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HC Chapter 25

The news four or five years ago made a very big deal.

The Ye family is a big and prestigious figure in Hai Cheng, and Miss Ye’s Bar Mitzvah banquet was so grand that countless people were envious.

However, the next day, Miss Ye was photographed by a reporter rolling around with a wild man.

Since then, the image of Hai Cheng’s number one beauty has crumbled and she has become an object of ridicule for everyone in Hai Cheng.

For close to a year, the No.1 beauty of Hai Cheng disappeared from the public eye and just when everyone was about to forget about it, the Ye family was burned down.

The sinful deeds of Ye Yunla, the eldest Miss of the Ye family, were exposed.

She slept with a wild man at the age of eighteen, got pregnant before she was married, gave birth to a wild child and had a difficult delivery resulting in the death of the child …… She set fire to her house and committed suicide by jumping into the river ……

Every single thing taken out can set the whole internet abuzz.

Not to mention, so many things crammed together.

It can be said that during those two months, the three words Ye Yunla dominated countless front page headlines.

There was no one in the celebrity circle in the whole of Haicheng who did not know these three words.

Including Fu Beijiu.

Four years ago, this matter was all over the internet, and even those of him who did not pay much attention to the news in this area had heard a lot about it.

It was really difficult for him to a*sociate the street rat that everyone had been mouthing four years ago with this radiant woman in front of him.

“So we’ve really met ……” Sun Yan said dumbfounded, “The number one beauty in Haicheng, isn’t that the daughter-in-law my mother was planning to find for me?”

Wang Changqing shook his head, “If so many things hadn’t happened four or five years ago, Ye Yunla might have been the Sun family’s youngest grandmother, but unfortunately – do you think your mother would let a woman with too much experience like her into your Sun family’s door?”

Sun Yan slanted him a glance, “Who said I was going to marry her into the family, it’s just for fun, why take it seriously.”

“As I recall, you are here today for the second Miss of the Lu family.” Wang Changqing reminded kindly.

“Tsk, in front of the number one beauty in Hai Cheng, the second miss of the Lu family is nothing.” Sun Yan said lecherously, “You guys wait and see how I take down the No. 1 beauty in Haicheng.”

Fu Beijue coldly opened his lips, “She’s not a woman you can afford to mess with.”

Sun Yan immediately went up to her, “What, do you have a crush on her?”


Fu Beijiu denied it.

Sun Yan tsked twice and shook his red wine gla*s without saying anything.

And the banquet hall had long since exploded into a frenzy, with countless people chattering unrestrainedly, those voices clearly reaching Ye Yunla’s ears.

Xie Zhirui’s brow furrowed and he was about to speak when Ye Yunla spoke up.

Her cool gaze panned the room and she said indifferently, “It seems that everyone knows me, so I don’t need to introduce myself.”

She carried the hem of her skirt and walked down the steps step by step.

She was small in stature, yet standing in the crowd, she was still the most noticeable presence.

Her lips curled into a careless smile, “There were really quite a lot of rumours about me four or five years ago, but isn’t the fact that I’m standing here alive proof that the rumours four or five years ago were just rumours?”

Everyone said she was dead, but she was still alive.

So the rumours could not be taken seriously.

Only, how could the crowd be convinced by her one sentence.

The Ye family all said that Ye Yunla was dead, and the process was still that bad, this was not something that Ye Yunla could clarify in just one or two words.

Ye Yunla had as much beauty as there were people who were jealous of her.

Some celebrities who were filled with jealousy jumped out in droves.

“Miss Ye, you’re from the Ye family, why are you at the Xie family if you’re not holding a banquet at the Ye family when you’re back alive?”

“Miss Ye, you had a one-night affair with a wild man back then and the photos spread all over the internet, you can’t deny that, right?”