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DYM Chapter 95-96

Chapter 95

He was not afraid to kill him, although he would not be held legally responsible if he killed him, but the ‘Amphibian Gang’ was too powerful after all. If he killed him, there would be no more room for manoeuvre. The reason why he broke Shi Pai’s tuǐ was also because he wanted to show Ning Qingxue.

“Take your men and get out with me immediately.” Fang Nan did not hesitate to expel Shi Shuai, in this mu of land of the flowing snake, he could still say what he wanted.

Although Shi Pai hated him with a pa*sion, he could not do anything in Flowing Snake, and when Fang Nan told him to leave, he could only do so. If he wanted to get back his revenge, he would have to wait until he had reported what had happened here.

Shi Pai took a few people and left the hotel immediately, but only to change to another one, not to leave the Flowing Serpent. One was that it was already too late, Shi predecessor still had a broken tuǐ, and there was no place to go. Another was that even if Fang Nan knew that he hadn’t left the Flowing Serpent, he wouldn’t have gone to look for him.

Fang Nan did know that Shi Jie had not left the Flowing Serpent, but Fang Nan did not dare to go too far, if he was still reasonable in the matter of this woman, if he drove the ‘hedgehog’ out of the Flowing Serpent, he would not be reasonable in the slightest. If his fists were big, it would be fine if he didn’t take advantage of reason, but even if Fang Nan’s fists were big, they wouldn’t be bigger than the ‘Amphibian Gang’.

Ning Qingxue watched dumbfounded as a fight broke out because of her, it came and went quickly, just leaving a trail of blood on the ground. She didn’t expect Ye Mo to have such loyal friends in the Flowing Serpent, and in her heart, she was even more ignorant of the Ye Mo who spent his days with flowers and plants.

Thinking about Ye Mo’s killing of Song Shaowen and Song Shaotan, plus what she saw now, it looked like what Xiao Lei said was true, Ye Mo was really very capable. Why was it that all one heard in Yanjing were rumours that Ye Mo was completely and utterly a waste of talent? There was such a waste of talent?

When Fang Nan saw Ning Qingxue’s appearance, he was even more secretly in awe, saying to himself that only someone like big brother Ye would have such a wife, this woman was just a little too beautiful.

However, Fang Nan respectfully received Ning Qingxue into a special guest house and recounted Ye Mo’s affairs in the Flowing Serpent in detail, even the fact that Ye Mo had helped to destroy two gangs was not hidden from him. In his opinion, Ning Qingxue was Ye Mo’s wife, so of course she knew about the things Ye Mo had done.

The more Ning Qingxue listened in her heart, the more shocked she was, she couldn’t imagine that Ye Mo had done so many things in the short time he had been in Flowing Snake, and that he had beaten even the gang leaders here to treat him with respect. The only thing that disappointed Ning Qingxue was that Ye Mo did not come back, it looked like he had gone somewhere else.

Sleeping alone at night in this small cottage on the border of the Flowing Snakes, Ning Qingxue suddenly felt a little lonely. She didn’t know what she was coming to find Ye Mo for? From the beginning to the end, Ye Mo was just doing her a favour, even the marriage was a fake.

Did she love him or was it because of something else? What if she really found Ye Mo? What should she say? Should she say that she was sorry for how I shouldn’t have treated you before, and then no matter what Ye Mo said, she continued to go back inside the circle of her life? Ning Qingxue suddenly felt mí confused.

Love? What was love again? Whether she loved Ye Mo or not, but apart from Ye Mo, would she still go and find someone else to marry? She was already married to Ye Mo, and she had no intention of getting a divorce, so she found Ye Mo and told him that she didn’t want a divorce, and that was it?

Ning Qingxue sighed, the more she got to know Ye Mo, the less and less she felt, it was contradictory. Whether or not she wanted to really marry Ye Mo out of guilt and other thoughts, she should at least tell him to his face that if he really didn’t mean anything to her, she would no longer hold on to her thoughts.

Although she didn’t know Ye Mo very well yet, since the short time she had been in contact, she felt that among the people she had met, there wasn’t a single man who had Ye Mo’s xiōng arms, and perhaps he was the one she really needed. It turned out that she had a biased view of Ye Mo, she probably just didn’t know him well enough. After Ye Mo left, she didn’t go for a divorce, and at that time she probably subconsciously acknowledged the marriage in her heart.

But before that, she must find him. Otherwise, one day, when Ye Mo got married, wouldn’t it be ridiculous for her to still be claiming to be Ye Mo’s wife. She, Ning Qingxue, had her own principles, and although she was willing to marry Ye Mo, if Ye Mo did not want her, she was not the kind of woman who would cry and beg to get married.

Ning Qingxue then spent a sleepless night in the midst of tossing and turning, and in the morning, just a little time after sleeping, the sky was already bright.

Without meeting Ye Mo at the Flowing Serpent, Ning Qingxue had no intention of staying any longer. However, before she left, she wanted to go and see the mountain temple where Ye Mo lived.

Although the mountain temple had all collapsed at first, Fang Nan had sent someone to completely repair it.

Ning Qingxue wanted to go and see the mountain temple where Ye Mo had lived, so of course Fang Nan took a few of his juniors to personally accompany him there. With the flowing snakes in such a mess, he didn’t want Ye Mo’s wife to have problems here, and once such a thing happened, there was simply no way for him to explain to Ye Mo. Not to mention that Ye Mo himself had saved his life and helped him get back the management of the Flowing Serpent, but also that Ye Mo was decisive in his killing, the few people of his own ‘Park Blade Society’ were simply not enough for him to kill.


Since the last mission, Chi Wanqing no longer had the heart to stay properly inside the army, and always made a phone call to Luo Cang every now and then to ask her cousin Zhu Man if Ye Mo had gone over, but every time she got a disappointing answer. Ye Mo did not go to the company her cousin managed in Luo Cang.

Of course, Ji Wanqing knew that Ye Mo was living in a bit of straitened circumstances, but she had helped him find an easy job, so why didn’t he go for it? Could it be that he couldn’t wipe his face? But Brother Ye didn’t look like this kind of person.

After thinking it over, Chi Wanqing decided to go and see Ye Mo. She felt that if she didn’t go to Ye Mo, perhaps this big brother Ye would never come to her in this lifetime. Although she was a bit sulky, she decided to head to Flowing Snake to look for Ye Mo.

Ye Mo had told her last time that he was in the Flowing Snakes, and since he hadn’t gone to Luo Cang, it meant that he was still in the Flowing Snakes.

Although Lu Lin felt that Chi Wanqing should not go back to visit her family, it was her first time to take leave and Lu Lin could only approve it even though she was suspicious.

Of course, Ji Wanqing was not visiting her family, she was going to find Ye Mo at Flowing Snake. She had experienced much more than Ning Qingxue, so of course she knew what the Flowing Serpent was, but she wasn’t afraid.

For one thing, she was not afraid of a few strong men, and for another, she had the ‘Showing Mantis’. She knew very well the power of the bare mantis. She was bitten by the mantis at the beginning and almost died. Or if it wasn’t for Ye Mo, she would have been killed. So although this place, the Flowing Snake, was chaotic, it posed no threat to her.

When Ji Wanqing arrived at Flowing Snake, it was exactly noon, and just after she entered Flowing Snake, she met two people carrying Shi Pei to get into the car to leave Flowing Snake.

Although Chi Wanqing wanted to inquire about Ye Mo, but Shi Jie and his men knew they were not good people at first glance, so she had no intention of asking them for information.

He didn’t expect to meet two beautiful women two days in a row. He didn’t expect to meet two beautiful women in two consecutive days, but today he was leaving with such luck.

Looking at Ji Wanqing, Shi Pai’s eyes were already glowing, lying on the stretcher without hesitation, he called out, “Take this woman away, leave the flowing snake immediately, one day I will get it back.”


Chapter 96

Of course Ji Wanqing knew that the flowing snake was chaotic, and she had no intention whatsoever of talking to the few people who looked like gangsters in front of her. But to think that this man was going to take her away, it was really broad daylight. When Ji Wanqing looked at the two men surrounding her, her long-suppressed resentment finally turned to fire.

She was not Ning Qingxue, and what she had learned in the army over the years was not just a fancy way of doing things. She immediately kicked the two men who didn’t care about her to the ground, and then followed up with two more kicks.

He was already very angry when he saw that Chi Wanqing had dared to do it. But before his anger could come out, he found that two of his men had been kicked by Chi Wanqing and had broken their leg bones. Before he could make a sound of horror, Chi Wanqing had already kicked him again, right on top of the leg bone he had just fixed.

Shi’s scream could be heard a mile or two away. But in this place, even if you scream, no one will come to see you.

The two remaining young men carrying Shi predecessor were already in a state of shock, they had never seen a woman with such strong hands, and she didn’t let up in a fight. A few of the youths who saw Chi Wanqing from afar wanted to take advantage of her, but when they saw Chi Wanqing teaching Shi Pai a lesson, they didn’t dare to come up again, so they all sneaked away. This woman even dared to beat Shi, so she would not have put them in her eyes.

In fact, if Shi had let several people come forward to attack Chi Wanqing at the same time, Chi Wanqing might still have had her hands full. But he only let two of them come forward, and they were still trying to catch Chi Wanqing with an indifferent attitude, so of course the result was predictable.

But even if Shi had taken it seriously from the start, Chi Wanqing wouldn’t have cared; at most she would have released the ‘Little Wolf’, but once the Little Wolf was released, it would have been a matter of human lives. Although Chi Wanqing knew that the place was a messy place, she was not willing to kill anyone at will.

In the midst of his screams, Shi predicted that the second beauty was so tricky, and when the pain was unbearable Shi predicted that the woman had no intention of continuing to trouble him, he hurriedly endured the pain and called out, “Go, go quickly.” He had already settled this score on Fang Nan’s head again.

When Ji Wanqing saw Shi Pei leave, she didn’t bother about him, but prepared to go in to find someone to ask about the situation. But to Ji Wanqing’s surprise, the person who came up to her was a woman, even three times prettier than her. However, she saw that the woman was followed by several men, so that the woman even looked like a big sister.

Could it be that the leader of the snakes was a woman? But this woman did not look like a woman at all. It was possible to say that she was a lady.

In any case, it was better to face a woman than a man. Thinking of this, Chi Wanqing walked towards the woman, she wanted to inquire about Ye Mo.

When Ning Qingxue first saw Ji Wanqing, she had a very strange feeling, I can’t say it, but it seemed very real. Didn’t they say that this place of the Flowing Snakes was chaotic? And what she came to see was indeed chaotic, how come there was another woman besides herself, and this woman didn’t seem to be inferior to herself.

Fang Nan had just returned from the temple where Ye Mo used to live with a few of his junior brothers accompanying Ning Qingxue and saw another beautiful woman, he even wondered what was going on lately. This place, the Flowing Snake, had surprisingly come with two beautiful women two days in a row. And even one of them was very outstanding, it was a good thing he didn’t see the scene of Ji Wanqing lecturing Shi Pai.

“Hello, I would like to ask if Ye Mo is here?” Ji Wanqing stopped Ning Qingxue.

“You’re here to find Ye Mo too?” Ning Qingxue looked at Ji Wanqing in surprise, a sour taste suddenly flooded her heart, Ye Mo had a really good eye, to know such a beautiful girl and a taste of Yingwu. No wonder she had an odd feeling when she first saw this woman, could it really be a sixth sense?

Ji Wanqing also looked at Ning Qingxue with the same surprise, she heard from Ning Qingxue’s words that Ning Qingxue was also here to find Ye Mo, it seemed that she wasn’t from the Flowing Serpent.

“You are?” Ji Wanqing looked at Ning Qingxue with some confusion, but in her heart she was thinking what kind of relationship such an outstanding woman had with Ye Mo.

“Oh, her name is Ning Qingxue, she is Brother Ye’s wife.” When Fang Nan saw that the atmosphere was a little awkward, it was obvious that this somewhat handsome girl also knew Ye Mo, so he hurriedly went forward to introduce her. In his heart, he was thinking, “Big Brother Ye is really powerful, the girls he knows are all not simple.

“Ah, you are Big Brother Ye’s wife, the one who ……” Chi Wanqing finally put back the words that followed using Big Brother Ye as a shield, but in her heart, she no longer had a good feeling towards Ning Qingxue.

Ning Qingxue also seemed to see that Chi Wanqing was somewhat hostile to her, and for a moment did not know what she should say, not even asking Chi Wanqing what he was to Ye Mo, she was afraid that the result would make her feel bad.

The atmosphere was awkward for a while.

Even Fang Nan, an outsider, could see something, the two women seemed to be somewhat conflicted over Brother Ye, and her heart suddenly became anxious. These two women both looked like they were related to Brother Ye, and it was not good to help anyone, and it looked like one seemed to be the real one and one seemed to be the reserve one.

He could not let them confront each other, in case they got angry and the two women fought, he, Fang Nan, would be in trouble. Thinking of this Fang Nan hurriedly wiped the sweat from his forehead and said, “That, you two, it’s already noon, I’m a bit hungry, let’s go and eat first, let’s talk about Brother Ye after eating.”

He was a border gang boss, he had never had a life of licking blood from a knife’s head, now it was a bit hard for him to be a peacemaker among two women.


Apart from Chi Wanqing and Ning Qingxue looking for Ye Mo, the Song family in Yanjing was also discussing at this time because of Ye Mo’s matter. Although all signs indicated that Ninghai Song Shao Tan’s death had something to do with Ye Mo, it was not rare that Ye Mo could kill Song Shao Tan, what was rare was that he could kill Hu Qiu. So at this point, the Song family had no way to be sure that Song Shao Tan was also killed by Ye Mo.

“Can you confirm that the divisional shadow that suddenly appeared and disappeared in Ninghai was Ye Mo?” The Song family had lost two full-blooded third-generation relatives in a row, and both of them had been killed, so Song Qiming’s anger could no longer be described as anger. Although Song Shaowen was his son, Song Shaotan was one of the most outstanding talents among the Song family’s third generation, and he had been killed in Ninghai.

“It’s not certain yet, because although Shi Ying resembles Ye Mo in many places, Shi Ying’s appearance is too blurry. The main point is that Shi Ying’s skills are definitely higher than Hu Qiu’s, otherwise he wouldn’t have defeated Park Dong Heng in one move. One of the biggest suspicions is that the first time Fang Yucheng met Shi Ying was in Ningdu District, and Ye Mo was living there at the time.” Song Hai reported out the results of his investigation without missing a single thing.

“No matter if Shi Ying was Ye Mo or not, he had a great deal to do with Shao Tan’s death. Moreover, this Shi Ying used iron nails to kill people, and up until now, we haven’t found that ancient martial family that likes to use iron nails to kill people.” The old man who spoke was in his fifties and was called Song Qizhan. He was known as Uncle Zhan in the Song family and was second only to Elder Song and Song Qiming in status.

Although Song Qiming was inside the family meeting today in his capacity as the head of the family, the highest status inside the room was not his, but that of Song Yuan Yi, Elder Song. The Song family’s Song Shaowen had died, and Master Song could be calm, because although Song Shaowen was a full-blooded grandson, he was not very successful. But Song Shao Tan was a different story. He was the grandson he had most hopes for, and now that he was dead, Elder Song couldn’t be calm anymore.

He rarely came to the family meetings, but today he came. Although he was angry inside, he still acted calmly, and after listening to what several people had to say, Song Yuanyi opened his closed eyes and said, “Continue to thoroughly investigate the connection between Shi Ying and Ye Mo, but we will only thoroughly investigate the results and stop the hunt for Ye Mo for now.”

When all the people turned their puzzled eyes towards Elder Song, Elder Song said once again indifferently, “Whatever news there is of either Ye Mo or Shi Ying, just immediately find a way to let the Thousand Dragons know. Ye Mo has already caught the attention of that mouth of their Ye family, and what you need to do is best to let Thousand Dragons know that it was Ye Mo who killed his son.”

After a pause, Elder Song continued, “Another thing is to let that mouth of the Ye family know of Ye Mo’s excellence, but not to reveal anything that Ye Mo might be the one who killed Thousand Dragons’ only son. Other than that, we just have to look at it. Besides, is Hu Qiu that good of a killer.”

At the end of the sentence Song Yuanyi’s tone became gloomy and cold.

All of them understood what the old man was thinking, and in their hearts they could not help but sigh secretly, ginger is still old and spicy. Let the Thousand Dragons deal with the Ye Family, and when the time comes, it would be enough for him, the Song Family, to give a push. The old man’s final thought is to take this opportunity to completely suppress the Ye family never to turn around.


Ye Mo of course did not know that the two women were looking for him and had found the flowing snake to go, nor did he know about the Song family’s plot to use him to completely suppress the Ye family, and even if he did, he would pretend that he did not know and that the Ye family had nothing to do with him. His small clinic has opened up, but it is still operating without a license. Not only was the location of the small clinic remote, but there were also only two people, him and Yu Erhu.

One reason why he found this remote location was because the frontage was too expensive, but the main reason was that the frontage happened to be in front of a separate old house, which Ye Mo had also rented together and paid the rent for two years at once. There was a yard inside the old house, and this yard could be planted with ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’, which was what Ye Mo wanted.

To him, business was secondary, the main thing was to be able to grow the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’.

But the third day after the small clinic opened up, even before many things were bought back, the first patient was already welcomed. Ye Mo and Yu Erhu were awakened by a sharp knock on the door in the middle of the night.