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HC Chapter 20

Fu Beijue’s eyes were full of coldness and sarcasm as he looked at Ye Xueying.

If Ye Xueying was a person who truly loved children, he might not be willing to marry her for the sake of the children.


He often saw this woman looking at Fu Ziling with a grim look.

If this woman was allowed to live with Fu Ziling, the children’s character would be even more paranoid and stubborn.

He really couldn’t understand why he had slept with such a woman with bad intentions five years ago ……

The first day the child was born, she came to him to take charge, obviously, to borrow her son to get to the top.

And he, surprisingly, sought this woman for eight months for that one night ……

Had he known it was such a woman, that night, he would never have walked into the door of that room.

“Beijue, I am Little Ling Ling’s mother, everything I do is for his good, I definitely don’t dare to fantasize about anything else ……” Ye Xueying pleaded, “Can you give me a chance to live with little Ling Ling?”

Fu Beijiu said indifferently, “Next I will ask the teacher to teach Fu Ziling alone, it is not convenient for you to stay here, I will have someone send you back.”

After he finished, he turned around and walked into the study.

In the large living room, only Ye Xue Ying was left alone.

She bit the back slot of her teeth to death, her nails embedded deep into her palm.

This man, Fu Beijue, was too cold-blooded, she had given birth to two sons for the Fu family, and he still treated her like this!

If she didn’t really have no other choice, how could she have bitterly begged ……

Ye Xueying took a deep breath and called Fu Ziyan, who was away on a business trip.

But it was answered by the secretary: “Miss Ye, the eldest young master is in a meeting and is not convenient to answer the phone, please call back in four hours.”

Four hours later, it was early morning.

She was still calling!

Ye Xue Ying was so angry that she hung up the phone.

Nothing was going well lately, it must be because that little b*tch Ye Yunla had come back and brought bad luck!

No matter what the cost, she must want Ye Yunla to die!


Ye Yunla returned to the Xie house all wet and drenched.

Ye Jingzhan, who had been guarding the door, stood up in a hurry: “Mummy, what’s wrong with you, why are you wet?”

“Mommy accidentally fell into the water of the rockery pond, it’s okay.”

Ye Yunla stroked the little one’s head and lifted her steps towards the bathroom.

Ye Jingzhan’s brow, however, was tightly furrowed.

Mummy smelt fishy from the river water, it was clear that she had fallen into the river.

But there was no river or lake near Xie’s group, where had Mommy gone and what had she encountered?

Ye Jingzhan bit his lip.

He was still too weak to protect Mummy.

He had to grow up quickly, grow up a little more so that he could stand in front of Mummy and his sister to protect them.

Ye Yunla came out of the shower and Ye Jingzhan brought a hairdryer to help her blow-dry her hair.

Little Yinyin sat on the carpet next to her, playing with a puzzle, while Old Lady Xie sat on the balcony, sunbathing, a quiet and beautiful room.

In this villa where Old Lady Xie lives, only the old lady and the eldest house still live here, the other two houses have other houses.

During the daytime, Xie Heng and Xie Zhirui went to the company to deal with their business, and Great Aunt Xie went out to a party and social gathering, so basically no one was at home.

It was only half an hour before the silence was broken.

“When you see your great-grandmother later, be a little sweeter, your great-grandmother has a lot of good things on hand, so don’t let the two wild children of the Ye family coax you away.” Xie Siqi’s voice approached from afar, “If you make a scene like last time, I’ll slap you to death.”

As she stepped into the villa, she was caught off guard when a slash of an eye came through the air.

When Xie Siqi looked up, she met Ye Yunla’s cold eyes, and the sweat on her body stood up.

When she realised that she had been surprised by this b*tch Ye Yunla, she became even more furious: “Ye Yunla, you’re really a deadbeat, you’re still living in my house!”

Ye Yunla stood up, her aura overwhelming, and spoke coldly, “First cousin, if your name is on the property deed, I won’t say a word and move out. If it’s not, don’t say anything unpleasant here in the future. Otherwise, if I hear it one more time, I will directly take action.”

“You, you!”

Xie Siqi was so angry that she was going crazy.

Living in her house and still being so arrogant, what gives this little b*tch Ye Yunla the right!

She had been slapped for nothing last time and hadn’t even gotten her back, only to be threatened again!

She lunged forward in anger.

Little Yinyin, who had been sitting on the carpet, suddenly stretched out her little short legs.

Xie Siqi tripped on her leg and fell straight to the ground, this time landing on her forehead and knocking blood from her head.

She touched her hand and it was covered in blood, and her face turned white with fear.

Zhou Zeyu stood at the side and cried out.

Old Lady Xie woke up from the balcony and walked over with her walking stick, her face full of cold anger: “Someone, send Madam Zhou back to the Zhou family!”

Calling her own granddaughter Madam Zhou, it was clear how shocked Old Lady Xie was.

Xie Siqi shivered in anger, “Grandma, I’m the one from the Xie family, I’m your own granddaughter, I’ve been bullied twice in a row by this little b*tch Ye Yunla, aren’t you going to help me get justice?”