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DYM Chapter 89-90

Chapter 89

Seeing that Ye Mo’s eyes were cold, White Shark hurriedly said, “Huang Ji is still waiting for the results now, later on I just need to report that the man has been caught and then take you guys back.”

This was what Ye Mo wanted and turned back to Wu Xuemin and said, “Brother Wu, you hand the helicopter over to him, I’ll keep an eye on him, I believe he won’t dare to do anything.” After saying that Ye Mo once again said to White Shark, “You take the plane back directly, call Huang Ji now and tell him that everything is fine.

White Shark didn’t dare to go against Ye Mo’s words in the slightest, maybe others were just threats. But he had seen Ye Mo’s skill and ruthlessness with his own eyes, he had killed four heavily armed men almost without moving and without changing his face, this man was too fierce. He was afraid that Ye Mo would get annoyed and said in a hurry, “Because Huang Ji had said that he would let me send the man directly to Jing City once he was caught.”

“Jing City?” Wu Xuemin, however, knew that this plane definitely did not fly from Jing City, Jing City was nearly two thousand kilometres away from here, how could this plane fly there.

Seeming to see Wu Xuemin’s confusion, White Shark hurriedly explained, “I came from Yiping, I originally came to intercept Brother Wu, because I received your location temporarily, so I came over. This helicopter is also modified, the fuel in the tank can support about two hours and fifty minutes, and the speed is also much faster than normal helicopters. It has now been flying for about twenty minutes and should be able to fly for another two and a half hours. After two and a half hours, the plane can refuel at Wangchuan and then it can fly to Jing City in one go.”

After a pause here he continued, “Brother Wu should know that there is a ‘Iron River’ division refuelling place in Wangchuan, this helicopter is more advanced in many places because it is modified, so the oil from the general refuelling station cannot be used. Although it can be forced to use it, it is afraid of malfunctioning on the way.”

Wu Xuemin nodded and said, “That’s it, you can fly directly to Jing City now.” He still knew about the internal refuelling station of Wangchuan ‘Iron River’.

Ye Mo had looked at Jing City when he studied the map, it was near Russia’s Haishenwei, not far from North Korea and a border land. But after all, it would take a few hours to reach Jing City. Ye Mo looked at the burning SUV below and thought that even if he learned about the situation inside the SUV, it would be a few hours later, and by then he would have finished his business.

Sure enough, as White Shark said, two hours later, the helicopter refuelled in Wangchuan, probably got the message, and there was little suspicion. It was not yet light when they left Wangchuan.

It was just a little after 7am when the helicopter stopped at a huge private estate. The speed of the helicopter was really fast, according to Ye Mo’s estimation, it could reach between 430 and 500 kilometres per hour.

The manor that Ye Mo had followed Wen Dong to see at the altar was already big enough, but compared to this place, it was still too small.

When he thought of Wen Dong, Ye Mo remembered the model and information that Wen Dong had given him.

When Wu Xuemin saw Ye Mo looking over, he seemed to know what Ye Mo was thinking and shook his head, “Most of the people here are Huang Ji’s people, he wouldn’t have arranged for my people to come here. But there are also some people who are just loyal to ‘Iron River’ and are not Huang Ji’s inner circle”

“Huang Ji is coming out.” Wu Xuemin suddenly looked at a man walking out from inside a villa and said.

Ye Mo looked at the man Wu Xuemin was talking about, he was in his fifties, with triangular eyes, but the man was very fat, the hair on the front of his head was gone, he was wearing a leather overcoat, and two bodyguards were following behind him.

“You take me down.” Ye Mo said coldly to White Shark. He was thinking that he would definitely have to meet someone to block him when he went in to see Huang Ji’s later, and he was wondering if he should go on a killing spree when Huang Ji actually came out.

“Haha …… Wu Xuemin, you dare to stare at my position and even dare to snatch away the woman I fancy, I have not slept all night today in order to wait for you, one day you are not dead, I Huang Ji is restless …… “A hoarse laugh came from a man with arrogance and confidence revealed in his tone. In his opinion, a few elite henchmen, flying a helicopter with only a few AKs or even submachine guns, to intercept Wu Xuemin with a woman, would not be any surprise at all.

When Huang Ji saw White Shark and a person he didn’t know get out of the helicopter, while the people behind him didn’t even get out, he immediately stopped in his tracks alertly and looked at White Shark and asked, “Who is the person behind you? Stop, don’t move yet.”

As soon as Huang Ji’s words fell, the two bodyguards behind him had already come forward to stop White Shark and Ye Mo.

Since he had already arrived, Ye Mo would not be polite anymore, he was now in debt. The two bodyguards didn’t even grunt as blood emerged from their eyebrows and they fell to the ground dead. White shark looked at the back with a chill, he had seen all kinds of killing methods, but never had he seen such a simple and effective method of killing as Ye Mo, it was simply too horrible.

Huang Ji’s reaction was not slow, he knew immediately that it was not good, his hand immediately went to grab the gun, but Ye Mo would not give him half a chance, the iron nail in his hand already flew out.

Even when Huang Ji was dying, he couldn’t believe that he would die so easily. Even if someone barged in with a gun, he wouldn’t die so easily, but now, he was finished with someone raising their hand. Although unwillingly, his consciousness had already dissipated.

At this moment, dozens of men with open swords rushed out from the surroundings at once, and Ye Mo was about to go on a killing spree when Wu Xuemin, who had come from behind, suddenly shouted, “I am in charge here now, do you all want to rebel?”

The scene calmed down for a moment, and many people did not know whether they should make a move or not. However, a few men who raised their guns were shot by Ye Mo before their hands could pull the trigger.

Wu Xuemin still had some prestige, except for a very few of Huang Ji’s die-hard loyalists, most of them were still only loyal to ‘Iron River’, and didn’t care too much about who would take over after Huang Ji’s death. They all knew about the struggle between Huang Ji and Wu Xuemin, and perhaps they had seen too much of it.

The day Wu Xuemin killed Huang Ji, Tie Shan sent word for Wu Xuemin to take over Huang Ji, and one by one Wu Xuemin’s men returned, making Wu Xuemin’s position completely secure.


Inside a luxurious villa in Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong, a middle-aged man was sitting on a tai shi chair. Opposite him was a Taoist priest in his fifties, and at the moment the two were sipping fragrant tea on the coffee table. This middle-aged man was the boss of ‘Iron River’, Tie Shan, and if he had not said so, not many people would have known that the second leader of ‘Iron River’ was actually a Daoist priest.

The Daoist priest sitting opposite Tie Shan was none other than the second leader of ‘Iron River’, Daoist Idle, whose strength was much higher than Tie Shan’s, but he had no interest in power, his main focus was on monasticism. Unless it was a big matter for the gang, generally Daoist Idle would not step in.

Similarly no one knew that the reason why ‘Southern Qing’ was still unable to touch ‘Tie Jiang’ by half now had nothing to do with ‘Tie Jiang’s’ own strength, but only concern for this Idle Daoist.

“This Wuxue Min is not bad, you’ve made the right move.” After taking a sip of tea, the Taoist priest opposite said.

Tie Shan pondered for a moment and said, “I thought that at most Wu Xuemin would only be able to escape Huang Ji’s pursuit, and even when I heard that he had taken a woman with him, I had lost all hope that he would survive. I didn’t expect him to be able to finish off Huang Ji, Huang Ji has really been living more and more these years, ‘Iron River’ needs fresh blood, I just hope that this Wu Xuemin won’t fail me, otherwise, he will be the next Huang Ji.”

When he said that Wu Xuemin would not survive, and that he was the next Huang Ji, Tie Shan’s expression did not fluctuate in the slightest, as if this was how it was supposed to be.

After a while Tie Shan continued, “I heard that Qian Baihe has recently become furious over the death of his only son, he better not touch me, ‘Tie Jiang’, or I, Tie Shan, am not a vegetarian either.”

“You don’t have to worry about that, I’m facing a breakthrough soon, this time I’m out for a break, so I’ll go all out to hit the next level, once I break through to the earth level, I’ll pay a visit to Thousand Dragon Heads, I believe he’s still someone who understands things.” Idle Daoist’s tone was light, but it carried an unquestionable coldness.


Chapter 90

Yun Bing slept soundly, when she woke up in the morning she suddenly remembered something in general, subconsciously reached out and grabbed it, the surroundings were empty.

He had left, and Yun Bing suddenly felt a little disappointed. Although she knew that Ye Mo was leaving today, she didn’t expect him to leave without even a greeting, and there was a message on the bed.

“Sister Bing, thank you for saving my life, I will come back to see you one day, I’m leaving. Ye Mo.”

Holding the note with only one line in her hand, Yun Bing suddenly had a sense of relief, if he had said he would come to see her, he would definitely come. She had no other thoughts about Ye Mo, she just somewhat liked the feeling of living with him, was she too lonely? However, Yun Bing turned her eyes to worry about Ye Mo’s safety.


“What? It was you who killed the only son of the Thousand Dragon Heads. No wonder the ‘Southern Youth’ is like crazy lately, there are their people everywhere, even our territory has many people from the ‘Southern Youth’ coming. Because the boss didn’t give the word, we didn’t dare to start a conflict with them for a while. It was really unexpected that the person who killed Qian Shiping was you.” When he heard that it was Ye Mo who killed Qian Shiping, Wu Xuemin had been shocked and did not calm down for half a day.

Wu Xuemin, who had gotten back the great power and could be with Yu Miaotong, was in a happy mood, but he was still shocked when he heard Ye Mo’s words. Who was Thousand Dragon Heads? He was someone who had a regular army, he was a guy who was even more bullish than the leaders of some countries.

He could do something without scruples based on his likes and dislikes, would the leaders of the country dare to do so?

Moreover, the leader of the Thousand Heads only had one son, which no one didn’t know, no matter it was black and white, they would all give him face, never thought that Ye Mo would kill him.

Ye Mo looked at Wu Xuemin very calmly, once Wu Xuemin showed any worry and dared not to keep him, he would immediately leave, no one would stay here, he would have his own place. The reason why he helped Wu Xuemin also existed the idea of wanting to ask Wu Xuemin to help him.

After all, his strength was still too low right now, once he advanced to the third level of Qi cultivation, even if Thousand Dragons did not come looking for him, he would still look for him back. He, Ye Mo, was not good at hunting down and killing people who were after him, he would hunt them down and kill them back sooner or later.

“Brother Ye, originally I planned to invite you to join ‘Iron River’, but now it seems that this plan simply won’t work. If you did join ‘Iron River’ not only would it harm you, it would also harm ‘Iron River’.” Wu Xuemin had completely calmed down.

Ye Mo nodded, even without the matter of Thousand Dragon Heads, he would not have joined ‘Iron River’, this kind of life was not for him.

After a long time of silence, Wu Xuemin said, “I will help you get a new identity, you yourself should change your appearance and go to a small place to live in seclusion for a while. Offending the Thousand Dragons isn’t something that can be solved by leaving the country.”

Ye Mo learned from Wu Xuemin about the fearfulness of Thousand Dragon Heads, that he had killed his only son, and he could be sure that once he found out that he had done it, he would be frantic to retaliate.

Since he arrived here, there was no moment when Ye Mo was as desperate to improve his strength as soon as possible as he was now, he knew that if he couldn’t improve his strength as soon as possible, with what he had done, he would be eaten to the bone.

Boosting his strength was now the only two ways for him, the first was to immediately plant the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’, and the second, was to immediately go to the Taklamakan Desert to look for the place where the ‘Purple Heart Vine’ appeared, which was also a chance. In comparison, the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ was a little more reliable, but the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ took two years to mature, and Ye Mo could not wait that much time.

If he didn’t ascend to the third level of Qi training as soon as possible, in two years’ time, his bones might already be cold.

He had already made his decision, he decided to find a peaceful place for himself and plant the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ first. When the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ was planted, he would immediately go to the Taklamakan Desert, neither of these two things could wait.

When he reached the third level of Qi training, he would take the initiative to visit this ‘Thousand Dragon Head’ and tell him to his face that his son was killed by himself, what could he do? This kind of pursuit made him incomparably annoyed, whether it was the Song family or ‘Nan Qing’, he felt extremely unhappy. He, Ye Mo, was also a dangling cultivator, but to be chased by these people and he had to flee was a bit too much of a nuisance.

However, Wu Xuemin did not let Ye Mo down after all, he was a good friend, even though he knew that hiding Ye Mo’s identity might cause a lot of trouble in the future, Wu Xuemin did not have any hesitation. Without Ye Mo he would have been dead long ago, where would he be now. So Ye Mo’s identity, apart from himself, even Yu Miaotong he didn’t tell.

Wu Xuemin helped Ye Mo to get a real identity card, and his name was Mo Ye. In order not to be traced, Ye Mo deliberately made up a mark on his face that looked a bit ugly, and used this photo with the mark on his ID card.

The reason why he did this was because ‘South Green’ was so powerful and almost pervasive, and Ye Mo still wanted to find a peaceful place to plant the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’, he didn’t want to be found out while planting the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s He didn’t want to be discovered while planting the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’, the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ was too important to him.

The weather in Jing City was bitterly cold, so it was obviously not suitable for growing the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’, and besides, staying in Jing City would easily attract attention. Ye Mo took out some of the soil from the flower beds in the original small courtyard and had Wu Xuemin help him to test it, and found that some of the southern cities were OK, but not all. But in the northern cities, many places were not okay.

In the end, Ye Mo picked and chose to come to Luocang. Luocang belonged to Jiangnan Province, which was adjacent to Shanghai, and was also a big city with a population close to five million.

The reason why Ye Mo chose Luocang this time was not related to Ji Wanqing. The second reason was that the underground gangs in Luocang were basically under the management of ‘Tie Jiang’, which was under the power of Wu Xuemin. Another major reason was that there was a flight from Luocang directly to Kullu, from where he could quickly enter the Taklamakan.

A week later, Ye Mo left Jing City with his new identity and went directly to Luocang. Although Wu Xuemin had a lot of energy in Jing City, Ye Mo still chose to take the train, he did not want to arouse even the slightest suspicion. This was not because he was afraid, but because his time was tight and he did not have time to fight with these people.

Ye Mo took the sleeper and he didn’t ask for the money given by Wu Xuemin. To Ye Mo, he had helped Wu Xuemin and Wu Xuemin had helped him, the two were now friends, but just friends. If he asked for more money from Wu Xuemin, it would always feel like he owed someone something to him. This feeling Ye Mo disliked, and besides, he still had more than 50,000 yuan in his bag.

There was no direct train from Jing City to Luocang, Ye Mo took the train to Zhengzhou, and changed trains in Zhengzhou to Luocang.

When Ye Mo boarded the train, the four people inside the sleeper were not full, plus him there were only two, one of them was a woman of about forty who looked somewhat shrewd. However, she looked very tired, and as soon as she got on the train, she didn’t even say hello to Ye Mo, she just fell asleep on the bunk.

Ye Mo thought to himself, this woman is a bit too careless, even if she is tired on top of the train, she should still stay alert, there are quite a lot of thieves on top of the train.

But there was only her and Ye Mo in here now, of course Ye Mo wouldn’t go and steal from a woman. Even if she had a million dollars on her, Ye Mo would not even look at it. He just found a random bunk and sat on it and started to close his eyes and rest, while thinking about how to settle down when he arrived in Luo Cang, whether to get a job first or just rent an apartment.