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DYM Chapter 757

“Feng Waxing? This is the meeting hall of my ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’, what are you doing over here?” Yun Ziyi was immediately startled when she saw the person who walked in outside the door. However, after she asked, she already knew what was happening.

Feng Waxing was the young leader of the ‘Sea Merchant Faction’, which was equivalent to her position in the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’. Now that the ‘Sea Merchant Sect’ had come here, it meant that not only had he already colluded with some of the elders of the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’, but he was also planning to go public.

“Young Master Feng ……,” as soon as Feng Waxing entered, someone immediately rose to greet him. Yun Ziyi clearly saw that within the nine elders, apart from Elder Feng and Elder Mang, the remaining seven all stood up and took the initiative to greet Feng Waxing. It seemed that Feng Waxing was a VIP, not an uninvited guest who had suddenly barged into an important meeting of the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’.

It also showed that the only two elders of the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ who were still on her side were Elder Feng and Elder Mang.

Feng Waxing smiled lightly and did not sit down, but carefully looked Yun Ziyi up and down before saying unhurriedly, “Yun Ziyi, the Purple Flower Fairy, what a great reputation. But the Purple Flower Fairy seems to be much prettier than before. As for what I’ve come for? Of course I’m here to talk business.”

After saying that Feng Waxing swept the two elders who had not greeted him, a murderous look flashed in his eyes and he continued, “I’m also sorry that something happened to Elder Yun, but you can’t talk nonsense, Fairy Purple Flower. My ‘Sea Merchant School’ is here to help the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’, not to drop stones. Of course this is only possible because I have admired Fairy Purple Flower for a long time.”

“I pooh. Don’t f*cking disgust me. Just that virtue of your old man Feng Neng. Can I not know what the f*ck you’re doing here? Get lost, this is the territory of the ‘Sea Chamber of Commerce’, don’t spill your guts with me here.” As soon as Feng Waxing’s words fell, one of the nine elders stood up and spat angrily.

“Where did that fly come from, swat him to death for me.” Feng Waxing glanced at the elder who had spoken and snorted coldly.

One of the two middle-aged men behind him who smelt of blood had long since pounced on the man who had just spoken and casually slapped out a fist.

The elder who had spoken seemed to have planned for the other man to attack, so he had long ago taken out a precious sword and aimed it at the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man who flew out from behind Feng Waxing’s back surprisingly kept his fist intact and still went at the sharp longsword. When it was about to touch the longsword, it strangely changed direction.

With a “boom”, his fist collided with the elder’s sword. But to the surprise of others, the elder’s sword was shattered by the punch. And the elder of the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ was sent flying several metres away at the same time. He crashed into the wall and spat out a mouthful of blood on the spot. A few shattered pieces of the sword, however, did not enter the inside of this elder’s body.

Yun Ziyi hurriedly went up and helped this elder up calling out, “Elder Feng, are you alright.” After saying that, she immediately took out a pill and put it in Elder Feng’s mouth.

“I’m fine.” After swallowing the pill, this elder reluctantly stood up, seeing that the blow just now had injured him badly.

After the bloody middle-aged man had knocked Elder Feng away, he was about to step forward again to continue the a*sa*sination. However, Feng Waxing waved his hand and said, “Changeless, that’s it, there’s no need to kill him in a hurry now, we’ll kill him later.”

“Yes,” the middle-aged man called Changeless answered, then looked at Elder Feng of the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ again and said coldly, “A mere half-step Innate, how dare you be arrogant.”

“You have gone too far, Feng Waxing, you are indeed the same as your father Feng Neng, shameless in the extreme. No wonder it’s the same hobby as your father’s.” Another woman who had ignored Feng Waxing when he came in stood up and pointed at Feng Waxing, shaking with anger.

If it was understandable that the elders of the original ‘God Chamber of Commerce’ wanted to have the ‘God Chamber of Commerce’ merged into the ‘Sea Merchant School’ because of their interests, then now the ‘ Sea Merchant Sect’ young master came to ‘God Chamber’ to fight and kill people at will, that was really bullying too much.

The words of this ”Divine Chamber of Commerce” female elder had seriously violated Feng Waxing’s taboo. In particular, the phrase ‘shameless in the extreme, no wonder it is the same as your father’s hobby’ made him unable to endure. It was because when one of Feng Neng’s concubines was cheating on her. When Feng Neng discovered it, he had the concubine tied up and sunk into the sea. As a result, Feng Waxing took a fancy to the concubine, secretly rescued her and took her as his own forbidden possession. When word of this incident got out, it became a big laughing stock for others.

So he said in a cold voice just as this female elder’s words fell, “Wu Wei, go and kill her.”

“Hold on, you cannot kill here. The reason why I am still staying in Sandalwood City is because I am waiting for big brother Ye, if you dare to kill my ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ people here, when big brother Ye comes, your ‘Sea Merchant School’ will become history.” When Yun Ziyi saw that Feng Waxing was about to kill again, she immediately stood up, she couldn’t let the only two remaining elders under her sect be killed.

“Haha ……” Feng Waxing suddenly looked up and laughed, “What an affectionate name, is that Brother Ye your concubine? It seems that you Purple Flower Fairy are only pretending to be decent, you are just as much of an a** at heart. If you want a man so badly, I’ll come and satisfy you later.”

Feng Waxing’s laughter suddenly stopped, he seemed to have been irritated by the words of that female elder just now, and could no longer maintain the same pretentious look he had just had. The tone of his voice was as cold as if it came from inside hell, and he said in a cold voice, “Return Brother Ye, even if your ancestor Ye comes, I will kill the same people I want to kill. Let my ‘Sea Merchant School’ become history? I would like to see how my ‘Sea Merchant School’ becomes history. But if he comes, I will let you watch him become history.”

Feng Waxing was not singing a one-man show, and he had just said that he would kill it by hand when someone replied, “Oh, I’m already here, and I’d like to know how you made me history.”

It was only at this moment that Feng Waxing realised that there was suddenly another person inside the conference hall, and to be precise, he didn’t know when there was a very young man inside the conference hall.

“Who are you? When did you come in?” Feng Waxing was not a fool, he had not seen Ye Mo’s appearance at all, and the way he appeared so suddenly made him cautious.

“Big brother Ye. You’re here.” Yun Ziyi’s surprised voice came out.

Feng Waxing’s face sank. “So you’re the one surnamed Ye.”

Ye Mo smiled blandly, “Not bad, just now I heard you say that you wanted to make me history, so I came over.”

Feng Waxing had never been to Divine Continent Mountain, although he had heard about this Hidden Sect Ranking Competition, where a person named Ye Mo on Divine Continent Mountain had a great power and killed dozens of Ascended Masters. And these dozens of Innate experts also included the peak Innate Leng Huan and Ling Wu Bian, and even Qi Kai. However, he did not know Ye Mo, and certainly did not know that big brother Ye was Ye Mo.

If he had known that Ye Mo was the one who had made his presence felt on Divine Continent Mountain, it would have been to kill him. He wouldn’t have come here either. Not to mention Ye Mo, any one of Leng Huan, Ling Wu Bian, or even Qi Kai could have destroyed the ‘Sea Merchant Sect’, not to mention Ye Mo who killed these people.

Feng Waxing listened to Ye Mo’s words. With a cold laugh, he said in an icy tone, “Changeless, cut off his limbs, I want to take a good look at this Brother Ye.”

“Yes.” The bloody middle-aged man called Impermanence executed his orders very thoroughly, and as soon as Feng Waxing finished his words, he had already lunged towards Ye Mo.

Moreover, he was reaching straight for Ye Mo’s neck, and his other hand was already planning to pull off Ye Mo’s hands directly. In his opinion, a fellow as young as Ye Mo was only at most at Xuan level cultivation. A young man with Xuan level cultivation. He was indeed not even a mole in front of him.

Ye Mo shook his head, although this fellow was already a solid early Heaven level as Li Cheng said, but with this kind of attitude towards his opponents he was lucky to survive a month in the cultivation world.

He didn’t wait for Changeless to come in front of him and casually sent four wind blades over.

Pervasive had cultivated to the Heavenly level and was certainly not an ordinary person. Ye Mo’s four wind blades came head-on without any gimmicks or hidden means. So as soon as the murderous wind blades reached him, he was immediately horrified. Immediately, he understood that the young man in front of him was definitely not Xuan level, but a very powerful fellow.

Wu Chang didn’t even think about it. Immediately, he was about to dodge Ye Mo’s four wind blades, but something even more shocking happened to him, his figure was actually blocked by something in the air. Of course, Changless, who had cultivated to Innate, understood what this was, it was real internal qi forming a wall.

To be able to block the wall of internal qi of a Xiantian expert like him, it could be seen how deep it was. A wave of despair flashed through Changeless’ heart. Originally, he had thought that after advancing to Xiantian, there were already very few people in this world who could kill him. But this had not been out for long, and he had been killed as if he was a chicken.

When had such a powerful expert appeared in the Divine Continent? Could it be that he was the legendary Ye Mo who had killed dozens of Xiantian in the mountains of God’s Continent and destroyed dozens of hidden sects?

But as soon as his thoughts reached here, he felt a chill in his hands and feet.

With a “thud”, when Wu Chang landed on the ground, he realised that his situation was exactly the same as the one Feng Waxing said about his hands and feet being chopped off.

His arms and legs had been completely cut off, and he didn’t even feel the pain.

“You are Ye Mo.” After Changeless just said this sentence, blood spurted out from the severed area and he immediately fainted.

The meeting hall, which had just been tense, instantly became eerily silent. Feng Waxing could even hear the sound of his own heavy breathing as one of the innate experts under him was inexplicably decapitated at the extremities before he could touch a single corner of someone’s clothing. This big brother Ye was actually so powerful? Even Yun Ziyi’s father, Yun Dongman, didn’t seem to be this powerful, right?

Feng Waxing felt some coldness in his hands and feet as he suddenly remembered the words that Wu Chang had said before he pa*sed out, “You are Ye Mo.”

He subconsciously raised his head and looked at Ye Mo and said, “You are Ye Mo?”

Feng Waxing only asked this subconsciously, he didn’t think of who was Ye Mo? Why was Ye Mo so powerful. But just because he didn’t think of it, didn’t mean others didn’t. The rest of the people in the hall had already understood who Ye Mo was, and the atmosphere suddenly became dead silent.

The weather in May on the Divine Continent was not very hot and even a little cool, but a few of the elders felt cold sweat rising up on their backs.

Feng Waxing subconsciously glanced at the dazed elders on all sides, as well as the already dazed Wu Wei, and seemed to remember something, his face immediately turned a card white as he muttered another sentence, “You are Ye Mo.”