HC Chapter 16

This is a place of leisure in the suburbs, Wangjiangzhuang.

The Wang Jiang Zhuang is a place where the dignitaries of Hai Cheng usually meet for leisure, and those who can appear here are either rich or noble.

A group of people were fishing by the river.

“I say, Fu Beijue, what’s going on, why are all the fish running to your fishing rod, we all haven’t caught a single fish!”

Sun Yan said indignantly as he glanced at Fu Beijue’s bucket.

Fu Beijiu sat on the shore indifferently.

He was dressed in casual clothes, the early spring sunlight fell on his body and the breeze blew, setting him off more and more handsomely.

It was a good thing there were no women here, or else there would have been a gush of shrieks.

Sun Yan spat, “What a demon, you’re not allowed to go to my house again!”

His sister was only fifteen years old, and she was already charmed by Fu Beijue, this will still be the case in the future ……

Sun Yan had just turned his head when he suddenly paused and then exclaimed, “Holy sh*t, no one said there were mermaids in this river!”

Wang Changqing looked at him with disgust, “Can you keep your voice down, don’t scare my fish away!”

“What’s the point of fishing? Look, there’s a mermaid in the water!”

Seeing that he didn’t look like he was lying, seven or eight eyes swept over in unison.

Sure enough, there was a woman in the crystal clear water of the river!

“It couldn’t be that the owner of the manor has paid someone to play a mermaid, could it?”

“If it was paid for, it should at least be wearing a mermaid’s dress ……”

Amidst the chatter of the crowd, the woman in the water suddenly raised her head.

She broke out of the water, a white, water-drenched face that glowed with a blinding light in the sunlight.

“Crap! Beauty!”

“This is too beautiful! Is there such a decent chick in Hai Cheng?”

“Do you guys ever think that this woman’s face is a little bit familiar?”

“Come on Sun Yan, you’re a playboy who looks at any beautiful woman and thinks she looks familiar ……”

Ye Yunla had just poked her head out of the water when she heard the sound of someone talking.

The distance was a bit far and she couldn’t hear what those people were saying.

But she had already swum three to four hundred metres away, her strength was exhausted and she had to go to shore.

With her hand braced against the boulder slab on the shore, she rolled over and climbed up.

The woman’s hair was dripping wet over her shoulders and her whole body looked like a delicate hibiscus out of water.

Her skin was white and crystal pink, seemingly transparent in the sunlight and full of unreality.

Her eyes were like autumn water and her red lips were dotted with droplets of water, like a painting.

And her clothes clung to her torso, outlining the exquisite curves.

The line of men on the shore all looked dumbfounded.

“Crap crap crap! It’s so beautiful!”

“OMG, I’m going to get a nosebleed!”

“I definitely know her!” Sun Yan said with wide eyes, “I’ve definitely seen her before!”

His words drew a chorus of boos.

Listening to the few friends on the side discussing the woman’s figure, for some reason, a hint of revulsion surfaced in Fu Beijiu’s heart.

Without even thinking about it, he threw down his fishing rod and stepped down the stone steps, heading straight for the shore.

And then –

Under the dumbfounded eyes of the crowd, he took off his own black jacket and draped it over Ye Yunla’s body.

“Fu Beijue is too sinister, he actually moves faster than me!” Sun Yan gritted his teeth.

“Isn’t this guy Fu Beijue not close to women, why is he running faster than anyone today?”

“Who said he doesn’t like women? If he doesn’t like women, where did his son come from, did he pop out of a stone?”

The crowd instantly reacted to the fact that Fu Beijiu had a son.

Because this guy hid his sons too well, even they, his friends who grew up together, rarely saw those two children.

Therefore, they always forgot the fact that Fu Beijue already had a son.

Ye Yunla was discerning which direction to go when a man with cold air all over his body suddenly appeared right in front of her.

Then, a jacket was wrapped around her body.

She recognised that it was actually Fu Beijue whom she had met yesterday on the main road.

Thinking of this man’s smug attitude yesterday, Ye Yunla’s face also turned cold.

She frowned: “No, thanks.”

She was about to take off her jacket.

Fu Beijue had a cold look in his eyes: “The shore is full of hungry wolves, if you are not afraid, you can go up naked.”

Ye Yunla wanted to say that she had her own clothes on.

However, those clothes were wet and clinging to her body, as if …… There was no difference from being naked.

She pursed her lips and said in a light voice: “How much is this dress?”

Fu Beijue raised his eyebrows: “What?”

“It’s naturally better to count it out before you talk to a stranger.”

Ye Yunla took out her wallet from her wet pocket and threw a wad of drenched money into Fu Beijue’s arms.

“Mr. Fu, please keep it.”

After saying that, she walked up the bank without looking back.