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HC Chapter 15

Ye Xue Ying did not expect Ye Yunla to suddenly turn back at all.

What’s more, she didn’t expect her neck to be choked.

“You, what are you doing? Let go!”

Her face was so pale that all the blood faded away in an instant.

Ye Yunla’s five fingers slowly closed as she spoke coldly, “I didn’t expect you to bring someone with you.”

“I didn’t!” Ye Xue Ying denied it.

However, the Ye family bodyguards hiding in the shadows saw Ye Xue Ying being controlled and rushed out in the next second, surrounding the two of them.

Ye Yunla’s gaze swept, close to twenty of them.

In order to kill her, the Ye family had actually sent so many people, they really looked up to her.

Although she had learnt taekwondo for self-protection abroad in the past four years, there was no way she could deal with twenty bodyguards at the same time.

Ye Yunla reversed her body and locked her elbow around Ye Xueying’s neck.

She said coldly, “I’ve just returned and you can’t wait to have me killed, so afraid that I’ll steal your heir’s position?”

Ye Xue Ying almost fainted from the pain as her neck was choked.

She gritted her teeth and said, “Ye Yunla, you’re crazy, how dare you choke me, you don’t want your life, do you?”

“I died in your hands once four years ago, do you think that I will still fold my arms this time?” Ye Yunla’s voice carried a thick chill, “Since you care so much about the position of the heir of the Ye family, then I, for one, will let you taste what it’s like to lose the thing you care about most!”

The tip of Ye Xue Ying’s heart trembled violently.

She suddenly felt that Ye Yunla was completely different from the Ye family’s eldest young miss four years ago.

She also felt that Ye Yunla was really going to snatch away the identity of the heir to the Ye family.

If, for example, this little b*tch knew that the two children were still alive, then ……

Ye Xue Ying was overwhelmed by boundless trepidation.

Before she could think more, Ye Yunla choked her and headed for the east side of the cemetery.

She was dragged along in such a position that she didn’t get a breath and almost fainted to death.

And the Ye family’s bodyguards didn’t dare to act rashly, following in a circle the whole time.

“Sister, don’t you mess around ……” Ye Xueying said with difficulty in breathing, “You are not doing any good, why don’t you let me go first, what’s the matter, let’s sit down and talk slowly ……”

“If we want to talk, it should be the two of us alone, you tell them to back off.” Ye Yunla said indifferently.

Ye Xue Ying gnashed her back teeth slot to death.

If these bodyguards backed off, she would definitely die at Ye Yunla’s hands.

Four years ago she had almost burned Ye Yunla to death with a fire, and now this b*tch was back to collect a debt of human life!

There was no way that Ye Yunla would let her hands get blood on them.

She had indeed come back to take revenge, but had no intention of taking a life, life was worse than death was the best punishment wasn’t it?

She dragged Ye Xueying to the east side of the cemetery.

There was a river here, a long river that ran through the whole of Hai Cheng.

She stood by the river and hooked her lips, revealing a cold smile, “Ye Xueying, if you don’t let your people back off, then I’ll have to push you into this river.”

Ye Xueying’s body trembled.

She herself could do such a thing, so she believed that Ye Yunla must be able to do it too.

She said through deadly clenched teeth, “You, you dare ……”

“Why wouldn’t I dare, didn’t you have so many bodyguards lurking in the cemetery, just to kill me? Before I die, it’s not too bad to drag you along.”

Ye Yunla said, releasing Ye Xueying’s neck and giving her a vicious push.

Ye Xueying shut her eyes tightly in fear and let out a scream, then in the next second, the back of her neck was tugged.

She opened her eyes and found herself standing on the edge of the river, so close to falling.

She clenched her fists in a death grip: “You, back off, all of you!”

Otherwise, she would fall into the river and drown!

The bodyguards looked at each other and backed up step by step, but did not dare to back away too far.

If something happened to Second Miss, none of them would be able to live ……

Just at this moment!

Ye Yunla yanked Ye Xueying fiercely.

The two of them fell into the early spring river water together.

The bone-chilling cold made Ye Xueying’s entire body collapse.

“Help! Someone come quickly, help me!”

The bodyguards came at the sound, but because they were too far away, by the time they jumped into the water to save her, Ye Xueying was almost drowned.

And at that moment, Ye Yunla’s figure had long since disappeared.

“Hurry up and find it! We must find that b*tch Ye Yunla! I’ll skin her and draw her blood!”

Ye Xueying was trembling and her face was full of fierce contortions, like a witch who had crawled out of hell.

The bodyguards once again jumped into the river to find someone ……

With a few deep dives, Ye Yunla swam out more than a hundred metres, leaving the Ye family far behind.

She had taken winter swimming training every year for the past four years in order to enhance her physical fitness, and this temperature was nothing at all to her compared to the cold, ice-laden water of winter.

She soon swam to where she could dock, but heard the sound of someone talking ……