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DYM Chapter 771

Ye Mo thought about his golden page world, and then he thought about Master Tian Est’s identity, in case Master Tian Est knew that he had a golden page world, would it bring danger to him? Although Jing Hu also knew that she had three pages of golden paper, she did not know what it was after all. Whereas Master Tian Est’s origins were so mysterious that even his own divine sense could not catch him, this man was simply too dangerous for him.

He didn’t know how long he had been sitting there, but when Ye Mo came to his senses, he found that it was already late afternoon. He shook his head, it was a blessing not a curse, but a curse that could not be avoided. It was time to live, or live, whatever he did.

Ye Mo stood up and swept out his divine sense, and sure enough that Mo Youshen had disappeared, it looked like he had been sitting here for a short time. Since Mo Youshen had escaped, Ye Mo didn’t make a special effort to chase after him. He was just about to leave when he noticed this stone mound he had just sat on, which seemed to have been forgotten to be taken away by Master Tian Est when he left.

The reason why Ye Mo thought that this stone mound belonged to Master Tian Est was because it would be very abrupt to put it here if no one was sitting on it.

He squatted down and tried to pick up the stone mound. However, when he did so, he found that the stone dun was actually very heavy. It could be said that the stone dun was dozens of times heavier than an iron block of the same volume, and an ordinary person could not lift it even if he had several. A mere stone dun was more than a thousand pounds, what was this thing?

Ye Mo was appalled and his divine sense immediately swept up, but he found that his divine sense had only swept the outer layer of stone skin, and he could not sweep inside at all. It wasn’t a stone pier at all, it was surprisingly something that even he didn’t know about.

Ye Mo was greatly alarmed in his heart, although he came from an alchemy background, he was not ignorant of alchemy either. So many of the ores he knew a thing or two about, and today he couldn’t tell anything about this stone pier.

This was definitely a treasure, and the next moment Ye Mo had already picked up the stone dun and thrown it into his ring when no one else was looking. Although this Heavenly Deduction Master was not willing to help him find Xiao Yun’s whereabouts, but he had finally given him a little reward.

At this moment, Ye Mo was not looking for Master Tian Est anymore. Rather, he was very afraid that the Daoist priest Tian Est would come looking for him, and he was as anxious to leave the city as if he had been a thief.

Ye Mo left Handong City and immediately stepped onto his flying sword, bringing up a sword light and disappearing without a trace in the blink of an eye. That old daoist in Tian Est was ungenerous and pushed that he couldn’t calculate his own affairs, so he left. And don’t blame him for being ungenerous and taking Tian Est’s stone pier. The same went away.

Ye Mo had just left for just under half an hour when Old Daoist Tian Est hurriedly ran back again. He looked at the empty place and couldn’t help but stomp his foot and say angrily, “This kid is so unkind, to take someone else’s things and run away, is he deceiving me for not being able to count his things.”


Although there was a possibility of Tian Est guessing that he had a small world on him, but Ye Mo was still in a good mood, after all, he had obtained a mysterious looking stone dun.

When he pa*sed by Shi Feng Village, Ye Mo deliberately used his divine sense to observe Shi Tie. Seeing that he was really at home cultivating, he nodded his head, he felt that this Shi Tie would do something in the future. One of the reasons he took Shi Tie as his disciple was because of his first-cla*s qualifications, but also because he knew his sister Lu Yue.

In the small world, if Shi Tie could cultivate to Foundation Establishment, he would have swept away everything. Because when he taught Shi Tie, he likewise explained some general knowledge of cultivation to him carefully, and was very different from Ji Mei, who was halfway there.

Ye Mo did not go to Sandalwood City, but simply returned to the territory of the Hidden Sect. He began to search for medicinal herbs while looking for Mu Xiaoyun.


Starga Mountain, this was a place Ye Mo had always wanted to come to, because the cultivator he met in the South Pole had found his cultivation cave here, so he wanted to come and try his luck too.

Although Xingjia Mountain did not have as many spiritual herbs and medicinal materials as Wuyun Mountain, the area was not smaller than Wuyun Mountain Range, but even bigger. Ye Mo spent a week. While picking herbs and searching for ores he did not find the cave that the cultivator said he had.

If Ji Mei had not said that she was also cultivating in Xingjia Mountain, perhaps Ye Mo would have given up his search. In order to find the ancient cultivation ruins on Xingjia Mountain. Ye Mo dug a temporary cave on Xingjia Mountain.

On this day, Ye Mo had just returned from a day of gathering medicinal herbs. But not far from his makeshift cave, he met a scene that made him extremely depressed.

Two men and a woman were having an affair next to his cave, one at the early earth level and one at the late xuan level, while the woman was at the late yellow level. Looking at their clothes, it seemed that the woman had been raped, but looking at the woman’s appearance, it did not seem to be a raped attitude.

It was only when Ye Mo walked to the entrance of the cave that the two men noticed Ye Mo coming over. After they saw Ye Mo, they didn’t even care about the woman on the ground, the two men directly made a move on Ye Mo, seemingly not wanting to listen to anything Ye Mo had to say at all, they just wanted to kill Ye Mo first.

It was already extremely upsetting for Ye Mo to do such a thing next to his own cave, and the fact that these two guys wanted to kill him made Ye Mo even more so. Almost at the same time as this and the two made their move, he was pa*sing two wind blades. Then, without waiting for the shocked expressions on the two men’s faces to fully appear, he once again threw two fireballs over.

It was only a few moments before and after this, the two men had disappeared.

The woman on the ground whose clothes had been stripped naked happened to open her eyes at this time, but saw Ye Mo staring at her, and immediately let out another scream, and unexpectedly fainted.

Ye Mo shook his head, with a cultivation level of only late Yellow level, he dared to come to the depths of Xingjia Mountain. The woman looked like she was only in her twenties, and her looks were considered decent, but her breasts were very substantial and choppy.

Ye Mo was just about to give her a clear heart decision and let her put her clothes on herself when he heard a clear, clear carving sound, and his divine sense immediately swept up a green carving.

The next moment, Ji Mei and the green eagle landed together in front of Ye Mo’s cave.

“Senior sister Xinlei ……,” looking at the woman who was lying on the ground stripped naked, Ji Mei immediately understood what was going on.

“Surprisingly, it’s you?” When Ji Mei saw Ye Mo, she finally recognized who the culprit was.

Ye Mo was not going to pay any attention to this Ji Mei, he now knew that Ji Mei was not even a great foundation building successor, but just a Qi training successor. She should have been trying to build a foundation last time, not a dan. As for why Ji Mei told Feng Neng that she was a Jiedan, Ye Mo could guess a thing or two without asking, and that was that Ji Mei didn’t understand the difference between Foundation Building and Jiedan at all.

“This is where I live, hurry up and take the people away, I need to rest.” Ye Mo swept a glance at Ji Mei and said indifferently.

“You.” Ji Mei wanted to kill Ye Mo immediately, but she didn’t dare. In fact, the first time she saw Ye Mo her heart immediately became horrified, the fact that Ye Mo could appear here meant that the Taiyi Sect’s expert must have been killed without a doubt.

Ye Mo could have killed the Taiyi Sect’s expert and then come to Xingjia Mountain in just a few days, he was definitely not someone he could take on. In case he flipped out, perhaps he would not be enough at all.

In fact, last time when she saw the bloodstains on top of the green eagle, she guessed that a victory had been split between Ye Mo and that Taiyi Sect’s expert, she just couldn’t believe that Ye Mo could beat that Taiyi Sect’s man. But now that Ye Mo appeared in front of her eyes, she couldn’t believe it even if she didn’t.

“You’re shameless to do such a nasty thing when you’re an expert above the Ascendant.” Although Ji Mei was angry, she just didn’t dare to seek Ye Mo’s hand. In her opinion, since Ye Mo could kill an expert like Taiyi Sect, he was definitely not an Innate anymore, he must be above Innate, she just didn’t see it.

Ye Mo said coldly, “Take the woman on the ground away, this has nothing to do with me. I have no interest in her, just as I have no interest in you. This is where I live, get lost.”

This woman came and didn’t save her companions first, but she even tangled with herself over this matter, Ye Mo had long been impatient.

“Nothing to do with you? No interest in her? It’s only been an incense stick time since I left ……,” Ji Mei said looking at Ye Mo’s unpleasant face, she subconsciously winced and surprisingly did not dare to say more. Although she was trembling with anger, but she was afraid that Ye Mo would suddenly flip out and make a move, such a lecherous devil, in case he took a fancy to himself, it would be even worse. If she wanted to seek revenge on him, it would be better to wait until she had broken through.

Thinking of this, Ji Mei hastily picked up her unconscious senior sister on the ground, sat on the green eagle, and disappeared in a few moments.

Ye Mo was very upset and returned to his cave to cultivate for the night, and continued to search for ancient cultivation ruins in Xingjia Mountain the next day. But another week pa*sed and Ye Mo found nothing. He had lost his patience, in his mind it was likely that the cultivator had cheated him and that was why he could not find the place.

After leaving Xingjia Mountain, Ye Mo began to look around inside the small world for medicinal herbs, and as long as he could dig up any spiritual herbs, he threw them all into the Golden Page World.

Six months pa*sed in a hurry, and Ye Mo had searched almost the entire divine continent, collected countless spiritual herbs, and collected countless ores, but he could not find Mu Xiaoyun. Ye Mo had already been to Beizi Mountain and Huangping Village several times, but both came up empty-handed. It was also regrettable that he had not found the ‘Bitter Decade’ either, there was no such thing as that seven-star formation deep in the sea of clouds that Meng Jiushan had mentioned.

Ye Mo, however, did not want to continue his search, he had been away from Luo Yue for five years and had long since returned. Moreover, Ye Mo felt that his formation level had reached a certain level, and it was time to go and try that formation on Divine Continent Mountain.

However, before going to try to break the formation on Divine Continent Mountain, Ye Mo had to go to Sandalwood City. He asked Yun Ziyi to collect herbs and ores and such, and wondered how she had done.