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DYM Chapter 769

Ye Mo didn’t bother with the green eagle that flew away, but landed directly next to the man and quickly found a tattered booklet from inside a delicate pocket by his side.

The booklet was made of something unknown, although it was tattered, the remaining part was incredibly tough, Ye Mo tried to tear it with his hands, but there was no way to tear it at all.

Not even caring about the rest, Ye Mo opened the booklet at the first opportunity and looked at it carefully. It was indeed a sword skill, and it was still a sword skill without a name, the sword skill only had the first half of the book.

Ye Mo only casually flipped through it and knew that it was definitely a remarkable sword skill. Although this sword skill only had the first half and was also crippled, to Ye Mo this was not a problem at all. He cultivated the ‘Three Life Technique’, so as long as he had the front part, he could automatically derive the back sword technique, which might be even more powerful than the original version.

Because the crippled sword technique only had the first three layers, the first layer was to produce a sword mane, the length of which depended on each person’s enlightenment and cultivation level. There are several ways to produce a sword mane, true qi into a mane, killing qi into a mane, sword qi into a mane and so on. And the sword mane detaching from the long sword to kill the enemy was only the first level of the basic technique.

After sweeping through the back of this sword technique, Ye Mo found that when cultivated to the back, the sword mane could be boundless and pervasive, without any interruption at all, even without using the longsword to inspire the sword mane at all.

Seeing this, Ye Mo secretly sighed that this man from the Taiyi Sect that he had killed was only at the beginning of even the first level. If he really let him practice the first layer, or even the second layer, he would be in real danger. It seems that there are countless capable people in the world.

Ye Mo closed the pamphlet. He didn’t bother to read the latter ones carefully, lest it affect his original creation. After cultivating the ‘Three Life Technique’, Ye Mo believed that this sword technique would create something better than the original version through his understanding and derivation.

It was just that this sword skill had no name, so after a little thought, Ye Mo patted the sword skill in his hand and said, “Let’s call you ‘Three Life Sword Manifestation’ from now on.”

Throwing the sword skill in his hand into the ring, Ye Mo burned the man on the ground with a fireball. Only then did he head to Shi Feng Village again.


Ji Mei ran fast all the way, luckily she had taken ‘Purple Snow Yingzi’ and the effects of the medicine were still there. So although her injuries were not light, she recovered very quickly.

She knew she had to escape as far as she could, otherwise that guy had killed Ye Mo. It would soon be her turn to be unlucky. She was equally thankful for her luck that she had met a fool like Ye Mo, who had come out of his own accord to take his place in death, and was lucky that she hadn’t killed him in Stone Forest Town. If she had killed Ye Mo earlier, she would have been the one to die now.

Suddenly Ji Mei was startled in her heart, she paused in her steps, although Ye Mo said he was going to Handong City, how did he suddenly appear in Shi Feng Village? He was leaving at dawn, even if he was taking the fastest carriage, he wouldn’t arrive so soon.

Moreover, when she had come to Handong City in the morning, her divine sense had already carefully observed it. Ye Mo’s carriage hadn’t been driven away. It seemed that her guess in the morning was not wrong anymore, Ye Mo was likewise a very mysterious person, and he did have a way to catch up quickly.

Ji Mei shook her head, she didn’t want to investigate him later anyway, besides today he had met a super expert. That was already dead, so why bother with such things?

She was just about to continue her escape when a green eagle chirping made her shiver. In her heart, she was startled and screamed that it was not good, that guy had already killed Ye Mo and was catching up.

Ji Mei subconsciously raised her head for a moment. But to her amazement, she found that there was no one above the green eagle. She was stunned in her heart, but then she couldn’t help but be ecstatic, and immediately a whistle sounded.

The green eagle was being controlled by the man with brute force, but she, Ji Mei, knew how to talk to it.

When the green eagle overhead heard Ji Mei’s whistle, it chirped again in the air, then hovered in a circle above Ji Mei’s head and landed in a dive beside her.

At this moment, Ji Mei could not think about anything else, she immediately flew on the green eagle and controlled it to fly away quickly.

When Ji Mei confirmed that she was safe, it occurred to her that the Green Eagle could not have come over for no reason. Since the green eagle had come over, what about the man with the terrifying cultivation? He killed Ye Mo should sit on the Green Eagle to kill himself, it was absolutely impossible for him to let the Green Eagle lead him to escape.

Suddenly, a thought rose in her heart that even she couldn’t believe, could it be that Ye Mo had killed that expert from the Taiyi Sect? How was that possible? Even if Ye Mo was powerful, he was only a Xiantian. At his age, his cultivation to Xiantian was already unbelievable. How could he have killed that expert of the Taiyi Sect?

But apart from this explanation, Ji Mei found that there was no other explanation that could make sense.

She even wanted to control the Green Eagle to go back and take a look, but thinking that her own life was at stake, she finally controlled the Green Eagle to fly in the direction of Xingjia Mountain.


When Ye Mo returned to Lu Yue’s house again, he found that Shi Tie was not there. His divine sense immediately swept out, only to find that Shi Tie was with the girl named Sister Yu who was with him earlier, and the two seemed to be talking about something at the entrance of the village.

Ye Mo shook his head, since Shi Tie was not there, there was no need for him to call him back. Lu Yue hadn’t told him that he must take care of Shi Tie’s either.

Ye Mo took out Lu Yue’s jade coffin and placed it at the entrance of her house and said, “You said for me to bring you back for a visit, I have brought you back, I have helped you get half of your revenge, there is still a Kaing Hu, as soon as I meet her, I will kill it.”

When he finished saying these words, Ye Mo suddenly noticed that Lu Yue’s face in the jade coffin seemed a little more natural. Could it be an illusion of his own? Ye Mo was just about to take another closer look when his divine sense swept that Shi Tie had unexpectedly returned.

He shook his head to confirm that it was his own illusion, and only then did he take the jade coffin back to the Golden Page World again.

“Do you really know my sister?” Shi Tie walked up to Ye Mo and asked calmly.

Ye Mo nodded, he didn’t take out Lu Yue’s jade coffin again, one this was too bizarre, and secondly he didn’t want to hurt the teenager in front of him. This teenager knew at a glance that he cared about his sister, although Ye Mo didn’t know why Lu Yue didn’t mention Shi Tie before she died.

He didn’t wait for the teenager to talk about it and took the initiative to say, “I didn’t hear Shi Jingqin mention you, so ……”

Unexpectedly, when Shi Tie heard Ye Mo’s words, he said with red eyes instead, “It looks like you do know my sister, why didn’t my sister come back, is she alright?”

When Ye Mo heard the teenager’s words, he had to stammer, “She’s in a very nice place now, you don’t have to worry. It’s just that I want to know why, when I said your sister hadn’t mentioned you, you are instead sure that I know your sister?”

The teenager brought Ye Mo into the house before he said, “When I was two years old, my father died and my mother took me and my sister to live a hard life in Shi Feng Village. When I was three, the family couldn’t even eat because of the famine. In order to feed me, my mother took me away from Shi Feng village, but left my sister alone, who was fourteen years old that year. But because of hunger, my fourteen-year-old sister looked as skinny as if she was only **years old.”

The boy wiped his eyes and said with a choked sob, “Before she died, Mother said she was most sorry for my sister, and when she left her, she knew there was no way she could survive, because at that time the village was starving to death every few days. I can remember very little, I was told all this by my mother, who cried every time she said it. I realised that my mother had chosen me between me and my sister, and I felt sorry for her. After Mother died a few years ago, I walked alone for half a year because I didn’t have money to take the bus before I returned to Shi Feng Village, wanting to see if my sister was still there.”

Ye Mo couldn’t help but sigh secretly, he didn’t expect Lu Yue’s childhood life to be so miserable, compared to Lu Yue, he was already considered too good to be true when he was bullied in Ninghai.

Shi Tie’s hand was clenched very tightly, so it was clear that his heart was also very unsettled at this time.

But he took a breath and still said, “After I returned to Shi Feng Village, I realised that on the fourth day after my mother and I left, a kind-hearted teacher-mother came to the village. She took money to buy a lot of food and came back to save the village. Then she stayed at my house and took in my sister. That shifu stayed in Shi Feng village for four years, and only after four years, when my sister was already healthy, did she take my sister and leave Shi Feng village, and I haven’t heard from her since. Two years ago, I returned to Shi Feng Village and have been waiting here for my sister, and I believe that one day my sister will return.”

After listening to Shi Tie’s words, Ye Mo secretly thought, this Shi Tie looks 16 or 17 years old too. It looked like it had been more than ten years since Lu Yue had left Shi Feng Village, I wonder why Lu Yue had never come back here? Perhaps she still had some inability to let go of her mother’s abandonment in her heart, or maybe it was something else.

“But when I came here just now, why did everyone else go around when I asked your sister?” Ye Mo remembered the morning’s events and immediately asked.

Shi Tie, however, once again clenched his fist and said, “A year ago, a man came to Shi Feng Village and then asked about my sister’s whereabouts. A man in our village said that my sister had gone out and never returned, and he immediately killed that man, saying he was lying. I realised that the man had come to trouble my sister, but I escaped because I had gone to collect medicine. Then he suddenly left Shi Feng Village again for some unknown reason.”

After hearing Shi Tie’s words, Ye Mo was almost certain that this person who came to look for Lu Yue should have been sent by Jing Hu.

“What are your plans now?” Ye Mo thought about the fact that Lu Yue would not come back, and there was no point in Shi Tie continuing to stay here and wait.

Shi Tie bit his lips and said, “I’m going to stay here and wait for my sister, and I have to practice martial arts to help my sister. I know someone is trying to do her harm, I must help her.”