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DYM Chapter 758

When Feng Waxing, the young master of the ‘Sea Merchant Sect’, who was arrogant as hell just a moment ago, completely understood who Ye Mo was, he could no longer contain his inner fear and actually flung himself down on his knees. However, no matter how much he wanted to say the words to beg for mercy, he could not utter a single word.

Only then did he realise that it was a completely different feeling to watch someone being killed by oneself, and to be killed by someone else. This feeling did not dawn on him until now.

Feng Waxing was just as shocked as Wu Wei behind him, although he was also an Innate, honestly, Wu Chang was that much more powerful than him, even Wu Chang couldn’t even last one move in front of Ye Mo, he definitely couldn’t beat his opponent either.

But if he did not go up, he would not be able to escape Feng Neng all the same. When he saw that Ye Mo turned back without looking at himself and Feng Waxing, he suddenly had a cross in his heart, he would be dead anyway if he went up or not, so he might as well take advantage of the opportunity to sneak attack. At this moment, Ye Mo was careless and did not put him in his eyes, and dared to leave his back to him.

Almost as soon as Wu Fu drew his scimitar, he had already cleaved it to Ye Mo’s back, the speed could not be said to be fast, and just when Wu Fu thought he was going to succeed with this blow, Ye Mo suddenly punched out a fist without looking back.

Ye Mo’s fist could not be said to have come after him, and when the wind of Ye Mo’s fist hit Wu Fu’s dantian right on time, Wu Fu knew that Ye Mo and he had struck almost at the same time. Not only did this punch completely destroy his dantian, but even his qi sea was completely destroyed.

Wu Wei had the appearance of a deflated and broken ball as he fell to the ground. His heart went cold, he knew he was finished, although he did not die, but a random strong man who was not a martial artist could now kill him.

“I won’t kill you, you bring back this young master’s head.” Ye Mo’s words made Wu Defeated winced, he had saved a life, but this was hardly different from being killed.

“Senior Ye, I didn’t expect you to come here in a big way, my junior ‘Sea Merchant School’ elder Chu Isheng. The ‘Sea Merchant Faction’ has been squeezing our ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ at every turn, and my junior has long wanted to rise up and fight back. Today, senior has come to administer justice, junior ……” A sharp-tongued man stepped out. First, he saluted Ye Mo, and then said in a very brave and fierce manner.

Only halfway through his words, he was interrupted by another female elder who had just scolded Feng Waxing, “Chu Isheng, you still want to be shameless, who just said that the ‘God Chamber of Commerce’ was about to perish, who said that the ‘God Chamber of Commerce’ might as well be merged Who was it that said that the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ would be better off being merged with the ‘Sea Merchant School’? You despicable person.”

“Elder Mang, how could I be such a person? This Feng Waxing fellow I have long been uncomfortable with.” This sharp-tongued Chuan Isheng retorted without even blushing a bit. After saying that he even walked up to the young gang leader of the ‘Sea Merchant Sect’ and kicked him down.

Feng Waxing fell to his knees. Even if he knew that Chu Isheng kicked him, he didn’t dare to move.

Ye Mo sneered in his heart, although he didn’t know that this sharp-tongued fellow was from that side. But just now that Elder Mang seemed to have not betrayed the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’, so it was clear that this Chu Isheng should be a villain.

Chu Isheng kicked Feng Waxing with no intention of kicking Feng Waxing in any way, and he didn’t dare to do anything to Feng Waxing either. The reason why he kicked Feng Waxing was to kill him. The reason why he kicked Feng Waxing was just to show his heart in front of Ye Mo, but how could Ye Mo not see this point.

He hit Feng Waxing’s dead center with a strand of true qi when Chu Isheng just kicked him. So almost as soon as Chu Yisheng’s foot finished kicking Feng Waxing, the young master of the ‘Sea Merchant School’ fell to the ground and died.

Not only was Chu Isheng dumbfounded by this result, but the rest of the people were also frozen, they could all see that Chu Isheng was not really trying to kill Feng Waxing, but Feng Waxing was kicked to death, which was very strange.

“No, I didn’t want to kill him ……,” Chu Isheng froze for a moment. Dumbfounded, he called out, his expression blank.

Ye Mo could be fine if he killed Feng Waxing, but he was finished if he killed this young master. Feng Neng, the leader of the ‘Sea Merchant Sect’, was said to be at the late Xiantian stage, to crush him, a peak Earth level, was as easy as killing a chicken.

“Oh, I thought you weren’t used to seeing the ‘Sea Merchant Faction’ suppressing your ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ to be like this? Turns out it wasn’t. But no matter what, you were able to kick this guy to death. It shows that you still look towards the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’.” Ye Mo said in a somewhat dazed manner.

“No, no, I am, not ……,” Chu Isheng was completely at a loss as to what to do now.

Ye Mo ignored Chu Isheng as he looked at Wu Wei and said, “You can take the two of them and go. Maybe one day I will accidentally go around the ‘Sea Merchant School’ as well.”

Wu Wei did not expect that the one who killed the young master was actually Chu Isheng, but even if it was Chu Isheng who killed him. At this moment, he did not dare to have any nonsense, but led the two out of the meeting hall quickly.

Ye Mo slowly walked to the top of a seat and sat down, he knew that Yun Ziyi would handle the following matters.

As expected Yun Ziyi immediately said after seeing Wu Defeated lead the people away, “The few elders should go and deal with the Chamber of Commerce first, the Chamber’s affairs have been piling up recently, I need to talk to Brother Ye about some things. Uncle Tong and Xiao Ling take Elder Feng to check his injuries and help Elder Feng with the best injury medicine.”

No one could tell that Ye Mo had secretly killed Feng Waxing, but Yun Ziyi was a little suspicious. That kick from Chu Isheng obviously couldn’t be fatal, but that Feng Waxing was dead by chance. But whatever was going on, she wouldn’t bother with it.

Moreover, she also knew that although many of the elders inside the Chamber of Commerce were biased towards the ‘Sea Merchant Faction’, she could not use Ye Mo’s hand to eradicate it all at once, as many of the affairs of the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ were still in their hands.

“Purple Flower Fairy, this should be the one thing you asked me for help with, now that I’ve helped you. And I believe that no one will dare to hit on your ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ anymore, but I do have one thing to ask you.” Ye Mo said only after he saw that everyone inside the meeting room had left.

He believed that with his deterrent power of destroying several hidden sects, those few elders would not be able to do anything to swallow up the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ again as long as they were not fools. If Yun Ziyi could not even do this to lend her strength, then there would be no need for the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ to exist.

Yun Ziyi hurriedly said, “Big Brother Ye, I actually already plan to give up on the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’, I didn’t ask you to come because of this matter.”

Ye Mo froze for a moment, I dare say he had gotten it wrong after half a day. However, Ye Mo didn’t care much, this kind of thing was just a casual matter for him. Of course he came here to promise Yun Ziyi’s conditions, but the more important point was that he wanted to know how to get out.

Mu Xiaoyun had disappeared and he had to find out, but it had been four years since he had left Luo Yue and Ye Mo was very concerned about how Luo Ying and Qing Xue and the girls were doing. So once he knew how to get out of here, he left as soon as he got the ‘Bitter Decade’ into his hands. Even if he had to come in again, he would bring Luo Ying and Qing Xue with him, nowadays, with his strength, he should not be afraid of anyone here in the Divine Continent.

“Oh, I wonder what the matter is? Tell me about it.” Although Ye Mo still had things to ask Yun Ziyi, he was not a fool, once Yun Ziyi’s conditions were too much, he would have to think about it.

Yun Ziyi was silent for a while before she made up her mind and said, “The reason why my ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ has become the number one chamber of commerce in the Divine Continent, apart from the fact that my father’s ancient martial cultivation is no less than that of the consecrated elders of any special hidden sect, there is another reason that no one knows about. ”

Yun Ziyi’s father, Yun Dongman, had already cultivated to the peak of Xiantian, which Ye Mo knew, he had heard Liu Lei say so. But the other reason that Yun Ziyi said that no one knew about, he really hadn’t heard about it, and his heart suddenly became a little curious, wondering what was so important.

Yun Ziyi sighed and said, “As long as the larger sects in the Divine Continent have their own chambers of commerce, it can be said that even though my father’s cultivation is very high, but in terms of force my ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ is at best only a little scandalous to others, far inferior to the depths of the Kun Qian Sect, Taiyi Sect and other such sects. And another main reason why our business is bigger than others is that we can go in and out of the outside world.”

“What?” Ye Mo suddenly stood up, he was thinking of asking Yun Ziyi about this matter and she actually took the initiative to say it, could she really manage to get in and out of the outside world?

Ye Mo couldn’t help but remember the digital camera on top of the last Hang Shui auction, at first he thought it was brought back by those disciples who went out for training, but now it seems that it shouldn’t be.

But Ye Mo quickly calmed down, since Yun Ziyi mentioned it, he took the initiative to ask, “Didn’t I hear that only once every fifty years, there is an opportunity to go out inside? And even if you force yourself to go out, it’s only once every twenty years.”

Yun Ziyi gave Ye Mo a surprised look at his words, but she quickly said with relief, “The information you said is very confidential, only some big hidden sects know about it, ordinary people don’t know about it. It is true that ordinary disciples of the Divine Continent only have the chance to go out for training once after fifty years. But my Yun family knows of a place where they can go out once a year.”

Seeing Ye Mo show strong interest, Yun Ziyi said even more carefully, “That place was a place my grandfather discovered unintentionally, but it required a ‘qi stone’ to go out, and those who went out needed a month before they could come in through the same method.”

Ye Mo was aware that the ‘Qi Qi stone’ that Yun Ziyi was talking about was a spirit stone, surprisingly, he could go out through a spirit stone, could it be a teleportation array? If he had been a little suspicious of a teleportation formation here when Ye Mo first came in, now, he would not be suspicious of a teleportation formation. He had already seen the spatial teleportation formation in the Five Embodied Mountains and experienced it for himself.

As expected, Yun Ziyi continued, “After my grandfather discovered this place, but failed to find out what it was, until my father later consulted a lot more information and knew that this thing was most likely a teleportation formation, only that my father was not sure. Because it was so complicated, my father didn’t look into it any further.

Later on, my father found that many things outside were not available here, so he brought back a large amount of goods through the teleportation array, and then brought out a large amount of goods from inside. This is how my Yun family’s ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ was made, step by step, into the number one chamber of commerce in the Divine Continent.”