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HC Chapter 21

Looking at the disappointment in Old Lady Xie’s eyes, Xie Siqi’s heart went cold.

She was the real granddaughter, she was the Xie family member, but Grandma, however, always defended an outsider!

Why should she, a member of the Xie family, be kicked out!

Xie Siqi gritted her teeth and said, “Grandma, if you have to defend Ye Yunla, then don’t acknowledge me as your granddaughter!”

“You have already married to the Zhou family and are Mrs. Zhou, so from now on the Xie family should come less often.” Old Madam Xie said without mercy, “Someone, send Madam Zhou and Young Master Zhou back.”

Xie Siqi was so angry that her internal organs exploded.

The words she had just said were just a retreat, but to her surprise, her grandmother didn’t take it at all.

She felt like she had been slapped hard on the face.

Just then, Xie Heng’s car pulled up in the courtyard.

As if Xie Siqi saw a lifeline, she pulled Zhou Zeyu and ran over, “Dad, Grandma wants to kick me out, and said that I should come to the Xie family less often in the future ……”

She cried as she spoke, tears swishing down her face.

Xie Heng frowned: “You are twenty-eight years old, why are you crying when you are so old? Your grandmother is also right, you are already a member of the Zhou family, the Zhou family is not in peace these days, you should stay honestly in the Zhou family, and come back to the Xie family less often these days.”

Xie Siqi leaned back in anger.

Was this still her own father, how dare he say such things!

She still wanted to continue crying when Xie Heng hurriedly walked into the living room, seeing Ye Yunla sitting on the sofa, he hurriedly padded over, “LaLa, Xie’s made a sample with the chip you developed, do you want to go to the company to take a look?”

That sample, it was even more amazing than the finished product made before!

It wasn’t just Xie Heng, everyone in the company was shocked.

The product hadn’t even gone into production yet, and everyone could predict how hot this product would be when it hit the market.

Ye Yunla looked up and said with a smile, “No need for that Great Uncle, First Cousin has already sent me a video to watch.”

Xie Heng suppressed his excitement and said, “Yara, your cousin and I want to hire you to work for Xie’s Group, are you interested?”

“Thank you for your kindness Great Uncle, but no, I plan to open my own studio.” Ye Yunla curled her lips and smiled, “When the studio opens, I hope Great Uncle will take care of my business more often.”

Xie Heng was a little disappointed.

There was no way to find a software programmer as good as Ye Yunla in the whole of Haicheng.

If Ye Yunla took up a job at Xie’s, Xie’s could definitely rise a notch within half a year.

However, such things could not be forced.

Since Yara intended to start her own business, he, as an uncle, would naturally give his full support.

Seeing her own father and this little b*tch Ye Yunla talking happily together, Xie Siqi was so angry that she almost died in place.

No matter what she did, she had to get that b*tch Ye Yunla out of the Xie family!

Only before she could think of a way, she was sent back to the Zhou family by Old Lady Xie, and the Xie family finally quieted down.

Old Lady Xie said with a great deal of headache, “Yara, your eldest cousin has been spoiled since she was young, her nature has already taken shape and it’s hard to change, so don’t bother with her.”

Ye Yunla pursed her lips and didn’t say anything.

She didn’t care what Xie Siqi said about her, but Xie Siqi shouldn’t always have the word wild child on her lips.

The two children were getting older and slowly understanding the words of adults. The word “b*****d” could deprive a person of all dignity, and she did not want her children to suffer.

Old Lady Xie sighed and asked the maid to bring a box.

She unveiled the box and a set of emerald green jade jewellery caught the eye in the light.

“Lara, this set of jewellery was originally reserved for your mother, who made her short-lived and unlucky, so now it’s for you.” Old Lady Xie stroked Ye Yunla’s hair, “You will wear this set of jewellery to the banquet tomorrow night, and I’ve also prepared the dress for you, it’s all custom made to fit your figure.”