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DYM Chapter 87-88

Chapter 87

“Ringing ……” the colorful ring of the mobile phone rang, it was Yu Miaotong’s phone, she picked up the phone, fed a few times but no one spoke.

Just as she was wondering, Wu Xuemin’s face suddenly changed and he immediately said, “Turn your phone off, hurry up ……”

Yu Miaotong turned off the phone in confusion and looked at Wu Xuemin and said, “What’s wrong? Xuemin.”

“We should be located by others, it is estimated that in two minutes at most others can know our location.” Wu Xuemin’s face looked a little ugly.

“Ah, what should we do then? But no one knows about my newly changed mobile phone number. How did they know?” Yu Miaotong’s face became bloodless with panic, Ye Mo only had to look at Yu Miaotong’s nervous demeanor to know that the people they had offended were very powerful, otherwise they wouldn’t be afraid like this.

“Did you call Dai Shan before you changed your number, I guess it should have leaked out from her.” Although Wu Xuemin’s face was unpleasant, he had already calmed down.

“How is this possible, Dai Shan and I are practically like sisters, how could she do such a thing?” Yu Miaotong even looked disbelieving.

“Nothing is impossible in this world, although Dai Shan and you are close, how many people can resist in front of death and interests? Now is not the time to think about this, now we are considering what should we do next?” Wu Xuemin had completely calmed down.

When Ye Mo saw that Wu Xuemin was able to take things in his stride, he was somewhat appreciative in his heart, things happen just to be faced, not to complain.

“Brother Ye, I’m really sorry that you need to get down here. I’m not going to lie, we’re actually fleeing, it’s just that the people I’ve offended are even more powerful than the ones you’ve offended. Now that we have been located by them, I guess it won’t be long before they find us, and you are dragging you down by continuing to stay in the car.” Wu Xuemin had an apologetic face, but he glanced at Yu Miaotong with worry lingering in his eyes.

Yu Miaotong also calmed down, she had already seen Wu Xuemin’s worry, but smiled spontaneously and said, “Xuemin, what is there to worry about, can they still stop us from dying together?”

However, Wu Xuemin did not relax much because of Yu Miaotong’s words, but said in a low voice, “I’m sorry Miaotong, as a man, I can’t even protect my own woman ……”

After saying the words, Wu Xuemin had already stopped the car. Ye Mo knew what he meant, that he wanted him to get out of the car.

In fact, the equivalent of Ye Mo, it was best to get off here, he was already in so much trouble himself, he didn’t expect that the owner of a car he casually stopped would actually have as much trouble as he did. However, if he got off the bus here, his heart was troubled, he was not a heartless person.

When he needed someone’s help, he would just wave, now that someone else was in trouble, he would pat himself on the back and walk away, no matter how he said it, Ye Mo felt that it was unjustifiable.

Seeing Ye Mo frowning and hesitating to get out of the car, Wu Xuemin urged, “Brother Ye, hurry up and get out of the car, the forces I have offended are too big, maybe it won’t be long before they catch up and might even stop in front of us.”

Ye Mo smiled faintly and said, “Although I don’t know what kind of people Brother Wu has offended, I really want to stay and help you out, after all, you helped me earlier, so if I don’t come to help you, how can I justify it? I think one more person is always one more strength, so please don’t mind Brother Wu.”

Wu Xuemin looked at Ye Mo and said with a sigh, “I finally understand why you have offended the local officials, with your kind of xìng, it would be strange if you don’t offend people. However, I admire this xìng character of yours, it’s a pity that I can’t have a drink with you. Brother Ye, the person I have offended today is not an ordinary person, and definitely not an ordinary small official you have offended can be compared to. You don’t understand what’s going on here, so I won’t explain it to you, so get out of the car quickly.”

Seeing that Wu Xuemin insisted on saying so, Ye Mo had no choice but to say, “In that case, Brother Wu, what is the next city?”

“Jie Mou Town, it’s a small town, although it only takes twenty minutes to drive, but it takes slightly longer to walk.” Wu Xuemin thought that Ye Mo wanted to hike to the town ahead to rest, so he briefly described it.

“Well then, Brother Wu will just drop me off at that town, and I can find my own car when I get there. This is a favour Brother Wu won’t refuse, right?” Ye Mo smiled lightly and said.

“Alas …… twenty minutes is already enough for them to find me, in that case, I’ll help you once more, I’ll go through the small road, maybe I’ll actually escape.” The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the website.

It had been more than twenty minutes since they left Yu Miaotong’s call, and far ahead, they could even see the town’s streetlights. A roaring sound sounded, Wu Xuemin suddenly stopped the car, but did not speak, his face was even more ugly.

Ye Mo nodded slightly, no wonder Wu Xuemin was afraid, he did have a reason to be afraid. These people’s energy was no longer ordinary strong, they could even get a helicopter. That roaring sound was the roaring sound of a helicopter.

“I’m sorry Brother Ye, I’ve dragged you into this, now I can’t leave even if I want to. They have already found us, if you go alone now, you won’t be able to get away either.” Wu Xuemin ignored Ye Mo again after he finished speaking, and instead grabbed Yu Miaotong’s hand, the worry and pain in his eyes no longer hidden.

“Xuemin, it doesn’t matter, as long as we can be together. If he can stop us from living together, can he still stop us from dying together.” At this point, Yu Miaotong was surprisingly not the least bit nervous.

“I’ll fight for two even before I die.” Wu Xuemin suddenly said in a ruthless voice, while pulling out a pistol from under the car seat. Another dagger was taken out and handed to Ye Mo: “This is for you to defend yourself, alas.”

Ye Mo smiled and waved his hand, “No need, I have something to defend myself.”

Originally, Wu Xuemin, who only felt a little guilty for dragging Ye Mo into this, was now looking at Ye Mo in a different light, people had sent out helicopters, there was no way Ye Mo didn’t know how tough his opponent was, he was actually still calm even now, which meant he wasn’t a simple person either.

Thinking about this, Wu Xuemin however said, “Brother Ye, do you know about ‘Iron River’?”

Ye Mo shook his head, he really hadn’t heard of ‘Iron River’.

However, Wu Xuemin continued, “It’s not unusual that you haven’t heard of Tie Jiang, because you’re not from the Dao. The ‘Iron River’ is the only gang in the Mainland that is not controlled by the ‘Southern Youth’, although they are not as big as the ‘Southern Youth’, the ‘Iron River ‘ but can transcend the ‘Southern Youth’ and can be said to be indeed the number one underground gang in the Mainland. The power of ‘Southern Youth’ is no longer in the mainland, they have extended abroad.

The reason why ‘Tie Jiang’ is so powerful is because Tie Jiang’s boss is called Tie Shan, Tie Shan has a nickname ‘Iron Rope Crossing the River’, and ‘Tie Jiang’ gets its name from this nickname of his. The person I have offended is someone who can be ranked in the top three within ‘Tie Jiang’, and his name is Huang Ji. You only have to look at the fact that he can send out helicopters openly to understand how powerful he is.

Although Huang Ji is not the actual third in command, the fact is that the Tie Gang Master rarely asks things now and most things are under Huang Ji’s control, so he actually has a lot of power nonetheless.”

Although Wu Xuemin didn’t say any more, Ye Mo already understood that offending Huang Ji was basically the same as offending a powerful boss in the Dao. No wonder he didn’t even have any fighting spirit anymore, in terms of this situation, the most he could do was to spell out a few accompanying funerals.


Chapter 88

“In fact, I am also from ‘Tie Jiang’ and Brother Tie Shan is very good to me and expects a lot from me. Because he wanted to train me as a replacement for Huang Ji, and because Miao Tong was someone Huang Ji had his eye on but followed me, Huang Ji wanted to finish me off at every moment. But if I was really taken out by Huang Ji, Brother Tie would definitely not come to blame Huang Ji, one has to be aware of this when one hangs out in a gang.

Now that I think about it, I even suspect that Brother Tie’s drunken words about grooming me as his successor were deliberate, he might have been testing whether I could survive under Huang Ji. If I died, it meant I wasn’t qualified. But even if that’s the case, I’m not going to blame him, since I chose this path, I should have the awareness of being pushed out to block arrows.”

Wu Xuemin seemed to find something to say in order to ease Yu Miaotong’s worries, or to explain something to Ye Mo, but his eyes were fixed on the helicopter that had stopped not far away in the open.

Ye Mo sighed in his heart, he really couldn’t figure out how Wu Xuemin was thinking, he was willing to be a pawn to be used. If it was placed on him, he would never be willing to be used as a pawn by that Tie Shan, even if he really would take over Huang Ji’s position if he won. It looks like this Tie’s name is ‘Tiesuo Hengjiang’, but in Ye Mo’s opinion, Wu Xuemin’s character is not suitable for mixing with the black. Dao.

“Brother Ye, I beg you one thing, later on I will hold them back and not let this helicopter fly, you take Miaotong away. I don’t want Miaotong to fall into the hands of this brute Huang Ji.” Wu Xuemin suddenly said to Ye Mo pleadingly.

Hearing Wu Xuemin’s words, Yu Miaotong suddenly grabbed his hand, “No, Xuemin, even if I die, I won’t leave you this time.”

Ye Mo also shook his head and said, “Brother Xuemu, it might not work, look ……”

The moonlight was so good that one could clearly see that five people had come down from the helicopter, and there was even one person with a submachine gun in his hand, while the remaining four were all holding rifles. Not only that, they were even wearing bulletproof helmets on their heads. Seeing this scene in front of him, Wu Xuemin’s eyes also dimmed down, he knew that he would not be able to escape today no matter what.

Ye Mo did not care about the guns in these people’s hands, he did not care about the five people, what he cared about was the helicopter. What he cared about was the helicopter. In his mind, he was thinking that if there was a helicopter, he could immediately go far away.

Looking back at Wu Xuemin, whose face had changed rapidly, he said, “Brother Wu, don’t rush first, wait for them to come, maybe they are here to deliver the plane.”

Although he didn’t understand why Ye Mo was joking now, Wu Xuemin nodded, he only had four bullets left in his pistol, if he had to keep two more for suicide, there were only two bullets and these two bullets probably wouldn’t help much.

As they spoke, the five men had already quickly rushed to Ye Mo’s trio and surrounded the car.

Ye Mo slowly opened the car door and got out of the car first, but his divine sense was monitoring the few people present, so that he would immediately kill someone if someone’s finger was to pull the trigger. The reason why he didn’t kill them now was because he didn’t know how to fly a helicopter, he had to leave at least one pilot behind before he could.

Seeing Ye Mo get out of the car, Wu Xuemin sighed and also pulled Yu Miaotong’s hand and got out.

“Brother White Shark, there’s an extra person, what should we do?” It was obvious that they had not thought of the extra person, Ye Mo.

“Take the two Wu Yu away, and dispose of the extra person on the spot.” The man at the head of the group immediately said decisively.

Ye Mo spoke up at this time, “Let’s not talk about the killing first, who is the pilot of the helicopter you have here?”

Hearing Ye Mo’s question, the white shark in the lead once again stopped the man who was about to shoot, “I am, what do you want to ask the pilot for?”

“Oh, I’m trying to save his life.” After saying that Ye Mo’s hand waved up one after another, a few breezes rang in the crowd’s ears, and four iron nails accurately penetrated the throats of the four men except for White Shark. These ordinary desperadoes are not yet a threat to him, even with a gun in their hands.

After a few “uh …… uh ……” sounds, the four men with guns, tried to cover their throats with their hands, but found that they did not have the strength to lift their hands up, and all four of them fell down in a flash All four men fell in a flash.

White Shark looked at the shocking scene in front of him in shock, before he could wake up, the AK in his hand was already in the hands of the young man who had just asked the question.

“You ……” Wu Xuemin only reacted at this moment and looked at Ye Mo dumbfounded, he did not expect the person who stopped his car on the road to be such a terrifying existence. A bright light immediately emerged in Wu Xuemin’s eyes, Ye Mo was an expert, or an absolute legendary expert.

“What kind of person are you? How dare you interfere in my ‘Tie Jiang’ affairs, you ……” At this point, he seemed to understand that this young man in front of him had not only interfered in his ‘Tie Jiang ‘ affairs, and even killed ‘Tie Jiang’ people.

Yu Miaotong also understood at this point over how powerful Ye Mo was, and in his heart he was no better than Wu Xuemin.

Ye Mo turned back to Wu Xuemin who was still in shock and said, “Brother Wu, you guys go into the helicopter first, I’ll take care of things here.”

Wu Xuemin also knew that this was not the time to ask questions, so he hurriedly pulled Yu Miaotong towards the helicopter, the shock in his heart still had not subsided.

Seeing the two Wu Xuemin walking towards the helicopter, Ye Mo looked at the white shark and said, “Throw these few people into the car, set the car’s fuel tank on fire, I’ll count to ten, if you’re not done yet, you get into the car with them.”

Ye Mo’s words this time White Shark reacted quickly, he had completely understood what kind of person he was facing, a ruthless person who killed just as much as them, or even more than them. It was not the first time he had done something like burning a car, and immediately dragged the four bodies into the car as fast as he could, then tore a piece of cloth to draw out the oil and set the car alight.

“Pick up the guns on the ground and get on the plane.” Ye Mo said coldly.

Hearing that he was allowed to pick up the gun, White Shark’s heart was happy that this man was letting him take the gun.

“Do you believe that I can kill you a hundred times before you pull the trigger.” Ye Mo seemed to know his mind in general, and the words he said made White Shark a bit chilled, he picked up the gun and actually didn’t dare to play any tricks.

When Ye Mo and White Shark arrived at the helicopter, the SUV had already started to have bursting sounds coming from it, it was still far from the town in front of them, although the sound was loud, no one came over.

Inside the helicopter Wu Xuemin and Yu Miaotong were already seated, but Wu Xuemin was sitting in the C*ckpit, and both of them looked at Ye Mo a little differently.

Ye Mo did freeze for a moment: “Brother Wu you know how to fly a helicopter?”

Wu Xuemin nodded, “Yes, I’m not too sure about letting this person fly it, I’ve flown helicopters before inside the army.”

“In that case, then you are redundant.” Ye Mo said as he glanced at White Shark.

When White Shark took a look at this situation, how could he not know that Ye Mo wanted to kill him, he quickly said, “Don’t kill me, I can still help you.”

“Oh, then you can come up first.” After saying that Ye Mo turned back to Wu Xuemin and said, “Brother Wu, you fly the helicopter up.”

“Good, where to now?” Seeing that Ye Mo had already come up, Wu Xuemin directly lifted the helicopter into the air.

Ye Mo thought about it and said, “Do you think that if Huang Ji dies, you don’t have to escape?”

“Of course I don’t have to escape if Huang Ji is dead, it’s Huang Ji who wants to kill me, not ……” Suddenly Wu Xuemin stopped the conversation, looked at Ye Mo and said with some stammering, “Brother Ye, you don’t mean, not that ……”

Ye Mo said with a faint smile, “Who let us have a destiny, I just want to help you to kill Huang Ji, besides I still have something I need your help.” Ye Mo was right, the reason why he wanted to help Wu Xuemin kill to Huang Ji, one was that he thought Wu Xuemin was a good person and could make friends. Another was that Wu Xuemin getting back the operational power of ‘Iron River’ would only be good for his escape, not bad.

“Senior, if you want to kill Huang Ji I can help you.” White Shark suddenly said out loud.

Ye Mo coldly looked at White Shark, this guy was not slow to react, he had kept him until now without killing him because he wanted to finish off Huang Ji through him.