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HC Chapter 17

The breath on Fu Beijiu’s body suddenly turned cold.

He clipped up the wet money in his arms, and the corners of his mouth curled up into a cold smile.

This was the first time that he had been hit with money.

This woman, she was really a bit insensitive!

If he hadn’t been mindful of yesterday’s one-sided encounter, how could he have taken off his clothes and draped them over her!

Fu Beijiu laughed coldly.

As soon as he looked up, he saw a group of brothers on the shore surrounding Ye Yunla.

His eyebrows grew even colder and he followed them with quick steps.

Ye Yunla was surrounded by seven or eight men, but her face was not the least bit embarra*sed or embarra*sed.

Her gaze slowly panned over everyone present.

Sun Yan, the second youngest of the Sun family.

Wang Changqing, the heir to the Wang family.

The youngest of the Zhou family ……

All were prominent members of the gentry circle.

Four years ago …… No, I should say five years ago when she was still in trouble, she had met with these people.

Only, these people all thought she was dead.

It was only impossible to think out of their heads that the one standing in front of them was Ye Yunla, the eldest Miss of the Ye family who had died four years ago.

“Beauty, why are you in the river?” Sun Yan hurriedly came up to strike up a conversation, “The clothes on you are wet, let me take you to the mall to buy a set?”

Since Fu Beijue couldn’t hold this beauty, he would leave it to him.

He had been in love for so many years, there was no woman he couldn’t take!


However, Ye Yunla didn’t even give him a look, her lips opened in a cold voice: “Get out of the way.”

“Beauty, we’ve booked this venue for today, so it’s not my turn to get out of the way, right?” Sun Yan smirked as he moved over, “Tell me your name and give me your contact information and I’ll let you go.”

The next second!

A pig-like howl rang out.

The crowd didn’t even see how everything happened, and they saw Sun Yan being dropped to the ground in a very miserable manner.

Ye Yunla clapped her hands indifferently, “Second young Sun, you’re still as shameless and nasty as before.”

She kicked Sun Yan away and stepped away.

The crowd had long been shocked and no one dared to stop them at all.

“Sun Yan, are you alright?”

“I, I’m fine!” Sun Yan got up with difficulty, not caring at all about the pain on his body, and said with surprise, “Did you guys hear that, just now Beauty said that I’m still as shameless and nasty as before! That means that Beauty knows me, I told you, I definitely know her, I just can’t remember for a while!”

Wang Changqing rolled his eyes, “Your Young Master Sun’s reputation as a philanderer is unknown to everyone in all of Hai Cheng?”

Fu Beijue walked over indifferently, all cold air.

Wang Changqing pulled Sun Yan, “This woman is the one that Beijue has taken a fancy to, so you can take it easy.”

Sun Yan said with a big grin, “What the hell, do you still want to find a stepmother for those two brats of yours?”

Fu Beijue snorted coldly.

He didn’t even plan to marry his two sons’ real mother, let alone marry a stepmother into the Fu family ……

Moreover, it seems that that woman also has a daughter ……

He was about to warn Sun Yan that it was best not to mess with married women who had children when his phone vibrated.

He scanned it and it was the Fu family’s bodyguard.

“Sir it’s not good, the young master has sneaked out again!”


Ye Yunla left from Wangjiang Zhuang and didn’t dare to drive to the cemetery again.

She wrapped her black jacket tightly and walked to the main road to take a taxi.

She was so beautiful and her figure was so extraordinarily attention-grabbing that the driver who was driving kept glancing at her in the rear-view mirror.

Only, her face was too cold and her eyes were like two cold knives, which was intimidating to look at.

The driver had the heart of a thief but not the guts to take the person to the lakeside villa area.

Ye Yunla paid the money and walked towards the district.

One foot had just stepped into the neighborhood when, behind her, a soft and sticky voice rang out.

“Woman, stand still.”

This voice, déjà vu ……

Ye Yunla turned around and saw a white and tender little bun standing behind herself.

This child, wasn’t it the one she had met at the airport the day before?

She was surprised, “Why are you here?”

Fu Ziling looked at her and took a step forward, his pair of eyes greedily staring at the woman in front of him.

As soon as the bodyguard found out about her, he couldn’t think of anything else and came over.

He just wanted to see her!

He didn’t know why!

Ye Yunla looked behind him, empty, and she frowned, “This time, you’re not sneaking out again, are you?”

“No, I didn’t!”

Fu Ziling denied it without even thinking about it, only the denial was so quick that it had the implication of a desire to hide the truth.

He pursed his thin little pink lips, “The cat I have is missing, I’m here to look for it, can you help me look for it?”

Ye Yunla had no way to refuse a child who was only four years old, she spoke softly, “What colour is your cat and how old is it?”

The two of them searched for the cat everywhere in the neighbourhood, while the Fu family, in a mess ……