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HC Chapter 24

Could it be that tonight’s banquet was the betrothal banquet for the Xie family’s youngest son?

The Xie family is ranked in the top ten in Hai Cheng, and Xie Zhirui is also the son-in-law candidate that many noblewomen in Hai Cheng have been eyeing for a long time. Everyone wanted to see which celebrity was so lucky to be the fiancée of the young master of the Xie family ……

Almost instantly, a hundred gazes in the banquet hall fell on the woman next to Xie Zhirui.

Then, a sound of sucking in breath backwards rang out.

It was so beautiful!

Where did this beauty come from, how could she be so excessively beautiful?

As soon as she appeared, all the celebrities present couldn’t stop themselves from being ashamed of themselves.

“My goodness, where did the young master of the Xie family find his fiancee, how can she be so beautiful, this face is simply too unbelievable!”

“Her skin is so white and her body is superb, I’m a woman whose heart flutters at the sight of it, ahhhhh!”

“Don’t you guys think that Young Master Xie’s fiancée looks a lot like that Missy of the Ye family, both are the stunningly beautiful kind.”

“Are you talking about Ye Yunla, hehe, although Ye Yunla was named the number one beauty in Hai Cheng back then, if she is compared to the young master Xie’s fiancée, I’m afraid she is a bit worse!”

Today’s Ye Yunla was even more gorgeous than she had been four or five years ago.

Four or five years ago, she was eighteen years old, innocent and naive, her eyes filled with ignorance and fantasies of the future.

Under the baptism of time, and the refinement of the years, her eyes are more resilient and serene.

Her figure is more voluptuous than it was four or five years ago, and her temperament has become more and more elegant, with a heart-warming flirtation and fluttering in every smile.

“Crap! Isn’t this the mermaid from yesterday?!”

Sun Yan’s eyes were wide with disbelief.

Wang Changqing gloated, “The mermaid has become the fiancée of the young master of the Xie family, you can’t even catch up by rocket.”

As for Fu Beijiu, his entire face went cold.

So it was really him who had misunderstood?

This woman, really didn’t mean to approach him?

The Xie family’s fiancée!

Very good!

A sudden wave of depression rose in Fu Beijiu’s heart, and he squeezed the wine gla*s in his hand to death.

Ye Yunla stood beside Xie Zhirui, smiling calmly and blandly.


She felt a sharp line of sight fall on her.

She frowned and swept away, and was met with a pair of cold starry eyes of Fu Beijue.

This man ……

What was he doing looking at her with such eyes?

Ye Yunla pursed her lips and averted her gaze.

Xie Zhirui stood on the dais and bowed slightly to the crowd before speaking, “Thank you all for coming to the banquet hosted by our Xie family in the midst of your busy schedules, only that the main character tonight is not any of our Xie family members, it is my cousin, Miss Ye Yunla Ye.”

As his words fell, the banquet hall fell violently quiet.

Then, murmurs erupted.

“Ye Yunla?!”

“Did I hear correctly, the young master of the Xie family said she was Ye Yunla? But, didn’t Ye Yunla die four years ago?”

“I just said that this young lady looks like Ye Yunla, but you didn’t believe me, now you should believe me.

“But isn’t she dead, how come she’s standing here alive?”

“She set fire to the Ye family and committed suicide by jumping into the river, and the news is still available online!”

“I remember she had a one-night stand with a wild man on the day of her eighteenth bar mitzvah, was caught on camera by reporters, then disappeared for eight months, and then it was later revealed that she had given birth to twin dead babies, and set fire to the house because she held a grudge against the Ye family …… So, she’s not dead at all?”

“Did she think that by pretending to be dead and hiding for four years, everyone would forget about those scandals, no way!”