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DYM Chapter 759

This kind of business, as long as it can keep the chamber from being crushed, then it will definitely develop into the number one chamber, there is no doubt about it ah.

Yun Ziyi continued, “It’s just that the things carried by that teleportation array cannot be too many, and only one person can go out at a time. Although I really wanted to go out, my father was not quite sure about me, so he never let me go out. Every time I go in and out of that teleportation array, it’s only people from my Yun family who are absolutely reliable. Even for that place, only my father and I, as well as a few elders of the Yun family, know about it.”

Speaking of this, Yun Ziyi looked gloomy for a while, and was silent for a while before continuing, “It wasn’t until that teleportation four years ago, after one person from my Yun family went out, but didn’t return on time when the month arrived. You know that people in my Yun family are very self-disciplined and would never stay outside just because the world outside is prosperous. My father reckoned at the time that something might be wrong, but my father was more inclined to believe that he was delayed because of something.

Three years ago, my Yun family sent a man out again, but a month later, he still hadn’t returned, so my father knew something must have gone wrong with that teleportation location outside. So two years ago, he teleported out on his own, but again, no news from him all the same, and a month later, he still hadn’t come back.”

Ye Mo already had some understanding, it looked like the elders of the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ and the people of the ‘Sea Merchant School’ knew that Yun Dong Man had disappeared, so they started hitting on the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’.

But even if the people outside knew about the teleportation array and started to intercept the people who were teleported out here, they couldn’t intercept Yun Dong Man, right? Ye Mo didn’t know how powerful Yun Dong Man was, but Ye Mo knew how powerful an Innate Peak was. An Innate Peak, in the outside world, was definitely a wildcard, how could he be caught by someone casually?

Ye Mo suddenly thought of the time he came to the small world four years ago, and to put it bluntly, he was still tainted by the light of Jing Hu, which allowed him to hitch a ride to the small world. Was it because last time he came here in an unusual way. He had broken the formation.

Yun Ziyi, however, did not know what was going through Ye Mo’s mind and instead said grimly, “Three months after my father left, that teleportation formation unexpectedly exploded of its own accord, leaving only a deep pit.”

When Yun Ziyi said this, she suddenly raised her head to look at Ye Mo and said, “Big Brother Ye, I know you should be from outside, so I would like to ask you to help me find my father if you can after you go out. If you can. Help my father come back again. I don’t have anything that I can hold up either. Just a few bits of beauty left, so if Brother Yun looks up to Zi Yi, I am willing to work as a slave and a maidservant.”

After saying that. Yun Ziyi stood up and came in front of Ye Mo and was about to bow down.

Ye Mo was greatly surprised in his heart, he didn’t know how Yun Ziyi knew that he came from outside. If it was a few years ago. He was definitely worried, but now he had no worry whatsoever, he was originally going to ask Yun Ziyi how he got out.

Unexpectedly, before his words were spoken, Yun Ziyi was talking to him about this matter first, and about going out too. He hurriedly stopped Yun Ziyi and said, “I am curious to understand, how did you know that I came from outside?”

Ye Mo had no thoughts about Yun Ziyi’s words about becoming a slave or a maidservant. Yun Ziyi was not his type, not to mention that he did not have any thoughts about Yun Ziyi, even if he did. He wouldn’t do it either. With Luo Ying and Light Snow, he was satisfied, and now there was another one, Xiao Yun. No matter what, he would not let Yun Ziyi get involved in his life as well. Moreover, Yun Ziyi, a woman who was very calculating, was simply not his type of woman that Ye Mo liked.

Yun Ziyi seemed to know that Ye Mo was going to ask this as she sat down again and said, “A few years ago, at the top of the Hang Shui auction. There was a bearded man who bought the ‘Earth Spirit Fruit’ and two sets of ‘Qi Qi Stones’. If Zi Yi hadn’t guessed wrongly then, that person should be you, Big Brother Ye. And before that, big brother Ye had been to my ‘Divine Merchant Bank’ to exchange a thousand pounds of gold bricks for gold tickets, and those bricks were exactly the same size and all weighed almost the same.”

When Yun Ziyi said this Ye Mo had understood. The flaws were always exposed inadvertently, so it looked like he needed to act more carefully in the future.

As expected, Yun Ziyi continued, “I know that the technology outside is many times better than that of the Divine Continent. The power generation in here and some of the technological means were all brought in from outside. The fact that those gold bricks are so consistent in appearance shows that this is a machine pressed out. What’s more, I found some letters on one of the gold bricks, because I know there are several countries outside that use this kind of English alphabet. So, I guessed that these gold bricks came from outside.”

Only then did Ye Mo realise that he had surprisingly not done a thorough job of erasing the English on the gold bricks in the first place, and had left a piece behind.

Looking at Yun Ziyi staring at himself, Ye Mo could only say with a secret sigh, “Miss Yun, actually you are right, I am from outside. But there is another point that you might not have thought of, I came to you to ask you how to leave this place to go outside. Now it seems that you shouldn’t know either.”

Yun Ziyi listened to Ye Mo with wide eyes before she realised that her thoughts were too much wishful thinking. She froze for a long time before she said hesitantly, “Brother Ye, but how did you get in again?”

Ye Mo had to tell Yun Ziyi about Jing Hu, and to put it bluntly, he had come in through Jing Hu.

After Yun Ziyi understood the way Ye Mo came in, she was immediately greatly disappointed and the disappointment in her eyes was obvious.

Seeing the look on Yun Ziyi’s face, Ye Mo had no choice but to say, “Miss Yun, I must get out, you tell me the place where the Hidden Sect went out. Although it is said that the formation only loosens once every few decades, I will go first and see if there might be another way. As long as I get out, I will definitely help you find your father.”

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, Yun Ziyi once again showed some expectant eyes and said, “Actually, that place is the Divine Continent Mountain, which has nine peaks, and these nine peaks show a two hundred and forty degree fan shape. There is a huge rock platform under the middle peak, and the rock platform is where the Hidden Gate enters and leaves the outside. But I heard that it can only be opened once every fifty years, and each time it is opened, you have three hours to get out through it. I heard that there is also a Big Dipper Seven Star Formation outside that communicates with this platform, and after three years, one can come in through the Big Dipper Seven Star Formation again.”

It could be said that what Yun Ziyi said was similar to what Ye Mo understood, the only information he got was just the location to go out.

The ‘Seven Stars of the Big Dipper’ formation Ye Mo certainly knew, and the ‘bitter ten years’ that Meng Jiushan said was near this ‘Seven Stars of the Big Dipper’. There was a ‘Seven Stars of the Big Dipper’ deep in the sea of clouds in the Hengduan Mountain Range, and Ye Mo also came in from there, but Ye Mo searched all over that vicinity and could not find the ‘Bitter Decade’. So he thought that the ‘Seven Stars of the Big Dipper’ that Meng Jiushan said back then should be inside the small world, and this formation should echo up with the ‘Seven Stars of the Big Dipper’ formation outside.

But from what Yun Ziyi said, the nine peaks on the Divine Continent Mountain did not seem to be the ‘Seven Stars of the Big Dipper’ formation.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo immediately asked, “Miss Yun, is that Divine Continent Mountain going out a ‘Seven Stars of the Big Dipper’ formation?”

“No, it’s only the ‘Seven Stars of the Big Dipper’ when you go out, but it’s not this inside.” Yun Ziyi immediately replied.

“Then is there a place like the ‘Seven Stars of the Big Dipper’ in the Divine Continent? Or a mountain range like the Sea of Clouds?” When Ye Mo heard that it wasn’t the same place, his heart immediately became a little nervous. The ‘Seven Stars of the Northern Dipper’ formation was something he had to find, if he couldn’t find it, he would have no way to find the ‘Bitter Decade’, and if he couldn’t find the ‘Bitter Decade’ he would have no way to build his foundation.

Yun Ziyi frowned and thought carefully again and again before shaking her head and saying, “No, I have never heard of the ‘Seven Stars of the Northern Dipper’ formation anywhere.”

Ye Mo knew that although Yun Ziyi was young, she definitely had more experience than the average person, as she was the head of the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’. Even she didn’t know about this place, so it looked like it would be a bit difficult for him to find the place where the ‘Bitter Decade’ grew.

Seeing Ye Mo’s silence, Yun Ziyi took out a map and handed it to Ye Mo and said, “This is a map of the Divine Continent, although it is not quite complete, but ninety percent of the places are there, I hope it will be of some use to you.”

Ye Mo took the map and looked at it, it was indeed very careful, even a small place like Huangping Village was there.

Putting the map away, Ye Mo said, “Thank you, this map is indeed useful to me, I have to go look for Xiao Yun. There are still some remaining things to do, if I have a way to get out, I will definitely come to you first.”

When Yun Ziyi saw Ye Mo stand up, she knew he was leaving, so she quickly picked up a wooden box beside her and opened it, taking out a cloth bag and a photo and handed it to Ye Mo, “This is my father’s photo, there are also twenty ‘Qi Qi Stones’ inside this cloth bag, they are no longer useful to me now, I hope Ye Big brother you can take it.”

Ye Mo knew that the reason why Yun Ziyi gave her father’s photo to herself was because she still wanted her to help her find her father. However, twenty ‘Qi Qi Stones’ were not a small fortune to Ye Mo.

This kind of thing, Ye Mo didn’t even push back a bit and immediately accepted it. To him the purpose of the spirit stones was not only for cultivation, there were also teleportation arrays here, in case he found a teleportation array one day and didn’t have the spirit stones to teleport, that would be a joke.

Of course Ye Mo would not take advantage of Yun Ziyi for nothing, he took out four jade bottles and handed them to Yun Ziyi and said: ”There are four pills inside these four bottles, I have marked them all. The ‘Peiyuan Dan’ will allow you to advance to the Earth level cultivation 100% of the time, and the ‘Great Peiyuan Dan’ will allow you to advance to the Heaven level 100% of the time, oh no, it’s the Ascendant level. There’s also a ‘Face Preserving Pill’ which is good for your face, and a ‘Lotus Life Pill’ which can heal any injury. Thank you for these ‘qi stones’, these will be yours.”

Yun Ziyi received the pills handed over by Ye Mo and almost froze, any one of these pills could drive countless people crazy, but Ye Mo was giving away four of them, he was too generous.

Looking at Yun Ziyi’s dazed look, Ye Mo said once again, “Right, Miss Yun, I still have an important matter that I need a favor from you.”