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HC Chapter 23

Yvonne lifted the hem of her skirt.

The champagne rolled off the hem of her skirt and dripped onto the floor.

Not a single wine stain remained on the dark green skirt.

“There are so many people who are jealous of me that I had to use brocade for the skirt, and no liquor will invade it.” Ye Yunla curled her lips, “Of course, how could first cousin be jealous of me, it should just be careless.”

Xie Siqi’s face turned green.

What kind of crappy dress was this, it couldn’t even get wet with liquor?

“Eldest sister, if you make any more noise, go back to the Zhou family for me!”

Xie Zhirui was also in the dressing room, he saw the scene with his own eyes, and anyone with a discerning eye could clearly see that this was all deliberate on Xie Siqi’s part.

Xie Zhirui didn’t understand why his sister would do such a stupid thing.

Xie Siqi also did not understand why her own brother was defending a foreigner.

She wanted to lash out, but there were other people in the room, so she reluctantly pushed down the anger in her chest.

Ye Yunla looked in the mirror and put on her lipstick, making her look three times more beautiful.

She walked over to Xie Zhirui and smiled, “First cousin, let’s go out.”

Xie Zhirui nodded, and the two of them walked out side by side.

At this moment, the guests had already arrived.

The Xie family’s banqueting hall was bustling with people.

People were speculating why the Xie family was hosting a banquet tonight ……

However, there was a sudden commotion at the entrance, and the crowd looked over in unison, shocked.

“Oh my god, why is someone from the Fu family here too?”

“What on earth is the Xie family up to, how come even Duke Fu Beiji is here?”

“Fu Beiji rarely attends such banquets, this time he came, there must be something very significant.”


Amidst the chatter of the crowd, Fu Beijiu slowly walked into the banquet hall.

Today, he was wearing a black suit, which highlighted his aura even more sternly, and everywhere he went, the temperature dropped by several degrees.

“Fu Beijue, you’re almost done!” Sun Yan couldn’t help but complain, “You’re like a walking refrigerator, standing with you, no celebrities are coming to talk to me.”

Fu Beijiu gave him a cold look, “Didn’t you force me to go with you?”

Wang Changqing said with contempt, “This guy Sun Yan has a crush on the second young lady of the Lu family, so he dragged a few of us over here today to strengthen his courage.

Fu Beijue lowered his eyebrows and did not speak.

He was willing to come over for a walk today, not because Sun Yan had forcibly dragged him here.


Yesterday he had personally seen that woman walk into the Xie family’s villa.

That woman, I think, was someone from the Xie family.

So when the Xie family sent an invitation, he put off work to come.

Only, after coming in for so long, why hadn’t he seen that woman’s figure?

As soon as Fu Beijiu appeared in the banquet hall, he attracted the attention of countless people.

The eyes of all the major celebrities in Hai Cheng fell on him.

Countless women wanted to go over and strike up a conversation, but, the man’s aura was just too cold, and the celebrities hesitated and hesitated, missing the best time.

On the first floor, a light came on at the entrance to the staircase.

A pair of beautiful people came down the stairs.

The first person to catch the eye was the youngest Xie family member, Xie Zhi Rui.

As soon as the crowd saw Xie Zhirui, they understood a few things.