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DYM Chapter 761

“What is it?” Feng Neng said with a sullen look on his face, he had just tried to do something and he was interrupted.

The subordinate who came in said with some trepidation, “Lord Gang Master, Elder Wu Defeated has returned with Young Master and Elder Wu Chang.”

When Feng Neng heard that it was his son who had returned, he must have finished the matter in Tancheng. He was still relatively relieved that his son had finished the matter so quickly. He had not yet heard the meaning of the man’s words, and simply nodded, pulling the servant girl aside again and saying, “Since Waxing has returned, let the three of them come in ……”

When he said this, Feng Neng seemed to remember something, he slapped the table and stared at the henchman and said in a cold voice: “Next time if you speak nonsense when you speak, immediately beat him to death with a messy stick.”

He had already remembered the words he had just said Chapter 761 Be sensible, it wasn’t that the young master had returned with Wu Chang and Wu Wei, but that Wu Wei had returned with the young master and Wu Chang.

“Ah, no, I didn’t say anything nonsensical, it was Elder Wu Defeated who brought …… them back,” the henchman who came in to report was a bit obtuse and hadn’t figured out what the gang leader meant by being angry until now.

Feng Neng coldly snorted, his mood became more and more upset, he simply did not bother to listen to further, raised his hand and grabbed a cup and smashed it down. The cup smashed right into the forehead of this man, and instead of breaking, the cup was embedded into his skull, and blood immediately flowed down his forehead.

The henchman stared at Feng Neng with wide eyes, as if he was dying and did not know why the gang leader wanted to kill him. Was it just because he had come in and disturbed the good work of the gang master? But what he had to report was just as important.

Before Feng Neng could say drag on, another horse-faced man hurriedly walked in.

Feng Neng frowned, he knew this was the number one cadre under him, his steward, called Fang Kuan, who was still above the Irregularity and Defeat brothers. He was also an Innate cultivator, and although he was also an early Innate, he had a handful of concealed weapons that could not even defend against a mid Innate expert. And he also has a great skill. It is the qi needle injury.

Generally, even those who could gather Qi to form needles to injure people Chapter 761 – Be Wise, might not be able to do so even at the peak of Innate, but Fang Kuan could do so.

Fang Kuan was Feng Neng’s biggest beloved, and had followed him for the longest time. Back then, when Fang Kuan was still an Earth-level cultivator, he had the audacity to rape a city lord’s daughter, and as a result, he was chased and killed by the city lord. At the critical moment, Feng Neng saved him and let him follow him around. Later, after Fang Kuan had advanced to Xiantian. Only after he had killed all the family of the city lord did he stop.

Fang Kuan had a very high status in the ‘Sea Merchant School’. Moreover, Feng Neng treated him well, so he was also loyal to Feng Neng, the boss.

Although Feng Neng was a little unhappy that Fang Kuan had barged in at this time, he did not say anything. Of course, he could not treat Fang Kuan the same way as he would treat a small minion.

When Fang Kuan entered, he didn’t even look at the dead subordinate on the ground, but said hurriedly, “Big brother, Young Master Waxing was killed in Tancheng. Wu Chang had his limbs chopped off and now he has bled to death. Only Wufei has returned alone, but Wufei has also had his dantian annihilated and is now a ruined man.”

Only Fang Kuan was the only one in the entire ‘Sea Merchant Sect’ who could call Feng Neng big brother, and this could also show how high Fang Kuan’s status was in Feng Neng’s heart.

“What?” Feng Neng’s face changed drastically after hearing Fang Kuan’s words, and he immediately stood up. If anger could be turned into flames, his room would have been filled with flames by now.

He only had one son, Feng Waxing, and he really held him in his hands for fear of dropping him and put him in his mouth for fear of him melting away. Even if Feng Waxing had secretly stolen his concubine, he could still pretend that nothing had happened. But now his son had been killed. Could he not be angry? Moreover, his most powerful brother, Wu Chang Wu Defeated, had also been destroyed, and this kind of revenge was already unforgivable.

“Who is it? , who the hell is it, ah ……” Feng Neng had almost gone mad, the coffee table in front of him had been slapped into pieces by him. The two servant girls around him were so frightened that they hid to the side, afraid that if they were not careful, they would be killed by this terrible master.

“Gang master. Wu Wei is incompetent, please punish the gang master ……” Wu Wei had just entered when he saw the gang master in a rage. Immediately, he knelt down and begged for punishment.

Behind him were four men from the ‘Sea Merchant School’ carrying two stretchers on which lay his son, Feng Waxing and Wu Chang, both of whom were lying.

Feng Neng’s face turned blue and white and grey. He went to Feng Waxing’s side and lifted the white cloth from his face. He saw a terrified and frightened face, white as a sheet, and it was his son Feng Waxing. The other stretcher he didn’t need to look at, he knew it was Wu Chang without a doubt.

At this moment, he was not thinking about the man he had killed by mistake, but about how to fry the skin and bones of his enemy.

No one in the room dared to breathe loudly, and they did not dare to speak at this time. Feng Neng could kill anyone in his rage.

It was only after a long time that Feng Neng slowly calmed down, he slowly turned his head back to sit back in the seat above him again and breathed out before saying icily, “Wu Wei, what is going on, tell me carefully.”

“Yes, gang master.” Wu Wei took a deep breath, he knew that the young master had died under his guardianship, no matter how justified, and that he was not going to end up much better. But he had to tell the whole story.

“Once we entered Sandalwood City, we had already contacted a few elders from the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ who had agreed to work with us ……”

Just as Wu Wei said this he was interrupted by Feng Neng, who gave Wu Wei a cold glance and said in a cold voice, “Get to the point, and cut the crap on the irrelevant stuff.”

“Yes.” A sadness welled up in Wu Wei’s heart, even if he was a Xiantian, in his Feng Neng’s eyes he was just a dog of his, right? Now that his cultivation was all but ruined, he was probably even worse than a dog. Before this, when had Feng Neng not been polite and courteous to the brothers, where would he behave like this? The tea was cold before the man had left, but the tea was not cold at all.

Feng Neng did not ask him to get up, but he did not want to continue to kneel down. He stood up, his tone much calmer, “The one who killed the young master was an elder of the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’, his cultivation level was half-step Xiantian, his name was Chu Isheng.”

Feng Neng didn’t bother with the matter of Undefeated himself getting up, he suddenly grunted icily, “Chu Isheng, a mere half-step Innate Heaven, and you dare to kill the young master of my ‘Sea Merchant School’. How dare you, I won’t rest until I cut off a piece of his flesh and feed it to the dogs.”

Wu Wei gave a cold laugh secretly, but his mouth remained calm, “At that time, Chu Isheng kicked at the young master, yet he obviously had no killing intent, yet the young master died. I suspect that the person who really did the killing was not Chu Isheng, but Ye Mo.”

“Ye Mo, who is Ye Mo?” Feng Neng had not yet reacted.

However, Wu Wei’s expression remained calm as he said, “Ye Mo is the one who helped the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’, he came in and killed my brother Wu Chang, then the young master kowtowed to him and begged for mercy. Chu Isheng was originally an internal agent of our ‘Sea Merchant Faction’, but when he saw Ye Mo coming, he even took the initiative to go up and kick the young master in order to please Ye Mo.”

“Ye Mo, no matter who he is, if he dares to provoke me, I will let him know how happy death is for him ……” Feng Neng was already so angry that he could not control himself, he could not wait to immediately capture the person who killed his son and devour him alive.

“That Ye Mo said that he told you to be sensible, gang master, because he will come around to the ‘Sea Merchant School’ at the drop of a hat.” Defenseless seemed not to see Feng Neng’s furious look and still added calmly.

“Haha …… let me be sensible ……,” Feng Neng laughed angrily, but he did not half laugh.

Fang Kuan glanced at Wu Wei strangely, he knew that Wu Wei was not a talkative person, but today he really seemed to be talking a bit too much.

Ye Mo? Fang Kuan suddenly remembered a man who had killed countless experts on Divine Continent Mountain a few days ago, and the Innate was a chicken that could not resist in his hands. Later on, he had single-handedly destroyed several hidden sects, which also included the Taiyi Sect, a special grade hidden sect.

This was not what scared others the most, what scared others the most was that he had exterminated more than a dozen hidden sects in one day, and these hidden sects were so far away from each other that some of them would take a few days by car, but that one called Ye Mo had exterminated them in one day. No one knew how Ye Mo was able to go to so many places in such a short period of time.

Everyone knew about these hidden secrets, but none of them dared to talk about them openly. Ye Mo had even become a taboo now, a taboo for the Hidden Sect.

Although the ‘Sea Merchant Sect’ was not small in strength, it seemed that it was too inadequate in front of Ye Mo. If the Ye Mo Wufu was talking about was this Ye Mo, then the ‘Sea Merchant Sect’ should not talk about revenge, but should consider how to survive.

Thinking of this Fang Kuan winced, he was almost certain that the Ye Mo Wufu was talking about was this man, who else but him could easily kill Wufu? Who else could easily destroy Wuyou’s cultivation? Who else would not take the ‘Sea Merchant School’ into account?

Fang Kuan thought of it, but Feng Neng was already shaking with anger, so how could he still think of who was Ye Mo.

“Fang Kuan, get ready immediately and go to Sandalwood with me, old me really wants to see who this bully is? Let me be sensible? It’s best if he still has the guts to not leave Sandalwood City. And that Purple Flower Fairy …… If I don’t f*ck her to death, I don’t deserve to be the head of the ‘Sea Merchant Faction’ ……” Feng Neng looked fierce. The words were spat out almost word for word.

Fang Kuan, who already understood who Ye Mo was, certainly wouldn’t let Feng Neng go to his death. He didn’t wait for Feng Neng to finish his words before stepping forward and saying, “Big brother, that Ye Mo should be the one who killed countless Xiantian in Divine Continent Mountain a few days ago and wiped out many sects including Taiyi Sect with divine speed …… ”

Feng Neng’s voice came to an abrupt halt as if he was an angry rooster being choked, as he suddenly felt a wave of cold air drilling through his head.

Wu Wei looked at Feng Neng’s expression from extreme anger to extreme shock, and suddenly felt a wave of relief and relief in his heart ….