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HC Chapter 22

Ye Yunla looked at the jadeite in her hand, crystal clear and flowing with light, at a glance it was a good item handed down from a previous generation.

It was worth a fortune, a good treasure that no amount of money could buy.

Grandma had actually given it to her like this.

Ye Yunla was filled with emotion: “Thank you, Grandma.”

She put the jewellery away, and after a pause, she asked, “Grandma, will the Ye family come to the banquet tomorrow night?”

“Those wolf-hearted b*****ds of the Ye family, wouldn’t inviting them here dirty the threshold of my Xie family?” Old Lady Xie had cold anger in her eyes, “Back then they tried to take your life by any means, now the more gloriously you live, the more you are slapping them in the face!”

Ye Yunla gripped Old Lady Xie’s hand tightly, her heart was at peace.


Night had fallen and the lights were on.

It was not even eight o’clock in the evening, and there was a long line of luxury cars parked in front of the Xie family.

The Xie family is considered a big name in the city, and basically all the noble women and celebrities in the luxury circle have been invited.

However, the Xie family had kept the news very tightly under wraps, so no one knew what the banquet was about tonight.

The VIPs were drinking and gossiping in the courtyard in groups, while the star of the evening was upstairs in the dressing room, freshening up.

Ye Yunla was dressed in a dark green brocade gown dress, a vintage and elegant dress with a delicate layer of camellia embroidered on the neckline, and down the neckline, a slightly tightened corset that pinched her waist to an uncomfortable grip.

Below the waist, the skirt was spread out.

The dark green hemline holds a myriad of camellias, and the train ends are embellished with small, starry, sparkling jewels.

The light shone through and the skirt was glowing.

And Ye Yunla was glowing too.

A pair of crystalline emerald earrings dangled from her earlobes and an emerald necklace around her neck. The jewellery and the gown complemented each other and she was stunningly beautiful.

Xie Siqi pushed the door in and saw such a stunning Ye Yunla.

Her eyes were red with jealousy.

The jealousy in her chest poured out in a steady stream and she wanted to rush over and rip up Ye Yunla’s dress.

But she didn’t dare.

If her grandmother saw her, she was afraid she would be thrown out in public.

Then she would lose all her face.

With a twinkle in her eye, Xie Siqi stepped forward with her champagne and hooked her lips in a smile, “Yara is really worthy of being the number one beauty in Hai Cheng, wearing a random dress can look so good …… Yeah!”

Before she finished her sentence, the gla*s of wine in her hand was tilted.

A gla*s of wine was just splashed on the dark green dress.

“Lara, I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to do it ……”

Xie Siqi pretended to apologize, but the bottom of her eyes were filled with a smug light.

With this dress ruined, Ye Yunla, the little b*tch, would definitely not be able to find a dress that fit her temporarily!

Four years later when she returns to Haicheng for her first appearance, she still wants to stun the four directions? Dream on!

She would make Ye Yunla, the little b*tch, look exactly the same as she did four years ago and become a scorned rat!

And yet!

“First cousin, it’s okay.” Ye Yunla smiled gently, “Back when I was the number one beauty in Hai Cheng, every time I attended a banquet, someone would deliberately throw liquor on me, just to make me look bad, so today-“