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DYM Chapter 93-94

Chapter 93


Ning Qingxue, who had been restless for several days in a row, had finally quieted down because both the news and the online news indicated that the main culprit of the case a few days ago had left Ninghai. Moreover, the security in Ninghai had obviously loosened recently, and all signs indicated that Ye Mo had really left Ninghai.

“Xu Wei, I want to leave for a few days, these flowers and plants I have here, can you look after them for me for a while, especially this smallest one.” While Ning Qingxue was talking to Xu Wei, Li Mumei came back from Su Jingwen’s place.

Hearing Ning Qingxue’s words, Li Mumei immediately said with some delight, “Qingxue, you want to go back to Yuzhou?”

Ning Qingxue, however, shook her head, “No, I want to go out alone for a break, staying in Ninghai all the time is too boring.” What place to go, but not even Li Mumei said.

“Qingxue, you’re not going back to Yuzhou? Don’t you need me to go with you?” When Li Mumei heard Ning Qingxue’s words, she immediately felt that something was wrong, Ning Qingxue had never gone out alone since she arrived, what place was she going to?

Xu Wei already knew that Ning Qingxue’s identity was somewhat unusual, and there seemed to be something strange between her and Ye Mo, although she didn’t take the initiative to ask, she could still see it. Now that Ning Qingxue was going out and asked her to look after this little gra*s, she certainly had no problem with it. She also knew that this little gra*s was very important to Ning Qingxue, but as to what the reason was, she did not know.

When Li Mu Mei saw that Ning Qingxue was not willing to say where she wanted to go, she just sighed and did not bother to inquire any further.

Two days later, Ning Qingxue just explained to Xu Wei again and asked her to help look after her little gra*s, and left Ninghai. Ye Mo’s small case was inconvenient for her to take with her, but she was not quite sure about leaving it in Ninghai, so she had to pack all the things inside and put them inside a bag.

As for the three beads, Ning Qingxue had not been able to find a good bracelet thread to put them on, so she could only put them together with these things as well. She wanted to find the most beautiful bracelet thread to string these three beads together and then wear them on her hand. But now she can’t find a good bracelet thread, so she can only put the beads away for now.

The reason why she left Ninghai was still because of what Xiao Lei said last time. It was because Xiao Lei had met Ye Mo at the Flowing Snake.

So the place Ning Qingxue wanted to go to was the Flowing Snake. In her opinion, since Xiao Lei had met Ye Mo in the Flowing Snake, it meant that Ye Mo would most likely go back to the Flowing Snake again. This was because she had checked the map and also checked on the internet. Flowing Snake was a place near the border, where fish and dragons were mixed up, and it was most suitable for escaping.

Although she had thought more than once that the Flowing Serpent was too dangerous, but when she thought that if it wasn’t for Ye Mo, she would have died long ago, so what if she died again? Besides, she also understood that if she stayed in Ninghai without taking the initiative to find Ye Mo, perhaps she would never be able to see him again in her lifetime. She had a premonition that Ye Mo would not take the initiative to come to her.

Although she didn’t know what Ye Mo came to Ninghai last time because of something, Ning Qingxue was sure that Ye Mo didn’t come to Ninghai because of her.

She felt that her heart towards Ye Mo was getting more and more complicated, originally it was to use him, then it was because of the guilt in her heart and she wanted to find him to apologise or to do something to make amends. Then later on, because of Xiao Cao’s injury and Ye Mo’s help in treating her, she wanted to be grateful to him again, and even had a thought of just living with him for the rest of her life in it. But now, the more she got to know him, the more distant she felt from him, and the stranger she became to him. The more distant and unfamiliar she became with him, the more she wanted to know him better.

There are no direct flights from Ninghai to Guilin, but there are flights to Xianshan. Ning Qingxue needs to travel to Xianshan first, and then transfer from Xianshan to Guilin.

Getting from Ninghai to Guilin was easy and uneventful, but when she arrived in Guilin, Ning Qingxue realised that here she couldn’t get a ride to Flowing Snake at all. Even if she paid more money, no one was willing to take her to the river snake, and most people advised her not to go to the river snake as a girl.

But Ning Qingxue was determined to go to the snake, so she had no choice but to go to a rental company and rent herself a Volkswagen Pa*sat, and she was going to drive herself to the snake.

Although it was difficult to find a car to go to Flowing Snake, one could ask for directions to Flowing Snake at any time.

Two hours later, Ning Qingxue’s car had already turned into the rugged mountain road, and Ning Qingxue realised that she had only travelled less than half of the way, and it was already after 5pm.

After another two hours or so of bumps and bruises, Ning Qingxue realised that the road was gradually smoothing out, but the surrounding area was even more desolate. Apart from the occasional barking of wild animals, there was also the sound of the mountain wind blowing against the trees, making a ‘whirring’ sound.

In a panic, Ning Qingxue’s car drove faster.

“Big brother, I didn’t expect a car to come this late, should we make a move?” At this moment, in the middle of the jungle, which Ning Qingxue could not see, there were already several pairs of eyes staring at her.

The man who was called Big Brother waved his hand and said, “No, we have things to do tonight, besides, the person who drives a Pa*sat probably doesn’t have much fuel. Besides, Fang’s hands are very long now, so there’s no point in exposing us for a mere Pa*sat.”

Ning Qingxue, however, could not have imagined that she had escaped just because she drove a Pa*sat.

But it was already about nine o’clock in the evening when she arrived at the Flowing Serpent. Ning Qingxue, who was exhausted, put on her backpack and prepared to find a place to stay for the night before looking for news of Ye Mo tomorrow.

It was not that there were no hotels in Flowing Snake, but most of these hotels were for those desperate people or border smugglers. Those who could smuggle in this part of the Flowing Serpent could imagine that they were not ordinary people. These hotels not only had accommodation, but also usually had a bar downstairs for guests to drink.

So when Ning Qingxue walked into the nearest hotel, she attracted the attention of almost everyone inside the hotel.

It wasn’t that there weren’t any women in Flowing Serpent, but it was the first time that a girl as beautiful and youthful as Ning Qingxue had appeared. For those who could survive in this part of the Snake, there were a few who did not live with their heads in their hands. Almost all of these people were drunk today, so as soon as they saw Ning Qingxue, all the people in the bar on the ground floor of the hotel focused their attention on her. Even the two women were no exception, their eyes were **naked and unconcerned.

As Ning Qingxue looked at the countless hungry wolf-like eyes around her, she felt a little chill run through her body and involuntarily shivered.

Seeming to have seen Ning Qingxue shiver, a man in his thirties, who was sitting against the bar inside and drinking, had an even brighter light in his eyes. He picked up a gla*s of wine and walked over, “Sister, where’s the accommodation? Don’t worry, no one dares to bully you with my brother Pei looking after you. Boss, help me get the best room for this sister, it’s on my head.”

As soon as this man came over to speak, many people immediately shut up and looked at Ning Qingxue with only sympathy in their eyes. This was because everyone knew that this man was called Shi Pei, who actually had a nickname of ‘Hedgehog’. Not only was he ruthless, but he was also extremely difficult to deal with, because of the power behind him, even Fang Nan could not do anything about him. The most crucial thing was that this man was extremely lustful, and the number of girls who had died at his hands could be countless.

“No, I’ll change one.” After saying this Ning Qingxue was about to leave.

“Can you leave? Sister, don’t eat your punishment with respect to wine.” Seeing Ning Qingxue’s blushing face trying to leave, Shi Pei immediately slammed the cup in his hand onto the ground, clasped his arms, and stood at the doorway staring coldly at Ning Qingxue.


Chapter 94

Ning Qingxue hadn’t met any villains along the way, and had thought that Xiao Lei had overstated the case; although it was the border, it wasn’t so chaotic as to be a mess. Only now did she realise what kind of chaos the Flowing Snakes were in, blatantly playing rough in public like this, surprisingly without any restraint.

“You have three seconds to pour a gla*s of wine and come over to make amends to your brother Pai, or I’ll strip you naked and f*ck you right here.” Shi Pai had never had the patience to wait for a woman, to him, women were for men.

Ning Qingxue’s face was pale as she looked at the room full of cold eyes and the fierce face of this man called Brother Pai, and her heart trembled a little. She would rather die than spoil her body here, but she had never met Ye Mo once until now. Ning Qingxue, who had never been exposed to this kind of shady world, finally understood what it meant to have no sense to speak of. She felt a little naive, something she didn’t know was scary until she actually faced it.

“I’m here to find my husband Ye Mo, he’s right here at Flowing Snake, you can’t touch me ……” It was Ning Qingxue herself who felt that her tone was a little pale and weak. She had heard Xiao Lei say that Ye Mo had saved her at the Flowing Serpent, and she just wanted to say it to try and see if anyone knew Ye Mo.

“Hahahaha …… from now on your husband will be me, what with Ye Mo, if he’s in the Flowing Serpent, I’ll make him disappear.” Shi said arrogantly haha laugh, actually reached out to come and pull Ning Qingxue.

Ning Qingxue’s eyes flashed with extreme disgust as she once again dodged out of the way.

“D*mn it ……” Shi Predecessor was completely furious this time, no woman had ever dared to reject him, today this woman had rejected him three times, making him lose face greatly.

“Wait, brother Predecessor, can you listen to my words ……” said a young man in his twenties who suddenly came over and clasped his fist.

The people around were amazed that at this time someone would dare to go up and disturb Shi Predecessor’s mood, isn’t this the same as seeking death? But when the others saw who the man was, they didn’t say anything else.

It was because the youth who came up to clasp his fist was called Shi, a close a*sociate of Fang Nan. Today’s Flowing Serpent was still not 100% owned by the ‘Park Blade Society’. But since the ‘Park Knife Society’ had destroyed the ‘Vietnamese Gang’ and the ‘Filipino Gang’, there was no longer any gang organisation that could compete with it. Most of the people who came to do business with the snake or to run orders would respect the ‘Park Knife Club’ as a local snake.

Although Shi was extremely upset by the interruption, he knew Shi, a young man who had been following Fang Nan’s side and had a bit of power in the ‘Park Knife Society’. Although he was an ‘over-achiever’, he did not want to go too far.

Seeing this, he could only say, “Brother Stone can say whatever he wants, but I want this woman for sure, and I hope that Brother Stone will finish as soon as possible so that I can go to work.”

Although the tone of his voice left some face, but the arrogance of the unquestionable showed, it was obvious that although he gave Stone three points of face, but clearly not afraid of the ‘Park Blade Society’.

He was not only a member of the snake, but also a member of any good border area, because he was a member of the ‘Amphibian Gang’.

Compared to the ‘Amphibian Gang’, the ‘Park Knife Club’ can only barely be considered a local snake. Because ‘Amphibian Gang’ means the number one gang in the border area, they are always active in the borders of Asian and African countries and do profitable business. I heard that the ‘Amphibious Gang’ is also directly under the ‘Southern Youth’, and the word ‘Southern Youth’, in the Eastern triads, is a chilling word. The word ‘South Green’ is a chilling word in the Eastern triads.

The two words ‘South Green’ are a chilling word to hear in the Eastern triads. The Rising Snake is only one of their small stations, and if they offend the ‘Amphibian Gang’, the result can be imagined. So Shi said he didn’t give much face to Shi, but Shi didn’t dare to say anything.

“May I ask which Ye Mo you were talking about when you said earlier that Ye Mo was your husband?” Shi came to the door and asked directly, he knew that the ‘hedgehog’ was a chicken-haired and irritable nature.

Ning Qingxue was terrified and at a loss for words when someone came to ask her a question, she immediately acted as if a drowning person had grabbed the timber. It wasn’t that she was afraid of dying, she had already died once, but losing her virginity was even more terrifying to her than dying. Otherwise she wouldn’t have been terrified the last time that her treatment might have been seen to.

When Shi came to ask, she immediately said, “I’m here to find my husband Ye Mo, he came to the Flowing Serpent some time ago, and I came here specifically to find him because I heard about it from my friend.” Ning Qingxue finished describing Ye Mo’s appearance once again.

After hearing Ning Qingxue’s words, Stone already knew that Ning Qingxue was definitely talking about Big Brother Ye, and no wonder, only Big Brother Ye would have such a beautiful wife, right?

However, Stone knew the nature of the ‘hedgehog’ and turned back to the little brother who had come with him and said, “Tell Brother Nan that Brother Ye’s wife has come.”

“What do you mean?” Shi Pai had clearly felt that something was wrong with Shi’s words, as if he had no intention of handing the woman over to him.

“Sorry, Brother Shi, this woman is our Brother Ye’s person, you can’t touch her.” Shi said with a wave of his hand, and the three junior brothers behind him had already come up.

Shi Pei’s face sank, “So you want to go against me, Fang Nan doesn’t want to hang around here anymore? I’m telling you, I’m going to take this woman today, even if Fang Nan comes, I’ll take her away. Brothers, take this woman away first.”

As soon as Shi’s words fell, the four tattooed youths, who were originally just standing on the side watching, immediately rushed up.

Shi’s face changed, and after a moment’s hesitation, he still waved his hand, and a few of his junior brothers who followed him also stopped them, and a confrontation instantly formed between the two sides.

“You are just a follower and you dare to steal a woman from me, do I really not dare to do anything to you? When I break your dog’s leg, I’ll let Fang Nan give me the word. Brothers, give me a go.” The brutality and fierceness in Shi’s words were unmistakable.

With Shi’s order, the men on both sides immediately fought. All the machetes hidden in their clothes were taken out, and the hotel was suddenly splattered with blood everywhere.

Ning Qingxue retreated to the door in a bit of panic, it was only at this time that she truly understood how chaotic the place had become. There was not a single person who had come over to take care of such a group fight with machetes.

Because there were fewer people on Shi’s side, they were soon on the losing end. Shi Pai was about to go pull Ning Qingxue and prepare to leave when more than twenty people suddenly came to the door once again.

Fang Nan’s angry voice rang out, “Give me these b*****ds to beat them to death.”

“Fang Nan, you dare to touch me? Does there not want to live anymore.” Hearing Fang Nan’s words, Shi was in a rush of anger, he didn’t expect that Flowing Serpent, the boss of the bullet point, would dare to touch him. Although these local snakes did not necessarily have to surround him, they would not offend him for the sake of a woman, and this kind of offense to the death.

“Hmph, it’s fine for you to take advantage of our South place, but you dare to touch Ye’s people. You’re looking for death, give me a fierce beating.” Fang Nan knew what the consequences of offending Shi Pei were like, but to Ye Mo, he already respected him as a god, and this woman was Ye Mo’s wife, so he would not let anyone else touch her. Not only that, he also had to bring out his attitude to show Ning Qingxue, otherwise he would not be able to explain himself to Ye Mo.