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DYM Chapter 97-98

Chapter 97

Carried in was a child of only five or six years old, not only were his eyes tightly shut and his face stuck white, but he was also twitching.

“Doctor, please save my son’s life first. The ambulance is already here, but it will take another ten or twenty minutes to arrive, I’m afraid my family can’t delay for ten minutes.” As soon as Yu Erhu opened the door, a middle-aged woman rushed in, holding a child in her arms and shouting in panic.

Immediately behind the middle-aged woman was a middle-aged man with a panicked and anxious look on his face. In addition to these two, there was also a woman of more than fifty behind them.

At a glance, Ye Mo knew that this was a family all coming together. It was estimated that the child had a sudden illness and wanted to go to the hospital, but the ambulance would take twenty minutes to arrive. The family was afraid that something would happen to the child in these 20 minutes, so they came to this temporary clinic to save the child’s life temporarily.

Generally speaking, in a small clinic like Ye Mo’s, people would only come to see it for minor ailments and pains, even if they had a cold or fever, they would probably go to a pharmacy and buy some medicine themselves, instead of coming to this small clinic. This family is probably also from this neighborhood and should have learned that a small clinic has just opened here before they rush to the doctor.

“Master ……” Although Yu Erhu also came from studying Chinese medicine under his grandfather, but later after coming to Luo Cang with Ye Mo, under Ye Mo’s casual guidance, he realized that Ye Mo’s medical skills were already far superior to his grandfather’s, and changed his name to call Ye Mo as Master.

Ye Mo thought that he was originally going to teach Yu Erhu the art of medicine, and now that Yu Erhu was calling him master, he didn’t stop him.

Right now, this child’s condition was clearly beyond Yu Erhu’s ability.

Ye Mo walked over and said to the woman, “You put the child on the couch.”

The woman was already in a daze and when she heard Ye Mo’s words, she hurriedly put the child in her hand on the couch in front of her, not even thinking to ask Ye Mo any questions.

When Ye Mo saw that the child had been put down, he took out the silver needle and was about to use it on the child.

“Slow down, what do you want, we just want you to keep the child breathing and wait for the ambulance to come, what are you doing with the needles?” The middle-aged man had come back to his senses, they had been in a hurry to throw themselves at the doctor. It had been several minutes since the child had just pa*sed out and convulsed, and he had calmed down. Now that a small clinic doctor on the street was moving needles on his child, he immediately reacted to the fact that this was a clinic that had only opened a few days ago, and he hadn’t even seen the business license.

Ye Mo stopped the needle in his hand and looked at the middle-aged man indifferently, not saying anything either. To him, since the child had already been carried over, it didn’t matter if he saved the child’s life. If the parents didn’t believe him, there was no need for him to meddle.

He was a monk, and although he had been on Earth for quite some time, he still did not attach much importance to the human lives of ordinary people. But he was not a cold and heartless person either, and if he could help, he went to do so. He had been thought to be money stolen on the train, and immediately someone came to his aid, and he felt that he should help others if he could. But for him to beg to help this child with his treatment was absolutely out of the question.

This child’s illness, which he had just probed with his divine sense, was not only an ordinary heart condition, but there was also an interstitial meridian pseudo-death condition present. Once these two conditions coincided, this child was not much closer to dying. Ye Mo also understood the medical arts here, and he was aware that this child’s condition could not be cured under the current medical standard.

Seeing that Ye Mo stopped his hand at his shout, the middle-aged man surprisingly didn’t know what to say and was a bit baffled for a moment.

“Since you don’t believe me, go ahead.” Ye Mo put away the silver needles in his hand, a set of silver needles that Yu Erhu had still brought over.

Yu Erhu had been out with his grandfather for many years seeing people, and he disliked such people who did not believe in doctors. Seeing this, he immediately said, “It’s your luck that my master can step in to help treat your child, really ……”

Every time he and grandpa went out to see people, people were always cheerful and treated them very politely, where did they look at people with such eyes and even use such a tone of voice.

“Do you want Can Can to stay like this, get out of the way.” After the woman finished speaking, she pushed the man away and suddenly fell down on her knees in front of Ye Mo in one go, “Doctor please save my family Chan Chan, last time he was like this, if he didn’t happen to be in front of the hospital, my family Chan Chan would have been lost, please.”

Her mind was simple, this doctor didn’t even ask about the condition before he took out the needle to help treat Cancan, which meant he was a person of ability. Otherwise he would have had to ask about the condition. Moreover, she had also heard that those who treated with acupuncture were some powerful doctors, ordinary doctors did not know how to do acupuncture.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “Get up, I will help your child, you are kneeling here affecting my treatment.”

After hearing Ye Mo’s words, the woman hurriedly got up and carefully stood to the side. The man who had been pushed to the side by the middle-aged woman looked at the child’s face which had turned from white to purple and knew in his heart that the child was in danger, while the ambulance had not yet arrived, he did not say anything more. The older woman was even more distraught as she looked at the child, she no longer knew what to say.

Ye Mo, however, stabbed the silver needle in his hand into the child’s body extremely quickly, without even taking off the child’s clothes. The people around him did not know about acupuncture and did not know that acupuncture involved taking off clothes, and thought that was it. However, Yu Erhu did understand some of it, but in his opinion, Ye Mo’s skills were already great, and there was nothing to treat through his clothes.

What Ye Mo used was certainly not the traditional acupuncture treatment, but using acupuncture as a bridge to ferry true qi into the child’s body to soothe his falsely dead meridians over. This was not a root and branch cure, for a root and branch cure, the meridians would have to be repaired.

Not to mention that Ye Mo simply did not have the means to help him with a root cure right now, even if he had the means to treat it, he would not dare to do so right now. Such a difficult disease was actually cured in this small clinic of his, even if he wanted to keep a low profile, he couldn’t do so. If it was said that the condition was curbed, it would still be justifiable.

To cure the disease, Ye Mo’s cultivation level must reach the third level of Qi cultivation, and he must also work with many medicinal herbs to do so.

As Ye Mo’s true qi ran, the fake dead meridians in this child’s body had gradually resumed working and the purple colour on his face slowly faded away, and after ten minutes, this child’s face had returned to normal.

Even the most uneducated knew that the child’s condition had obviously improved. The man and the woman were even surprised and came forward to take the child’s hand and began to ask questions, while Ye Mo was left to one side.

Only then did the sound of the ambulance whimper and drive up.

It was only when the ambulance sounded that the couple remembered that their child had been saved by Ye Mo and hurriedly came forward to thank him.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “The ambulance is already here, take your child to the hospital.”

Although Ye Mo knew that the hospital could not cure the disease, it was good to go for another check-up. The couple didn’t dare to delay and took the child to the ambulance with a thousand thanks, not even bothering to mention the medical fee.


In the flow snake of Chi Wanqing and Ning Qingxue at this time has understood that both of them do not know where Ye Mo is going. However, from Ning Qingxue’s mouth, she learned that the person Ye Mo had offended was the Song family, Chi Wanqing was still shocked, although her grandfather was a soldier and her father was also a soldier. But compared to the Song family, that was not a little bit different, it was simply too much different.

“Wanqing, do you mean that Ye Mo might go to the desert?” After hearing Ji Wanqing’s words, Ning Qingxue was already completely convinced that Ye Mo was not an ordinary person at all, although she still didn’t understand why Ye Mo kept pretending to be an ordinary person, and even ended up being kicked out by the Ye family.

“I feel that he wasn’t a possibility, but a certainty. I was next to him when he found the tattered sheepskin map at that time, and I was the one who translated the Tibetan language on it for him. And he had a delighted expression on his face, so it was clear that he should be trying to find something.” Ji Wanqing, however, said with some certainty.

Ning Qingxue stopped herself from talking, she believed Chi Wanqing’s words, there was something odd about Ye Mo’s behaviour, whether it was sitting under a big tree at night without sleeping or sleeping on a green stone slab, this could not be explained with the words good ability. Moreover, if it was really Ye Mo who had healed her injuries that badly back then, then it was simply impossible to use conventional thinking to understand.

She knew that she had a sister-in-law who practised Ancient Martial Arts, but she had never met her sister-in-law, but she had heard her mother say that it was not easy for her to come out. Ancient martial arts was a very mysterious thing that many people had never even heard of, could it be that Ye Mo was also an ancient martial arts practitioner? But even if he was an ancient martial arts practitioner, he couldn’t have cured her of such a serious injury, right?

The more Ning Qingxue thought about it, the more she couldn’t understand, so she could only stop her thoughts for the time being and looked at Ji Wanqing and asked, “Do you still have that map of yours?”

Ji Wanqing took out the map she had drawn later from her bag and handed it to Ning Qingxue, “I drew this later, it’s exactly the same as the one I saw at the beginning.”

Ning Qingxue took the map, and it was indeed very simple, just a few places in the Taklamakan Desert were marked, and then some routes were drawn, with a few names marked among the routes. But looking at these marked places, it was obvious that they were not the edge of the desert, but the innermost part of the desert.

Ning Qingxue had also heard of the Taklamakan Desert, the legendary ‘Sea of Death’, and she did not understand what Ye Mo wanted to go into it to find something.

Holding the map Ning Qingxue froze for a long time before she said, “Can I depict one of this map?”

But Ji Wanqing said, “I remember this map all too well, so take it if you want.” After saying this, Chi Wanqing suddenly remembered something and looked at Ning Qingxue and said, “Qingxue, you don’t want to go to the Taklamakan to look for Ye Mo, do you?


Chapter 98

Ning Qingxue nodded, “Sometimes many thoughts come up without thinking, just like when I came to Flowing Snake this time. I knew it was dangerous here, but I always imagined that I could meet Ye Mo and nothing would happen. If I were in the past, I would definitely not have done such a thing. But now, I’m a bit involuntary, I don’t know if I’m a bit attached to him, but that feeling I can’t say.”

Hearing Ning Qingxue’s words, Chi Wanqing said even more strangely, “Qingxue, didn’t you fake a marriage with big brother Ye and let him be that block …… to you for a while and then get a divorce?” In Chi Wanqing’s opinion, it was already bizarre for Ning Qingxue to come to the flowing snake to find Ye Mo, and now she was even going to the desert, was she really not using big brother Ye as a shield? From the way she was acting, how was she somewhat like she was in love with big brother Ye?

Ning Qingxue shook her head bitterly and was silent for a long time before saying, “I don’t know why, I just have a feeling that now I can still learn some news about him from others, once his news is cut off and the world is so big, maybe I will never be able to see him again. Originally I thought that the flowing snake should be his last news, I didn’t expect to learn from you that he might still go to the desert, if I really lost the news like this, maybe many years later, I would regret it very much”

Here Ning Qingxue hesitated for a moment before continuing to say quietly, “You don’t know me, if it was a few months ago, I would never have come to this place of the flowing snake to come, let alone go to the desert. There are times when you are so changed that you may not even notice it yourself. When you understand, you realise that there are people you are not meant to forget.

I was using him as a shield, but by the time I understood what he was like, he was gone, leaving me no chance. I’m sorry, Wanqing, I’m saying this to you because he must have treated you differently, right? Otherwise he wouldn’t have even told you about something like a fake marriage, there are times when I really envy you, these are things that he would never say to me, but instead he said them to you ……”

Ji Wanqing looked at Ning Qingxue’s demeanor and suddenly felt some sympathy for her again. She should be the same as herself, but a little different, when she discovered the excellence of big brother Ye, big brother Ye had already left her. Unlike herself, she had discovered the man’s excellence when she had first come into contact with Big Brother Ye. Last time, listening to Brother Ye’s tone, he didn’t seem to have any intention of marrying Light Snow either.

No intention of marrying Qingxue? Ji Wanqing blushed as she thought of herself. But in a flash she shook her head, her thoughts were the same as Ning Qingxue’s, if she hadn’t come to Ye Mo herself, he wouldn’t have even bothered to look for her again. That is, Ye Mo’s attitude towards her was the same as his attitude towards Ning Qingxue, neither stayed in his heart, did he have a sweetheart?

Chi Wanqing suddenly wanted to see what kind of person Ye Mo had his eye on. With her and Ning Qingxue being such outstanding women, he didn’t even put them in his eyes.

Chi Wanqing stopped herself from thinking about it, but looked up at Ning Qingxue and said, “Qingxue, it’s too dangerous for you to go to the desert alone, and the Taklamakan Desert is simply the “Sea of Death”, which is many times more dangerous than the Flowing Snake. In the Flowing Snake, you might still be able to meet Fang Nan, but in the Taklamakan Desert, all you will encounter is a sandstorm and a blazing sun, so it’s a nine-life situation.”

Ning shook her head “I know the Taklamakan Desert is dangerous, but do you know that not long ago I was seriously injured and on the verge of death? I’ve already died once for me, but I really want to ask him, am I that bad? Is it so hard to meet me once? Just one word from him to keep me from pestering him in the future and I would leave immediately. My life was given to him, it’s nothing to give it to him ……”

Ning Qingxue’s tone became somewhat sad the more she spoke, and finally some of her words could not be lost.

Chi Wanqing looked at Ning Qingxue with some sympathy and said with a sigh, “Qingxue, you are gambling, are you trying to gamble to show Brother Ye? He won’t be able to see it at all. What does Brother Ye need your life for? He saved my life too, do I have to give it to him too? Besides, it’s definitely not that big brother Ye doesn’t want to see you, maybe he really has something going on, maybe, maybe he can’t even think of you wanting to see him at all ……………”

Ning Qingxue, however, did not say anything, her mind was already made up, gambling on her anger or her fate, not seeing Ye Mo, she was always a bit unable to calm down. And she thought her feeling was right, maybe this was Ye Mo’s last message, if she wasn’t sure, she might never see him again.

Even if Him wandering beyond the Taklamakan Desert, she had to wait and see.

Seeing that Ning Qingxue was starting to be silent, Chi Wanqing already knew that Ning Qingxue had really made up her mind.

She suddenly thought of what Ning Qingxue had said, perhaps this was the last word from Ye Mo, once he came out of the Taklamakan Desert, where was he going to go next, who knew? The world was so big, who could find him?

Thinking of this, Chi Wanqing suddenly said, “Qingxue, why don’t I accompany you, I have more experience in the desert than you, and I’ve been in the army for a few years, Carapellotti is also a woman, she can cross the Taklamakan Desert on foot, we should be able to too.” But both Chi Wanqing and Ning Qingxue had overlooked the fact that Carapellotti was trekking to cross the desert, that she could find the safest and shortest route, and that she had a backup support group. They, on the other hand, had to go to a specific place in order to find Ye Mo.

It was as if there were tourist attractions in the Taklamakan Desert, which were specific places where no accidents could happen. But the Taklamakan Desert’s “Sea of Death” name is not a substitute for those attractions.

“You’re going to the Taklamakan too?” When Ning Qing Xue first learned that Chi Wanqing had come to look for Ye Mo, she understood that Chi Wanqing must be a bit different from Ye Mo. But unexpectedly, she was going to the Taklamakan Desert as well.

Chi Wanqing nodded firmly and said, “But before we go, let’s go to Luo Cang, I have a company in Luo Cang, let’s go and prepare. Going to the desert is not like any other place, so we need to bring all the tools and medicines.”

Fang Nan watched the two aunties leave, and only then did he secretly breathe a sigh of relief. Two women like this came to the flowing snake, didn’t this make him scared. In case something happened, how would he explain to Brother Ye?

However, although Chi Wanqing and Ning Qingxue had left, the matter was not over. He had to give an explanation to the Amphibian Gang because Fang Nan had offended the hedgehogs, otherwise they would not be able to continue to hang around. Other people don’t know the power of the Amphibian Gang, but Fang Nan knows it very well.

Ten years ago, a gang near Gao Ping, the “two habitats gang”, did not care about the “two habitats gang” and did not even accept the apology and compensation after the incident. In the end, it was wiped out overnight by the South Green. This incident was not known to anyone in the border gangs, so the bosses of these border gangs had an attitude of not offending the Amphibian Gang as much as possible.

Now that Fang Nan has offended Shi Pai, although Shi Pai is only a runner of the “Two Sisters Gang”, he is after all a member of the “Two Sisters Gang”, so if they blame him, he has to be prepared to pay compensation.

He also had to be prepared to fight hard in case they didn’t accept him. However, Fang Nan knew that the Amphibian Gang would not refuse to accept the compensation for this matter, at most, it would only cause him some pain. He was confident that he wouldn’t be able to destroy the gang.

Without Ye Mo, he would not have been able to get the place back from the Vietnamese and Fei gangs in any case. Moreover, he was in awe of Ye Mo and felt that Ye Mo was an extraordinary person. So he didn’t regret that the two women had helped him get into all this trouble.

Compared to Fang Nan’s trouble and Chi Ning’s two women’s search, Ye Mo’s little clinic now was a little famous, at least inside the neighborhood near the clinic.

The day after he saved Can Can, the child’s parents came to Ye Mo’s shop again to thank him.

They took out 10,000 yuan because Ye Mo had saved their child.

Instead of accepting the money, Ye Mo took out 30,000 to give to the child’s parents. The reason was simple: he wanted to ask the family to help him with various documents.

The child’s father was called Zhang Bō, who worked at the district taxation office in Luocang. He is a local and works in the taxation department to do these things, so there should be no problem. As for the qualification to practice medicine and the registration of merchants, he asked Yu Erhu to follow Zhang Bō to do it.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of services and services. As for whether Yu Erhu really has the skills, no one has bothered to investigate.

With the enthusiastic help of Zhang Bō’s wife, Ye Mo’s small clinic actually took only ten days to complete all the documents.

Although Ye Mo’s clinic had only been open for ten days, it had a very good reputation, which was due to Yu Erhu’s ability and Zhang Bō’s publicity.

The clinic is called “Hui Chun Clinic”. After the documents were completed, Ye Mo basically did not care about anything but cultivate the soil in the small courtyard every day to prepare for planting the “Silver Heart Gra*s”, while all the matters of the clinic were handed over to Yu Erhu.

It was a good thing that Yu Erhu had experience in practicing medicine, and Ye Mo often gave him guidance.

The people who came to the clinic were all suffering from headaches and fever, or minor injuries and illnesses, and there were no really serious illnesses.

Ye Mo took out 20,000 of the remaining 40,000 yuan and gave it to Erhu to buy some herbs, and the other 20,000 he was going to buy some necessary tools for the desert.

The small clinic wasn’t profitable at all, but Ye Mo didn’t care, his aim was to grow the “Silver Heart Gra*s”, the rest was secondary. It was better if he could make money, but it was fine if he didn’t.

All the herbs that Yu Erhu bought were boiled into soups or pills by Ye Mo, and were packed in porcelain bottles, and he told Erhu the specific applications. For medical matters, Ye Mo never hid sī, as long as he could teach, he would teach Erhu, and even taught a set of boxing techniques and a set of qigong mind techniques to Yu Erhu.

are given to Yu Erhu. Although Yu Erhu is a little naive, he is very smart, and he also learns it like a model