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DYM Chapter 777

“Big brother, you ……” Ye Zifeng mumbled as he glanced back at Ye Mo in a dull manner again. He had heard about how powerful his big brother was, and his sister Ye Ling had also said so. He had also heard a lot of things about Ye Mo, that he was decisive in killing anyway, but it was the first time he had actually seen his big brother kill someone with his hands, and not only was it so bloody, but it was his own great-uncle that he killed.

Ye Mo acted as if he didn’t see Ye Zifeng, raising his hand and shooting out a few finger winds, surprisingly stopping Dong Xu Zhen from bleeding. A man who had his limbs chopped off, this bleeding was stopped just by saying so, which made all the people couldn’t believe it.

By now all the people in the conference room had come to their senses, Xu Ping and Xu Yuehua were better off as martial artists. She knew that Ye Mo was powerful, but his killing was too bloody.

But Shen Qian Qian was not a fool, although she was now the minister of commerce, she knew why Ye Mo wanted to kill these people. Moreover, she also knew what the purpose of this meeting was, and for her, all she could do was to save herself.

Ye Mo’s kindness of knowing her and helping her to regain her looks had made her reluctant to join the East Family, she would have offered to quit the position of Minister of Commerce at this meeting, but she did not expect Ye Mo to return.

Ye Mo coldly glanced at Ye Shiva and Shen De who were about to leave and said, “If you sit here and don’t move, I might still be able to give you a whole body, if you dare to make a move, you’ll be just like this very arrogant guy just now, only he now has no limbs.”

“Big brother, Shiva is my cousin. He is also a member of the Ye family ……,” Ye Zifeng finally understood how strong and unreasonable Ye Mo was, he didn’t even give himself a chance to explain and already treated Ye Shiva as a dead man.

Ye Mo finally looked coldly at Ye Zifeng and said, “Zifeng, the first thing I want to say to you is that Luo Yue is not surnamed Ye. To put it bluntly, it is Ye Bei Rong who dares to stand here and do the same thing as Ye Shiva. I am also a kill. The second thing I want to say to you Chapter 777 – No Chicken, No Dog (Pleading for monthly tickets) is that I think you are also from a big family and you are surprisingly living such a chaotic life. I have no problem with you being the city lord. But what about some of the people who originally followed me here? Did they all make the same mistake? You don’t need to explain to me, someone here will explain to me.”

After saying this Ye Mo walked over to Dong Xu Zhen who was still twitching on the ground and kicked him in the head. Dong Xu Zhen’s eyes immediately scattered.

This method of Ye Mo’s could only be used on ordinary people or low level martial artists, for cultivators his method was completely useless. As soon as a cultivator reached the first level of Qi cultivation, they already had divine sense. A cultivator with divine sense even if Ye Mo could control him, he couldn’t make him lose his mind and tell the truth, because once he did so, the other party might immediately have his soul scattered.

“Say it, what is your name?” Ye Mo looked at Dong Xu Zhen who was twitching on the ground and asked coldly.

Void Yuehua and the others all looked at Ye Mo in confusion, hadn’t Dong Xu Zhen just said what his name was? Why did Ye Mo still ask?

Dong Xu Zhen, however, twitched and replied in a single sentence, “My name is Dong Fang Xu Zhen.”

“Who sent you here and what are you doing here?” Ye Mo’s tone was calm.

Dongfang Xuzhen, however, still replied hoarsely, “The young master sent us here, the young master thinks that Luo Yue is more suitable for the development of Western Tang. We want to seize everything in Luo Yue.”

Ye Mo ignored Dongfang Xuzhen again instead he looked at Dong Chong and Dong Nana who were trembling a little and said, “You don’t need to think about the rest, since you dare to come to my Luo Yue City ……”

Before Ye Mo could finish his words, he raised his hand and clamped a bullet, and the next moment the bullet in his hand had been thrown out.

“Boom” a cloud of blood sprayed out, the hand that Dong Chong was holding the gun had been completely burst by this bullet from Ye Mo. The blood mist splashed up. It splattered all over Dong Nana and Ye Shihua’s body.

Ye Mo walked over and kicked them a few times, and the four of them, Dong Nana and Ye Shiva, as well as Dong Chong and Shen De, had already been kicked by Ye Mo and fell down together in the open part of the meeting room.

“Is your young master Dongfang Wang? I don’t think Dongfang Tang should be so bold yet, it looks like one of your Dongfang family members is more arrogant than the other. So simple to try to take over the land of Wu Luo Yue? I really want you guys to bring a message to Dongfang Wang, that is, if he seizes all the top positions of Luo Yue, Luo Yue City will not be surnamed Dongfang either.” Ye Mo looked at the four people who had fallen together and said icily.

Ye Zifeng muttered, “Why is this happening? Nana. Your surname is also Dongfang, right ……”

“Zifeng, I’m sorry, I’m sorry ……” Nana Dongfang suddenly stood up and was about to crash to her death on the stone pillar.

When Ye Zifeng saw that Dongfang Nana was going to kill herself, where could he think of the rest, he immediately rushed down and hugged Dongfang Nana, “Nana, don’t, don’t you do that, big brother won’t kill you ……”

Ye Mo heart sneer, his divine sense has long seen Dongfang Nana’s pocket inside a pocket pistol, she wants to kill herself where there is still a need to crash to death, take out the pistol can be. Unfortunately, Ye Zifeng would not think of anything else at this time, but Ye Mo was too lazy to point out this bit of crap. He could see that Ye Zifeng really liked Nana Dongfang, while Nana Dongfang was using Ye Zifeng.

Ye Mo ignored Ye Zifeng and walked straight to a seat and sat down before he said slowly, “Second Brother, Sister Yuehua, why are so many acquaintances missing here? Why has Fang Wei been locked up too?”

Xu Ping lowered his head in shame and said, “I’m sorry, third brother, I didn’t help you take charge of this family, I’m ashamed.”

Xu Yuehua even stood up and said, “Chairman, the main responsibility is mine, before today’s meeting, I deliberately went through some documents and I realised that the order documents for Commander Huang and and Miao Tong and the others to retire were all signed by me. At first, Zifeng brought it over for me to sign, and I didn’t care …..”

Ye Ling, who had not spoken, however, suddenly stood up and said, “I know that Sister Yu and Commander Huang did not retire at all on their own initiative, and those orders were all fake. It was after Sister Yuehua signed other orders that were swapped by Dongfang Xuzhen, and then Dongfang Xuzhen used Sister Yuehua’s warrants, plus those few people under him to forcibly arrest Sister Yu and the others.

Brother, Second Brother had argued with Sister Yuehua several times because of his obsession with Nana Dongfang. Sister Yuehua always thought that she herself was the outsider because of Brother Zifeng’s status, which is why she let them take over Luo Yue step by step. Although I knew it, I didn’t dare to say anything, Sister Luo Ying and Sister Qing Xue both went out, I wanted to wait until they came back, but they never came back, good thing you came back today, brother.”

Ye Ling wiped her eyes as she thought back to the time when she had endured humiliation in Yanjing. The difference was that today she was a completely different person from the one she was back then, she had matured. Back then she was used by the Song family’s people, while today she could only collect this information in secret, knowing that once she was exposed. Not only her, but also Sister Yuehua, Second Brother Xu, and her own Second Brother would all be killed and destroyed by these people. The reason they didn’t kill and destroy them all at once was because they were just afraid of causing a riot in Luo Yue.

Once they did it recklessly, Sister Yuehua and Second Brother, as well as Sister Yu and the others would all suffer. But if they were not alerted, at most, Luo Yue would fall into the hands of these people, and she believed that there was still a way to retrieve Luo Yue when her brother returned, but people could not come back alive when they were dead. Of course, the main thing was the scene she saw with her own eyes, where Brother Zang, who was at the late stage of the earth level, could not even last three moves under the expert who was killed by her brother, before he was captured. The few guards of big brother Zang were even killed easily.

Luckily, now that brother was back, everything reverted back to what it was before once again.

Ye Mo finally understood the guilt on Ye Ling’s face; she was because of her limited abilities, knowing that her second brother was being used by these people, but she didn’t have the real strength to shake them. Instead, she and Ye Zifeng in general had also sold Luo Yue to these b*****ds.

Ye Mo sighed, stood up and walked to Ye Ling and said, “Ye Ling, I misjudged you, was it too late to reverse things when you found out that those few people from the Dongfang family were not right?”

“Brother ……” Ye Ling nodded, unable to hold back the aggression in her heart any longer, she flung herself into Ye Mo’s arms and cried continuously.

Only after a long time did she sobbed and said, “Actually, I can’t blame second brother for this matter, second brother he, he was under a lot of pressure, plus in the past, second brother had always been very strict with himself, so as soon as Nana Dongfang appeared, second brother just, just …… Moreover, that Nana Dongfang was very cunning ……”

Ye Mo looked at Ye Zifeng who was clinging to Dongfang Nana and shook his head speechlessly, he knew that there was no way to persuade this kind of thing.

Although Ye Zifeng was smart and self-disciplined, but his character was somewhat soft, once he was exploited by others, it would be difficult to explain to him clearly.

Ye Ling cried for a while and suddenly remembered something, she immediately said, “Brother, hurry up and go save Sister Yu and the others, Sister Yu and Commander Huang are both locked up by Dongfang Xuzhen, in the Heziwan military cell.”

“What? Didn’t they already leave Luo Yue?” Void Yuehua stood up in surprise and asked in a trembling voice, if several of Luo Yue’s heavyweight top bra*s had been locked up in a cell under her watch, then she had not simply failed in her duty.

It was Ye Zifeng, who had been hugging Nana Dongfang, who was also frozen in place; he had always been grateful for Nana Dongfang’s thoughtfulness towards him, introducing so many useful talents to Luoyue when the original old men of Luoyue had left on their own initiative. Now that he thought about it, how idiotic he had been.

But Ye Zifeng knew that he was being used to such an extent by a woman, and he still had no way to be cruel to Dongfang Nana.

“I’ll go and save them.” Xu Ping slapped his hand on top of the table, his face showing not only extreme shame, but also extreme anger.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “No, I will go save them myself, this is my mistake.”

After Ye Mo finished raising his hand two wind blades killed Ye Shihua and Shen De, and then two more finger winds abolished Dongfang Chonghe Dongfang Nana’s dantian, before he said to Void Yuehua, “Sister Yuehua, now is not the time to review, you now immediately imprison these two guys and interrogate them later.”

After saying that Ye Mo said to Xu Ping, “Second brother, you immediately go and take control of the army, then mobilise people to exterminate the Dongfang family, both those at home and those outside. Kill all of them except for the women they snatched in my Luo Yue City, without reason, or you can remember the four words ‘no chicken or dog will be left behind’.”

“What?” All the people present froze at Ye Mo’s words…