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DYM Chapter 91-92

Chapter 91

As for the matter of going to find a job, Ye Mo thought very clearly, after he arrived at Luo Cang, he definitely had to find a peaceful place to plant the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ first. And before the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ became alive, if he didn’t do something to watch the seeds germinate every day, one delayed time, and the second easily caused others to suspect. Another thing is that although he has tens of thousands of dollars, once he buys things and herbs, the money simply does not stand up to spending.

When the train arrived at Shenyang station, two more people came up and the small compartment for four people was immediately filled. The two men who came back were a middle-aged man in his thirties, carrying a black bag.

This middle-aged man’s eyes were very active and flickered incessantly, he came in and quickly swept the inside of the compartment, seeing that the woman was sleeping, he smiled and greeted Ye Mo, “Hello, my name is Jin Jibing, going to Yanjing, what’s your friend’s name.”

“Mo Ye.” Ye Mo spoke succinctly, one he didn’t really like talking much to strangers, it was a habit from long years of cultivation, and another was that he didn’t like this Jin Jibing’s flashing eyes.

At this moment the woman, who was around forty years old, also woke up and sat up from her bunk. Jin Ji Bing seemed to sense that Ye Mo didn’t like to talk much and immediately greeted the woman.

The woman was in good spirits after a good night’s sleep, but she was quite talkative, and she and Jin Jibing were soon chatting about everything. Ye Mo also learnt that the woman’s name was Wang Yan, also from Yanjing, but she was doing business in Shenyang. The next topic was no longer of interest to Ye Mo, and he looked at the man who came up behind him.

This was a naive young man of about twenty years old. Ye Mo saw that the youth was dressed in ordinary clothes and even had a patch on his trousers, indicating that his financial situation was not very good, and wondered how he could have bought a sleeper ticket.

However, this youth seemed to be somewhat cowering, and after he came in and got on the bed, he stopped talking and just held the bag in his hand tightly in his arms. Looking at his wary attitude, he was even more experienced than the woman of about forty in general.

“Little brother, is there any gold in your bag? Oh, I see you are quite nervous. It’s okay, it’s all about going out, just be careful, there’s no need to hold the bag in your hand.” This Jin Jibing chatted with the woman for a while, then suddenly looked at the naive young man and made a joke.

“No, there is no gold, just some tools for healing ……” This simple young man, who did not seem to expect anyone else to take the initiative to talk to him, immediately said with some stuttering.

“Oh, I didn’t expect that little brother is still a doctor, I’m really sorry, your surname is ah.” Seeming to see the youth’s nervousness, Jin Jibing once again struck up a conversation, but there was no contempt in his words.

“My name is Yu Erhu, the art of medicine, the art of medicine is ancestral ……” Yu Erhu still spoke a bit nervously, and at a glance it was clear that it was his first time to travel.

“Little brother …… uh, really can’t tell you’re a doctor. What kind of place are you planning to go?” Wang Yan spoke with a tone of voice that clearly held great suspicion that Yu Erhu was a doctor, but she didn’t say so directly.

When Yu Erhu was asked by Wang Yan like this, his face looked even redder and he said with some muttering, “I got a ticket to Zhengzhou, so I am planning to go to Zhengzhou to have a look.”

Ye Mo already understood that this Yu Erhu had never been out of the house at all, this was probably the first time he had gone out this time, and probably did not know where he had gotten a train ticket to Zhengzhou, so he wanted to go to Zhengzhou to practice medicine.

Although he didn’t know how this Yu Erhu’s medical skills were, Ye Mo could imagine that a person like Yu Erhu would not be able to eat well in Zhengzhou and might even end up living on the streets.

However, Yu Erhu’s statement did give Ye Mo a good hint, if he could open a small clinic in Luo Cang, and ask this honest and simple Yu Erhu to help, he would have time to cultivate himself, and he could grow the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’, and most of all, when he left Luo Cang, Yu Erhu could also help him look after the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’.

After hearing Yu Erhu’s words, both Jin Ji Bing and Wang Yan were obviously unimpressed and soon lost interest in Yu Erhu, but it was Ye Mo who took an interest in Yu Erhu.

Seeing that Ye Mo and Yu Erhu stopped chatting after a few words, and instead closed his eyes and prepared to sleep. Jin Jibing suddenly took out a magazine from his bag and a pair of gla*ses, looking like he was ready to read the magazine.

However, Ye Mo was a bit wary, when Jin Ji Bing first came in, his eyes were twinkling and his vision definitely did not look like he was nearsighted, what was he doing taking out his gla*ses at this moment?

Ye Mo closed his eyes and stopped caring about him, but his divine sense kept an eye on Jin Ji Bing. Sure enough, not long after, Jin Jibing stopped reading the magazine and swept his eyes towards Ye Mo and Wang Yan’s bag.

When he saw Ye Mo’s bag, a hint of joy seemed to appear on his face. Of course Ye Mo knew that there were tens of thousands of dollars in cash in his bag. Now that Jin Jibing showed this look, it meant that he already knew what was in his bag, and he was a little surprised in his heart, how did he know that he had money in his bag? Could it be that he also had divine sense?

But Ye Mo quickly reacted, he does not have divine sense, his gla*ses must be faulty, maybe it is infrared or some other see-through effect.

At this time it was already after ten o’clock at night, Ye Mo pretended to sleep, he wanted to know whose bag this Jin Ji Bing had first made his move. But he also reckoned that it should be his, because he was carrying the most cash. Ye Mo sighed, if only he had a storage ring, where would be all the trouble.

Sure enough Ye Mo had just fallen asleep not long after that, Jin Ji Bing came to Ye Mo’s side with his own bag, reached out and opened Ye Mo’s bag and stuffed the cash inside into his own bag.

Ye Mo sneered and didn’t stop, he knew how many thieves of this kind he wanted, there was no need for him to be cynical. He just used the quilt to block his hand, while not only taking back the money that Jin Ji Bing had taken from him, but also taking everything else in his bag, except for his clothes, in one go. He had divine sense and took things as if he was looking so clearly with his eyes.

Yu Erhu was already asleep, but Wang Yan obviously saw Jin Jibing’s movements, but when Jin Jibing turned around and glared at her, she was so scared that she immediately covered her mouth with her hand, not daring to make a sound.

At that moment, the horn on the car blared out that the Fuxin station had arrived. Jin Jibing had his things in hand, so he hurriedly grabbed his bag and was about to leave. At this time a girl in her twenties was pa*sing by the carriage, saw Jin Jibing’s movements and immediately knew that it was a thief, the key being that the person being stolen was still asleep.

The girl immediately shrieked at the sight of the thief. Jin Jibing, with his things in hand, no longer cared what others found, and immediately picked up the bag, rushed out of the carriage and got off.

“Ah, that thief stole your things and you are still sleeping.” The girl took one look at Jin Jibing’s escape and became even more convinced that Ye Mo’s things had been stolen by Jin Jibing and hurriedly warned Ye Mo loudly.

Ye Mo opened his eyes and looked at this girl who was incredibly anxious, at a glance, he could tell that she was still a student, no wonder she had such a sense of justice. Seeing that others were anxious for him, he had to say with a faint smile, “I don’t really have anything in my bag, so if I stole it, I stole it.”

“You, you’re such a person, you should call the police immediately, let me go to the police for you.” This girl was really warm-hearted.

Ye Mo thought to himself that the last thing he wanted to deal with right now were these police officers, seeing this he quickly waved his hand and said, “Forget it, I really don’t have anything, there’s no need to call the police, but thank you anyway.”

Seeing that Ye Mo really did not want to call the police, the girl had to shake her head helplessly and went through the carriage not knowing what to do.

Seeing the girl leave, Ye Mo immediately put everything into his bag in one go, and in addition to the original 50,000 yuan he had, he had an extra 20,000 yuan. Now he had 70,000 yuan. Apart from that, there were some bits and pieces, a whole bunch of various documents, which Ye Mo didn’t bother with and swept them all into his bag.

Although he didn’t see Ye Mo put away the things he had brought over backwards in pa*sing into his bag, Wang Yan saw with his own eyes Jin Jibing take out several stacks of banknotes in Ye Mo’s bag. The young man in front of him said that there was nothing in his bag, he must not believe that his things were stolen, and he couldn’t help but shake his head at the thought.


Chapter 92

Although Yu Erhu was alert in the car, he was now sleeping like a pig and didn’t know anything.

Seeming to feel somewhat guilty towards Ye Mo, Wang Yan surprisingly came down and took out two hundred yuan and handed it to Ye Mo, “Big brother, I know that your money was stolen just now, this two hundred yuan is not much, you can keep it for emergency use.”

Ye Mo looked at Wang Yan with surprise, this woman actually felt guilty about what just happened, she seemed to have some conscience. At this moment Yu Erhu also woke up and looked at Ye Mo and Wang Yan, it was obvious that he was still confused about what was going on.

Ye Mo pushed the money back and said with a smile, “No, I have money, I don’t need your money.”

Wang Yan was a little surprised to see Ye Mo refuse, in her opinion, although Ye Mo was a little better than Yu Erhu, what he was wearing was not really a brand name, it could only be described as clean and tidy. Maybe he still had an urgent need for that money, he just didn’t know it yet.

But at this moment, Ye Mo refused her money, she was a bit anxious: “I really saw your money being stolen, but I didn’t dare to say anything, I was afraid of being retaliated by that person, please accept this two hundred yuan, I am really upset in my heart.” She meant what she said this time, because she had seen too many people who reported thieves get stabbed with knives.

“I told you his money had been stolen, didn’t I, and he didn’t believe it himself. Sure enough, you saw it too. No money, right? Well, I’ll take a hundred for you too, I’m still a student and don’t have much money.” At this time, the girl who originally pa*sed by came over with a bowl of noodles in her hand, and after hearing Wang Yan’s words, she immediately interfaced and said, and then went to take out money.

After hearing the words of these two, Yu Erhu seemed to understand that this young brother’s money had been stolen. He was not ambiguous and hurriedly pulled out a newspaper-wrapped item from his bag, opened it layer after layer, and finally took out a fifty and handed it over, “Brother, I don’t have much money, so I’ll just help with a fifty. My grandfather said that there are many thieves out there, so I should be careful, and indeed that Jin Ji Bing’s is a thief.”

Ye Mo looked at these three warm-hearted people and was a little bitter, but some feelings rose up in his heart jī, this world is not entirely cold and heartless ah. Especially Yu Erhu, Ye Mo clearly saw that the money he had wrapped in newspaper was a thick stack, but it was all five or ten dollars, and the fifty was the biggest one. Although this man was a bit naive, he was also a generous person.

Seeing this, Ye Mo had to put away Wang Yan’s two hundred dollars and said to the girl and Yu Erhu, “I’ll just take two hundred, just put your money away.”

He could see that the girl was a student, and she herself said she was a student, and Yu Erhu was obviously not a rich person either. Although this forty year old woman had bought a sleeper ticket, her clothes were not brand name either, and it was obvious that she was purely there to rest, which meant that she was not a very rich person either.

Seeing Ye Mo accept her money, Wang Yan finally breathed a sigh of relief in her heart as she watched the thief steal tens of thousands of dollars from Ye Mo but didn’t dare to voice out her guilt.

After Ye Mo accepted the money, he took out three herbs from his bag and handed them to Wang Yan and said, “I won’t take your money for nothing, these three herbs will be yours to keep.”

Several people looked at Ye Mo in bewilderment, thinking, “What does someone want from you for three herbs? It was Yu Erhu who stared at these herbs he had never seen before and was a bit dazed.

“Big brother, you are also a Chinese medicine practitioner.” Yu Erhu was the first to say it.

Ye Mo shook his head and said, “I can’t be considered a pure Chinese doctor, anyway, I know a bit about herbs and I like to collect some herbs.”

Wang Yan reacted at this time and hurriedly pushed the herbs back, “Big brother, it’s useless for me to take these things, you can put them away yourself.”

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “These three herbs are useless if others want them, but they are useful if you want them.”

“Why?” This time it was the girl who spoke out, she was already strange in itself when she saw Ye Mo take out three herbs for Wang Yan, and now that Ye Mo was saying this, she was even more strange.

Seeing that someone else had asked the question for her, Wang Yan also stopped speaking and instead wanted to know how Ye Mo would answer.

“Since you don’t have a child yet, it should be your own condition, so these few herbs, you take them back and decoct them in three times. Remember not to add anything else, just these three herbs, it’s best to drink them even with the dregs, that’s all.” Ye Mo had long seen that there were some problems in Wang Yan’s body, not only could she not have children, but in the long run, she could only live for another twenty years at most.

These herbs were found by him at the border of Vietnam, and there were still some in his bag, so ordinary people would not know the effects at all. Because these three herbs had to be taken at the same time, there was actually one less herb to strengthen the capital, but Ye Mo saw that Wang Yan’s body was strong, so if he took it in three doses, the person would suffer a bit, but there should be no problem. But before that, he had to use his true qi to help her comb through two meridians.

“Ah …… you really see that I have …….” Wang Yan jīngly picked up the three herbs, her hand trembled for a long time, and suddenly bowed several times to Ye Mo, but she couldn’t say anything.

She and her husband had been married for more than ten years, but they just didn’t have any children. Not only did her in-laws look down on her, but even the neighbours around her said that her husband had married a woman who didn’t lay eggs. Although she had visited many places and spent too much money, nothing could be done to solve the problem, and although her husband still loved her, she did not feel good about herself. Wang Yan, who was bitter inside, put her whole body and soul into her business, running bō business almost day and night.

Today, when someone said that her illness could be cured and it was so easy, she was overjoyed. She was already thirty-nine years old, and if another two years pa*sed, there was really no hope for her.

However, she quickly reacted and fished out a card from her bag and handed it to Ye Mo, “This is a bank card, there isn’t much money in it either, take it as a thank you, secret ……”

Ye Mo cried and laughed, so he had to stop the conversation and said, “You can keep this card, I have money, and how do you know I am not a liar.” After saying this Ye Mo grabbed Wang Yan’s wrist with great speed and unblocked two meridians for her.

Wang Yan had not yet perceived it at this point, she just withdrew the card and suddenly thought in her heart, yeah, what if he was a liar? But then she thought, “How could he tell if he is a liar? But nowadays, there are a lot of cheaters, and even many of those who are trying to get away with it, so who can tell?

After thinking for half a day, Wang Yan still put the card back and said, “Big brother, why don’t you leave your mobile phone number to me, if you can really cure my illness, I will definitely repay you.”

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “I don’t have a phone, so repayment is not necessary, and you have already paid for these three herbs of mine, so forget about the others.”

“Big brother, your medical skills are surprisingly so high, you don’t even need to take a pulse to tell Big Sister Wang’s condition, my grandfather isn’t as good as you.” Yu Erhu suddenly said.

However, Ye Mo said, “Erhu, you are a Chinese doctor, I see that you are not bad as a person, would you like to come with me to Luo Cang to develop, I am going to open a clinic, if you are willing, you can go and help me out.”

“Of course I am willing, I would have had nowhere to go.” Seeing Ye Mo take the initiative to invite, Yu Erhu, who was already clueless, agreed without hesitation.

At this moment, Wang Yan also calmed down, she looked at Ye Mo and then at Yu Erhu, but she was not sure if Ye Mo was a liar. But Ye Mo had just helped her, and although she still didn’t know if the herbs were real or not, she couldn’t say anything more.

Seeing that Ye Mo was still a doctor, the girl also admired him in her heart, and now hearing Ye Mo say that he was going to Luo Cang, she immediately also said, “I am also going to Luo Cang, we will go together then, wait I will go and carry the things here.”

“Okay, more people can also take care of it.” Ye Mo certainly didn’t mind riding with this girl, although this girl wasn’t much pretty, she had a good heart and was decent looking, and she was planning to help Ye Mo just now.

“I’ll go and help you move.” Yu Erhu was very warm-hearted, and now that a few people were familiar with him, he actually left his bag right on top of the chuáng bunk and was going to go with this girl to carry things. He had just said that his grandfather had told him that there were many thieves out there, but now after a few words, he was actually very trusting of Ye Mo.

Ye Mo nodded and said, “It’s okay, you go ahead, I’ll help you look at the stuff.”

On the contrary, Wang Yan gave the three a very complicated look, but slept back to the chuáng bunk without saying anything more, but in her heart she was thinking about the herbs Ye Mo had given her, whether she should go back and decoct them.

Soon the girl’s things were carried over, just a box and a bag. The girl was very talkative, and she was chatting happily with Ye Mo and Yu Erhu. The girl was not very talkative, but Wang Yan was always thinking about something.

From the conversation, Ye Mo learnt that the girl went to university in Luo Cang and her school was Jiangnan Medical University. The name is Yang Yi, this year’s third year, coincidentally, Yang Yi read the major is also the Linchuáng medicine.

The three chatted up and were not lonely. Soon the train had arrived in Yanjing, and Wang Yan left in a hurry after greeting the three.

After the car arrived at Zhengzhou, the three got off the train and had to continue their transfer to Luo Cang. Because they all thought that Ye Mo’s money had been stolen, Yang Yi must help Ye Mo to buy a ticket. As a result, Ye Mo had no choice but to take out a stack of 10,000 to tell Yang Yi that his money had not been stolen, and only then did Yang Yi not continue to insist.

The three of them only took half an hour to get on the train from Zhengzhou to Luocang.

This time there was no sleeper, but a soft seat was bought. Yu Erhu insisted on paying for his own ticket, and Ye Mo did not stop him.

“Brother Mo, I’ve heard that you need some kind of medical license or something to practice medicine in big cities. Now that we are going to Luo Cang to open a clinic, isn’t there someone who will check?” Yu Erhu didn’t seem to be unaware of it at all, it looked like he had been instilled with some knowledge when he came out.

“Of course you need a qualification certificate, otherwise you will be considered as a black doctor and arrested.” Before Ye Mo could answer, Yang Yi took the initiative to answer first.

Of course Ye Mo knew that he needed these things to practice medicine, but now he just needed money, and he wasn’t really worried about any certification if he had money.

“Brother Mo, and Erhu, you all don’t have phones, how can I contact you in the future?” Yang Yi and Yu Erhu Ye Mo both chatted well, but she was the only one of the three who had a phone, and she saw that Ye Mo was definitely not someone who would call someone on his own initiative, so she asked first.

“I’ll call you when Brother Mo and I find a place to live.” Yu Erhu did have a good view of Yang Yi as well.

“That’s good, Erhu, you must remember to call me, I don’t have any acquaintances in Luo Cang, I know you and Brother Mo, so it’s better to find someone to help you in the future.” Yang Yi half-joked and half-truthfully said. To Yang Yi, Mo Ye had a mark on his face, and although he was a bit ugly, he was more comfortable with him, both in terms of talking and feeling.

A few hours later, the car entered Luo Cang station, and Ye Mo took Yu Erhu and Yang Yi to meet later, so they separated directly at the station.