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DYM Chapter 768

Ye Mo, however, looked at the man without a care and smiled before he flicked the sword in his hand and said, “I never thought that I would be allowed to meet a second true innate expert, so that means that the Kun Qian Sect and the Ci Hai Jing Zhai should also have innate experts.”

The man was originally very dismissive of Ye Mo, but after he heard Ye Mo’s words, his hand suddenly shook and he looked at Ye Mo in some disbelief. It was only after a while that he asked in amazement, “You are so young that you know the secret of the innate heavens?”

In order not to discourage martial artists in the Divine Continent from losing hope in advancing to the Ascendant level, a long time ago some martial artists changed the Heavenly level to the Ascendant level. This was a very confidential matter that was generally only vaguely touched by martial artists after they had advanced to the Ascendant level. And this man was searching for a place to retreat after reaching the peak of Xiantian, until he broke through to that level and looked around for answers before finally learning about such things. But how old was Ye Mo, to say it casually, could he not be an Innate expert even at such a young age?

Ye Mo ignored the man and instead asked directly, “Do you know Li Cheng?”

“Li Cheng? I have some impression.” The man habitually thought for a moment before saying, but he quickly remembered what he was looking for in Ye Mo, and with a shake of the longsword in his hand, he said in a cold voice, “Even if you know the secret of the Ascended Masters, you will not escape death today.”

After saying that, the long sword in his hand brought up and turned into countless sword shadows and slashed at Ye Mo, who knew that this was simply because he did not see himself in his eyes. Without thinking, he raised his fist and struck the sword shadow that spilled towards him.

“A dull sound rang out as Ye Mo and the man each took a step back. Ye Mo’s heart was greatly relieved. Although this man’s internal qi was deeper than Li Cheng’s, it was not as powerful as his true essence.

The man didn’t seem to expect his long sword to be opened by the other man’s fist and for him to take a step back.

“You were actually able to find my sword in the shadow of my sword and hit it accurately. Very well, you are worth 80% of my strength”

After saying this, the longsword in the man’s hand struck out again, but this time it wasn’t a sword shadow, instead his longsword swept towards Ye Mo with a foot-long sword aura. Ye Mo secretly nodded his head. This guy’s internal qi was really something, he could actually make the longsword produce such long sword awnings out of thin air. Moreover, these sword mangles swept in as if they were substantial, if he was allowed to unfold them. This was as powerful as the Six Veins Divine Sword.

But thinking like this, mouth-wise Ye Mo would never lose out, he laughed disdainfully. “Old thing, if you keep bragging, little master won’t need to fight you, you can just blow yourself away.”

Sure enough before this thought of Ye Mo and his words had fallen, the sword man’s sword mane at the tip of the man’s longsword actually broke away from the tip and shot directly at Ye Mo.

And after the sword awning broke away from the tip of the sword, the man’s longsword however once again produced a sword awning. These sword maces shot towards Ye Mo one by one faster and faster, each sword mace carrying an icy cold killing intent.

Ye Mo knew that as long as he let this man keep shooting sword mangles, he would definitely end up being surrounded by these sword mangles and as long as he was not careful he would be injured by the sword mangles.

This guy really wasn’t blowing it. Although he didn’t know what Li Cheng’s killer move would be if he fought him to the death, Ye Mo was sure that this guy’s offhand sword mane was definitely no less than the Six Veins Divine Sword. It wasn’t just something that could be done by turning inner qi into liquid, it must be a very powerful sword skill.

If one could obtain this sword skill, through his comprehension of the ‘Three Life Duel’. If he improved this sword skill slightly himself, his combat power would rise by more than several times. In fact, Ye Mo knew that although his true essence and divine sense were thick, his combat power was not high, and his fighting style was single. One of the reasons why he was able to roam around here was because he was experienced in fighting. The second was because he had never met a master.

His flying sword had a great disadvantage against his enemies, that is, it was easy to kill enemies who were not as good as him, just like killing a chicken. But for experts who were similar to him, or even stronger than him, his flying sword could easily be controlled by others.

Thinking of this sword skill, which was as vicious as the Six Veins Divine Sword, Ye Mo’s heart was suddenly on fire.

But to get the sword skill, he had to kill this guy. Ye Mo believed that this kind of powerful sword skill could never be created with this man in front of him, maybe he had picked it up from some cave.

He thought so, but in just an instant, several more sword maces shot towards him, and the speed of the sword maces became faster and faster, too fast for him to even dodge.

Ye Mo coldly snorted, and the flying sword magic weapon in his hand became like a large door plate under the control of true essence, and then this door plate brought up a swirling vortex of true essence, completely wrapping these sword mands in it.

The flying sword’s true essence vortex and the sword mangles stirred together, emitting a bursting sound of air and even a hint of the chirping of a golden golem, a sound that was somewhat uncomfortable to hear. The true essence and remnants of sword mangles that splashed out in all directions landed in the surrounding areas, instantly knocking the surrounding rocks and trees into a mess.

Ye Mo sighed with relief, he knew that this was against someone who was not proficient in this sword technique, once the other party had executed this sword manslaughter that could be as flexible as a flying sword, his method of relying hard on true essence to strangle would definitely not work.

The man didn’t seem to expect that Ye Mo could break his technique, so he was shocked and hesitated for a moment, and with a moment’s hesitation, his sword mane was completely destroyed by Ye Mo.

This man’s combat experience was obviously not very good, his sword mane was strangled out by Ye Mo, but he was not at a disadvantage, at best, his own move was only blocked by his opponent, while his opponent had not yet found a solution. However, his first move was surprisingly not to continue to change his stance or to continue to shoot out sword mangles, but to choose to quickly retreat to defend himself.

Ye Mo had been in battle for a long time, but at this time he would not desert with this man in general. After he strangled the sword mane, he found that his opponent had no backward move, so how could he let go of this opportunity? Instead of retracting his flying sword, he actually took off his hand and shot at the man, while striking out with a fist.

Although the first opportunity and advantage were taken up by Ye Mo, but Ye Mo was lamenting in his heart, his grandmother, his fighting style was really single. Apart from flying swords it was just fists, or else it was just wind blades and fireballs against low level martial artists, how could this make him feel embarra*sed? It looked like he had to get that sword mane martial skill of this man, it was good.

If this man knew that under all the advantages Ye Mo had taken, he was still lamenting that he had less means and was still thinking about his stance, maybe he would have cried out.

However, this man was cultivated to this extent, and his reaction was of course extremely swift. As soon as he stepped back and saw that Ye Mo did not stop his hands as he did, he knew that he had lost the first opportunity and immediately used his internal qi to form a blocking wall.

This wasn’t the first time Ye Mo had seen this kind of inner qi wall, when Li Cheng had used this inner qi wall to block his flying sword, he certainly wouldn’t let anyone block it once more.

Therefore, when Ye Mo’s flying sword was about to meet the wall of internal qi, it suddenly changed direction and shot directly into the air. The man was wondering how the other man’s flying sword suddenly changed direction when Ye Mo’s fist had already smashed over. He no longer cared about the flying sword, but behind the wall of inner qi, he also struck out with a fist. And the long sword in his other hand ‘buzzed’ with a chirp as he prepared to change his move.

“Boom ……” Ye Mo’s fist blasted through the man’s inner qi wall and was clashing with his fist, swirling up a sky of dusty slag and flying rocks.

Before the man had time to be happy that Ye Mo was comparing his internal qi with him, he felt an icy cold killing intent surge in. In this instant, he unexpectedly thought of the sword that had just flown into the sky and did not seem to have fallen.

A bad feeling came over him, and almost subconsciously he deflected his body and blocked it with the long sword in his hand.

With a “clink”, the man suddenly felt the longsword in his hand lighten, and then his back shoulder hurt. Ye Mo’s flying sword actually pierced through his back shoulder, bringing up a shower of blood.

No good, he had been hit, and his long sword had actually been cut off. This Ye Mo could actually control the flying sword to attack him at his back, it was too powerful. He seemed to be fighting with his sword, and against a martial artist who could block his stance and still be able to control his sword, the man had already developed fear from the bottom of his heart.

He already knew in his heart that he was definitely not a match for Ye Mo, and if it wasn’t for his subconscious sixth sense feeling danger to dodge and then blocking with his sword just now. If he hadn’t subconsciously felt the danger to dodge and then used his sword to block it, he might not have been hit by the sword in his shoulder, but in his heart.

When the man realised that he was no match for Ye Mo, he shook the longsword in his hand almost the moment his own longsword broke.

His longsword shattered into countless pieces and then shot towards Ye Mo with countless sword maces that covered the sky. When he saw that his last move had succeeded, he knew that his little life had been saved, and now he just had to get on the Green Eagle.

So when the man shattered his longsword, he was no longer in the mood to check the result, turning around and rushing to the back of the green eagle, and the next moment, he was already controlling the green eagle and flying up into the sky.

“Ye Mo, I am setting aside this revenge today, if I don’t raise your bones in error and kill your whole family, I swear I won’t be a man.” The man who had already flown into the sky was finally relieved, but his indignant and incomparable voice came from Hollow Son’s green eagle.

Ye Mo couldn’t care less about this guy at this moment, as the flying sword in his hand once again rolled up a vortex of true essence. The sword arrows made up of these broken sword pieces soon made some ear-piercing sounds under the vortex and were all stopped by Ye Mo.

The next moment, Ye Mo had already stepped onto the flying sword and rushed into the air. It was a dream for a mere green eagle to try to escape his flying sword.

The man definitely didn’t expect that after he flew up high into the air, Ye Mo could catch up and kill him. Because he didn’t expect it, he sat on top of the green eagle and only focused on healing his wounds.

But when another cold killing intent flooded into his heart, he winced and subconsciously raised his head. But to his horror, he found that Ye Mo was standing in front of him, while a white rainbow-like flying sword had landed on top of his head.

“No……” a tearing scream rang out, and two pieces of his body fell with a countless rain of blood. His corpse fell to the ground, smashing up another sky of dust.

And the green eagle hissed and flew away alone.