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HC Chapter 9

Between lightning and fire.

A cup of boiling hot water was poured over, right on Xie Siqi’s chest.

She was scalded and jumped up, and that slap did not go down.

“Who? Who splashed me with hot water?”

Xie Siqi was smoking with anger and when she looked down, she saw Ye Jingzhan who was holding an empty cup.

She couldn’t think of anything else and rushed over and grabbed Ye Jingzhan’s collar, a slap was about to come down again.


The hand she raised in the air was squeezed by Ye Yunla, and she felt her hand bones being crushed.

“Bullying my two children while I’m away, after all these years, cousin is still as uneducated as ever.”

Ye Yunla shook her hand away fiercely and bent down before pulling Ye Jingzhan and Little Yinyin into her arms.

Xie Siqi was so angry that her internal organs exploded.

She pointed at Little Yinyin and said angrily, “You gave birth to this good daughter, slapping my son in the face, either I slap him back or, you slap him back yourself!”

Ye Yunla twisted her head and really saw finger marks on Zhou Zeyu’s face.

But, little Yinyin would never take the initiative to hurt anyone.

“Mummy, it’s none of sister’s business.” Ye Jingzhan spoke, “It was Zhou Zeyu who first called sister dumb and spat at her.”

The little one’s voice was full of self-blame.

Just now, Granduncle and Grandpa had called him to the side to ask about the chip, and he had left for less than five minutes, not expecting that his sister would be bullied.

It was all his fault for making mommy worry again ……

Hearing her son’s words, anger welled up in Ye Yunla’s heart.

There were two things she could not tolerate the most, one was calling the two children wild children, and the other was mocking her with Little Yinyin’s illness.

And Xie Siqi, both of these taboos had been violated.


The sound of a crisp slap rang out in the living room.

Xie Siqi’s eyes widened, “Little b*tch, you actually, actually dare to hit me, I’ll fight you!”

She had no regard for her image and rushed over to strangle Ye Yunla like a shrew.

Ye Yunla coldly dodged, Xie Siqi lunged and fell on her heels, landing face first on the ground.

She landed face first, knocking out a faceful of blood.

Xie Siqi had never been in such a mess before, and she hated to tear Ye Yunla apart.

“First cousin, your son’s mouth is cheap, this slap, you took it for your own son!”

Ye Yunla threw down these words in a condescending manner, bent down and picked up little Yinyin.

The little girl’s eyes were wide open, her long, curly eyelashes fluttering, her face full of confusion.

The Xie family’s great aunt’s hands shook with anger: “Ye Yunla, you lowly rotten b*tch, how dare you make a move on my daughter! I’m telling you, as long as I’m in the Xie family, you’ll never live here!”

“Are you also trying to take the opportunity to drive me, the old woman, out as well?”

Old Madam Xie walked out with her walking stick and stood in front of Ye Yunla in a protector’s stance.

The elder aunt of the Xie family held back her anger and said warily, “Mother, that’s not what I meant, you saw just now that Lara had no respect for her cousin and even made a move against her. With such a wild personality, isn’t she going to stir up our Xie family into unrest, I’m also thinking of the Xie family ……”

“I think the Xie family is being stirred up by you!” Xie Heng said angrily, “If you don’t welcome LaLa, go back to your mother’s house!”

The first aunt of the Xie family was angrily shouted at by her mother-in-law and husband in public, and she lost all face and face.

But she didn’t dare to say anything else.

She could only reluctantly help Xie Siqi up, and pulled Zhou Zeyu, who was still crying, and took the two of them straight upstairs.

Although the matter had come to an end, Ye Yunla’s heart was hardly at peace.

It was only her first day back and she was already in such a mess.

In the future, there was no telling what these people would turn up.

She wasn’t afraid of her grand aunt and cousin, but little Yinyin was still young and she couldn’t keep an eye on her 24 hours a day, so if these people found an opening to mock and bully her, I was afraid it would aggravate her condition.

It seemed that it was not a wise choice to live here.

Perhaps she could see what she was thinking, so Mrs Xie sighed and said, “Lara, you are a right-minded child, I can’t change what you have decided. But, can you live in the house Grandma has arranged for you, so that I can rest a*sured.”

Ye Yunla hesitated for a moment and slowly nodded her head.

“I’m going to throw you a banquet, so that everyone will know that Ye Yunla, the number one beauty in Hai Cheng, has returned alive.” Old Mrs. Xie patted the back of her hand and said, “It won’t be too late for you to move out after the banquet is over.”

Ye Jingzhan tugged on her sleeve, “Mummy, I will take care of my sister, don’t worry.”

Xie Siqi was coming on strong, and Ye Yunla wasn’t exactly at ease.

However, she and her grandmother had not seen each other for many years, so she really should stay here for a few days to keep her company, and she would move out as soon as the party was over.

Because she was too worried about Xie Siqi bullying the children, when she went to Xie’s Group the next day, Ye Yunla also took the two children with her.