo was giving him face and did not want to burn this main hall.

It was surprising that the place where Li Cheng lived was in a secluded and secluded valley at the back of the Taiyi Sect, which Ye Mo had not expected at all. He even thought later that Li Cheng was not from the Taiyi Sect anymore, but now it seemed that his guess was completely wrong. If he wasn’t from the Taiyi Sect, it shouldn’t be possible for him to live in the back mountain of the Taiyi Sect.

The inside of the valley was even somewhat like a hidden farmhouse, and the air was not only fresh, but revealed a refreshing and soothing feeling.

This was spiritual qi. Ye Mo’s heart was astonished, he could not have imagined that this place had much deeper spiritual qi than the outside. Ye Mo’s divine sense swept out and immediately found that there was a simple spirit gathering formation outside this valley, because of its age, this spirit gathering formation was also gradually aging, but it could still be effective.

“Please sit down.” Li Cheng brought Ye Mo inside the courtyard. Pointing to one of the stone piers, he said.

Ye Mo sat down, but Li Cheng turned around and entered the hut, he surprisingly took out two cups of milky white liquid and handed one to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo took the cups and just smelled them slightly, immediately his hand shook and he said in a shocked voice, “This is actually ‘Ten Thousand Year Stalagmite Marrow’?”

Li Cheng sighed and said, “You really do know what this is.”

Ye Mo almost cried tears of pain, could he not know about this thing? In the Luo Yue Continent, this was something that was worth a fortune. Or one could not say it was worth a fortune anymore, because the ‘Ten Thousand Year Stalagmite Marrow’ was simply a legendary item that could not even be seen.

The ‘Asparagus Marrow Pill’ made from the ‘Ten Thousand Year Stalagmite Marrow’ was far more effective than the ‘Lotus Life Pill’, but few people used the ‘Ten Thousand Year Stalagmite Marrow ‘ to heal injuries, because the ‘Ten Thousand Year Stalagmite Marrow’ had a more important function, which was to refine the ‘Five Elements Pill’.

“The preciousness of the ‘Five Elements Pill’ is something that no one can think of, and even in the Luo Yue Continent, it is only a rumour. Because the ‘Five Elements Pill’ is an elixir that can derive spiritual roots, in the Cultivation World, there are only four or five kinds of medicinal herbs that can derive spiritual roots, and the ‘Ten Thousand Year Stalagmite Marrow’ is precisely one of them.

Apart from deriving spiritual roots, the ‘Five Elements Pill’ could also allow spiritual roots to be elevated when someone with spiritual roots took the ‘Five Elements Pill’ for the first time, with the exception of foreign spiritual roots.

Such a precious thing was actually used as water by this old man in front of him, Ye Mo had a feeling of wanting to cry without tears.

Seeing Ye Mo holding the ‘Ten Thousand Year Stalagmite Marrow’ in his hand somewhat dazed, Li Cheng suddenly turned around and entered the hut again. This time he carried out an altar of about four or five litres, he walked up to Ye Mo, handed the altar to Ye Mo and said, “This is all this ‘Ten Thousand Year Stalagmite Marrow’ you are talking about, there is no use for me to keep it, I am giving it all to you.”

Ye Mo trembled as he took the altar, there was still most of the altar of ‘Ten Thousand Year Stalagmite Marrow’ inside. To Ye Mo, this was considered the most valuable gift he had received in his two lifetimes. He wanted to say that this item was too valuable, but he couldn’t say that no matter what.

“This thing is really too valuable ……” Although he didn’t want to say it out loud, Ye Mo still had to say it because this thing was really too valuable.

As soon as Li Cheng waved his hand, he said, “This thing is valuable to you, but to me it is just to quench my thirst. Or it can just make my body healthier, I have been cultivating martial arts for over 120 years, although my qi and blood are already insufficient, but this body is still fine, so I don’t need this stuff either.”

Hearing what Li Cheng said, Ye Mo was not pretentious, he carefully took out a large jade bottle and filled it all with ‘Ten Thousand Year Stalagmite Marrow’, even the original cup, and then put it away in his storage ring.

“A spatial ring, there really is such a thing.” After watching Ye Mo’s actions, some surprise appeared in his eyes, but it was only some surprise, and he didn’t express any more surprise.

After putting away the ‘Ten Thousand Year Stalagmite Marrow’, Ye Mo once again took out a bottle of ‘Lotus Life Pill’ and handed it to Li Cheng and said, “Senior Li, this pill is not as good as ‘Ten Thousand Year Stalagmite Marrow ‘ in a million years, but it is considered to be able to cure all non-divine soul injuries, so I’ll give it to you.”

Because Li Cheng had given a jar of ‘Ten Thousand Year Stalagmite Marrow’, Ye Mo couldn’t help but change the old man to senior. It was he himself who felt his face burning a little, it looked like he was still a vulgar person. It wasn’t that he didn’t like gifts, but because the things that others usually gave him were too unappealing.

“Good, good, this is something I can use.” Without hesitation, Li Cheng put away the jade bottle Ye Mo gave him.

Ye Mo saw his things being put away by Li Cheng before he sat down again and asked, “Senior Li, I’ve been here for not too long, why does everyone else not know about cultivation while you do?”

Li Cheng sighed and said, “A hundred years ago, when I was just under thirty years old, I had cultivated to the peak of the earth level and was just one step away from crossing over to the realm of innate as it is said outside now, and I could easily kill innate. Therefore my Qi was immense, plus it was the year of the Great Hidden Sect Ranking Competition. On behalf of the Taiyi Sect, I defeated more than a dozen disciples from Ice Lake and Du Tian for the sect, and took the Taiyi Sect to storm into the Extraordinary Hidden Sect.

Afterwards, as the biggest contributor, I was appointed as the youngest elder of the Taiyi Sect, and an elder who had not advanced to Xiantian.”

Ye Mo nodded, at less than thirty years old, he had advanced to the peak of the Earth level, he was indeed a genius, no wonder he could lead the Taiyi Sect to storm into the Extraordinary Hidden Sect.

However, Li Cheng shook his head and continued with a hint of vicissitudes, “This place was originally the residence of a small sect, and when the Taiyi Sect became an Extraordinary Hidden Sect, it hijacked the place. And I don’t like to bully the strong and bully the weak, so I was somewhat displeased in my heart. But when I had been in the Taiyi Sect for a long time, I realised that the reason why I was able to defeat the disciples of Ice Lake and also Du Tian was because of the handwork done by the Taiyi Sect and the Kun Qian Sect.

The talented disciples of these two sects were both nullified by a conspiracy before the competition, and the Taiyi Sect and the Kunqian Sect even secretly stirred up internal strife between these two sects. Because Cihang Jingzhai was extremely difficult to provoke at the time, while Ice Lake was provoked into an intra-disciplinary war and was eventually relegated to a third-cla*s sect.”

Speaking of this Li Cheng picked up the ‘Ten Thousand Year Stalagmite Marrow’ in front of him and drank it all down in one go, Ye Mo looked a little pained. He was afraid that Li Cheng would ask him for it after drinking it, he hurriedly took out several cases of Maotai wine from inside his ring, “Senior, it’s better to drink some wine, this stuff tastes slightly better than the ‘Ten Thousand Year Stalagmite Marrow’.”

“Huh, it’s actually Maotai, I had this once thirty years ago, not bad, not bad ……” Li Cheng finished, immediately picked up a bottle of Maotai, and with a casual slash, the mouth of the bottle of Maotai had disappeared.

After pouring a gla*s of wine for himself, Li Cheng said again, “I directly accused the Sect Leader because I was very dissatisfied with the sect’s conspiracy. As a result, without incident, I was imprisoned here.”

“You were locked up here?” Ye Mo pointed to the flourishing flowers around him and said to himself, “Where is this a place to be locked up in? This is simply a place for holiday.

Li Cheng smiled faintly, “This look here only became like this later, when I first came here, there was only a wild and dilapidated valley, and an incomparably cold cave behind the valley. The ‘Ten Thousand Year Stalagmite Marrow’ you mentioned was what I found inside the cave, and I found several altars of ‘Ten Thousand Year Stalagmite Marrow’ inside the cave. It’s just that I ran out of them at the back and only these were left.”

The corners of Ye Mo’s mouth twitched as he listened, and in his heart, he once again changed the word senior to old man.