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DYM Chapter 762

The space that had just been filled with anger seemed to have become silent all of a sudden. Feng Neng could not have imagined that just one name would make him not dare to show his anger on his face, and he fell silent in the same way.

At this point, Feng Neng had slipped from his overwhelming anger into extreme calmness, and was no longer the hysterical Feng Neng of a moment ago. For other enemies, he could stand on the roof and shout “kill”, but for Ye Mo, not only did he not dare to shout like that, he even had to go and make amends to him.

What kind of person was Ye Mo? He had easily killed Leng Huan and Ling Wushui, and this was even under the siege of countless Xiantian experts. And he Feng could face Leng Huan or Ling Wushui, that was just a plate of food.

Ye Mo was able to easily exterminate the Taiyi Sect and the Twin Sword Sect. The ‘Sea Merchant Sect’, which was far less powerful than the ‘Taiyi Sect’, faced such a person, it was like facing just an egg from a hammer.

Feng Neng was angry, but he did not dare to express his anger, a feeling that suffocated him and made him so depressed that he wanted to vomit blood. Perhaps he had just issued the order to hunt down and kill Ye Mo today, and the next moment his ‘Sea Merchant School’ was about to become history. Perhaps without waiting for him to issue the order, Ye Mo would really do what he said and accidentally walk into the ‘Sea Merchant School’ and wipe out his Chamber of Commerce.

But even if Ye Mo was powerful enough to kill his Feng Neng’s only son, would he be willing to stop there?

Fang Kuan looked at Feng Neng’s bewildered and stifled expression, he knew how Feng Neng was feeling at this moment. He casually sent the rest of the people in the house away, even the two servant girls, before saying, “Big brother, what are you going to do?”

Feng Neng put down his hand, which had just been raised in excitement, and said in a gloomy tone, “What can I do? That God of Killers, it’s already my luck that he’s not coming to destroy my ‘Sea Merchant School’. If I were to look for him, wouldn’t that be no different from looking for death. But if I have to let it go like this, I really don’t want to.”

Fang Kuan said with a faint smile, “Big brother, tell me honestly, do you want to take revenge?”

Feng Neng’s face was ashen as he said, “He killed my only son. How can I not want to take revenge? But even if I want to take revenge, I have to be able to do so. I heard that that period Youxin didn’t even last a single move in front of Ye Mo in order to avenge his son. Perhaps what I need to think about now is not how to take revenge, but how to preserve my ‘Sea Merchant School’. Fang Kuan, think of a way to send a generous gift to the ‘God Chamber of Commerce’, hey ……”

Fang Kuan nodded and said, “Big brother. Sending a gift to the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ is a must, and the heavier this gift is, the better. But if big brother wants to take revenge. It is not without a solution.”

When Feng Neng heard Fang Kuan’s words, he immediately stood up and grabbed Fang Kuan’s hand with an excited face and said, “Xiandi, what method do you have to take revenge for Ping’er? Tell me, tell me quickly.”

Fang Kuan patted Feng Neng’s hand and said, “Big brother, who do you think is more beautiful, that Purple Flower Fairy or Ji Mei?”

Feng Neng immediately thought of Ji Mei and her face like the bright moon. There were also eyebrows that were curved like a crescent moon, and skin like gelatin. In that moment, he almost forgot about his son’s hatred, and only Ji Mei’s appearance was in his mind.

Only after a long time did he wake up and let out a breath, “Although the Purple Flower Fairy is the most beautiful woman on earth, in my opinion, she is not as good as Ji Mei. Xiandi, you said there is a way to take revenge, what does this have to do with Ji Mei?”

“Big brother. If you really want to take revenge, then you have to take out Ji Mei and give her to Ye Mo.” Fang Kuan didn’t wait for Feng Neng to finish his words before he said decisively.

“What?” Feng Neng was shocked, Ji Mei was only obtained by him a year ago, when she was stranded on the streets and was about to be sold into the hook. When Feng Neng saw Ji Mei, he fell in love with the woman at first sight. He fell in love with her at first sight, because he was in love with her. So he was reluctant to go against her wishes and did not force himself on her, but agreed to have sex six months later when he was married.

Such a woman he had reserved. How could he give such a beautiful woman to an enemy? It would never do.

“No. This is absolutely not okay.” Without waiting for Fang Kuan to say anything more, Feng Neng had already refused.

Fang Fuan sighed, although he had some small calculations, he was mostly sincere for Feng Neng’s good. That Ji Mei, he always felt that there was something odd about her. With his years of experience in picking flowers, this Ji Mei was definitely not the kind of soft woman she appeared to be, but he had tried countless times, but was unable to test her out. This time, if he could kill Ye Mo and drive Ji Mei away, it would be a two-for-one deal.

But Fang Kuan also knew that if he were to say that Ji Mei was eccentric, Feng Neng would definitely not listen to him. He coughed before he slowly said, “Why does big brother think Ye Mo wants to help the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’?”

Feng Neng shook his head, he really didn’t know, he had only heard that Ye Mo was a very powerful person, the rest he knew nothing about Ye Mo.

Fang Kuan, however, said, “I have learned about this person, all of them know that he has a very powerful cultivation. But he also has another characteristic, which is that he is extremely lustful. Big brother might not know about the incident back in the Divine Continent Mountain, that incident happened because of a woman called Mu Xiao Yun. That woman was a woman that Ye Mo liked, and because of that woman Ye Mo went on a killing spree on Divine Continent Mountain.”

Feng Neng hadn’t inquired about Ye Mo, but now that he heard Fang Kuan say this, he became focused.

Fang Kuan continued, “Back then, that woman named Mu Xiao Yun had already hooked up with Ye Mo, while the Taiyi Sect wanted that Mu Xiao Yun, and as a result, they happened to come across Ye Mo returning, which led to that shocking battle in the first place. As for why Ye Mo helped the ‘God Chamber of Commerce’, I don’t need to investigate to know the reason. Yun Ziyi of the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ was likewise a beautiful woman, and she should have taken the initiative to offer her body to Ye Mo in order to get him to help, which is why Ye Mo targeted our ‘Sea Merchant School’.”

After hearing Fang Kuan finish, Feng Neng gasped and said, “That doesn’t 100% mean he likes pretty women, or if he likes pretty women, wouldn’t it be better if we find a pretty one here and give it to him?”

Fang Kuan knew that Feng Neng couldn’t let go of Ji Mei, so he just sighed and said again, “What kind of vision does that Ye Mo have, he can’t even look at ordinary women. Both Mu Xiaoyun and Yun Ziyi are extremely beautiful, so if we want to use the beauty trick, we can’t find a second person besides Ji Mei.”

After a slight pause, Fang Kuan continued, “Big brother, let me say one more thing, when Ye Mo wiped out countless sects and killed countless experts, even the Taiyi Sect and Kun Qian Sect of the Three Great Hidden Sects were not spared, but why was Cixihang Jingzhai alone unscathed? I heard that that Jing Hu and Ye Mo were still deep enemies.

Later I learned that it was because a few Daoist nuns in the Cichang Jingzhai had colluded with Ye Mo, so Ye Mo didn’t look for trouble with them. Ye Mo is lustful, but loves the women he likes. Big brother, once Ji Mei has gained Ye Mo’s favor, then we are still afraid that we won’t have a chance to kill this Ye Mo? Besides, after killing Ye Mo, Ji Mei is still big brother’s, it’s not like she can get away.”

Seeing that Feng Neng’s attitude was somewhat relaxed, Fang Kuan immediately said while the iron was hot, “Big brother, a woman can be found at any time, once the lights are off. But revenge must be taken before it’s too late, once we lose track of that Ye Mo, it will be difficult to take revenge. Besides, if Ye Mo is determined to destroy my ‘Sea Merchant Sect’, there will be nothing left, let alone a woman.”

The last sentence was what Fang Kuan was most worried about, he didn’t care much about the matter of revenge, but after Ye Mo extinguished the ‘Sea Merchant Sect’, the one who would lose the most was not Feng Neng, but him, Fang Kuan. Feng Neng was already at the late Xiantian stage, and he was still only at the early Xiantian stage. The reason why he was able to advance to the Ascendant stage was because he controlled the resources of the ‘Sea Merchant Sect’, so how would he want the ‘Sea Merchant Sect’ to be exterminated.

Feng Neng thought for a long time before he sighed and said: ”Alright, let’s do as you say. However, with an expert like Ye Mo, it seems a bit difficult to a*sa*sinate him.”

When Fang Kuan heard that Feng Neng agreed with him, he secretly breathed a sigh of relief and said unhurriedly, “Big brother, I will leave this matter to me, as long as Ye Mo has his eyes on Ji Mei, then this matter will be 100% successful, don’t worry, big brother. If Ji Mei is so beautiful, it’s a sure thing that a lustful man like Ye Mo will fall for her. Besides, I’m not poisoning her, I’m poisoning her with guilt.”

Guu, Feng Neng didn’t understand and didn’t bother to ask, but Fang Kuan was well versed in it. He had been a flower-picking thief before he was saved by Feng Neng. No one knew more about guu poison than he did. Even if you had unparalleled skills, you would be at the mercy of others if you were poisoned by gui. Such things as guu were rare, but he happened to have some.

Feng Neng nodded, he was a man who could take what he could get, and since he agreed, there was no more nonsense. Immediately, he said, “Go and find out where that Ye Mo is now, and you arrange for Ji Mei to go over there.”

Feng Neng knew that with the ability of the ‘Sea Merchant Faction’, there should be no problem to find out the whereabouts of a person.


Hang Shui City, Ye Mo stood in this lively city and was a little lost in thought.

A few years ago, he had brought Mu Xiaoyun here in the same way, the two of them shopping together and standing together to see the hustle and bustle of the place, but a few years later, he was the only one standing here.

Over the past month, he had searched countless cities and mountains of the Hidden Sect. Herbs had likewise been collected in countless ways, but he just couldn’t find Mu Xiaoyun.

Disappointed, Ye Mo flew across the sea and arrived at Hang Shui City once again. He decided to search for Xiao Yun while researching formations at the same time. If one day he could get out through the ‘Seven Star Formation’, he would bring in Light Snow and Luo Ying and then search for Xiao Yun together.

Ye Mo went around Hang Shui City for a day, visited Hang Shui Square, and returned to the ‘Blue Sea Hotel’ at night, where he and Xiao Yun had stayed back then.