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DYM Chapter 760

Yun Ziyi finally snapped out of her shock, her hands still trembling a little. Innate Heaven, a goal that many Earth-level peaks had been unable to achieve in their entire lives, and she was already holding it in her hands. And then there was the face-residing pill, which almost made it hard for her to believe.

If someone else had said it, perhaps Yun Ziyi would still have some disbelief, but for Ye Mo she had no doubts at all. This was because she knew that Ye Mo was a very powerful pill refiner, and she also knew that Ye Mo was also a very powerful expert, even surpa*sing all the Innate.

Imagine if Ye Mo’s pills weren’t so bullish, how could he be able to defeat a peak Xiantian expert at such a young age?

Ye Mo knew that Yun Ziyi was a little excited, so he didn’t wait for Yun Ziyi to answer before taking out a few more bottles of pills and handing them to her and said, “Here are a few more pills, when the time comes, you help me sell them through your auction.”

Yun Ziyi hurriedly took the pills and said in a trembling voice, “Of course, is that what you need my help with?”

Ye Mo smiled faintly, of course he wouldn’t be about these things. He directly took out a small booklet from inside his ring and handed it to Yun Ziyi and said, “You help me collect the things in this booklet, there are some medicinal herbs and ores and such in here, anyway, as long as you can collect them, help me buy them all. If there isn’t enough money, you help me make up for it and I’ll return it to you the next time I come here.”

Yun Ziyi took the small booklet Ye Mo handed her and casually flipped through it, there were indeed some precious medicinal herbs inside, and many more she had never even heard of. However, Ye Mo had given her such precious things, so of course she didn’t care if the money was enough.

All the way until Ye Mo left the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’, Yun Ziyi was still in a daze. Was the outside world so amazing? There was someone like Ye Mo. Why did father say that the outside was only dominated by strange techniques and tricks, while those with truly profound cultivation were far inferior to the inside?

A person who could refine 100 percent to advance to the Innate level, how powerful would his pill refining skills be?


Divine Continent Mountain, this was the second time Ye Mo had come here. The first time he came, he only had Mu Xiaoyun in his eyes, and when he left the first time. The only thing on his mind was also Mu Xiaoyun. So he only knew that there was an air ban on the Divine Continent Mountain, he only knew that there was a Nine Peaks on the Divine Continent Mountain, as for how these Nine Peaks were arranged. He didn’t know anything about the nine peaks, nor did he know anything about the allusions.

This time he had come to check this place out because Yun Ziyi had said that the peak in the middle of the nine peaks of Divine Continent Mountain was the one that led to the outside.

The great battle on Divine Continent Mountain had long pa*sed for several days. The corpses that Ye Mo had killed at the beginning had long been disposed of by the people of the Hidden Sect. Only the patches of blood left everywhere could testify that this place had experienced a great battle.

The nine peaks of the Divine Continent were clustered around the Divine Continent Mountain for tens of miles, and because the nine peaks were not arranged equidistantly, Ye Mo easily found the one in the middle.

Exactly as Yun Ziyi had said, there was indeed a huge stone platform under this mountain peak in the middle. No one else could see what this boulder platform was about, but Ye Mo could see it when he walked over.

It was clearly a ‘Seven Star Formation’, meaning that this Seven Star Formation was related to seven of the nine mountain peaks. This formation clearly echoed the ‘Seven Star Formation’ deep in the sea of clouds in the Hengduan Mountain Range, but what was different was that this formation did not leak the slightest aura. That is to say, with Ye Mo’s current skills. There was no way to open the formation to get out.

If it was the formation outside, Ye Mo might be able to try through the seven spirit stones method, as the formation outside seemed to be loosened very much. But with the formation inside, he couldn’t even find the formation eye.

And even if he found the formation eyes and put down the spirit stones. Ye Mo also knew that this kind of formation could not be driven by a lower grade spirit stone. It would require at least upper grade spirit stones, and he didn’t even have medium grade spirit stones, let alone upper grade spirit stones.

The people inside could go out every fifty years, and in Ye Mo’s mind, it was only when the formation was loosened. Then there were experts who jointly used their inner qi to open a position in the ‘Seven Stars of the Northern Dipper’ formation.

After checking it out for half a day, Ye Mo left the place in disappointment. One, he could not use his cultivation to open the formation, and two, he was sure that this was not the location of the ‘Bitter Decade’. There was no longer any point in continuing to stay here. Perhaps that day would allow him to find some top quality spirit stones and come back to try again.

But no matter what, Ye Mo also decided that now, apart from cultivating and refining pills, he would study the formations, and perhaps one day when he had studied this ‘Seven Stars of the Northern Dipper’ formation thoroughly, then he would be able to enter and exit at will at any time. The good thing was that the ‘Three Life Technique’ was very helpful to him in learning new things, so perhaps he could likewise study the formations and end up being as self-contained as he was in alchemy.

Although he was disappointed when he left, Ye Mo knew that he had some other things to do besides studying formations.

Apart from going to see the exploded teleportation array of the Yun family, he had to look around for Mu Xiaoyun, and on top of that, he wanted to make a side trip to Shi Feng Village outside of Handong City to fulfil Lu Yue’s last wish. Of course, if he could meet this Daoist nun, Jing Hu, he would not mind killing one more person.


The Divine Continent can be described as a place where the Hidden Sects rule and then the major powers are divided, a place where the strong speak and the weak must cling to the strong in order to survive. There are many cities here, but behind each city there is a Hidden Sect in control, and the highest person in charge of these cities, the lord of a city, is only accountable to the Hidden Sect. To the ordinary people, the city lord is their greatest governor.

And the main means by which the major cities can communicate is the Chamber of Commerce, or rather some merchants who do business. They are the main force that pulls the economy of the whole Divine Continent forward.

It can be said that the best place to go in the Divine Continent is to enter the Hidden Sect, and the next best thing is to do business. That is why there are so many different major merchants in the Divine Continent. Although the major hidden sects directly control the cities, these hidden sects have their own chambers of commerce in order to get more support.

These chambers of commerce not only bring them a lot of money, but also a lot of cultivation resources, as well as a lot of security of survival and information about various places.

When there are more merchants, there are more chambers of commerce, and the same competition becomes more and more fierce. Not only does a chamber need to be protected by strong force, it also needs the novelty of its merchandise. Otherwise, your chamber will either be swallowed up by force or eliminated from the market.

The ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ was such a miracle, it was not a chamber controlled by the Great Hidden Sect, yet it grew bigger and bigger, and eventually became the largest chamber of commerce in the entire Divine Continent.

The reason why the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ became the largest chamber of commerce in the Divine Continent was actually quite simple to put it bluntly, they didn’t have any unique business methods, there were just two things, firstly the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce”s Guild Master, Yun Dong Man, was a peak innate expert. Secondly, the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ would often come up with novelty items that no one else could come up with. As the leader of the Divine Continent Chamber of Commerce, the rest of the people had to care about every word and deed of the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’.

However, since the disappearance of the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce”s president, Yun Dongman, two years ago, the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ could be said to be a year worse than the year of King Xiao Er.

In today’s Divine Continent, the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ can no longer be said to be the leading party, and in its place is the ‘Sea Merchant School’.

Since a year and a half ago, the ‘Sea Merchant Faction’ swept out immediately after determining that something had happened to Yun Dong Man. It was as if they had been prepared for this for a long time, and they soon encroached on most of the territory of the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ and took over most of the business of the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’.

This time Feng Waxing went to Sandalwood to prepare for the full annexation of the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’, and this had been something that the ‘Sea Merchant School’ had been planning for a long time.

As the leader of the ‘Sea Merchant Faction’, Feng Neng was determined to win this matter. The reason why he sent his son Feng Waxing was that he wanted to have Feng Waxing take direct control of the business of the original ‘God’s Chamber of Commerce’ after annexing it.

Not to mention that Yun Dong Man had now disappeared, even if Yun Dong Man came back after he had annexed the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’, he would not be the least bit afraid.

Feng Neng dared to suddenly annex the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ not without a bit of courage, he was now at the late stage of Xiantian, he believed that after he annexed the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’, with the depth of the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ He believed that after he had annexed the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’, with the depths of the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ and the treasures of the ‘Sea Merchant School’, he would be able to advance to the peak of the Ascendant within two years.

Once he reached the peak of Xiantian, Yun Dong Man would be a dish to him, not to mention Yun Dong Man who had been missing for two years.

Feng Neng knew how difficult it was to advance to Xiantian, but his ‘Sea Merchant School’ had three Xiantian, and apart from the Wu Chang Wu Defeat brothers, he also had a beloved butler, Fang Kuan. As for the Ascended Masters of the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’, as far as he knew, apart from Yun Dong Man, there was only one person called Li Pei. Moreover, Li Pei was now tantamount to secretly defecting to the ‘Sea Merchant School’.

Although there were still a few Half-step Innocents in the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’, Feng Neng also knew that not even five out of a hundred Half-step Innocents would be able to advance to Innocence. And only one out of a hundred Innates could advance to the late Innate stage at most, and only one out of ten late Innates could become a peak Innate expert.

Therefore, he is now not only at ease with himself, but also with his son Feng Waxing. With two Innate masters around him, Wu Chang Wu Defeat, he could be said to have no problem walking around in Sandalwood City. As for the Extraordinary Hidden Sect’s Innate, they generally rarely bothered with such matters.

He felt excited at the thought that the ‘Sea Merchant School’ would soon become the number one chamber of commerce in the Divine Continent and he would be in control of a huge power. At that time, the best things in the Divine Continent would not be the first to be placed in front of him. Anything and everything would have to be available for him to pick over before he could say anything.

I had heard that ‘Qi Qi Stones’, which were difficult to obtain even for the Extraordinary Hidden Sect, were available by the dozen at the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’. And even the ‘Earth Spirit Fruits’ were something that the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ was not worth mentioning, which was brought out for sale.

Feng Neng got excited at the thought of being pleased with himself, and as soon as he pulled one of the maidservants beside him in his arms, he was about to lift up his dress.

But sometimes, things were just so spoiled, and he had just come to the point of pa*sion when he was interrupted by a report from his men.