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DYM Chapter 756

Ye Mo was slightly stunned and immediately said, “I came to kill someone, and you are still thanking me?”

Jing Xian smiled lightly and said, “Young warrior Ye went to the Double Stone Cliff to search for my disciple Lok Hustle, the old body has to thank Young warrior Ye because of this.”

Only then did Ye Mo understand that he had left a handwriting on the Double Stone Cliff at the beginning, and it looked like the people from Cihang Jingzhai had also gone to look for Lok Hustle.

“Lok Hustle is my friend, she’s missing, so it’s only right that I should go and look for her.” Ye Mo said somewhat gloomily.

Jing Xian nodded and said, “What Jing Hu did was indeed too much, she went so far as to make a move on the core disciples of this sect, sigh ……”

Ye Mo sneered and said, “Not only did this old plague woman, Jing Hu, kill my many friends outside, she also killed Lu Yue and forced Lu Hustle to fall off the cliff, I will definitely kill her myself.”

Ging Xian sighed and said, “Poor Lu Yue’s bones are gone, Lu Hustle’s whereabouts are unknown, and Lu Fei’s fate is not good either. Lu Hustle’s master has not returned from his search for Lu Hustle at Shuang Shi Cliff. ……”

“Master Mrs. Jing Xian, I’ll leave you here today, I’ll come back some time later.” Ye Mo originally wanted to hand over Lu Yue’s remains to Ging Xian, but thinking that he had already promised Ging Xian a trip to Shi Feng Village, it would be better to go there first and then see what happens.

As for Fei Lu, she was already used to living in Luo Yue, so there was no need to tell Gai Xian, lest there be any further accidents. Ye Mo didn’t even mention the three copies of the “Our Scriptures”, no matter if the current “Our Scriptures” were useful or not, he didn’t want to hand them over at all if Lok Hustle wasn’t here. If he met Lok Hustle, he would definitely give it to Lok Hustle, but to ask him to hand it over to Cihang Jingzhai, that would be impossible.


Ye Mo did not know where Yun Ziyi was in Sandalwood City. He hadn’t asked Yun Ziyi either, he only knew that Yun Ziyi was in Sandalwood City.

But he knew that with Yun Ziyi’s ability, as long as he came to Sandalwood City, she would definitely know the first time and then come to find him.

So when Ye Mo arrived in Sandalwood City, he didn’t even use his divine sense to sweep it before entering a hotel. He was going to wait for Rhyun Ziyi inside the hotel and have something to eat in the meantime.

Although the Hidden Sect was now tidied up by Ye Mo, Sandalwood City not only did not lose the prosperity of that day. On the contrary, it was even more lively. Even some hawkers dared to set up stalls in the busy streets, and the people who originally came to collect all kinds of expensive land fees when they saw stalls in the streets were also gone. The reason was that they had heard that Ye Mo, the one who specialized in exterminating the hidden sects this time, was robbed by the disciples of the Taiyi Sect because he had set up a ground stall. That was why he went to exterminate the sect.

Of course there were some people who didn’t think so, no matter what they thought, the one who was most talked about in Sandalwood City right now was a senior called Ye Mo anyway.

“You guys don’t know, back when my cousin was also at Divine Continent Mountain, that senior Ye was really powerful, he wiped out a dozen Xiantian experts with one palm. Then when he blew a breath, he actually spewed out flames that were tens of feet long.”

“Cut, what you said is not true at all, what senior Ye cast was the Cold Ice Blade, all he slashed out with one slash was extremely cold ice. An innate expert would immediately be frozen to death as soon as he met that cold ice.”

“What senior Ye, Ye Mo is simply very young, he just looks a bit fierce.”

“Yes, yes, I heard that he is almost one foot tall. Ordinary people he can crush to death with his hands, and I heard that he’s involved with a little daoist nun from the Cixing Jingzhai, that’s why the Cixing Jingzhai didn’t do anything.”


When Ye Mo entered the hotel, the many diners were seared by the sky and eventually even the news came out that Ye Mo had killed all the people of the Taiyi Sect with one slap.

When Ye Mo heard these news, he couldn’t help but be a little speechless. He said to himself. Technological development is really important. If there were televisions, where would there be a need for so many speculators. Is he a level seven demonic beast when he spews out tens of feet of flame in one breath?

Of course not all of them didn’t know what Ye Mo looked like, those who really knew what Ye Mo had done, or those who really knew how Ye Mo looked like, were people who had seen Ye Mo’s methods. Even if they heard these words, they would not come out to defend a single word. These matters had nothing to do with them, and once they accidentally offended Ye Mo, it would be fatal.

Yu Yuyan was the one who knew about it. Although Shangqing Mountain followed the Kunqian Sect and also sent a large amount of wealth and medicinal materials to Ye Mo, many disciples were still afraid that Ye Mo would kill them and asked to come out for training. The sects were also afraid that Ye Mo would not keep his word, and with Ye Mo’s methods, the large number of people would not be any threat to him at all, so they acquiesced to the situation. Yu Yuyan was one of the disciples who had come out for training, she left Shangqing Mountain like the rest of the disciples and came out for training.

So when Yu Yuyan heard these people talking inside the hotel, she couldn’t help but secretly despise them, of course she knew what Ye Mo looked like. Every time she thought of sleeping in the same bed with Ye Mo, her heart started pounding. If she had really let Ye Mo f*ck her that night, would the Yu family have become the same as the big families now?

Every time she thought about it, she felt a sense of regret in her heart, if she had known that Ye Mo was so powerful, why would she have gone to cling to some bullsh*t senior official brother from Shangqing Mountain?

But just as Yu Yan was still thinking about it, she suddenly saw Ye Mo also walking into the hotel, and she was immediately shocked. Immediately, she subconsciously lowered her head, Ye Mo and her had a grudge, and it wasn’t the first time she had to look for trouble with Ye Mo. If Ye Mo knew that she was inside this hotel, would he kill himself immediately?

The more Yu Yu Yan thought about it, the more likely it was, and she didn’t dare to look up, but in her heart, she was desperate to find a way out of here.

Ye Mo had just entered this hotel when he saw Yu Yuyan, but he was very annoyed with this woman, if he ate with this woman in a hotel, it would obviously affect his appetite.

Since Yu Yuyan was in this hotel, Ye Mo had no intention of continuing to wait for Yun Ziyi to come, and his divine sense immediately swept out. Ye Mo soon found Yun Ziyi in a large conference room in the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce building’, and as he found Yun Ziyi, he immediately knew why Yun Ziyi wanted to ask for his help. The next moment he had left the hotel.

Yu Yu Yan thought about it for a long time and finally made up her mind to go and take the initiative to find Ye Mo. She figured out that with someone like Ye Mo to kill her was simply like killing a chicken, he didn’t even have to do it himself. Just say the word and a large number of people would give him their heads.

Instead of continuing to hide, it would be better to send herself to his door. At least she, Yu Yu Yan, wasn’t bad looking and was still a virgin. Maybe he would be tempted for a moment and let herself spend the night with him, then she would be very different.

Thinking about the latter, Yu Yuyan even got a little excited. The rich and the powerful are in danger. Isn’t it true that men like to like the new and loathe the old, and although that Mu Xiaoyun is pretty, she doesn’t seem to be by Ye Mo’s side right now.

However, when Yu Yuyan raised her head again. But she couldn’t help but freeze, she clearly saw Ye Mo enter, and in such a short time. Ye Mo had already disappeared without a trace.


Inside the most luxurious meeting room of the headquarters building of the Tancheng God Chamber of Commerce, not only were the lights bright, but there were also numerous experts. Apart from Yun Ziyi and a half-step Xiantian old man beside her, there was also the young girl named Xiao Ling. However, at this moment, their faces were very ugly, while inside the conference room, apart from the three of them, there were also six men and three women, among whom the one with the highest cultivation level was already an Innate cultivator. Of course there was a great distance between their Innate and what Li Cheng thought was Innate.

“Elder Li Pei, you are also an Innate Elder of my ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’, and my father was not too kind to you at first. Why did you betray the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’? Forcing yourself on me like this?” Although Yun Ziyi’s face was a little ugly with anger, her tone was calm.

The man whom Yun Ziyi called Elder Li Pei looked far less than fifty, but was a beautiful man. Not only was he handsome, but he also had a good figure. But no one knew that. Although he looked less than fifty years old, he was in fact already in his sixties. He listened to Yun Ziyi’s words, but he frowned.

While Li Pei did not reply to Yun Ziyi’s words, a demure and beautiful woman next to him said disdainfully, “Ziyi, can you blame Brother Li Pei for this matter? Even if your father has offended the ‘Sea Merchant School’, so be it, why drag us into it? Besides, even if the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ does not merge into the ‘Sea Merchant School’, it will still end up being annexed. In the end, it will still be annexed. If one knows what is right now, merging to the ‘Sea Merchant School’ now will be beneficial to everyone.”

As soon as the beautiful woman’s words left her mouth, someone else immediately chimed in, “Yes, although the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ was founded by your father, it was the hard work of everyone to develop it to this day. The ‘Sea Merchant School’ is so powerful that it has already surpa*sed the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’, and for us to join the ‘Sea Merchant School’ now is also an opportunity for us. Otherwise, in a year or two at most, our ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ might not exist anymore.”

The old man next to Yun Ziyi suddenly stood up with a cold snort, “You people all know what you think, and you all know it very well in your hearts. When the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ was famous in the Divine Continent, when the old chairman was still there, why didn’t you all say this? Because at that time you were all making money and were in high positions and could make a lot of money. Now that the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ is in trouble, you all want to sell the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ and join our rival, the ‘Sea Merchant School’. It’s true, after you defect to the ‘Sea Merchant Faction’, you are still elders and can still make money, but what about the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’? I pooh ……”

Yun Ziyi sighed and stopped the old man from continuing, she already knew in her heart what these people were doing.

“Yun Tong, don’t pretend to be noble, I just don’t believe that you have earned less than us in the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ over the years. Besides, we did make some money, but we also earned it with hard work. Now we are helping the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ and what are you doing?” Just as the words of the old man next to Yun Ziyi finished, a sharp-tongued man stood up and retorted.

Yun Ziyi could no longer endure the other party’s shamelessness as she stood up and said angrily, “Chu Isheng, shut up, don’t think that I don’t know those thoughts of yours. How did my father get injured? And who sent people to a*sa*sinate me some time ago? Despicable and shameless …… Do you dare to say that you have not colluded with the ‘Sea Merchant Faction’ ……”

“Haha, that’s such an ugly thing to say, how can you say collusion? It’s called cooperation.” As this voice came, the door of the meeting room opened automatically and a man in his thirties walked in unhurriedly, followed by two middle-aged men with a smell of blood on their bodies, clearly two innate experts.