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HC Chapter 19

Ye Yunla’s eyes stuttered.

When she heard Fu Ziling’s name, she had guessed that he should be a child of the Fu family.

But never did she expect that it was actually Fu Beijue’s son.

That child looked about the same age as Jing’er, he should be just four years old.

But when she was still in Haicheng four or five years ago, she didn’t seem to have heard about Fu Beiji’s marriage ……

“I don’t know where you learned about me having a son, but, you better rot in your stomach.” Fu Beijiu’s voice carried a warning, “Once I find out that you have leaked the privacy of the Fu family, you and your daughter, I won’t spare any of them.”

Hearing these words, Ye Yunla was close to laughing in anger.

No matter how she was threatened, she could care less.

But this man, he shouldn’t use Little Yinyin as a threatening tool!

She lightly lifted her eyelids and coldly curled her lips, “Mr. Fu, although your Fu family has only one hand and no one dares to mess with it, as long as you dare to touch my daughter, I will let you know how to write the word regret.”

Isn’t it just a mean statement, who wouldn’t?

Ye Yunla swept a cold glance at him, turned around and left.

Fu Beijue kept staring at her figure as it disappeared around the corner, before he withdrew his gaze.

He turned back to look at Fu Ziling in the bodyguard’s arms and said coldly, “Say, why did you run here?”

No one would know how much cold sweat he had broken out in when the butler told him that Fu Ziling was missing.

Although these two sons had not come into this world out of his own will, they had become the hardest part of his heart to let go of.

If Fu Ziling had really lost them, he would never forgive himself for the rest of his life.

Fu Ziling lowered his head and did not speak.

He didn’t like being in the Fu family at all.

He would rather find a random place to hide for a day than stay at home for even a second.

“Since you won’t say anything, then I’ll just have to take that woman.”

Fu Beijue slowly spoke.

As soon as his words fell, Fu Ziling raised his head and said stubbornly, “I told you, I’m the one who came looking for her, it has nothing to do with her, daddy do you have to be so black and white?”

“Is it me who is black and white, or is it you who disobeys discipline?” Fu Beijiu said coldly, “Go back and lock up for three days.”

“Just lock up, I don’t care!”

Fu Ziling snorted lightly.

What was the difference between being locked up in the courtyard and being locked up in the study?

Fu Beijiu was made to feel angry again by this attitude of his.

There were no children in the Fu family who were so insubordinate.

It seemed that he really needed to find a strict teacher and discipline him properly!

Duke Fu took Fu Zi Ling back to the Fu family.

Ye Xueying greeted me with an anxious face: “Little Ling Ling, are you alright, the housekeeper said you were missing, I was really frightened …… Quickly let mommy see if you’re hurt ……”

She rushed over and was about to take Fu Ziling into her arms.

But, Fu Ziling preferred to be held by the bodyguard rather than her, and pushed her away fiercely.

Ye Xueying planted her body on the sofa with a lurch, and she watered, “Little Ling Ling, how can you push me, I am your real mother ……”

Fu Ziling didn’t even look at her, and stomped off to the study, slamming the door hard.

Ye Xueying covered her face and cried, “Beijue, how did little Ling Ling become like this, I do everything for him but he never gives me a good look, just because I gave birth to him unmarried and pregnant, so he feels ashamed?”

Fu Beijiu was full of annoyance, and when he heard her crying, his face became even more impatient.

Ye Xue Ying knew that she should stop when she could, but she really couldn’t wait any longer.

If Ye Yunla, the little b*tch, had died, she would have had plenty of time to plan slowly.

But now, Ye Yunla could find out about Fu Ziyan and Fu Ziling at any time, and she must …… marry into the Fu family as soon as possible.

She can’t wait!

If she waited any longer something would definitely change!

“Beijue, let little Lingling stay with me for a while, okay, I want to cultivate a mother-son bond with him ……” Ye Xue Ying bit her lips, pearly, “Little Ling Ling is treating me so badly, she must be blaming me for not spending time with him, as long as we live together as mother and son for a while, we will definitely be able to enhance our relationship ……”

Fu Beijue’s sharp gaze fell on her face, “Did I ever tell you not to be paranoid about things that don’t belong to you?”

“No, I didn’t, I just want to cultivate a relationship with little Ling Ling ……” Ye Xueying’s heart cut like a knife at such a look from him, “Little Ling Ling is the son I gave birth to in August, I can’t be centrifugal with him mother and son for the rest of my life …… The actual fact is that you can’t be a good person, you can’t be a good person. Just for a month …… No, half a month will be enough ……”