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DYM Chapter 770

Ye Mo had to say helplessly, “Your sister is now in seclusion and cultivation, she won’t come out at will in the sect. Sometimes it is even possible to cultivate for a decade or two, so you don’t have to wait for your sister. Moreover, even if you want to help your sister, do you think that you can practice the best martial arts by staying in Shi Feng Village?”

Originally, when Ye Mo said the first half of his sentence, Shi Tie wanted to interject, but after Ye Mo said the second half of his sentence, he immediately knew that Ye Mo was telling the truth.

“My name is Ye Mo, I am your sister’s friend, if you want to learn martial arts, I can teach you.” Ye Mo thought about the piles of ancient martial arts techniques he had on him, so he could just take out a few random ones and leave them to Shi Tie.

Shi Tie froze for a moment after hearing Ye Mo’s words, but he was very resourceful and immediately reacted, immediately fell to his knees and said, “Master, I am willing to learn, I want to learn. I know that learning martial arts is hard, but I am definitely not afraid of suffering.”

Although Shi Tie had never studied ancient martial arts, nor had he ever come into contact with such people, he had heard some ancient martial arts rumours and knew the saying of Heaven and Earth Xuanhuang after being away for so many years. With Ye Mo’s inexplicable disappearance in the morning, he knew that Ye Mo must be a very powerful person.

Ye Mo shook his head and said, “Get up first and put your hand inside this testing apparatus of mine.”

This testing instrument that Ye Mo took out was still handed to him by Yun Ziyi, and now he used it to test Shi Tie’s qualifications.

“Wind Spiritual Root?” Ye Mo looked at the Spiritual Root qualification displayed on the instrument and was shocked, he couldn’t imagine that Shi Tie’s Spiritual Root was so unbelievable.

It was too bad for this kind of spiritual root to study ancient martial arts, Ye Mo fell silent, should he be taught to cultivate?

After seeing Ye Mo test himself, he didn’t speak again. Shi Tie looked at Ye Mo with some apprehension, he didn’t know if this friend of his sister would accept him as a disciple.

There was a long silence before Ye Mo breathed out and stared at Shi Tie, “I have two kinds of gong methods, one is the ancient martial art that people here often talk about. If you’re willing to learn it, I can give you the highest grade Heavenly Grade gong method in the entire Divine Continent. You can even end up cultivating to become the number one in the Divine Continent. There is another one, which is another type of gong method that I am currently studying, but it is not an ancient martial art, which one are you willing to learn?”

Ye Mo didn’t say that cultivating True was counter-intuitive, nor did he say that cultivating Ancient Martial was far inferior to cultivating True, he was going to let Shi Tie choose. If Shi Tie learnt Ancient Martial Arts, he wouldn’t have taken him as a disciple. At most, he would give him some cultivation resources, but if Shi Tie chose cultivation. Then he would take him as a disciple.

With hardly any hesitation, Shi Tie fell to his knees and said, “Master, I am willing to learn what you have learnt.”

Ye Mo, however, was secretly praising Shi Tie for being very resourceful, what he cultivated was of course the best, could he cultivate it if it was not good? However, Ye Mo did not know that what Shi Tie was thinking in his heart was that since he had become his master’s disciple, then of course the things he learns should be learned from his master.

“Good, you stand up first.” After Ye Mo let Shi Tie stand up. Then he said, “The thing I cultivate is something against the heavens, much stronger than ancient martial arts. But the danger is also great, in case you are not strong enough, once someone learns that you are not practicing ancient martial arts but another technique, then your time of death will come. Therefore, the first prerequisite for practicing what I teach is to keep it a secret, can you do that?”

“Can do it.” Shi Tie hated to learn the most powerful skills immediately and then go help his sister.

Ye Mo nodded, “Good. What I’m teaching you is the ‘Hongmeng Creation Duel’, remember it well ……”

Ye Mo taught Shi Tie all the techniques of the ‘Hongmeng Creation Duel’ up to the Foundation Establishment stage, and then explained to him carefully before taking out an ordinary Xuan-rank technique and handing it to Shi Tie. He then instructed him to cultivate this ordinary gong method on the surface before he could, and that the ‘Hongmeng Creation Dictate’ needed to be cultivated secretly.

Only after handing over to Shi Tie did Ye Mo write a letter and leave it to Shi Tie, telling him to cultivate in Shi Feng Village first. If he reached a certain level of cultivation and lacked resources. He could take this letter to Hang Shui City to look for someone from the ‘God Chamber of Commerce’ and have someone from the ‘God Chamber of Commerce’ take him to look for Yun Ziyi.


Originally, after going to Shi Feng Village, Ye Mo had no intention of going to Han Tong City again. However, thinking that that Mo Youshen was still in Handong City, Ye Mo wanted to go teach him a lesson in his heart. This guy not only schemed against Mu Xiaoyun. He had even schemed against him.

If Mo Youshen didn’t scheme against Mu Xiaoyun and didn’t stir up so much trouble, he wouldn’t have bothered with him, or even helped out once in a while. But since this Mo Youshen had found his head, then don’t blame him for fighting back, even killing him with a sword was possible.

Handong City was nowhere near as big as Hang Shui City, but it was full of people, coming and going. Not only were there numerous merchants on both sides of the streets, but there were also many peddlers setting up their stalls.

Once he arrived at Handong City, Ye Mo’s divine sense immediately swept out, and he spotted Mo Youshen at first, but at this moment, Mo Youshen was looking around somewhat nervously. Ye Mo sneered in his heart and was immediately about to go over.

Only when he looked back, he saw a fortune telling stall. On the left side of the stall was written ‘Knowing the past and future’, on the right side was written ‘Calculating earthly misfortunes’, and there was a banner, but there were only two words ‘Est Heaven’.

The owner of the fortune teller was an old Taoist who could not tell his age, and had an immortal and daoist appearance. Ye Mo smiled faintly, there really were such people everywhere.

Ye Mo was just about to leave when he suddenly remembered the Tian Est master that Li Cheng was talking about, isn’t the word ‘Est Heaven’ upside down Tian Est? Could it really be that very powerful old Daoist priest?

After knowing that this Daoist priest might be Master Tian Est, Ye Mo no longer cared about Mo You Shen and directly squeezed himself in front of the fortune telling stall. He wanted to ask two things, the first was where Xiao Yun had gone, and the second was how to get out.

The fortune-telling daoist had just finished reading the fortune of one person when he saw Ye Mo. Ye Mo clearly noticed that his eyes contracted for a moment when he saw himself, but immediately narrowed his eyes and said in a faint voice, “The little girl from the Mu family has finally found you, but hey ……”

Hearing these words, Ye Mo’s heart trembled tremendously, he hadn’t even said a word when he squeezed here, and this old daoist knew what he was to Mu Xiao Yun, did such people really exist in this world?

Ye Mo’s heart began to pound, he wondered if this old dao would know that he was reborn?

However, without waiting for Ye Mo to ask this old Dao again, this old Dao waved his hand at Ye Mo and said, “You don’t need to ask me the rest of the things, I don’t have the answers to the two things you are going to ask. I’m going to close my stall for today, so come back next time if you want to have your fortune told.”

Ye Mo was completely convinced by this old Taoist, where would he let this old Taoist go, he hurriedly stopped this old Taoist, “Master Tian Est, Senior Li Cheng introduced me to you, do you not give any face at all?”

Li Cheng did not even say that Ye Mo should come to Tian Est, but now Ye Mo was not going to let go of the slightest opportunity, Xiao Yun’s whereabouts was very important to him.

This old dao shook his head and said, “That little thing, just knows to give me trouble, well, meeting is fate, today I will help you to see.”

Ye Mo breathed a sigh of relief, finally this old dao was allowed to stay. But it was a bit too funny to be a small thing in front of him when he was over a hundred years old from Chengdu.

After Tian Est told Ye Mo to sit down, he took out an eight trigrams chart and didn’t ask Ye Mo what he wanted to calculate, he just looked at Ye Mo’s face and started to deduce it.

But after only a moment of deducing, he stood up as if he had seen a ghost, he looked at Ye Mo dumbly for a long time before muttering, “Apart from the Chaos World, there is actually a fate under the sky that I can’t calculate, it’s impossible, this is absolutely impossible ……”

Ye Mo looked at Master Tian Est in confusion and asked, “Master Tian Est, what exactly is impossible?”

But Master Tian Est didn’t seem to hear Ye Mo, he immediately packed up his simple things, turned around and went into the crowd, surprisingly not even looking at Ye Mo.

Ye Mo hurriedly tried to stop him, but found that the old daoist disappeared in seven turns after burrowing into the crowd. Ye Mo’s divine sense immediately swept out, but he was shocked to find that the old dao couldn’t even sweep his divine sense.

He frowned and walked over to the stone crouch where Master Tian Est sat and sat down, what did Master Tian Est mean by saying that apart from the Chaos World?

Ye Mo thought about it for a long time and was suddenly startled in his heart, could it be because he had obtained the Golden Page World? The space inside the Golden Page World was really a bit like the Chaos World, ah.