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DYM Chapter 755

Li Cheng seemed to know what was in Ye Mo’s mind as he said to himself, “When I first came here and was confined, I was extremely depressed in my heart. Then once I inadvertently found a hidden cave in the cold cave, and inside the cave were several altars of ‘Ten Thousand Year Stalagmite Marrow’. Next to the ‘Ten Thousand Year Stalagmite Marrow’, there was a dead bone with one arm missing.

I found the answer on the withered bone; that senior had left behind an animal skin handbook. He was also a practitioner of ancient martial arts, and he said he had discovered that there was another kind of person in this world, a cultivator, and that cultivators could even ascend to the legendary level of cultivation. He spent decades of his life running around in search of cultivators in the Divine Continent, and eventually died of serious injuries.”

Hearing this Ye Mo already somewhat vaguely understood what Li Cheng meant, his fate might be the same as that withered bone.

Sure enough, Li Cheng continued, “When I learned this news, my heart was thrilled. After the confinement period was over, I left the Taiyi Sect and looked around for cultivators, instead of being interested in ancient martial arts anymore. When I was fifty years old, my cultivation level automatically broke through to the Ascendant, and I did find a cultivation relic and obtained a gongfa. The Taiyi Sect invited me back after learning that I had cultivated to the Ascendant. Since I wanted to meditate on my cultivation, I returned to the Taiyi Sect once again and concentrated on my cultivation right here.”

Ye Mo wondered in his heart, this Li Cheng had cultivated until now, how come there was no effect at all?

Li Cheng poured himself another cup of wine and said, “I have been cultivating for twenty years, but I have gotten nothing, even the first level of Qi cultivation in the gongfu method has not been reached. I was disappointed and very reluctant. But my life expectancy was coming to an end. So I left the Taiyi Sect and went around looking for spiritual medicines to improve my martial arts cultivation, wanting to break through the shackles and increase my life expectancy, and then continue my cultivation. But I did not expect that I would not be able to cultivate the truth. Cultivating ancient martial arts, however, came in leaps and bounds, not only breaking through to what ordinary people would call the peak of Innate, but even reaching what others thought was beyond Innate. And turning internal qi into liquid.

After I turned my internal qi into liquid, I generated spiritual power, and through spiritual power. I saw what was inside a jade slip that I had once obtained. Knowing that I turned out to have no spiritual roots and therefore could not cultivate. Disappointed, I destroyed all the cultivation items I had found, filled in the cave at the back of the valley, and settled down here. After decades of cultivating my heart and soul, at this point I have come to understand the truth that you can’t force yourself when there is no destiny.”

Ye Mo had fully understood at this point why Li Cheng knew about cultivation and was so calm when he saw that he was a cultivator. It turned out that he had pursued it for almost a hundred years. This was what made him give up completely. Although Ye Mo knew that the ‘Ten Thousand Year Stalagmite Marrow’ could refine the ‘Five Elements Pill’, which could derive spirit stones, Ye Mo had no way to say so. This was because to refine the ‘Five Element Pill’ was definitely not enough with his current cultivation level, and even if he were to refine it, he would probably have to wait until after foundation building.

Instead of giving Li Cheng a hope. It would be better not to talk about it. If Li Cheng was still alive after he had built his foundation, then he would come over and send him a ‘Five Elements Pill’ to allow him to derive his divine sense.

However, it suddenly occurred to Ye Mo that this Li Cheng could cultivate ancient martial arts, and at such a fast pace. According to him, he also had spirit roots, so how could he not have spirit roots and be unable to cultivate?

But this thought was only a fleeting thought as Ye Mo took the initiative to pour a cup of wine for Li Cheng and then asked, “Senior Li, I have two more questions to ask. Firstly, you are from the Taiyi Sect, why didn’t you stop me from destroying the Taiyi Sect? Second, I am curious to know why there is such a huge difference in realms for the same Innate.”

Li Cheng smiled faintly, “I didn’t like what the Taiyi Sect did back then, and during my travels, I met Master Tian Est. He told me that the Taiyi Sect only had a hundred years of luck. After a hundred years, the Taiyi Sect will dissipate and disappear. So I know that you are here, which means that the hundred years of the Taiyi Sect’s time has come.”

Ye Mo’s heart, however, surged with shock, was there really such a person in the world? If he had just heard this and thought that others were talking nonsense, now he would definitely not think so. Back then, when Xiao Yun married him, she also said that a master fortune teller had once told her grandfather that her husband’s surname was Ye, which was a little too accurate.

There were such people in the cultivation world, but there really wasn’t one who could tell things so accurately.

Ignoring Ye Mo’s shock, Li Cheng continued, “As for Innate, there are many people who cultivate ancient martial arts in the Hidden Sect, but there will definitely not be more than ten people who truly understand Innate.”

After looking at Ye Mo’s puzzled look, Li Cheng said in a light voice, “To be exact, the current me is barely just entering the Innate Heaven. A long time ago, the Hidden Sect cultivated ancient martial arts into four cla*ses, namely the Yellow, Xuan, Earth and Heaven cla*ses, and only martial artists who had surpa*sed the Heaven cla*s were called Innate. However, over the centuries, there were very few martial artists who could surpa*s the Heaven cla*s, and it was rare to find one in a hundred years.

Later on, the confidence of martial artists began to wane, and fewer and fewer people were willing to believe in cultivation. Some people then began to erase the Heaven level, and simply called Heaven level cultivation as Innate. In other words, after the Earth Grade Great Perfection impacted through, it was not the Heaven Grade, but the Innate.”

So that was the case, Ye Mo’s heart dawned on him, it looked like his original guess was correct.

Li Cheng continued, “I also found some similar records when I was searching for cultivation relics. Then I realised that I myself was at the Heavenly level, not the Innate, which is why I came back and tried to strike the Innate cultivation level. Because different sects have different approaches to hitting the Heavenly level, it has resulted in unevenness and a wide range of cultivation levels. Some people think that having pa*sed the Ren Du is the Ascension, while others think that forming the Qi Hai is the Ascension, there is no definite conclusion at all.

In fact, the real thing is that only after one has pa*sed the Ren Du and formed the Sea of Qi is one considered to have advanced to the Heavenly level, and the transformation of internal Qi into liquid and the formation of spiritual power is the real Innate. However, this kind of innate is already very few and far between in the Hidden Sect, most of the innate are just forming the Sea of Qi.”

Ye Mo nodded, and some of his previous doubts and unanswered questions were resolved. It looked like Ren Pingchuan’s understanding was still correct, it was just that he had overlooked the Heavenly level.


Ye Mo and Li Cheng talked about it all night, before leaving the Taiyi Sect early the next morning. Originally, he wanted to teach that Mo Youshen a lesson, but he didn’t find him at the Taiyi Sect, so he had to give up.

After leaving Taiyi Sect, Ye Mo went straight to the ‘Twin Sword Sect’ ……

Three days later, a piece of news this spread around and became the main topic of discussion in various cities. Because all the big sects were besieging the mysterious strong man Ye Mo at the Divine Continent Mountain, Ye Mo said that he visited them one by one afterwards, and indeed he visited them one by one, not a single sect was missed. This was already considered to be the biggest disaster for the Hidden Sect in a century.

On the 13th of May, the first cla*s sect Taiyi Sect was exterminated, all those who resisted were killed, and the rest of the disciples left Taiyi Sect and scattered in all directions, making Taiyi Sect history.

On the 14th of May, the first-cla*s sects Twin Sons Sword Sect, Four Winds Valley and Liuli Sect were extinguished; eight second-cla*s sects, including the League Fist Hall and the Extreme Soldier Sect, were extinguished, and eleven other third-cla*s sects were extinguished.

On the 15th of May, the first-cla*s hidden sects Forge Weapon Hall and Xiaguang Sect were extinguished; four second-cla*s sects, including the Hopping Fist Sect and Tong Jian Mountain, were extinguished, and seven other third-cla*s sects were extinguished.


On the 17th of May, the entire disciples of the Kunqian Sect greeted Ye Mo in front of the mountain gate, giving out gold coins, countless medicinal materials, and expelling Ling Wushui who had disappeared. Ye Mo felt the sincerity of the Kun Qian Sect and accepted the gifts, sparing the sect.

Because what the Kun Qian Sect did gave an example to the rest of the sects participating in the siege of Ye Mo, several sects took the initiative to send gifts of reparation to Ye Mo without waiting for him to come to their door. I don’t know if it was Ye Mo’s generosity or something else, but those sects that sent gifts were always saved and did not continue to be exterminated.

A storm that swept through the entire Hidden Sect gradually subsided, or rather a Hidden Sect disaster gradually subsided, and the frightened Hidden Sect disciples began to curb their behaviour. Seeing that Ye Mo had stopped retaliating, these sects all breathed a long sigh of relief.

However, the next thing these sects did was to re-establish their rules, the first of which was to execute any disciple who dared to find trouble with Ye Mo.

In fact, this sect rule was no longer needed at all, unless the old man was hanging himself and was tired of living, then he would go looking for trouble with Ye Mo, the number one expert of the Hidden Sect. It would be a good thing if he didn’t come to you, who would dare to go to him?


At this moment, Ye Mo, who was being talked about everywhere, was standing at the foot of the mountain of Cihang Jingzhai, he didn’t stop seeking revenge because of those gifts, he was really tired of it. The anger over Xiao Yun’s disappearance had already been taken out, so what if he had eradicated the entire Hidden Sect? Today he had not come to exterminate the Cixi Jingzhai; the Cixi Jingzhai had not besieged him. He had come to kill Daoist Aunt Jing Hu, and Ye Mo believed that these old ladies from the Cichang Jing Zhai would certainly not kill a sect’s innate. But Daoist Aunt Jing Hu, he was bound to kill.

“But Young Warrior Ye?” A somewhat old voice rang out, and a Daoist nun had quickly arrived in front of Ye Mo.

Ye Mo was stunned, this was the first time he had heard the title Young Warrior Ye, and he felt a little uncomfortable. However, Ye Mo did not have much resistance to the rest of the Daoist nuns in Cihang Jingzhai, after all, the three sisters of the Lok Hustle had all come from here.

“I am Jing Xian, is young warrior Ye here to see Jing Hu?” This Daoist nun asked in a very gentle tone.

Ye Mo knew that she was the one who had asked Cihang Jingzhai to withdraw from the siege against him in the first place, so Ye Mo was still somewhat grateful to Jing Hu. In the beginning, if Cihang Jingzhai was joining the siege, he would have been in danger with just one more opponent like Leng Huan.

“Yes, I’m here to kill Jing Hu.” Ye Mo did not conceal his killing intent.

Jing Xian froze for a moment, he couldn’t imagine that Ye Mo had come to Cihang Jingzhai to kill Jing Hu, but she quickly reacted and said to Ye Mo somewhat apologetically, “We didn’t take down Jing Hu that day, she escaped. But the old body is still thankful to Young Warrior Ye.”

Ye Mo was slightly stunned and immediately said, “I came to kill someone, and you’re still thanking me?”